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Pakhtoon barbad sho, Pashto 1.0
Pashto eBooks
پښتون غريب برباد شو، د ملنګ جان بابا شعر، دوحيد قاسمي په غږ سندرهPashto poetryPashto Song
Pashto Dari English Proverbs 2.0
Pashto eBooks
Pashto proverbs with Dari/English explanations& translations. By Ustad Benawa.This is a scanned book by Kabul University.PLEASE note the file is nearly 20MB!The quality of the book is not great, but readable.
Khyaam Pashto 1.0
Pashto eBooks
Khyaam poetry translated into Pashto byAbdulBari Jahani.This app provides bookmarking and sharing of poetry onyourAndroid device.د خيام رباعیاتد پښتو ترجمې سرهترجمه: عبدالباري جهانيiOS coming soon.