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Jumpy Tile 5.2
An addictive short time casual game to pass your timeUp above theworld so high, Jump this tile into the sky!Jump your way throughthe obstacles, taking the tile as high as possible.Anotheraddictive game from PaxPlay, Jumpy Tile. You tap on the right halfof the screen and the tile goes to the right, you tap on the lefthalf of the screen and tile goes to the left. All you have to do isgo as high up as you can.[How to Play]1) Use both thumbs whileplaying2) If you tap on the left side of the screen, the tile jumpsthe left side3) If you tap on the right side of the screen, thetile jumps towards right side4) Don't collide with any bar/squareon the way5) You can challenge your friends by pressing multiplayerbutton. The game is much more fun in multiplayer mode. :)Warning:It's a pretty tough and challenging game. Enter at your own risk,you might get addicted. :PCheck out our other games aswell:PopTiles: Tap the popping number tiles in sequentialorderSpermRace -run for life
Sperm Race 3.0
Human life started with winning the first race of its existence solet us take you back to that 1st race of your life: TheSpermrace.PaxPlay Studio and Bewakoof Brands presents an insaneaddiction, Sperm Race: A simple yet tough game based on the 1strace of a human's life.Spermrace is a very simple to play yet hardto score kind of a game. ll you have to do is save your sperm fromcolliding with other sperms else you know your existence won'texist.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated about ourcool games andupdates these cool, simple yet challenging games
Pop Tiles 1.9
After super success of Spermrace and Hungry Hamster, PaxPlaypresents you its new gem Pop Tiles: A super challenging game tocheck your quick reflexes and basic counting abilities. Game-playis pretty simple and straight forward; You have to tap the tileswith numbers on it in sequential order. You tap a tile with wrongnumber => Boom! Game Over!You tap a blank tile => Boom! GameOver!Seems pretty easy eh? Well we dare you to think like thatabout this game. Try it and you will start doubting your countingabilities after playing this game. ;)
Hungry Hamster 2.1
Hungry Hamsters is a finger touch based arcade action game wherethere is a hamster, who is very hungry and wants to eat as much asit can. Your aim is to get this hungry guy to juicy, tasty, squishyfast foods with swipe or slide of your finger. The back story ofthe game is: there is a scientist who is doing random experimentswith foods so there are some poisonous food too in the game whichyou have to avoid using your skills and logic.As a result of the experiments so many special magical foods arealso in the game which will introduce you to a total new adventure.These special foods will take you to some fantastic mysteriousadventurous modes of the game like dark mode, slow mode, reversemode, frenzy mode etc. And this is not all; we will be introducingnew special features in coming updates which will make you feelflying, jumping and running by making the character flying, jumpingand running. All these modes convert this game into arcade puzzlewhich need to be solved using logics.If you like eating fast foods like Burgers, Pizzas, Donuts, Substhen this is perfect exciting game for you because you got a friendof you in this game who also loves all these foods. So kids hurryup and grab those foods as much as you can and keep solving thesepuzzles to score higher and higher. But want to warn you inadvance…Sometime the game screen gets messy with these foods. Do you thinkyou can manage that? Off course you can, we all love eating so much;)This game is a perfect match for anyone in a family from parents tokids anyone. The game is also very enjoyable among friends as thishas a competitive value among friends.There are other benefits of eating as well like beat the BestScores of your friends, lead in your friend community and getyourself into the list of top scorers in the world with your picshown to the whole world. For kids it gives them a good arcade gameto play as well as help them in adopting a good habit of eating(again we are kidding you already have a good habit of eating butstill you will love to eat more of those juicy foods). You can bragabout all the achievements you achieve on Facebook or tweet aboutit.There are other awesome things launched recently on Android otherthan Facebook Home so click on the install button and start tastingthose cheese dropping cuisines.Some of our users said this about Hungry Hamsters:- Was tired of endless running games, but this endless eating gamesounds like fun :)- God!! This game makes me so much hungry every time I play it. TheHamster is so cute.- loved the dark mode in the game, never seen something like thatin any other game- Totally innovative game, too much fun for kids :)- One of the best arcade game I played, my whole family is playingit
Foolio: fool your friends 2.7
Foolio is a fun multiplayer game where youfool other players with fake but convincing answers.We have got a variety of interesting sets like Animals, Completethe Quote, Guess the Song, India, Books and Authors, Movies, Aroundthe world, Inventions, Science, Wonderful Words etc. Each setgives a different type of experience. Try multiple sets to have themaximum fun while playing.This multiplayer addictive game is the perfect game to play withyour friends at a party or a gathering or just anytime you wantsome fun together.[How to play]1) Choose a deckDecks contain questions on topics like sports, history, etc2) Answer a questionNo one knows the right answer. Fool others with an answer thatseems to be correct3) Choose the right answerOnly one answer is correct. Rest are fake answers by your friends.It's a trap!4) Score check?Win points for fooling others. It's a race, are you winning?Want to quiz your friends about some cool wonderful words? Want tocompete with your friends on General Knowledge, IQ and creativethinking? Well this fun trivia game is for you only. Have fun!:)