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Dungeon Madness 3.3.3
A wizard has hidden in these dungeons. He is plotting to conquerthe world and the only way how to stop him is to kill him! Butdon't think it will be easy, many before have tried without luck.(From what else would all those skeletons be made of?Polycarbonate?)Explore gigantic dungeon to find new epic items, newequipment, learn powerful spells and fight all kinds of differentmonsters. Are you afraid of dark? Don't worry, because a ghostresiding in doors will become your best friend. Or not. Who knows?-Level up your character by gathering experience, assign levelpoints to attack/defense/vitality- Explore 44 different floors ofdungeon- Find various items and equipment (sword/shield/head/chest)to improve your character- Craft amazing sets equipment or enchantyour items to get even more from them!- Learn up to 8 spells,unleash your immense power on those zombies!- Optimized for almostall screens- Randomly generated dungeons are a new feature, whichlets you play as much as you want!- WARNING: this game can be hardand might make you angry or frustrated. Don't worry, there is nopermadeath, you will just respawn at the start of the level!Likeour facebook page for latest information: you have suggestion? Or aproblem? Please shoot us an email below.
Dungeon Madness 2 1.5.2
A long-awaited sequel to the beautiful pixel-art Dungeon Madness ishere! Dungeon Madness 2: The Wizard's Quest is a brand new gamewhere you become a powerful wizard. All the things you've enjoyedin the original game are here plus much more!Evil is once morethreatening the world and you are once again the only one who canstop it. Clear the dungeons from hordes of Moirlog's minions,defeat mighty bosses, and craft the best equipment in thiscaptivating fantasy universe. Encounter hundreds of new monsters,levels, equipment, spells, and most and foremost new jokes. Mobilefun reinvented!- Level up your wizard by gathering experience andassign stat points- Explore over 55 dungeon floors- Unleash yourpower with up to 15 different spells at those goblins!- Defeat upto 7 fun bosses, each of them with different tactics- Find or craftthe best equipment in the game- Enjoy never ending fun withrandomly generated dungeons- Teleport to your base to catch a breakfrom nasty skeletons- Survive as long as possible in battlegroundsfor great rewards- Buy mercenaries that will clear dungeons foryouLike our facebook page for latest information: you have suggestion? Or aproblem? Please send us an email.
Air Dance 1.2.8
Oh no! You got lost in the deepest dungeon ever created. Feltasleep while driving and sunk down to the rock bottom. Well thereis only one thing you can do, escape that dark place! But soonyou’ll realize that this terrible man-made cave is much deeper thanyou thought…But no worries! Even when you are deep underground,somehow, you get rewarded for every meter you travel plus you’llfind plenty of bonus money on the way. With this currency you canupgrade your flying machine and make it look polished and fast onceagain. Bored of looking at the same skin all the time? Replace yourmachine completely for something new. You can travel with Coco ColoMachine, Mr. Frog, Mutated Fish or even Rainbow Pony! It also needsto be mentioned, your machine always has two rotors which arecontrolled by your fingers. Press on the left part of the screenand left rotor will fire, and guess what? Same logic applies forthe right part. Press both and you will fly upwards, otherwiseyou’ll just rotate. Sounds easy, right? Try it!Features list:-Choose one out of 5 skins, each one of them is different- Upgradeyour flying machine (maximum speed, rotation speed,controllability)- Randomly generated dungeon level with 4 differenttypes of chunks (walls on left and right, fork, horizontal and onewith moving obstacles)- Optimized for all screen sizes; you havethe choice to lower graphical requirements or pre-generate level(pre-generation is on by default, possible to make it generate inreal-time with settings)- Leveling system! Complete missions to getrewarded with coins and levels- NEW: Google Play Game Servicesimplemented. Sign in with your Google+ account for leaderboards andachievementsPlease report ANY bugs to the developer email linkedbelow. Thanks!
Meteorites 1.3.1
Have you ever wondered, how does it feel to hit the earth with ameteorite? Well now, you have the perfect opportunity to findout!Let yourself be amazed in 56 dazling levels and compete withyour friends. Can you do all hard levels on one try?Use gravity toyour advantage, bend the trajectory of your meteorites, soon youwill master the logic behind it. And after you do, there is stillchallenge ahead! How long can your meteorite live till it hits theplanet? What will be your style points? Yes, style is importanteven when you are shooting meteorites from ufo.Do you want to playafter you completed all levels? From now, there is completely neweditor with possibility to create and save your own levels! Why notgive it a try?