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Station: Employee Time-Clock 3.14.4
The Papershift time clock is the ideal way to digitally track, editand synchronize employee working hours with the Papershift Cloud.Settings and time records are automatically synchronized when anetwork connection is available and are always up to date. Inaddition to these basic functions, the app also offers: -ADMINFEATURES- With an Admin Account you can set up a stationary timetracking device for several employees. For example, a tablet at acentral location where employees can clock in, clock out and take abreak. Automatic breaks or tags can also be taken into account.-EMPLOYEE FEATURES- With an employee account, in addition to usingthe mobile clocking functions, an overview of existing timetracking can be displayed and edited, and the current hours accountcan be viewed. Also keep track of your hourly account and yourremaining vacation days. All this can be done easily via anexisting Papershift login. -ADDITIONAL FEATURES- Explore moreoptions, such as stamping via employee pin or confirmation withsignature. If you have any questions contact our Find out more about Papershift andjoin our community: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram:
Plan: Roster planning for shifts 1.8.1
Papershift Plan is the one-stop solution for managing your roster.Keep track of team rosters or just individual shifts. -YOUR ROSTER-Overview of the shifts you are assigned to and to which you haveapplied. -TEAM PLAN- Visibility of team roster in a quick glance.-APPLY FOR SHIFTS- Apply for open shifts directly from the app andtake an active part in duty scheduling. -ASSIGN YOURSELF TO SHIFTS-*only available if the option has been approved by an admin* Assignyourself to the desired shifts in order to participate even moreactively in duty scheduling. -DEFINE ABSENCES- Proactively reportabsences such as vacation, illness etc. directly via app. -WORKINGHOURS ACCOUNT AND VACATION ENTITLEMENT- Stay on top of your workinghours account and remaining vacation days. If you have anyquestions contact our support: Find out moreabout Papershift and join our community: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: