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Bunch Bend 1.235
PTRV Software
A new accelerator facility is almost readyforthe operation. Unfortunately, a beam line between twosynchrotronsis not built. Moreover, a government commission hasarrived toceremonially inject a high energy relativistic bunch intothesystem. Somebody crazy has done this! Now it is your turn! Youhaveto build a transfer line to avoid casualties among the guestsandnot to lose the first beam!
Brain Destructor 1.2016.02.02
PTRV Software
The game is meant to train your mentalmath.You can choose different regimes:- calculating simple algebraic expressions: sums,differences,multiplications or divisions.- calculating irrational expressions: natural logarithms andsquarerootsAll this you can do at different speeds and withdifferentprecision.
Toilet Massacre 1.2016.01.24
PTRV Software
Once upon a time a soul woke up in the heartofa toilet bowl. Being conscious it saw everything what people do.Itswallowed everything it was given. Gradually, hatred developedinits mind and heart. Its only dream was REVENGE!Play for an evil toilet bowl.Protect it from the cleaning attacks!Use all the fingers you have to play!RULE THE WORLD!OPEN TESTING!