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Kids and Granny – Fast Tap 1.0.1
Want to try out some really fun game withperfect combination of super cool graphics, characters and a lot ofchallenges? The “Kids and Granny” game features the most coolestgranny ready to take a walk. Show your amazing gaming skills andjoin the walk with granny. BEWARE!! its not just a simple walk, youhave to show your quick gaming skills and respond to theinstructions by tapping the buttons quickly. You have to be reallyquick to gain score. Maintain the perfect timing for responding tothe instructions in order to score the maximum and unlock theupcoming interesting levels.“Kids and Granny” challenges you at every step and you have toovercome all the obstacles on your way to complete your walk withGranny. As you reach higher levels, the obstacles gets tougher andtougher. Apart from all the fun that the app offers you bychallenges, “Kids and Granny” also features the mind blowingcustomization. The app has a huge collection of themes and costumecustomization. As you unlock the new levels you also unlock newcustomized theme and costume which are pretty cool. These newcustomization will never let you get bored but will only addexcitement as you go on. With these majestic and lively graphicsyou experience the best. The game has no age barrier and offersunlimited fun equally both for kids and adults. This app is aperfect combo with the right set of graphics, fun, excitement,challenges and fast tapping skills. The app comes in 3 difficultymodes and an impossible mode which will challenge your gamingskills and your abilities to respond to the instructions by tappingthe buttons quickly. The perfection comes as you play on more andmore.************************GAME FEATURES************************• Coolest Granny ready to take a walk• Quick button taps to gain score, get better at tappingskills• Overcome obstacles on the way• Three different difficulty modes and an impossible mode• Theme collection and cool costumesReady to take up the challenge? Complete the walk with “Kids andGranny” to prove the perfect tuning with granny with your amazinggaming skills.***********************SAY HELLO***********************We are constantly working hard on making the game better and moreentertaining for you. We need your constant support to get going.Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problemsor if you just want to say hi. We'd love to hear from you. Do notforget to rate us if you like the