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Legal Info 1.1.2
Our effort is to create a one stop platform to all yourlegalcompliance and also to make your legal & KYCdocumentsavailable on clicks.Legal Info mobile Application allowsyou tocreate multiple profiles in a single phone so as tofacilitate youof having umbrella view of your legal profile, Oureffort is tomake this application as your legal hub where you canreproduceyour KYC , ITR,s Certificates, Acknowledgments on a click,Todeliver high grade service to all our clients is ourpriority-whether you are a small start-up, large company, or simplylookingfor some personal legal advice,Established in 2017,PAANLegal InfoPvt.Ltd. continue to build on enviable reputation byprovidingexcellent advice and first class service to our businessandpersonal clients alike. We service clients across industrysegmentswhich includes Manufacturing, Hospital, entertainment etc.We havelearnt that our achievements are only as good as they createvaluefor others. Learning gives us knowledge but it’s ourexperiencethat gives us the ability to relate it to the real world.We arenot only capable of creating memories of the past, we believeandcan actually create memories for the future.We understandeachbusiness and have individual specialism’s which enable ustoprovide clients with customized tailored service. With ourwealthof experience and zeal to do more, we pride ourselves ondeliveringan unparalleled service to all clients, whatever theirsize orsector including investment, tax saving etc advicetoindividuals.Our values exist at the heart of everything we do,theymakes us what we are- We listen and learn. Every day bringsnewknowledge and experience to pass onto clients. Theclient’sbusiness comes first. We match our professional advice tothebusiness needs- "TEAM PAAN LEGAL INFO"
Legal Info 2.0
Managing tax returns, GST and other legal compliance can bequitetime and efforts consuming. Most users tend to get lostbetweenmultiple websites requiring various documents. Well, don’tworry!Legal Info mobile application is here to your rescue. We area onestop platform for all your legal compliance requirements. Wealsoensure that all your legal & KYC documents are just fewtapsaway.Once you download and install the app, you need toregister tostart using the app. The app allows you to createmultiple profilesin a single phone. This ensures you get acomprehensive view of allelements of your legal profile at a singleplace. If you need toshow or share your documents anywhere, you cansimply access themfrom the app. No need to browse endlessly throughyour phonegallery for PAN card or Aadhar card images, It is presentrightwithin the Legal Info app. Our aim is to deliver high gradeserviceto all our clients is our priority- whether you are asmallstart-up, large company, or simply looking for some personallegaladviceKey Features:• (CA) Assisted Filing of your Tax Returns•Easyuploading of KYC & Income Documents (Images & PDFFormatssupported).• Check real time status of your work on Screen.•Windowfor Approval of Draft Computation from Client before Filing&Payment.• Department Wise Support with Call & Email.•FigurePrint Enabled Login (Optional).• Hassel free PaymentGateway.•Downloading & Share of Current & Previous ITR,s.•EasyAccess to KYC under KYC HUB.• Payment History Access.• UpdatesonLegal Matters through Frequent Notifications.Established in2017,PAAN Legal Info Pvt. Ltd. continues to build on enviablereputationby providing excellent advice and first class service toourbusiness and personal clients alike. We service clientsacrossindustry segments which includes Manufacturing,Hospital,entertainment etc. We have learnt that our achievementsare only asgood as they create value for others. Learning gives usknowledgebut it’s our experience that gives us the ability torelate it tothe real world. We are not only capable of creatingmemories of thepast, we believe and can create memories for thefuture. Team LegalInfo understands that each business andindividual have specificrequirements. This enables us to provideclients with customizedservices. With our wealth of experience andzeal to do more, wepride ourselves on delivering an unparalleledservice to allclients, whatever their size or sector includinginvestment, taxsaving etc advice to individuals. Our values existat the heart ofeverything we do, they makes us what we are- Welisten and learn.Every day brings new knowledge and experience topass onto clients.The client’s business comes first. We match ourprofessional adviceto the business needsLegal Info app is your hubfor Tax filing andKYC documents retrieval!