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Disaster Alert
Disaster Alert is a free, mobile app that provides individuals,families, and their loved ones with the information they need tostay safe anywhere in the world. Built on PDC’s DisasterAWARE®platform, Disaster Alert™ offers near real-time updates about 18different types of active hazards as they are unfolding around theglobe. With Disaster Alert, you can customize early warning alerts,view situational analysis reports, and access modeled hazardimpacts for select hazards in a single, easy-to-use map interface.Disaster Alert’s continuous stream of new information isautomatically derived from only scientifically verified sources.When no official source is available, alerts are updated manually,presenting a small lag in time. INCLUDED HAZARDS Hazard updatesprovided with Disaster Alert include only active hazards. “ActiveHazards” are part of a collection of recent incidents that havebeen designated as potentially hazardous to people, property, orassets by PDC. Global events (Automated): Hurricanes (tropicalcyclones / typhoons), earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos, floods,wildfires. Also included for the U.S. only are tornados and winterstorms. Other Major events (Manual): Marine hazards, storms,droughts, and manmade incidents.Also included for Hawaii only arehigh surf advisories, high winds, and flash floods. *Additionalhazards will be included as new sources and algorithms areidentified and verified. NEW IN VERSION 4 *NEW: Free, customizablehazard alerts based on location and severity, with automaticupdates as each new advisory is released *NEW: Animated Layers(rainfall, clouds, winds, more…) *NEW: Layers for tropical stormtracks and 20 other various incidents (including smallerearthquakes, etc.) *NEW: Improved navigation and user experience,including user preferences for look and feel *NEW: Support forselect international languages (other languages are added overtime) OTHER KEY FEATURES Interactive map interface displaying 18different types of active hazards Situational analysis reportsincluding modeled impact analyses for select hazards Customizablebackground maps Map overlays with population densities, globalcloud coverage, and more.