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touchGrapherPro 1.0
Paweł Maślak
To try the app first, you can download thefree version here: is a graphing calculator unlike any other. Itshighly intuitive interface lets you quickly do things that wouldnormally take a few times as long. A very useful tool for studentsof Math-related subjects makes you more effective in many tedioustasks.Plot graphs of functions, curves, add parameters to them,interpolate a set of points to a function and many more in a matterof a few taps on the screen. Optimized for both tablets andsmartphones, the app runs smoothly even on devices from a few yearsago. This all makes Maths and analytic geometry as pleasant asnever before.Extra features of touchGrapherPro:- no ads- plot curves from parametric equations or in polarcoordinates- introduce parameters to formulas and adjust them in realtime- import and export graphs to text file- draw complex graphs in seconds from the list of examples(e.g.Lissajous curve, cissoid, and many more)- remove single points attached to graphs- save screenshots in selectable resolutions and share theminstantly from the app- unlimited number of graphs at once- improved performance- refined user interfaceBesides, all the features from regular touchGrapher:- plot graphs of functions on a plane- numerical integration- generate functions from a discrete set of points:- linear regression- exponential regression- polynomial interpolation- find zeros and local extrema of functions, intersection points oftwo functions- save graphs to image file- modify graphs' appearance after they have been plottedMore fancy features planned for future releases!
RPN Converter 1.0.0
RPN Converter is a very handy mathematicaltool - a converter from Reverse Polish Notation(postfixnotation/ONP) to standard infix notation and the other way round.The input expression can be entered with both numbers andsymbols, the latter of which may be interpreted as either functionsymbols, when the word is three letters long, or values, in othercases. E.g the expression "sin(x)" will be interpreted as the valueof the function sin for value x, Meanwhile "abcd+cd" will beinterpreted as a sum of two values symbolized by abcd and cd.The application takes into acount the unar operator "-" as wellas multiplication operator ommission in cases when the context isclear.