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Bus 2015 1.5
Hill City Bus Simulator 2015 is the best simulation that will offeryou the chance to become a real Bus Driver! Realistic environment,incredible bus, wonderful interiors will make you feel like drivinga real bus! You have a chance to get on board and drive the bus tocomplete all the levels. Hill City Bus Simulator 2015 is a real busdriving game with high quality graphics and game-play. Welcome tothe Midtown City. This is the place where you can experience allkind of madness as a bus driver. Keep in mind you are driving areal physics based game, drive it carefully, you don’t have chanceto collide with traffic or buildings. Accident will damage your busthat can even destroy your life. Enjoy realistic drive and feeljumps, bumps, damages, jerks and jolts on the road. Go and drive inurban area as well as on mountainous and off road area. Are youready to drive Big City Bus? Download it now for and enjoy the realdrive. Key Features: - Multiple Camera views - Realistic visualdamage - Steering Wheel on Tilting controls - Detailed Interiors -Intelligent Traffic System - Smooth controls for 3D simulation
Snow Plow Rescue Excavator 1.0.1
Winter season is on its peak. It’s cold; snow is falling. Snowstormand glacier sliding has caused road blockage. People are worried inhilly areas. Help them by rescuing and clearing roads. Snow blowertrucks are not working over there; you need perform snowplowoperation with heavy machinery. Glacier is fallen down on the road,which contains heavy rocks and ice. It’s not easy to break andremove it. Take your rescue team with you, get controls of cranesand dumper trucks to plow the snow and clear the roads. You aregoing to perform an interesting snow rescue operation that containsmultiple tasks. Drive heavy crane to hammer and drill the glacierrocks, it will help you to crack and weaken the strength of rocks.Now drive crane with blade cutter, cut down the cracked rocks insmall pieces so it can be excavated and loaded in dumper. Now thereis time to maneuver excavator crane, excavate snow heaps, performas a loader. Load all the snow in dumper truck and dump it off theroad. Be quick to provide your rescue services and operation assoon as possible. Surely you will enjoy this snowplow rescueoperation by helping others.
Heavy Truck Driver Simulator 1.0.1
Do you want to be a professional driver? Here you can be truckdriver pro with Heavy Truck driver Simulator. This is the newestTruck parking game with grand truck on the city road. Interestingand challenging game-play is designed for you. Get behind thesteering wheels of your selected truck and drive to deliver cargoto destination.You have to choose your truck from the best Eurotrucks, loaded containers are there, attach your container to truckand drive. It’s not an ordinary truck parking or truck drivingsimulator here you have to be perfect driver. Drive back your truckand join the trailer behind you. Once you have joined the trailernow drive to your destination across the city. Park the trailer onprovided parking to complete your task. Don’t hit and collide whiledriving, it will fail your mission.Download for free to playextreme truck driving and 3D parking simulation.Features:- Trucksfor choice- Interesting sound effects- Realistic graphics andphysics- Big variety of routs- Interesting missions- Simple andrealistic control
City Bike in Racing Turbo 1.0
City Bike in Racing Turbo is a fast paced bike racing game.In whichyou have to pass the traffic closely at high speed motorbike. Tryto overtake the traffic quickly and increase your score by speed upthe motorbike.Be careful with your maneuvering though, crashinginto cars will hurt!You never dare a bike so fast in the realworld.3 different types of motorbikes with different engine powersare available in the game.City bike turbo racing has two differenttyoes of controls,so maneuvering the motorbike is so userfriendly.Use tilt or buttons to move the bike left and right.Thegame has HD graphics and different 3d environments.
Farm Tractor Silage Transport 1.0.1
Get ready to manage your farm. Animals are waiting for you to feedthem. In this Farm Tractor Silage Transporter you will enjoydifferent farm activities. Farm Tractor is not a simple transporteror farm parking simulator. Here you have to drive fortransportation of green silage for animals in your form. Trolley isloaded with hay bales; transport this hay from fields to animalyards. Silage machine is processing for silage in your green maizefields, collect fresh silage from there and transport it for cows.Farm Truck Silage Transporter is a complete farming simulator; hereyou are responsible for animal transportation as well. It’s a farmanimal transporter where you have to load animals in trailer andget them to other farmyard. Drive in real 3D space and enjoy yourfarming simulator tractor.
8 Wheeler Russian Truck 1.0.1
Steer the 8-wheeler Russian centipede truck on off-road tracks.Meet challenging obstacles and road curls on tricky terrain behindthe windscreen of 8 Wheeler Russian Truck. Forget about SUV oroff-road 4x4 driving and ride 8x8 wheels Russian centipede truck onrugged terrain. Upgrade your monster truck with new diesel engineand heavy tyres for your off-road rally. Upgrade your monstertruck, stunt on bumpy hill roads to become a real truck driver.Drive offroad big centipede truck to explore hilly environment andensure your mountain racing skills. Driving stunts on hills,mountains and steep paths is a real challenge in off-road Russiantruck racing simulator. Narrow roads on icy lands and snowy terrainlook impossible to climb. Roll out for ultimate race in offroadtracks and get ready to take ride on thunder wheels in extremetruck simulator 2017. Become a real offroad driver and maneuvergigantic vehicle with its 8 tires in huge open world hillyenvironment. Enjoy interactive gameplay with offroad vehicle thatcan run through or on mountain top bumpy tracks. Pass throughmultiple challenging missions, reach to your destination parkingpoint. Follow the map to achieve your mission. Drive throughdifferent weather conditions. Experience to drive in snow fallingarea, sandy deserts and mountains. - Monster power diesel engine -Super powerful controls with horsepower - Power pack with hydrauliccontrols - Realistic wheel suspension & tyre grip - Best drivercontrols to climb mountain on bumpy tracks while offroading in topspeed Download for FREE to have fun and a new experience of drive 8Wheeler Russian Centipede Truck.
Futuristic Robot War 3d 1.0
You have watched many robotic movies and have played with robotictoys. Now it’s time to enjoy with real robots on your palm. Controlyour robot and have an adventure of mortal fight. From the swamp ofhigh-tech robots choose the best robot you like and perform amazingactions with that. Enter from the sky into the city full withviolent and corrupt robots. These evil transformers robots are athreat to humanity as peace of city has been spoiled. Bring hellupon the evil bots with metal punches and steel kicks and tearapart their evil and corrupted body. Shoot against brutal robotsand eliminate all. Now it’s your ultimate duty to defend the moderncity and earn the honor of being hero, real steel robot.Do yourbest to enjoy fighting sports and demolish all evil robots. Thisneck breaking Futuristic Robot War 3D takes you in to the war zonewhere robot fights robots to death. This is not just a robot vs.robot but it’s also a good deed fight to save your city. The newerconcept of robot battle give you thrill of surprise attacks andheavy gunfire and epic warfare against space monsters and aliens.It’s time to show your dominance against other many robots andspace enemies.Be aware of your enemies and defend their attacks.Get accurate aims to kill, fight and shoot directly to enjoyheadshots and kill on spot. Show your hate for enemies with braveryand be a real steel hero. Futuristic Robot War 3D brings out yoursurvival, defensive and combat skills. It is now time to put forthyour fighting skills because this game play is so intense thatit’ll blow your mind. In this deadly gameplay enemy killer robotswill find you out to attack. Automated death machines are seriouslydangerous and are ready to kill citizens. So have no mercy andunleash hell on the battlefield and destroy all of the war robotsand keep the city safe.Additional Features:Futuristic Robot War 3Dis Totally FreeFuturistic Intelligent Robotic BattleAmazing HD, 3DGraphics Futuristic game EnvironmentRealistic Sound EffectsMultipleMissions To Achieve
Demolition Derby Crash Race 3D 1.0
Racing engines are roaring, smoke & dust is all around, itsseeping in through the car windows, and you don’t even have time toput on your seat belt before it’s time to go! Hurry UP! Wreck asmuch opponents as possible.Derby Destruction Crash isadrenaline-filled muscle car racing game with damage, realisticphysics and beautiful graphics, innovative game play mechanics andgood fun!Drive to race and destroy your opponents in demolitionderby car crash. An arena that gets you the full track, speedwayracers and offers you the thrill of a lifetime. Destruction hasnever felt so real as you observe here by smashing other cars.Demolition Derby is a dangerous but funny as well to wreck othercars! Deliberately destroy other cars by smashing and hitting inyour derby-racing 3D arena. Enjoy looking destroying, burningengines, ups and downs of the terrain, enjoying the carnage andbeing the last driver whose vehicle is still operational to win thevictory!★ Intense high speed racing action★ Realistic cardestruction and damage ★ Car deformation & crash★ Choosebetween racing derby arenas ★ Choose Your favorite car★ Incrediblevisuals and graphical performance ★ Realistic car wreckage anddebris simulation★ Download For Free
Police Plane Moto Transporter 1.0
It’s time to replace old police cars and motorbikes. Join policesquad to get the charge of police transportation services.Experience and learn to manage with responsibility. You will drivesuper fast police bike and cars, transport them in heavy policetransporter truck to the airport and airlift them to the policeheadquarters in the police airplane. You may have experienceddomestic flights, now learn to fly in an international flight.Import cars and special motorbikes for police force. You would haveenjoyed other police motorcycle games, police car games or citypolice motorbike games but the combination of all this with policevehicles driving and flight simulation makes it unique. So getready to complete your missions and fly with your police cartransporter plane. Police Plane Moto Transporter isn’t a flightsimulator, it’s a business simulator where you learn how to importand export through airlines freight. Drive super cars and heavybikes, load on transporter truck trailer. Enjoy this thrilling bikeride and move towards airport. Get your vehicles in cargo plane’sfreight area. Park your cars on your reserved places. It’s not onlyyou have to do, take controls of airplane and take off. Fly withand care and land your destination safely. Feature: Perform asDriver Perform as Biker Perform as Pilot Realistic 3D EnvironmentInteresting Missions
Real Truck Mechanic Garage 1.1
Get started to work in car mechanic workshop and do auto repairservice of big trucks for cargo transport. Play Real truck MechanicWorkshop Simulator 3D game and enjoy interactive gameplay asworking in mechanical garage. Run auto repair shop in your town andfix issues of big transport long vehicles with diesel engines.Rollup your sleeves to fix damages of transporter truck, lift it up toenjoy your repair simulation. Likewise car garage games now enjoytruck bus repairing activities of denting, painting and welding.Auto garage has variety of modern repair tools and equipment toperform auto repair services. Fix mechanical problems; replace oldand broken parts. Moreover the service of tire replace, enginerepairing and truck oil change is available in this heavy truckrepair workshop simulator.Feel like a pro trailer truck mechanic& car mechanic who does his truck repair job veryprofessionally. Use new truck spare parts as part of your mechanicsimulator truck workshop. You have performed well in car repairingnow try this truck repairing simulator. Show your skills to fixtrucks and get them back on road. Run your auto truck mechanic shopand provide auto services like a real truck & carmaker in autofactory where army truck engine mechanic is considered all in allto perform truck repair tasks. By playing this heavy truck repairsimulator you will see how quickly you learn the truck repair andits other tricks or trade.
Racing In Truck 1.0
Endless arcade racing in truck is an ultimate race on speedy highway. Truck Racer is the best mobile racing game you have beenlooking for. Drive your truck in cockpit view through the endlesstraffic and rush for success. Enjoy realistic drive in immersiveenvironment. Tilt your mobile or tablet to control your truck,overtake traffic, earn points and make bonus.Drive truck as fast asyou can to overtake and beat your racing opponents. Test yourdriving skills by passing through heavy traffic & gain points.Avoid crashing with other vehicles for survival because collisionon top speed is fetal. 3D realistic cockpit viewEndless gamemodeDifferent locations around the roadSimulator-likecontrolsSpeedy traffic racerTruck race simulatorRealistic physicsand soundsDownload FREE! Complete all missions to get a FREE ride.
Robots War 2017 - super moto hero 1.2
Criminals have taken their space, city has become hell .Be a driverof futuristic sci fi moto bike. World is moving towards technology.Futuristic robots are there to replace men. Machine life has takenplace. Police has hired Robotic super moto machines to fight withevil robots machines. Now it’s up to you whether you defend yourcity with futuristic sci fi moto bike and kill all evil robots orbe a witness and give the fair chance to evil robots to destroyyour homeland. Futuristic robots wars have begun, automated andprogrammed machines are fighting. Welcome to robotic world.RobotsWar 2017 game has a simple but tough as you take control of yourfuturistic robot bike and transform it controls to grand moto bikesimulator. Game has different levels,your goal is simply to survivefor as long as possible as your bike accelerates getting fasterwhile putting your throttle up. This futuristic sci fi moto bike isequipped with automatic powerful machines gun to target yourfuturistic robot enemies.Robots War 2017 is an arcade stylefighting and action game. You are there in a modern combat; try outall your punching, kicking, Boxing and other fighter skills. Fightthe machine opponent and win! Utilize your energy to destroy andeliminate your enemies. Evil & Criminal robot are attacking,killing civilians and destroying city.Start the mortal combat andstay on the battlefield as long as you can. Enjoy this streetfighting robotic combat. Feel the environment of epic revenge bykilling and destroying your enemies. Enemies have done theirnetworking through out the city. Take courage to wreck machineenemies. Survival tournament has begun! Use defenses and attacktechniques in this mortal combat. Fail all the violent attacks fromenemies to survive in this warrior game.You are the only hero.Police Hero is provided with latest motorcycle robot to stunt andreach the dangerous robots. Download for FREE to enjoy this RobotsWar 2017 - super moto hero Action Pack. Achieve maximum score andenjoy all the time.FEATURES ☆ Fight With Robots☆ Fight In ModernWar Environment ☆ Cope With Machines & Shoot To Wreck ☆Thrilling Action, Skills Required To survive ☆ Score The Best ToCompete Others ☆ Stunning, Quality Graphics☆ Multiple ChallengingMissions
Flying Robot Battle Rescue Sim 1.0
Do you like robo transforming robot games? Perhaps flying carsimulators?? Flying Robot Battle Rescue Sim is the game best foryou!You are the driver of a cutting-edge transforming robot car.This is a unique robo adventure and action combination. Your robotis heroic robot that can fly as well. Transform your car into arobot fly like an airplane Defeat enemies and save the humanity andbe the hero of the world. Enemies are killing the civilians allround the city. Artificial intelligence has done great progress,enemy has left his robotic fighter machines in the battlefield, anddrone attacks are being done. Flying helicopters are attacking allaround.Arcade style fighting and action in modern city battleadventure. Use all your Ninja, Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Boxing andother fighter skills. Drive and drift your car on city roads tocope with enemies; fly your robot to aim and shoot helicoptershovering above the head. You need to be a terror fighting ultra manand professional killer to play this killing & shooting game.Fight the robot opponent and win!Get ready your steel robot; fightthis futuristic robotic war in this combat car transformergame.Download for Free and have great fun.
Police Robot Transformer War 1.0
Criminals have taken their space, cityhasbecome hell. World is moving towards technology. Futuristicrobotsare there to replace men. Machine life has taken place.Police hashired Robotic machines to cope with thesedangerouscriminals.Robot wars have begun, automated and programmed machinesarefighting. Welcome to robotic world.Police Robot Transformer War is an arcade style fighting andactiongame. You are there in a modern combat; try out all yourNinja,Taekwondo, Boxing and other fighter skills. Fight themachineopponent and win! Utilize your energy to destroy andeliminate yourenemies. Enemy robotics are everywhere in your NewYork City;fighting on ground and attacking from air. Evil &Criminalrobot are attacking police, killing civilians anddestroyingcity.Start the mortal combat and stay on the battlefield as long asyoucan. Enjoy this street fighting robotic combat. Feeltheenvironment of epic revenge by killing and destroying yourenemies.Enemies have done their networking through out the city.Takecourage to wreck machine enemies. Survival tournament hasbegun!Use defenses and attack techniques in this mortal combat.Fail allthe violent attacks from enemies to survive in thiswarriorgame.You are the only hero. Police Hero is provided withlatesttechnology cars, moto bike to stunt and reach the criminals.Policehas best transformation techniques, robotic police cantransforminto heavy sports police car or moto stunt bike.Step into action world, face the reality. Cope the enemieswithbravery; kick, jump, punch and shoot crime machines. Be quicktolook at your enemy and shoot it before they shoot you. Policeisprovided with technical facilities like CCTV cameras, you canlookevery single criminal on the right top of your screen. Reachtofighters with out wasting time and kill.Download for FREE to enjoy this 3D Robot Transformer ActionPack.Achieve maximum score and enjoy all the time.FEATURES☆ Fight With Robots☆ Fight In Modern War Environment☆ Cope With Machines & Shoot To Wreck☆ Thrilling Action, Skills Required To survive☆ Score The Best To Compete Others☆ Stunning, Quality Graphics☆ LeaderBoard For Google Play Games☆ Multiple Challenging Missions
Water Surfer Coach Floating Bus 3D 1.0
Interested in Water sports?Looking for water splashes?Having somelove for boating?Are you Jet Ski champion?Want to drive water jetcar?Ready For Water Surfing Challenge?Oh yes! Water Surfer FloatingBus 3D is here for your unlimited water fun. You have enjoyed boatriding, Jet-ski surfing, rafting, yacht riding and ship sailing.Now it’s time to enjoy something different and new. Your bus willsail and surf above the seawater in sea racing. People have used totravel through bus on land and boat in water but now we haveamphibian bus. You can enjoy bus drive on land and boat sailing inwater.Challenging drive task is here for you. Show your drivingskills and prove a jet ski champion in Water Surfer Floating Bus3D. Drive bus through roads, sandy beaches and water. Pick peopleacross the beach and get them to the picnic point. There are nomore boats to oar on the beach; you are the only driver here. Driveyour bus on land and surf in water to get people enjoy their beachtrip.Get Water Surfer Floating Bus 3D & take control of heavylorry, drive professionally and earn money. Show your drivingperfection by driving in deep sea, splashing water, meeting waterwaves and reaching your point in time. You are the captain of youryacht, get this amazing ride for unlimited fun. Take the wheels ofyour powerful water surfer coach bus and drive it on the high speedto collect all the achievements with in time. Your race is againsttime beat the time to win. Drive your bus in a crazy mode on thebeach and surf your coach like a Jet Ski or water boat on the waterof the beautiful sea; pick people from one point and help them toreach other point. Follow the pointing arrow to reach yourtarget.Free Download Water Surfer Floating Bus 3D to have unlimitedfun with real water splashes.
Police Moto Robot Car Chase 1.0
Are you interested in motorcycle games? Enjoy this newest conceptof a magnificent mixture of motorbike with robot transformationgame. Police Moto Robot Car Chase game has highlights of splendidlydetailed simulation of bike into heroic robot. Drive smoothly yourmotorcycle but once you identify the threat start firing from yourmotorcycle, you can also convert instantaneously into a robot andstart fighting to defeat your enemies. Police Moto Robot Car Chaseis an amazing blend of robot moto bike riding, robot transformationinto bike, criminal car chase and car destruction adventure. Thereis an epic police robot transformation into heavy police bike withsuper firing power that will destroy the criminals in carcompletely. You need to be the real hero of grand city and savecivilians from chaos and destruction caused by the evil gang. Moveyour police moto bike on grand city roads showing some deadlystunts to chase the escaping criminal car. Don’t let the criminalcar gang escape in front of you.Rescue citizens from criminals withyour police robotic skills. Its machine age, criminals hasadvanced, meet them with your best techniques. Be the extremefuturistic police robot moto bike stunt rider and chase the supercar furiously, open rapid fire till the car gets completelydestroyed and become the best police superhero of your grand city.
Bus Transporter Flight 2017 1.0
Have fun by FREE downloading Bus Transporter Truck Simulator. Playas bus driver, cargo truck driver and pilot of an airplane. Onceagain get behind the wheels of one of the best cargo transportertruck and complete coach bus simulator duty instead of cartransporter truck and army criminals transport plane in this bustransporter cargo truck simulator game and prove to be the best offroad tourist bus & coach bus simulator.Drive through out thecity and reach to airport. Travel across the vast map as theAmerican truck driver and experience to maneuver this long loadervehicle. In Bus Transporter Truck flight game checks yourtransporter trailer truck driver endurance, skills expertise. It’stime to get behind the wheels of multiple buses truck and finallytake off the airplane on runway. Now it’s time to prove have yougot what it takes to be part of a professional transportationtrucking company with big cargo transport. It's not only as a Truckdriver, you are a pilot to fly and land your cargo planesafely.Download Bus Transporter Truck Trailer Flight 2017 gets youin the seat of a truck driver as you take charge of your owntransport company. Transportation Company is responsible to loadbrand new buses from manufacturer or showroom and transport forexport. Drive to airport and then fly your cargo plane. Make thebest of your opportunity and transport bus safely to theirrespective locations. Drive your bus transporter truck trailerthrough different areas. Maybe you have driven through differentlocations like off road tourist bus stand, school bus stand or evento the jail centers for prisoners transport. You have played manytransporter games like sea animal transport, army criminalstransport and police transport games but in this new transport gameyou will be a bus transporter who will be transporting mega buseslike off road bus and tourist bus to different locations on yournew euro transporter truck. Here you can enjoy a newer idea ofsimulation.Interesting Features:☀ Real-time Bus Controlling andDrive☀ Luxury, Double Decker Buses with Realistic Vehicle Physics☀The Most Realistic City ☀ Different Experience To Drive☀ RealisticPlane Controls.☀ Physics Based Taking Off & Landing Of Plane.☀Steering Wheels To Navigate Bus & Truck Trailer
Impossible Tracks Car Stunts 1.0
The new impossible tracks, car driving is an impossible journeyhigh above in sky. Fasten your seat belt, accelerate the engine,raise engine roars and screech wheels on the road. Drive brisklyand be a stunt driver! Jump high and long to meet impossible jumps.Jump at precise time and place to meet your ultimategoal.Impossible geometry of the track makes the drive thrilling andinteresting. These are the most difficult, impossible tracks to bedrive in speed and show your stunts. Steer your car and brake uptightly otherwise you will fall down and fail. Drive on theimpossible road and impossible track to have impossible jumps.
River Bridge Road Construction Crane Simulator 1.0
Download Free To Become A Professional Bridge Engineer, ConstructRiver Bridge Road With Heavy Machinery.Start working with RiverBridge Road Construction Crane Simulator and become the specialistin city bridge construction, road building! Build a bridge in thissimulator by operating a tower crane, excavator, road roller,dumper truck and other heavy machines! Complete missions, followinstruction and open new levels. Workers have a lot of tasks foryou. Learn how to drive all machines and be the best. Useconvenient controls to drive and build a mega project. Start withsimple tasks with and drive other vehicles in the simulator. Trainyour construction skills; you can do it! Unique Road Builder whereyou can operate the gigantic machinery to build a bridge.It is thetime to work with the construction crew to become a real excavatorcrane operator on the side of the river in this river mania. Thisheavy excavator crane builder is a game for all ages; everyone canbuild here irrespective of their ages. If your dream is to build abridge on the riverside then this simulation game is purely foryou.Bridge construction requires technical skills but the task isnever impossible. The size and resilience of your structures willhave to increase substantially if you don't want to be responsiblefor the bad quality of work and destruction of the project. Useyour logic and skill to become a master bridge builder and breaksome records along the way! Don’t compromise on quality and speedof your work. The art of building cities using construction toolsand with the help of correct construction simulation with perfectprecision is quite old. Building river bridges have never been mucheasier. Thanks to civil engineering and heavy machines that made iteasily possible. With the recent advancements in technology, youare going to enjoy River Bridge Road Builder Crane Simulator. Workfor bridge construction with more fun and make way to map a newcity around a good construction site. Get a network of roads tojoin the areas across the river.River Bridge Road ConstructionCrane Simulator is containing all reality-based tasks forconstruction. Concrete slabs have been made aside, pillars havebeen constructed in riverbed by digging deep. Now it’s time to fixthe slabs on pillars. Once slabs have been placed the next task isroad building. Spread black tar concrete all over the bridge. Driveroad roller to smooth the road. It’s not an end here. Do paintworks on your new road. Pedestrians need footpath along the road,work to construct that footpath with your machinery. Keep the citygreen! You have done good construction but final things are left.Plant grass along with footpath and grow plants for a lush greenlook. Enough with army truck and truck trailer games? Now jump intothe new concept and build a temporary bridge in American ArmyBridge Construction simulator game. You are a crew member of yourbattalion and have to lead your cargo to another side of the river.As a construction team member, you have to construct a bridge overa running river for military purposes. Once all the soldierscrossed the water body safely, this can be revamped easily. You cancall this a floating bridge. As a player in this game, you willfeel like a soldier. - Great construction missions- Real vehiclesto drive- Many types of machines- Big city construction- Realisticcontrollers simulator- Vehicle sounds- 3D graphics
Kids WaterSlide In ThemePark 1.0.1
Are you a true Adventure Lover? Kids WaterSlide In ThemePark is thetop trending water park adventure game for true adventurelovers!Summer is on its peak. Everyone is looking for water sports.Get ready for a big water splash by sliding from the hilltop. Diveinto the seep water while sliding down from top. Forget all theroller coaster rides and theme park fun and fantasy adventure gamesby simply joining the ultimate waterslide amusement rush in thebest waterslide 3D simulator game. Spend your day in waterslideamusement park. Get rises of different swings.Racing in Waterslide3D is made for you to get the real thrill and aqua enjoyment. Itcontains perfect simulation including realistic sounds, visualgraphics and fresh water splashes. Dive in the water! Get ready forsome extreme water-slide races in the world’s craziest water parksimulator!Super Fun Consists of
- High Quality, Immersive Visuals
-Extreme Waterpark Thrills With 3D Water Slider
- Free To Download
-Superb Controls
- Amazing Environments To Explore
- Fastest RollerCoaster Type Ride With Twists And Turns
Trash Truck Simulator 3D 1.0
Trash Truck Simulator 3D A Garbage Pickup Truck Download FREE toget a man with garbage truck in city environment and pickup trashpails. GamePlay Being a good citizen you are responsible to keepyour city clean. Take your seat, sit behind steering wheels andstart your job in a modern dump truck. Drive place-to-place pickupthe trash pails and deliver the trash to garbage processing plantfor processing and dumping. You know burning the trash generatepollution so it’s necessary to get it to processing plant. Selectyour truck and drive on monster city roads. Follow the map to reachyour destination. Load your trash truck and empty the trash bins.Take part in keeping your city clean with this city garbage trucksimulation. How To Play - Walk Towards Dump Truck & StartDriving - Locate Trash Around The City By Following Map - Once YouReach The Trash, Park On Parking Spot - Pickup The Trash Pail -Empty The Trash Bin In Your Trash Truck - Drive For Next PickupPoint - TIP: Follow The Map On Left Corner, Green Mark For Truck& Yellow For Parking Spot. Features: - Realistic physics -Drive Control Options - Detailed Truck Model - Animated Truck ToFunction - Multiple Camera Views - Modern City Environment -Realistic engine sounds - Interesting Gameplay - Multiple LevelsFor Achievement - Time Based Task Assignments Today is the day forcity dumper driver for garbage pick up services. Provide bulk trashservices by cleaning your city’s trash and sweep out the town.Drive junk truck and activate the cleaner to wipe down the areas.Work hard in trash truck simulator game; highly skilled drivingchallenges are still to be completed. Handle the pressure to workload of mountains of dispose garbage and hills of trash garbagetruck in the dump area in free slots of time. Maybe you have donewith a lot driver parking, rubbish transporter, oil tanker; roadsweeper games that offers you just to park your garbage vehicle.But Trash Truck simulator game is unique with challenging drivermission. Pick up trash from streets; you will love realistic hauleranimation for collecting garbage and disposing off in recyclingplant. Install rubbish disposal and road sweeper wonderful app inyour android tablet and phone for unlimited fun for youngsters.Experience for being a real trucker with this heavy garbage dumptruck. There is trash news around the city but no one is working todispose the garbage. Sweep the city roads clean and with the helpof garbage dump truck and collect trash. Drive your truck to wastecutting and waste disposal areas. City cleaning authorities havekept trash pails, garbage bins and baskets every corner of the.Being a transporter truck driver you are challenged to drive agrand truck inside the city to collect garbage in your dump truckand take it to the junkyard. Heavy vehicle, construction andtransport games are loved by simulation fans so garbage dump andtrash truck driver brings a new truck simulator challenge tocollect garbage and dump it to the junkyard. The city drive isfantastic with wide roads and skyscraper buildings. Realisticanimations will make your trucker job even more interesting.Previously you did your job as the oil transporter driver and evendrove big cargo trailer trucks. Now it’s time to the grand garbagetruck simulator with city cleaning tasks and dump truck challengeto dispose trash from your city. Drive heavy dump truck and replaceall filled trash bins with empty ones. Do you love to play heavyequipment games, best driving games, real city driving games andbest car parking games? So you are certainly needed to downloadthis free Trash Truck Simulator 3D A Garbage Pickup Truck game.Parking your big garbage truck will be a lot of fun and cansometimes be challenging. The interesting game play contains a manwith trash truck and trash disposal duty. Download FREE and enjoyhours of your duty everyday.
Highway Prado Racing Game 1.1
Drive 4x4 Prado fast from cockpit's view through the endlesshighway traffic and realistic city. Steer wheels or tilt your phoneand move your Prado across the road, overtake traffic, grab coins,earn money and buy new jeeps.How Run The Race?Control and play iseasy with automatic Prado controls. Steer wheels or tilt yourdevice to run left or right to avoid the car in city traffic. Butyou need to care at the high speed, if there is danger, remember toslow down. If you believe your skill, only to tilt the car andracing with other rivals. Accelerate to get fast pace and thrillingspeed. Grab coins and overtake as much vehicles as you can.HighwayPrado Racing Game is a free racing game, which allows you to driveyou crazy prado on highway, and running an endless race. If you arereal street racing lover and love to drive off road cruiser onhighway with real racing mania then Highway Prado Racing Game isthe best racing game for you. Buckle up and accelerate to beat thebus, truck and sports cars running on highway. Meet your racingfever today with this ultimate Highway Prado Racing Game.Enjoy theamazing; real physics and fast-paced game play in this HighwayPrado Racing Game. Show your determination, reflex and drivingskills and have extreme fun on high speed in Drive Car on Highwaysimulator. You’re maybe tired of small tasks and short levels torun, here you are getting endless road.
Complete it successfullywith best time and you will be king of the road. Highway Prado Raceis a combination of daredevil stunning fast car race. Have a crazydrive on unique city and sandy beach sidetracks. You are providedwith physics based 4x4 jeep game where you can and enjoy fast speedcar race in dangerous traffic zone. Take control of latestmodel SUV jeeps and beat all competitors on road. If you're a realcrazy lover of death racer and love to simulate driving skillsamong traffic wide racer then have this drag race to enjoy a lot.Enjoy this drag race and enjoy real formula racing and become areal racer. If you're a real crazy lover of gmc cars and love todrive off-road cruiser with ultimate adventure of prado and rangerover then drive with Highway Prado Racing Game. Jeep racinglegends gives you loads of modes of driving. Now you can simulateyour driving skills enough to prove yourself as real road legends.This newer jeep racing also gives you a chance to show your realracing fever to all the racing rivals with ultimate racing mania.Start engine, tap speed and thrill the race with asphalt nitrospeed and become a real racing champion of formula racing onhighway with heavy traffic. Enjoy extreme road trip with crazytraffic racing express and become a real off-road legend withultimate racing 2017 of 4x4 prado. Drive like a pro driver betweenheavy trucks, buses, transporter trailer and many cars.Grab thesteering, fasten your seatbelt, and blow the horn & step at afurious pace to make your way on speedy highway.
Highway PradoRacing Game Features:
- 3D realistic view.
- Easy and smoothcontrols.
- Endless car racing.
- Different Cars for Choice.
-Interesting Gameplay.
- Fantastic sound effects.
- Amazing 3D roadgraphics.
- Adventurous drive among city traffic.
- Realisticdriving experience.
Chained Car Racing 3D Games 1.1
Chained Car Racing 3D is an interminable physics sprinter game inwhich players can't directly control their character at all newchain break off road taxi car driving. As a substitute they musthave to depend on controlling the race tracks by breaking crazychains and dropping stage to make sure the knight can continueabandoned on his pursuit a magical dairy cow of crazy Prado vs SUV.bus off-road traffic racing. The game presents itself with amoderate amount of charm, humor, and novelty to keep it intriguingescape game, but for some experienced players, it may feel a littleshallow in chains multiplayer city car racing 3d. Grab out to playwith city drive rush Multiple pathways, crossing water on floatingplatforms coaches, and much more in the Japan chain car driving.Allmultiplayer games fans prepare for an activity stuffed off roadhill multi car racing simulation in an different style. Now thistime your furious auto car is joined to another AI auto with arealistic physics based chains. The gameplay of this game is Xtremesports fast car rally simulation diversion is to hold back frombreaking chain by following AI auto and perform stunts on anexcellent island expressway street. At first in this mountain chaincar driving it can be dangerous risky for a few players however alittle practice will enable you to ace the craft of asphalt roadwaytraffic city car racer. In this game Watch to out for accelerateand back off territories as it will give you a dodge by AI carusing speed variations. This time you can duplex the enjoyment byperforming insane tricks and impress to your companions byaccepting their challenges. The most hill side driving car master3D here is that each SUV keep running of police Russian car racingadventure starts players at the absolute starting point. Player areready to play it can become tedious running through those modernmuscle city car adventure to get to the more vexing and fulfillingand try to heed turbo city crash car drive racer. Xtreme sportshighway car legend driving is pretty fun as an easy divergence andmade for sprinter lovers of extreme smash heavy car city drivingamusements.Gameplay starts from when you click on throttle buttongames require your higher attention because Russian police SUV AIcall will give you an open competition. Since it takes so long toget to the truly cool bits every time its hill mountain climb 4x4SUV 3D car racing, restless players are ready to play car stunts 3Dfreestyle fun. This is being stated, there's a guarantee ofchallenge incorporated with the modern car stunts legend driving 3damusement menus that makes things more likely to Chained Car Racing3D Games.Features.Nice Hillside road SUV GamePlayRealistic CarPhysics asphaltSmooth Chain sprinter physics.Different Carsavailable for car Battles.
American Classic Muscle Car Parking Game 1.0
Improve your parking skills in American Classic Muscle Car ParkingGame!This is a parking game like you’ve never played before! Learnhow to navigate a realistic parking environment. Steer the carmeticulously and reach the parking spot without hitting. Use thevarying gears and shifts to wiggle into the parking spot. Avoidcrashing into barriers and other cars! This is quite the challengeto drive your American muscle car. Follow the checkpoints to findyour way! Find the best car for you and unlock 4 classic carmodels. Now you will be able to get entertainment of hours byplaying American Classic Muscle Car Parking on your device. In thisParking Mania you will be provided with multiple classic andvintage cars. Your task in this classic car-driving simulator is todrive your vehicles and park to the parking lot perfectly. Afterplaying with classic American cars you will realize that driving acar is easy but master in parking cars in real challenge. Now drivethe most exotic and sporty muscle car in this gaming season.Describe yourself as best extreme car driver of your city. Bringthe heat out of your wheels and drive your muscle car in next-genparking lot with traffic car but no traffic rules. Fasten your seatbelt and drive old age vintage and classic cars in 2017. Experienceand improve your driving and parking skills with American Musclecars. American Classic Muscle Car Parking Game features:•Number ofawesome cars to unlock•Realistic driving and parkingexperience•Amazing 3D graphics•Multiple control options: buttons,and steering•Challenging levels to test your drivingskills.Download FREE and buckle up now for a Fantastic ParkingChallenge!
4x4 Offroad Jeep Hill Climbing; A Jeep Adventure 1.0
Do you like offroad jeep driving? Today is the best day to driveRussian SUVs in 4X4 Jeep driving 3D. Get ready for offroadmissions, hill climbing and off-road adventure trip of 2017. Trydriving SUV without roads and complete missions. Complete drivingorders and drive Russian truck from one location to another whileachieving check points. Be fast 4x4 jeep SUV driver and show yourmad skills in off-road mudding.Game PlayIgnite engine of yourmonster 4x4 jeep for jeep adventure 2017. Enjoy your jeep drivingwhile going steep up for mountain climbing. Go through allcheckpoints and milestones for mission success of this superoffroad jeep driving 3D. Once you have achieved all checkpoints youare the champion of your 4 x 4 jeep adventure.How To Play4x4Offroad Jeep Hill Climbing; A Jeep Adventure is simple and prettynatural to play. You are provided with manual transmission jeeps.Transmit between reverse and forward gears. Use 4x4 gear whereneeded. Switch between steering controls of your choice as well. Tomake this jeep parking 3D more interesting there are extremeweather conditions. Enjoy drive in snowfall, rainfall and hotsummer. For a real time drive experience jeep driver is providedwith multiple camera views.Features-Dynamic Game-Play -Realistichilly tracks-ABS, ESP, TCS-Optional Controls-HD Texture-6 Off-Roadvehicles-Realistic physics-Real 4x4 Russian SUV-Easycontroller-Multiple Camera ViewsTip For WinningDrive freestyle jeepat your pace. Keep in mind for time limit. Other jeep drivers canbeat you so be fast. Don’t let your jeep drop down in river. Youcan reset your jeep at any point for time saving.Cruise hugeopen-worlds hilly tracks while earning money completing toughchallenges, races, and meeting milestones. 4X4 Russian SUV OffroadJeep 2017 Simulator the extreme game requires extraordinary drivingskills from driver who know how to control heavy off road vehiclelike offroad cars, and real trucks. Tighten your seat belt and takeyour monster SUV Jeep on uphill tracks. Enjoy mountain climbingrace in this super offroad jeep trip!4x4 Off-Road Jeep HillClimbing is a free game that enables you to enjoy offraod drive byusing your mobile device. Drive on mountains and hilly tracks indifferent weather conditions. Powerful jeep engines make your SUV areal monster vehicle. You can touch a real feel of an amazingdrive. Offroad jeep mountain climb 3d has realistic physics. Thisjeep relay is a big daring ride for racers to drive at trackcovered by mountains, slopes, rocks, sharp angles and turns. Manyof the new advanced 3D models of barriers, drums, cylinders andtraffic cones have been added to make you best motor rider. No needto go driving school for driving test. Avoid collision with fences,wooden racks, boxes and other obstacles. Select your preferredjeep; drive it through a strong 3D unknown but exhilaratinglandscape. There are many levels; each has its own difficulties andhours of unlimited. With offroad jeep adventure 2017 you can clutchHilly isle, select a car and drive through water and thump intohills with a heavy hummer tyre. Go up a high hill, compete bumpyvariety; get over challenging muddy off-road areas without trappingin a strain trench. A group of 4x4 vehicle driver and lovers isgathering in a hilly and mountainous area of USA to challenge eachother and show their extreme driving skills to the world. If youthink you are better than those hill climbing racers than join themand show them your driving skills by driving your luxury Prado jeepin those road-less environment. There will be different challengesin this game like you will be driving in extreme uphill anddownhill off road or you will be racing in these environment withother racers. Don't worry about the police car chase as police andarmy soldiers are also taking part in this offroading event withtheir army jeep and offroad police jeeps.
Farming Simulator 2018: Animal Transporter Tractor 1.0
Lets introduce you to the latest and challenging Farming Simulator.Farming Simulator 2018: Animal Transporter Tractor is the new andthe advanced version of pro tractor farming in 2018. This newTractor Farming Simulator allows you to become the real farmer andboost your agricultural career with the help of advanced machineryand equipment. Take a control of your lush green farm and fulfillyour harvesting dreams. Raise your farm animals and run a dairyfarm. Farming Simulator 2018: Animal Transporter Tractor is a newconcept where you will feel like a real virtual farmer. Use modernmachinery to experience the life of a farmer. Grow your crops andsell them to the market for money. But before this you will have togo through the complete process of growing the crops. Plough yourfield, spray pesticides, water the fields and do all the rest ofthe work required for the farming. This is a farm animaltransporter sim that gives you the joy of playing a realisticanimal transport simulator with a novelty of cattle variety amongfarm animal games. Be an awesome animal transporter driver byroaming around with your 3D trailer. Practice on tractor as a truckdriver duty of carrying livestock in your cargo truck andtransporting them safely and without incurring any kind of damage.This animal transport game is a unique blend of quality transportgames mechanics and scenic rural environment to give the perfect 3Danimal transportation simulator experience.Farming Simulator 2018:Animal Transporter Tractor lets you know how people harvest inancient time? They face many difficulties during such process whenthere was no development in technology. Man had to work severaldays in fields. But now days this concept has been fully changed.We can do this work in some hours without any hurdle with the helpof modern machinery. Get ready to work in field. Pick up yourdevice install this Farming Simulator 2018: Animal TransporterTractor to have a farming adventure.The wheat crop is ready toharvest with the help of harvester machine. Then choose the fertileland plough it and make path for seed with the help of drillmachine attach with your tractor, transfer the animals from villageto city for sale. After selling the animals come back to give waterto your crops, spray your fields to kill insects which can damageyour crop, wait for sometime when wheat fully grow again. Harvestthem and transport them to warehouse on your transport tractor.Take crops to the city to sell them for handsome amount ofmoney.Remember! Rush before the fuel of tractor ran out or time isover before the completion of your level then your level will failand you have to try again.Farming Simulator 2018: AnimalTransporter Tractor Features:- Realistic Farming game with slickuser interface to enjoy your Farming skills- Manage your dry farmand harvest crops with modern harvester- 3D realistic farmingsimulator with heavy tractors, harvesters and cargo transporters-Challenging levels and missions to improve real life farming-Design your farmland in any way you want with different fieldpatterns- Collect money by selling your ready stock and buy newmachines to improve you farm- Become the real life Master Farmerwith most advanced farming technologies and machinery - 3D farmenvironments with amazing thresher graphics- Challenge your friendsby sharing online your statistics and achievementsWe value yourfeedbacks. Presenter of Snow Plow Rescue Excavator, Heavy TruckDriver Simulator, 8 Wheeler Russian Truck, Farm Tractor SilageTransport & Police Robot Transformation War presents FarmingSimulator 2018: Animal Transporter Tractor. Hope you will like andappreciate it.Become a Real Farmer by Playing Farming SimulatorAnimal Transporter Tractor.
Animal Sniper Shooting 3D 2018 1.3
Get are for the best hunting game on the store now. Animal SniperShooting 3D 2018 in the Dark Jungle Show your Driving &Shooting Skills. Sniper hunting series is over and you havemastered the jungle sniper hunting skills, we bring a whole newchallenge series to hunt down different wildlife animals in thisjungle hunting. The dangerous jungle is filled with animals likeDeer, Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Wolf, Zebra and much more. With huntingand sniper shooting on your mind enter the jungle with your sniperrifle and other gadgets like binoculars to hunt down animals to bea legend sniper. Stealth sniper missions where you need to searchfor your prey and hunt them down. You have played many huntinggames with various animals mastering the skills to be a huntsman.Most wanted jeep hunting the animals to shoot and become the besthunter. Hold your breath! Aim and shoot! On this game have doublepacked action and simulation on which you have driven the monsterRussian 4x4 jeep and find the deer, wolf, lions, rabbit, and otherwild animals to shoot and improve your driving and guns strikeshooting. It’s time for getting ready to be a best wild hunter inthe wild animal jungle and get the title of best sniper dark foresthunter of this new year 2017 A real wild jungle hunter game. Startyour jeep and drive on the mountain track off road and find yourtarget destination. Extreme Hunting in the jungle with your monster4x4 jeeps - hunting on the SUV in safari and other differentcountries forest. Move around from point to point on the junglejeep off-road SUV. Kill Lion, Tiger, Deer, Wolf and other wildlifejungle animals. Meanwhile, protect your hut in the middle of thejungle from these killer animals. Shoot at dangerous crazy animals.Unleash skills for shooting as sniper shooter. Don't let the deerescape. Come of age, like a real hunter, improve your trackingskills, stalk your prey, and put your hunting skills to the test inthe hunt of real wild animals. It is time to load out your weaponsand shooting fix! Angry Gorilla is in the crazy jungle andattacking animals by its big punch to survive. Lonely survival on awild island. Utilize Army lone Survival skills for shooting tosurvive and fight against animals and find an escape from thehunted Island. Hunt different animals: bear, wolf, deer, fox, hare,elk and other animals hid from you locate and kill them all.African continent, where you will meet face to face the four-footedowners of these places and hunt them.The stunning sound effects, inthe gameplay, adds to the excitement of this 3d shooting game.Become a skilled Deer and Animal hunter, by playing this 3d Wild.Animal Shooting game. It’s hunting time! and Best Wild AnimalShooting in Safari. , Elephant, Giraffe, Deer-stage, Gorilla,Zebra, Elephant, Hippopotamus and Buffalo. Use your sniper gun toshoot them. Kill or be killed, be a part of the ultimate battlebetween you and will angry gorilla. In deer hunting games you justhave to shoot deer with your gun or rifles but in lion and wildanimal, hunting this animal can attack you and can kill you. Showyour brutal attacking skills to hunt down wild beast in the jungleand save yourself from their counter-attacks in this survivalisland.Animal Sniper Shooting 3D 2018 Features:- Realistic animalhunting safari environment- Driving off-road 4x4 jeep.- Realisticgameplay.- Simple and easy control of the hunting and shootinggame.- Realistic sound of the animals.- Best hunting adventure.
Public Transport : Gyroscopic Bus Driving Sim 2017 1.0
Public Transport : Gyroscopic Bus Driving Sim 2017 is the future ofpublic transportation in urban city rush. Step into the high techtransit bus as a real driver and guide it through city routestransporting office professionals, citizens and tourists. Thisguided bus straddles above road traffic and transport passengerswithin city destinations. Get inside gyroscopic transport buscontrol room to maneuver the gigantic vehicle. Pull race lever withfull throttle for the fast city futuristic transport bus drivingsimulator. Public Transport : Gyroscopic Bus Driving Sim 2017 ispowered by electricity so no need to refuel from gas stations. Thisfuturistic gyroscopic transit transport bus drives 10 feet aboveground level so that city traffic flows beneath it withoutcollisions. To become a real bus driver follow traffic rules andstop at a red light to avoid car accidents. Your traffic skills ofdriving this big coach will be tested while playing this game. Thisis the most modern form of the transit bus driving simulator. Aheavy traffic is induced in this game and to make it even more funand thrilling experience, city futuristic bus is enabled to passover the vehicles as the traffic gets jammed. Get inside the customdesigned driving area which looks like a cockpit to take controlsof this public coach as a real gyroscopic bus driver. Drivecarefully high above traffic while making sure that you don’t crossthe speed limit as it can result in a devastating bus crash. Thisfuturistic elevated bus public transport coach drives several feetabove the ground where it is impossible for it to get stuck intraffic in this finest of gyroscopic bus games. Take the passengersfrom gyroscopic transport bus station and drive them to theirdestinations in different parts of the metropolis. Your trafficskills of city bus driving this big coach will be tested whileplaying this game. Drive multiple elevated bus models inultra-realistic open world environment. Highly detailed futuristictransport bus vehicles with complex interiors will make you feellike driving a real bus! An ultimate blend of elevated bussimulator 2017 and modern coach driving games. Simply one of thebest gyroscopic bus simulator 2018. Better than most of the coach,transport bus or double-decker parking games. Experience impossibledriving above the city with amazing landscapes all streaming belowin best futuristic bus driver simulator.Futuristic Bus DrivingSimulator is the next-gen vehicle designed to straddle above thejam-packed traffic in the metropolitan city. Maneuver transport busto drop off citizens and tourists around the NY. Learn to controlgyroscopic bus and drive on major metro city roads to be anultimate bus driver. Pull race lever with full throttle for fastcity bus driving. As a Gyroscopic elevated bus driver, your duty isto transport passengers between the terminals around the moderncity. Drive public bus above traffic rush without collision toreach the destination on time. Get on board in gyroscopic buscontrol room to drive a futuristic vehicle on all routestransporting civilians throughout suburban town and NY. This uniquegyroscopic elevated passenger transport simulator requires anexpert driver with special skills to ace this finest of gyroscopicbus driving games. This game is simply one of the best gyroscopicbus 2018. Driving this gyroscopic bus is better than any other bus,coach and double-decker transport.Features of Elevated PublicTransport : Gyroscopic Bus Driving Sim 2017:• Real driver job oftransporting passengers & tourists at multiple stations•Futuristic Environment of the bus. • Exciting gameplay in transitbus driving missions• Amazing animations to pick up and drop thecitizens• Realistic city locations and public bus terminals
mobile bus driving sim 2018 - tourist coach drive 1.1
Mobile bus driving sim 2018 - tourist coach drive is the uniquegame of its own type. Have you ever thought of driving longvehicles on the busy roads? If NO!! Then this is the golden chancefor you to drive luxurious buses on the city highway fullyjam-packed traffic vehicles. This bus simulator 2018 would satisfyyour quest of driving new buses on the traffic highway. This megabus simulator is different from many new bus driving games in manyways. You have to pick up the tourists from modern city bus stationto the hillside bus station. Each tourist on the elevated bus isyour responsibility, so drive carefully and take him to hisdestination safely. You have been given a limited time to completeyour traveling missions. After each mission, you would be somereward which you can use to buy latest tourist bus for extendingyour heavy bus service. Many luxurious buses are available in thegarage store. Just earn cash by playing latest bus missions andpurchase the new buses and enjoy the new coach bus driving game. Inthis amazing new bus simulation game, you would start driving froma bus station in the city. Tourists and passengers are waiting foryou at bus stations. You have to pick them up and take to the hillyareas. You have to pass through evergreen forests, all mountainsare fully covered with beautiful trees and waterfalls. Being a busdriver you have to focus on your driving along with the enjoymentof the beauty of natural sceneries around you. Summer is starting,so tourists are gathering in your city for visiting the hilly areasof your country. This amazing game would take the start from citybus where foreigner tourists are gathered for enjoying the picnicin uphill stations. Your duty is to take them, amuse them withnatural beauty and make their time best in every aspect. Along withdriving, you have to work as a guide for making their tour visitinto a memorable experience. Tell them each and every detail of thecity and about the hilly areas, which you would pass for reachingthe hill stations. Tourist coach drive is not an easy task, youhave to pay full attention while driving on the deadly offroadtracks to avoid an emergency situation. There is a variety ofluxurious buses available in the garage store. You have to drivecoach maximum for earning the cash reward. Each completechallenging mission would give you the certain amount of cashreward. This cash reward can be used for buying your favorite metrobus. The store has the metro bus, coach bus, double-decker bus andoffroad buses for you. It's time to fasten your seatbelt and grabthe steering of coach bus for starting the offroad free bus drivingjourney. Use realistic physics controls for controlling your coachbus. Use acceleration button for moving your bus and press brakebutton whenever needed for enjoying bus drive 3d. Use steeringwheel for taking turns around sharp edges of the roads. Time andsafety of tourists should be your first priority. You should takeall foreigner tourists to their destinations safely and on time.--Mobile bus driving sim 2018 - tourist coach drive has followingfeatures-- * Variety of luxurious buses * Realistic 3D cityenvironment * Deadly offroad tracks * offline gameplay * Compatiblewith all android devices * Real physics based coach bus controls *Beautiful sceneries Best mobile bus simulator game is waiting foryou to be installed on your device. So just download it now for theextreme fun of coach metro bus driving simulator game and stopsearching new bus games 2018.
Dinosaur Simulation 2018- City Smash Dino 1.0
Welcome to the dino world! Start as a crazy dinosaur and smashthecity. Control your giant simulated dinosaur and do fun in yourownway. Role as dragon with your fire cannon to demolish thetown.Spread your terror and fear among people by creating suspenseanddestructions all around. You will be tired of hunter gameslikeanimal hunting, dino hunting, lion and deer hunting. Here youcanenjoy the real simulation of dinosaur city smashing.Controlthebeast in this simulated dinosaur and be wild in thecity.DinosaurSimulation 2018- City Smash Dino is action, casualadventuresimulation game. Here you have to play as a crazy, angry,frenzyand stupid monster dino in city. Your aim is to causedestruction,destroy, mess, wreck, demolish, smash everythinginteractive andalso annoys citizens. In your mission you have togain more pointsby destruction and smashing the city. Townenvironment contains alot of obstacles such as explosive cars,pixel fence, barrels,block lawns, streetlights, street hydrants,cube dustbins and manyothers. You are provided with firing gun thatcan even get you achance to attack at citizens and city objects todestroy with yourfire. Rule the city as a wild gorilla monsterdinosaur.Explore thehuge city streets with your giant 3D Dinosaur.Be sure and lookaround in all the corners and uncover all the areato destroyeverywhere. Run behind cars, smash into moving vehiclesand trains.Find the goats and sheep like animals, look and get yourfood. ThisDinosaur simulator is something you will not want tomiss. Targetis to collect maximum points, smashing cars, destroyinghouses,road fences, obstacles, light poles and killing people gainsyoupoints to win. There are challenging missions designed foryourinterest.Show your teeth to grind the city objects andcitizens.Turn into wild dragon with your shooting mode. People arerunningall around with fear and calling 911 for rescue. Be furiousanddon’t let the police to kill or arrest you. Ruin the citybeforepolice or other rescue teams can rach for help.DinosaurSimulation2018- City Smash Dino is a wild dinosaur simulator. ThisDinosimulator is a thrilling game that will allow you to run yourowndragon through city streets on your smart device. Use thejoystickto roam around and attack button to attack citizens orsmash cars.There are different interesting modes and multiplemissions, chooseyour favorite mode like dragon mode where you canshoot fire withheavy cannon gun to destroy and burn the city like amoster dragonwar. Show that you are a wild dinosaur simulator andenter thecity, smash everything you touch or cross, destroy thecity by yourwild movements hit the street lights smash the cars andfind theanimals you’re targeted to kill. The people of city willrun fromthe deadly dinosaur and be scared.Dinosaur Simulation 2018-CitySmash Dino• 10 exciting and challenging levels • Interestingmodeselection• No of targets and achievements in everylevel.•Different targets to reach.• Attractive Citystructure.•Interesting wild animals simulation• Controlled andsimulatedbeast• Task based missions.• 3D simulator city setup andgraphics.•The deadly 3D simulator dinosaur. • Download Free
Euro Train Simulator Rail Driving 3D 1.0
Start your career as a train operator and conductor in thisEurotrain simulator. Start from rail yard to participate in trainrace,go through train tracks and rail stations. Pass from varioustrainstations, maintain your train presentations and show rail rushtorailway passengers. Help people to move their destinationsandcarriage crossing. Follow the rules and regulations to avoidtraincrash.Practice with tiny rails and enjoy this train gametrainingsimulator. Euro Train Simulator Rail Driving 3D is designedfortrain driving practices. Go train station to station forpassengerspick and drop. Pass through mountain ranges, tunnels anddeserts.Before you leave the rail station don’t forget to blowwhistle.Reach the destination station timely & earn money. EuroTrainSimulator Rail Driving 3D is perfect fun for both adults andkidswho love trains & train Games. Pick up passengersfromstations, or carry some freight. Control your favoritelocomotiveand diesel engine modern trains with passenger bogies.Drive thetrains, sit in passenger coach, or simply view the trainfrom theground as it comes towards you. Enjoy multiple camera viewswith360-degree camera views. This professionally made TrainSimulatorhas something for every Train fan. Get a real feel bysittingbehind the cockpit and manage real rail controls.Take chargeofcargo delivery train, conduct and swipe the tracks, managemovementand watch your rail traffic light and signals. Show yourcourageand skills where you’ll need nerves of steel and snappystrategy tokeep the mega train under control. Enjoy superlocomotive, sleekand fast trains to pick up & drop all thepassengers to theirdestinations. This is the best train simulatorgame with excellentrailway track change system, tunnel passes, XPpoints, bonusearnings, passenger coach view, trains driver view,top view andbeautiful sceneries around the track.Download EuroTrain SimulatorRail Driving 3D for free to be on board. Euro TrainSimulator isthe first well-planned and featured railroad simulationgamecovering every major destination in the country. Provideyourrailway conductor services and travel inter cities. Featuringanintuitive, easy to use interface, the game let’s users play asproto accomplish each scenario and unlock routes. Helps you tolearnand follow railway traffic rules and laws. Reduce speedwhererequired, don’t ever miss any station. Monitor the speed andtrack;manage day and night lights, blow horns and whistles.Once youhavetrained to operate single train then get ready to manage yourtraincompany from modest engine to multi-car masterpiece inthisimmersive, world-spanning game from Euro Train SimulatorRailDriving 3D. Deliver passengers and cargo across the route,whileupgrading and customizing your train cars to become theultimaterailroad tycoon! Maintain your railway services and becomea wellknown company of the world.
amazing police Spider -rundown city bike chase 1.1
amazing police Spider -rundown city bike chase is the bestmotorbikesimulator game of 2018 as the user gets the ultimatechance to ridethe motorbike as police spider officer.Being amutant Police spidersuperhero it's your duty to track and huntdown the criminals. As aspider police officer you are the rescuerof the city as the userwill drive the motorbike on the City of NY.The city has turned intolawless land and mafia bosses are tryingto take control of thecity, become the spider cop and stopeveryone, arrest criminals andprotect the people. Drive from agarage full of powerful police copcars on the most extreme stuntsin the world! Drive, boost, drift,roll, jump, and crash yourpolice car in our all new extreme policedriver's paradise! Theuser can perform exquisite surveillance ofthe area and chase therobbers and criminals on your super-fastpolice motorbike, maneuverthrough the NY city streets and otherroads to get to criminals.Experience the excitement of open worldpolice spider cop Motorcycle driving simulator where your job toride and control asuper-fast police heavy motorcycle. Speed up byswitching on theturbo on your Super-fast Motor cycle.Become aspider police driver,drive with traffic and chase your enemies.Game is packed withmultiples missions. Be a super spider cop andclean the city fromcriminals. Gangsters are running , mafiakidnapping is on peak , bea super spider cop and hunt down thecriminals.Features of amazingpolice Spider -rundown city bike chaseHD DisplayFree toplayGangster Chase MissionsAmbulance ChaseMissionsHelicopter ChaseMissionsPolice Training MissionsBe a partof US president protocol
Robot Car Transporter - US Police Robot Transform 1.0
Robot car transporter brings you an amazing experience of robot cartransportation on the cargo airplane. This game is the collectionof russian transport truck games and transforming robot games. Thisis one of the best us police robot cargo plane simulator gamedeveloped for challenging gamers. Drive real robot car into the uspolice cargo transport truck and take it to the internationalairport for transport to other countries. Cargo truck driving is alittle bit tricky and tough because you have to maintain thebalance otherwise robots cars may be destroyed within no time. Takerobot transporter truck near the truck parking area and park closeto the door of the cargo plane. It’s time to load all the robottransforming cars into the plane and make the high flight in theopen sky in the cargo plane and enjoy the airplane robot flightsimulator of the year. Drive airplane robot truck fastly on therunway till you take off police transporter plane high in the skyfor transporting the real robots to another planet. The duty ofcargo plane pilot is not easy like other passenger’s planes, itsvery risky task especially when you take off or land on any offroadairport runway, so you have to prove yourself best pilot of allplane transporting games available on the store. Make flight ofpolice plane over various countries and show your professionalrobot plane flying skills by transporting car robots to differentbase camps. Police truck driving is a very hectic job because youhave to deliver us police car robot at ny airport and theirsecurity is much more important because they can be used as us armysoldiers and spies in enemies territory. So always cooperate secretagents to transport us police robot car to hidden areas of thecountry to enjoy the robot adventures. No other police robot copgame provide such challenge robot transforming gameplay as thistransforming robot game is providing. It would be the challengingmission base game unlike other us police transport game, you haveto be in your full senses while moto robot game because thesecurity of robot transforming car is much important. You may haveplayed many robot clash and robot transforming games but this uspolice robot game is full of challenges and exciting missions. It'syour choice to transform robot into the luxury car or to remainrobot during transporting to other airports. You are playing one ofthe best robot transformation games 2018 and you would definitelyenjoy it due to the variety of missions. Robot muscle car transformis a new trend of police transforming robot games. If you everthought of becoming robot muscle car driver or pilot of cargo planethen robot police transport game is developed for you. And youwould enjoy this robot simulator for hours without noticing thetime. Robot controls are real physics based and user-friendly. Whenyou will transform into the car then you will have amazing feelinglike you are diving any super luxurious car and you definitelyenjoy this game among all best robot games. --- Features of robotcar transporter - us police robots transform --- smooth realisticcontrols unlike other robot transforming games Amusing sounds andtransforming animations HD graphics and realistic sci-fienvironment Variety of challenging levels Multiple robotsCompatible with most of the devices Highly optimized graphics Realphysics based driving controls Just download this robot carsimulator enjoying robot transportation flight over the high skies.
Super hero stunt bike - mega ramp racing 1.0
Super hero stunt bike - mega ramp racing is one of the bestracinggame developed for grand mega ramp jumpers. Drive yoursuperherobike on double mega ramp with your favorite super hero.You canchoose the best super bike along with your hot favouritesuperherofor riding on high sky impossible rampage. Performimpossiblestunts with your crazy bike in impossible tracks forbecoming thestrongest hero and super biker of impossible games.Youwoulddefinitely enjoy the mega ramp moto racing battle whiledrivingyour power bikes with the best super hero of the series.Getyourself ready for enjoying the challenging ride of your lifeofbike stunt racing because you would experience extremely highspeedas you are free falling on your extreme bike from thehighsky.Superhero bike tricks master is the best motorcycle gamealongwith coolest ramp and stunts for making it more interestingandchallenging bike game. Enjoy real stunts of the tricky masterbikeon curviest ramps and hurdles like in other super herofightinggames. Make a long drive on heavy moto bike and performmotorcyclestunts for enjoying on the long ramps in the high sky.Driveviciously on lethal tracks for showing your professionalsdrivingskills to the world in this best superhero game. Superherobikestunt game will challenge your driving skills for testingyourexperienced motorcycle driving skill up to the maximum limit.Playas a stuntman biker to perform real stunts on the grand rampsandbe the best driver of superhero games. Every new mission ismorechallenging and exciting than the previous mission duetoincreasing height and speed on the endless tracks. This is thetimefor performing extreme stunts and crazy driving and show theworldthat you are the unbeatable bike rider.This is the timeforimpossible bike racing on mega ramps to prove that there isnoother bike racer like you and you are unbeatable in the bikeracingworld. Drive superhero speed moto for performing complexstunts byselecting superhero fighters as your biker. In this game,you wouldenjoy superhero fight racing on the extremely grand rampsand freefall racing on your heavy bike. If you deviate from thestraightpath you would definitely die and would lose the game. Youhave todrive very carefully but speedily on sharp slopes andonchallenging ramps.You can be a tricky trail master byperformingdifferent stunts and by completing all the challengingmissionswithin given time. Time and resources are limited so youhave to befast and very carefully for becoming super moto hero.Impossibletracks are waiting for superhero fighters like you forhaving theendless race on these ramps.-- Main features of Superhero stuntbike - mega ramp racing ---• Latest Superheroes heavybikes forracing on ramps
• Impossible tracks high in air for freefallracing• Multiple challenging missions• Variety ofhurdles
•realistic and real physics-based controls
• Multiplecamera angles•Amusing sounds• Design your Custom Ramp• Compatiblewith allandroid devicesYou might have played many superheroes gamesbut inthis superhero bike game, you would enjoy driving ofmultiplesuperheroes bike on the toughest tracks. Their tracksinclude megaramps, impossible tracks, blind turns etc. You have toconstantlyfocus on your superhero bike riding otherwise you wouldlose allthe progress.So just tap the install button for extremechallengeof superhero heavy bike driving.
Mega ramp car stunts 2018 - Impossible ramp racing 1.0.1
Mega ramp car stunts 2018 is the best vertical ramp car stuntgamedeveloped for deadly race lovers. Mega ramp racing games in thenewarena of car racing and car destruction games because inthiscategory you have only one ramp track for accelerating yourgreatstunt car. If you lose your car balance on the mega-ramp thenitwould result in lethal car destruction and it might end yourlife.So utilize your pro car racing skills and avoid perilous turnsforyour survival.Drive on the extremely challenging anddangerouscrash car driving ramps and become a grand gangster of carstuntdriving game. These plain ramp stunts and mini ramp are set upindifferent crime cities of the world like in Miami and SanAndreascrime cities. You have to prove yourself as a great cargangster bywinning the impossible racing car game on the mid-airramps and byavoiding all the emergency car accidents. Mega journeystarts withfearless driving, if you have any fear or car stunt jumpgamesscared you then do not play such demolition derby games. Insuch adeadly impossible track games you have to be very carefulbecausedriving wanted cars on impossible ramp tracks is not an easytask.You have to drive on toughest mega ramp construction to proveyourgangster driving skill to the world of crime. Gangsters ofMiamiand San Andreas are expert great ramp drivers, you have tocompetewith them by racing with them and by performing stunts likerampjumping, lethal sharp turns etc on the deadly impossible rampsofcar stunts games.Stuntman car racing mania is an old fashion nowinwhich you have to compete with other gangster cars for takingthefirst position for showing the racing stunt skills. But inthisvertical ramp stunts game you have to compete with yourselfforyour survival. There is long sliding ramp buildagainstskyscrapers, your car is already parked on the top of everymegaramp on the beginning of each deadly mission. You just havetoaccelerate for starting stunt driving, after falling onslidingramp you just have to control the the car because mainchallenge ofthis ramp game you have to maintain the balance of yourracing carotherwise you would be definitely killed unlike otherdemolitiongames.Be a best hero of this demolition simulator game,show yourprofessional stunt driving skills and prove that you arethe bestdriver of mega ramp racing world. Save your car fromcrashing inair, car crash in air can happen at any time duringracing in carwith yourself. Crash car engine is an extreme type ofcar racingbecause your demolition car can be separated into piecesif youcould not control it properly while jumping from the miniramp. Soalways be precise and curious while making a little turnwhilegoing down along the ramp tracks.There are various sports carsandother luxurious cars are available in the garage. You canpurchaseany car with in-game currency. You can earn cash playingthisimpossible racing game for maximum time. The more you play,moreyou would earn the in-game cash which will help in buyingyourfavourite sports car. Each car has different specs andpropertiesdepending on the type of car for performing extreme speedstunts.--- Features of Mega ramp car stunts 2018 - Impossible rampracing---* Real physics on all the stunt cars*Variety ofchallengingmissions *Multiple sports cars with smooth controls*Highrampssituated in air for making breathtaking car stunts*Differentcameraangles*offline gameplay*Free for lifetime*DesignCustomRampDownload and enjoy extreme mega ramp racing on yoursports carsfor extreme fun and enjoyment totally different fromother carstunt games.
Police Drift Car - Highway Chase Driving Simulator 1.0
Police drift car 2018 - the highway chase driving simulator isoneof the best police drifting car chase game. It's the time tofastenyour seatbelts tightly and apply your professional superdriftingskills on the city roads. You have to prove yourself as alegendarypolice officer by making the crime free city. Goons andgangstersare wandering in the city, you have to drive like thesuperhero forfighting against the enemy cars to eliminate the crimerate. Robotcars are gathered in the area for teasing the citizens.You have tosmash car by hitting hard. You have to be a furiouspolice cardriver who follows no speed limits for making the citypeaceful andwell maintained. Play and enjoy the thrilling of policecar chaseon the busiest highway of your area. Apply nitro boost forjumping,drifting and for chasing the gangsters drifting cars. Saveyour 4x4drifting police car from criminals attack and offense byhavingsafe cop chase. The city is extremely big and spread tomanykilometers that is full of bridges, skyscraper buildings,trafficvehicles and it is highly dense with the civilians. So youneed bevery careful as a police car chaser and avoid hittinghighwaytraffic and civilians walking on the sideways. This driftingcarsimulator will let you enjoy the beautiful sights of therealistic3d city while drifting across the highway. Racing in citydrift 3dwith other sports cars will make this road drift gamemoreinteresting and challenging. So be the fastest drifting driverofpolice car games 2018 and cop games by showing yourdriftingtalent. Cops driving is not an easy task as one can think.You haveto be ready all the time for facing any worst situation inthispolice racer mania. You have to look after police prison andmanageall the matters for maintaining the system of the great cityof allcrime police games. There are multiple crime racing games butyouwould find it best among all police car simulator games due toitsmodes of survival. This game is a mixture of sports cars,busdriving, luxurious car drifting, police vans etc. theseallcombinations make this game more exciting and challenging intermsof racing and as a police car chaser. Play and be a hero ofpolicecar chasing games. There are two modes drifting anddestruction indrifting simulator game. In the drifting mode, youhave to driftmaximum against your rival cars and beat them in thefirst attempt.And in destruction mode, you have to destroy theenemy cars bydrifting and hitting hard on their bumpers. You candestroy therobot car or any futuristic car by hitting from anyside. As ahighway police officer, you just have to gain maximumspeed and hitthe robot cars for destroying them on the spot. Thesedestructionswould give you cash as a reward which can be used forbuying latestand luxurious police cars parked in the policeheadquarters’garage. --- Features of Police drift car 2018 -highway chasedriving simulator --- - Multiple challenging missions- Variety ofpolice drifting cars - Extreme police chasing levels -High-qualitygraphics and realistic 3d environment - Real physicsbased carcontrols - Amusing sound effects - Best time killer game -Realdrifting effects - Free for lifetime - offline gameplayDownload itwithout any delay for playing police car drifting andenjoy highwaychase driving against other sports drifting cars.