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Tiger's Kids World 1.1
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The best game for children has been releasedfor the year 2012"Tiger's Kids World" is for ages 3 through 7.Designed to promote learning vocabulary in a fun format, we’veencapsaulated into four different games.Before the release of the games, 50 children were tested as towhat elements they wanted incorporated. Interestingly, many wantedto incorporate catching which is what we’ve done. And in doing sowe have had amazing results.Additionally we found that children at age 5 enjoyed the ability torecord themselves for the purposes being able to promote properpronunciation.Don’t wait any longer. It’s a great gift that can be given forall occasions.The structure of the games:1. Matching Game (Memory Game)A game for children to improve their memory byplaying the same card, you can choose two.2. Hidden Game (Looking for ....): Improvisation is the name of this game which is premised byfinding the hidden animals and fruits.3. Shadow GameConcentration is the focus here where the player is to match thecolor with the photo4. Puzzle GamePromoting the focus of reasoning, the player is to drag individualpuzzle pieces to the corresponding shape.* Except for the Fruit friends and the Puzzle Game, all gamesare comprised as a full set.Can.The Fruit friends and Puzzle game can be purchased as a set.Thank you for your interest.
Baby's day 2.7.6
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Able to check and control of my baby's breast-feeding, baby food,sleeping, urine , feces, temperature, medicine, bath at once!Support statistics and graph. Very intuitive and convenient to use.
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= Game Play =1. Avoid the rotten poo.2. Get the poo is good. (+ Score)4. You can try FEVER TIME (Bonus Time) when you get threeGondenpoo.= Etc =1. Facebook works- Wall- Scores- Invitation