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Voice Translator 2019 15.0
Pass Saga
Awesome Voice translator, Speech and translates all language of theworld 🎤 Translate Voice to all Language very easy and quicktranslation Way 💮 🔘 Press the button get voice and convert intotext and translate whatever language you want. 🔥 Awesome way youcan also translate through camera , you can get text from cameraand translate it to voice translator 🛃 Preserve Everything you wantwith this application Learn lots of languages using thisapplication with very responsive User Interface. 😎 It's really coolto have this kind of application to Use in real life to solve anyproblem we fetching with language. 🌐 Some of the feature of Voicetranslator app 👉 Voice Translator translate in multiple Language 👉Using OCR you can get text from image 👉 Translate image text withMultiple Language 👉 Share Voice or Text with any Social Network 👉Perfect way to translate what you want with this application 👉 It'sreally quick and easy to us this app 🏻 There is a Big barrier tocommunication speak a different language and work other countryguys and it should happen anytime to resolve that problem so herewe come up with translator using voice because writing is also timeconsuming process. so we should try with speaking it's better tohave that kind of things so here we go we have voice translatorthat translates in any language and it's really good to have thatkind of application on our handset. #Arabic #Bengali #Chinese#Dutch #English #French #Filipino #German #Greek #Hebrew #Hindi#Indonesian #Italian #Japanese #Korean #Malay #Persian #Polish#Portuguese #Russian #Spanish #Taiwanese #Turkish #Thai #Ukrainian#Urdu #Vietnamese
Whats Tracker - Who Visit My Profile 6.0
Pass Saga
👤 Whats Tracker Tells you who visitedyourwhatsapp profile and when. What tracker is also tracks the timeofyour profile visitor.😎Using Whats tracker app you can easily know the list ofYourfriends who sees your profile but does not chat with you.Features👉Contact : Display All your Whatsapp Contacts.👉Visitor : It lets you know who visited your whatsappprofile.Italso display the time of their visit.👉Visitors : Shows profile you have visited if you havevisitedsomeone's profile than your contact will be in theirvisitorslist.Whats Tracker is an app with benefit as the user can not onlyviewthe visitor also whats tracker track the time.
Open in Whatsapp 6.0
Pass Saga
👉 This App Uses Whatsapp public api to openachat with any number you enter country code and mobilenumberapplication will open the conversation if mobile numberisavailable on whatsapp.📇 No Contact is created on the device so you don't need to savethenumber just it open the chat so you can chat withthatperson.Feature use👌 An Unknown Number called you and if you want to check thenumberon whatsapp👌 If you want to start chat with you self than it useful👌 Open chat and start chatting with that person👌 If you need to send message but you don't want to save oncontactlist that if possible with this application> Here You have to enter the prefix the country code andyourmobile number os open in whatsapp will automatically openthechat.Note:- We do not have any direct collaboration with whatsapp- Open in WhatsUp is not affiliated with, or sponsored orendorsedby WhatsApp Inc.- This App use an Official Public Whatsapp API to open a chatwithany number you enter without create contact on device.
com.passsaga.backgroundremoveranderaser 7.0
Pass Saga
☞ Background Eraser is not just simple photo editor it's like smartphoto background remover and eraser app for your photos.BackgroundRemover App you can smartly erase background color or objecteasily. 📷 The resulting images can be used as stamps with otherapps to make a photomontage,collage. 👌 Auto mode 👌 Lasso tool 👌Reset Photo 👌 Erase Photo 👌 Undo and Redo 📢 It's very important tomake a pictures background transparent and its really simple to dothat things