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PadelStar, the best paddle website on the internet ... Now as anAPP! Padel from another Galaxy Download the Online Paddle Magazine,"PadelStar," and learn the best playing TIPS (learn paddle stroketechnique, tricks for paddle strategy, psychological aspects, howto prevent injuries, the rules), participate in the Padel StarFORUM, get informed with the current NEWS, Enjoy hundreds of hoursof Paddle VIDEOS and stay updated on the PADDLE WORLD TOURprofessional circuit (Ranking, videos, news...). Furthermore, as auser of this Paddle APP, you will get special offers in the"PadelStar" paddle store. Sections of the PadelStar APP: ** NEWS:where you will find the latest news about paddle and publishedarticles with tips, videos, etc. It is the main section where youcan come every day and discover the news about the world of paddletennis. ** Padel CLASSES: A video section with exercises frompaddle classes. We update it weekly and publish articles in themagazine, giving you another look at these exercises and how to usethem in your classes. It is the perfect section for paddlecoaches. ** FORUM: in just one click, you will enter the Padel StarForum and discover what is being talked about on PadelStar. Getanswers to your questions, help others paddle fans or start newdebates. All from your paddle application. ** TRIVIA: Do you thinkyou know everything about paddle? Play our paddle trivia anddemonstrate your knowledge. We're offering a truly difficultchallenge. ** OFFERS: New weekly offers are published on PadelStarat the best prices for paddle equipment, such as rackets, shoes andmuch more. Find the best prices here. ** Section on the WORLDPADDLE TOUR: With a section on the latest news on the professionalpaddle circuit, male and female WPT rankings (always updated) and 2other buttons, one with VIDEOS of recaps and the best plays of theWorld Paddle Tour and another to see full matches from the WorldPaddle Tour. ** LIVE: This is the section of the World Padel Tourwhere you can see live matches that are playing that week (rememberthat they are usually broadcast from Thursday afternoon until lateSunday) -- and of course, you have sections with tips on theaspects to make you the perfect paddle player -- You can learnabout... ** INJURIES: a neglected aspect that we must always keepin mind for maximum efficiency. Learn the common paddle injuriesand how to treat them. ** PSYCHOLOGY: paddle is a team sport andsometimes we forget that. Here we will learn all about how tocommunicate with our partner and how to have our minds at 100% **Padel STROKES: Learn the forehand stroke and others geared towardmore experienced players like the viper. Explanations and videos tolearn the technique of all the paddle strokes. ** TACTICS: learnnew game strategies to improve as a paddle team, not justindividually. ** THE RULES: something fundamental and that wesometimes forget to review, the rules of paddle. Resolve anyquestions you have about the rules here. ** RACKET TEST: anexcellent section if you are thinking of buying your next racket.Discover the characteristics of the paddle rackets, which one arethe best brands, and more.