PdM DeX Entertainment Apps

Left 4 Zombie 1.0.2
Fight together...or die alone. Left 4 Zombie -Multiplayers Online is a new and highly virulent strain of therabies virus emerges and spreads through the human population withfrightening speed. The pandemic's victims become grotesquelydisfigured, wildly violent psychopaths, attacking the uninfected onsight. One of the "lucky" few apparently immune to the sickness,you, unfortunately, are also trapped in a city crawling withthousands of the bloodthirsty Infacted. Together with a handful offellow Survivors, you must fight your way to safety or die alone. Aco-operative multiplayer action game from the top 10 hollywood gamemaker is built atop the most advanced version of the Source Engineand introduces version 2 of artificial intelligence (A.I.)technology.With a fantastic multiplayer, co-operative and singleplayerexperience and so much replayability that you probably won抰 needanother game for years, Left 4 Zombie is undoubtedly our game ofthe year - and yours as well.The zombies are revolting ! In Left 4 Zombie, take your place in acrowd of rampaging undead as you race through the city attackingthe unfortunate survivors and adding them to your unstoppablethrong of hungry, hot-footed horrors. It抯 a Left 4 Zombie -Multiplayer Online out there, and everyone is invited!The games objective is shoot the zombies as many as youcan.The soldier goes there to investigate, but when he arrives herealizes that all hell has broken loose already.The game's story is told through the investigations of the maincharacter as he runs for his life through the labyrinthine halls ofthe massive building, discovering paperwork, finding clues andoccasionally talking to people.Live the unforgettable journey of This game as you never havebefore! THE FIGHT NEVER ENDSTHE HIDEOUT?Explore your personal hide-out and meet the Scientist, Smuggler andEngineer. These NPCs will help you unlock incredible new weaponsand gadgets.ORIGINAL AND FUN GAMEPLAY?Forget easy-to-kill Zombies. Get ready for take revenge ?powerfulZombies with an inventive approach to your elimination. Also besure to try out non-traditional weapons such as the Big Hammer,Machine-Gun. What抯 our favorite? You gotta try the Grenade, Rocketand special Machine-Gun. You抮e gonna love them?Zombie Strike War Key features:- Console High quality & Realistic 3D graphics.- Top FPS Game & Play Offline- Fast paced, intense gameplay.- FREE download ?Easy of use and completely free-to-play?- Challenging Levels & Realistic Mechanism- Military Environment & Efficient weapons control- Various Guns like pistol, MP5, G36, M4A1 etc.- Different Game Modes & Thrilling Zombies Levels- Strike the Zombies with different skills- Multiple Levels of Zombies Strike- Each scene with unique fun and challenge- Kill Different kind of Zombies- Enjoy Shocking music effects- Fight like a hero- Fully zombies action package- Top Addictive zombies hunting game- Zombie survival game mode- Smash Zombies, Are zombies real ?Left 4 Zombie - Multiplayer Online is an open City, survivalgame where your objective is to survive in this hostileenvironment. Hunt, explore and craft to survive! Use your building,crafting, exploration, battling and survival skills to stay aliveat all cost.You are stranded on a lost City and to your horror you have noidea how you got there. It almost feels like apocalypse. Explorethe vast city and salvage anything that may help you survive beforenight comes! Are you a survivor? Survivors only last.GET READY FOR A VISUAL REVOLUTION- Amazing real-time, full 3D graphics with special effects.- Epic fights full of impressive enemies and stunning specialpowers.- The action simulation really comes to life as destructible 3Denvironments splinter and explode.Have a lot of fun with this new and unique zombie game.
Modern Aircraft Commando 1.0.2
Modern Aircraft Commando has evolved much inthe century since man's first heavier-than-air powered flight inFrontline War .Battle against the armies of tyrannous villains and conquerglorious 3D battlefields throughout the world. Research newdefenses, deploy cunning strategies and put your mettle on the lineas you lead the fight for global security.Lockheed SR-72Developed with the same primary mission as the cold War-era SR71 "Blackbird ", the new high - speed, high - altitude - mindedSR72HAL AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft )India plams to join other military power - namely the United Staes,Russia and China - as operators only.TAI TFX / F-XFor decades the modern Turkish air force relied on Western partnersto stock it's available inventory.Tupolev PAK DARussia is moving ahead with the design phase of a new subsonicstrategic stealth bomber to succeed the aging lines Tu-95.HAL Sukhoi PMF/FGFAAnnounced that a partnership dead had been reached betweengovernments of India And Russia.KAI / Airbus Helicopters Light Armed Helicopter (LAH)In an effort to upgraade it's stock of aging MD500 and Bell AH-1SCobra light attack helicopter.Aerion AS2 / SBJ (supersonic Business Jet)The only Malaysian billionaire businessman andphilanthropist.SBJ was powered by two turbofan engines while it has beenredesigned with a three-engined configuration.KAI KF-XThe " 5th Generation Fighter " - along with the unmanned AerialVehicle " is the curret buzzword in the aviation defenseindustries.Mitsubishi ATD-X ( Shinshin )Other notable wold air powers, Japan is in the process ofdeveloping an indigeous 5th Generation Fighter Company.Sikorsky S-97 RaiderWhile helicopters have evolved since their mainstream inception inthe 1950's the " rotocraft " has remained largely convention.Bell V-280 ValorBell Helicopters is forging theirs 3rd generation Tiltrotor conceptfor marketing to the United Army and its Future War.DRDO AURAThe " AURA " is an Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle ( UCAV ) currentlyunder developement by DRDO.Don't wait,just get it now in no time,the game is free now!You wont be forced to buy any special deals No In-app Purcahes thatwill annoy you.We want you to experience the world leading air combat gameexperience and earn your way to leadership in Modern AircraftCommando.
Spring Sheep OP 1.2
The smallest sheep make the biggest sheepoimpressions!A herd timmy black sheep and a herd shaun white sheep wander andgraze in the Great Plains. In order to eat the best grass in thegrassland, they start a contest to determine which herd willwin.Spring Sheep op over power has a unique mix of good strategy andquick reflex. You can play it in single-player mode against thecomputer. Or yon can play it with your friend in the same devicefor more funSpring Sheep OP is optimized for both phone and tablet,Game Features:EASY and FUNEasy to learn and easy to play with stunning graphics for bestuser experience.PLAYER vs PLAYER or PLAYER vs AIYou can play with your friend on the same phone or tablet tocompete at same time. You will be able to play both the Strategymode and the Duel mode. In the Player vs AI, you can play both theStrategy mode and Duel mode with the advanced built-in ArtificialIntelligence.DUEL MODEWhen the countdown is over, you need to tap on screen at theright moment to beat your competitor.STRATEGY MODEdrag and release on the correct field to place your sheep. Youwill gain points either by reaching the end of the runway or byeating grass. Your sheep have different strengths. The key to winis to place the right sheep at the right runway. Sometimes, inorder to win the overall battle, you may have to sacrifice somepartial setbacks.
Battle Ship Simulator 1.0.0
Bring yourself on the sea and the enemy battleship simulator on war as a captain of the sea? War Between blue skywith a skilled operator to win the war now! Victory belongs to theskilled captain!You are the Captain of the battle ship, a Royal Navy heroes,Tribal Class. Your mission is to engage and destroy enemy aircraftin different naval battles.- HOW TO PLAY -Tap the enemy to destroyTap your target to launch your missile.Tap the screen to choose the theme for our sea journey. Then dragand drop the ships to arrange them. When it is your move, tap thescreen to choose a grid where to shoot. You'll see if you guessedthe location of your enemy's ship.As I told you, you can choose the epoch of the naval battleship.It's a way more exciting than a casual sea battle. Here you can seeeverything - from modern battleship, guns, trying to sink ships, toa mythic kraken, hiding under the water.Anyway, your main mission during the strategy game, is shipshooting! Try to guess where are your adversary's ships and FIRE!Feel like a battleship destroyer and professional boat finder, nomatter what era it is now, and become a star of seanavigation!- Battleship War 3D features -* A battleship board game with exciting 3d effects!* There are 3 playing modes: Ancient, Medieval and Modern!* You can arrange your ships as you like!
Old Time Sudoku 1.2
Brain training and memory games are a blastwith Old Time Sudoku, a game of Sudoku free of those boring blackand white grids! Start brain training with Old Time Sudoku today!Sudoku brain teasers will sharpen your puzzle solving skills,giving you daily brain training. Jump into this color Sudoku RPGand travel across different lands as you use your brain training toadvance through each puzzle stage. If you’re in the mood for someSudoku fun, pick a hard or easy puzzle from all the brain teasersavailable!The base game features 1000 Sudoku puzzles grouped by difficulty,as well as various modes, customizable grids and multiplayer. 200more puzzles are available for download from the Go! Sudokuofficial website, and players can add their own custom backgroundsto the games.Brain games for players of all skill levels!• Brain games with tons of levels! Travel to 8 different places forSudoku fun, like the brand new snow world for chilling newlevels!• Easy Sudoku or hard Sudoku, there are 474 different puzzles tosolve!• Color Sudoku with 11 color Sudoku variants from 4x4 puzzles to10x10 hard Sudoku puzzles.• Brain training never ends! Challenge yourself with ouroverlapping puzzles!Brain training games for any player to enjoy!• Brain trainer with a challenge. The faster you solve each puzzle,the more points you get!• Super Sudoku power-ups! Choose from 6 super power-ups to help youout in challenging situations• Memory games for everyone! If you like Killer Sudoku, mahjonggames or other memory games you’ll love Sudoku Quest!Sudoku fun with a brand new spin!• Sudoku fun on an interactive map. Play Sudoku like you never havebefore!• Memory games with tons of levels and all kinds of Sudokupuzzles• Sudoku free of the old boring elements. Sudoku Quest is one ofthe only Sudoku apps with the color Sudoku option• Brain wars with friends! Connect with Facebook and compete withfriends or over 2 million other users for the highest score!Start your brain training with this brand new take on yourfavorite classic puzzle. If you thought super Sudoku waschallenging, Sudoku Quest will open brand new worlds for you! Doyour daily brain training across all devices and platforms, withall data being synced across your desktop, mobile phone andtablet!Old Time Sudoku is the only color Sudoku RPG that offers achallenge for both the first time player and the Sudoku appsveteran. With plenty of puzzle games ranging from easy to hard,anyone can test out their logic skills with the daily braintraining that this color Sudoku game offers.This app offers challenging brain teasers to players of anyskill level; join the adventure and download Old Time Sudokutoday!Don't forget to connect to Facebook to enjoy all features of OldTime Sudoku !After downloading our Sudoku Quest, be sure to give us feedbackby leaving a review in the Google Play store!
Striker Tank 2090 1.0.0
Come back in the memories of yourchilhoodgame, Striker Tank 2090 is a classic game, a popular game90.Destroy enemy tanks, collect bonuses, rubis as a child!Protecteagle!Striker Tank 2090 is a evergreen game, Butdifferentimplementation of Tank 90', it has someimprovements,MoreLevels.More Fun!!Destroy all enermy tank to pass level and unlock next level.If this player's base is destroyed or the player losesalllives,game end!!Prepare the classic strategy game, prepare the tank war!! Itmightremind you good old days!!!Feature# High graphic quality# Brst quality sound effect# Score new highscore to unlock more level# Easy to control# Enemies upgraded each level# Can play offline & online with your friendsNot to give too much away, this game is also called The bestcombatGame. Striker Tank 2090 is a fun to play with your friends.Itstill ranks as one of the best tank battle games online.Millions of people have played this free version of thetankbattle game online and it remains an internet gamerfavoriteever.Enjoy the combat games, it's free for all!
Robocraft Commando 1.0.0
Robocraft Commando is a free game and taketheminto epic battles offline.Robocraft Commando is a Free-to-play game where players cangetto the end game "without even paying a cent".The game features a part-based damage model, where thebasicparts of the vehicles must be destroyed with weapons in ordertoachieve a kill over an opponent. The player's team will winonceall enemy vehicles are destroyed. Alternatively, playerscancapture the enemy's base to win the game. There areseveraldifferent weapon classes (Subatomic Machine Gun, PlasmaLauncher,Rail Cannon, Nanotech Disruptor and Tesla Blades) andseveralpropulsion types (Thrusters, Wheels, Caterpillar Tracks,HoverBlades, Aerofoils, Rudders, Walker Legs, and Rotor Blades).Whileweapons cannot be mix-and-matched, with the exception of theTeslaBlades, propulsion systems can.- Warning !! -We received a huge amount of feedback which we’ve activelyused,having made changes to the original designs, so now we’d liketomake the announcement for android mode play!Keep in mind that this isn’t your typical update announcement.It’ssimply a look into the future. We’re looking foward toyourfeedbacks before the first game mode update.
Wonderful Mother's Day Whisper 1.2
Celebrating mothers day with yourbelovedmother to honor our mothers for all that they have gonethrough fortheir children.Make this day a very special day forthem.She is astatue of inspiration.Mother's Day cards, including cards pretty nice mother's day card/nice cards.Mother's Day was a few days ago. Now many people who still workupthe courage. I love opportunities Send a card or write wellenough.But to use words to tell the mother in this mother's daybetter.This is sample text Instead it is sent to the media to leavemymother out to ensure that adapt quite well.I Love you Mum ! Grandmother ! Grandmummy!!!Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers andcelebratingmotherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of mothersin societywith Wonderful Mother's Day Whisper.For a special greeting, we selected a group today. I hope it isagood idea to many people have taken to deploy the love the motherinthis mother's day thru Wonderful Father's Day Camera.Mother's Day Whisper including cards pretty nice mother's day card/nice cards, including cards, mother's Day cards,Wonderful Mother's Day Whisper application features:- An amount of would like to be able to desire the mummyuponmother's day time- A fantastic variety of E playing cards upon mother'sdaytime- Make she or her really feel specific basic deliciouselizabethplaying cards.- Reveal these types of ecards upon web 2.0 web sites, brandinaddition to myspace.- Women day time, while is usually mother's day time, Ecardswithregard to fathers day time, mother's day time text. Needsuponmother's day time.- Select a picture from the gallery as well as acquire imageswhileusing the phone's photographic camera.- Wide variety associated with types and different frames forjustabout any photograph.- cooking top quality frames using vibrant colors.- Write about ones creations by usingFacebook,WhatsApp,Line,Google+ as well as other socialnetworks.- Simple to operate: Creation within 1 phase solely- Not any net connection nessery required.
Battle Tank Simulator 1.0.0
Battletank Simulator is an actionpackedpalm-sized app controlled robotic tank! fully controllablethroughyour Apple?or Android?devices. Hey Soldier! Do you liketank,simulator, free game ? If so, this is the right place for you.Withtwo great play modes, you can chase down the autonomous dronetank(purchased separately) or re-enact your favourite tank battleswitha friend. It is the ultimate challenge as each successive hitslowsyour tank making it harder to outmanoeuvre your opponentUse this heavy and most powerfull beast, destroy cities,vehicles,cars. Be the dream soldier and tank driver in this game.This cityis what is left after a battlefield.With the super strong tank in this open world only shows howroughyou can get when driving a tough army tank whilst doingextremestunts. In this game, you have the freedom to drive anywherein theopen environment and do whatever you want with the militarygradetank, so strap on your seat-belt, you're in for a wild ride.Black Qiraji Battle Tank is a level NPC. The location of thisNPCis unknown.Battletank Simulator features:- aim and destroy your enemy target.- use binocular to zoom in your target view- Control your car with an steering wheel, acceleration andbrakepedals .- Realistic explosion effect .- Realistic graphics .- Open free world to travel and target shooting mode- High quality and nice graphics- Amazing shoot effects, explosions, sounds and realtimephysics- Very easy to use controls- Fully featured tank and turning turret- Real time sound system- Amazing environment and atmosphere- This game is designed for tank, battle, power,simulatorlovers.
GST Crush Naga 1.0.0
GST Crush Naga is #1 match-three puzzlegamewith fresh gameplay!Clear three or more same candy to score points, try to usegameprops to make more combos!How to play GST Crush Naga:?- Connect three or more same image to score points.?- Archive the target points to level up.- Link more same sweets to earn game propsGST Crush Naga Game features:- 2 game modes - Puzzle,Challenge- More than 500 puzzle levels- Sweet and delicious UI & cool animation effectsonwinning.use the power of puzzle ranger to fight against thesecretorganization and protect the economic!Use the special move, super move and ultra move on yourenemies!Special Skills* Special move: Clear 4 rangers at the same time to startthemove.* Super move: Clear 5 or more rangers at the same time to startthemove.* Ultra move: Get 1 coin by forming 3 combo or more. Collect 5coinsto start the move.
Clash Of Fates TD 1.0.0
Clash Of The Fates TD one of the besttowerdefense game in Android Store. This is the TD game style withmoreadvanced feature and creative. With effective strategy, youwillbuild and upgrade towers to stop the invasion of enemies.Let'sfight till the last breath to protect your castle.Challenge your mind with the exciting 24 levels gameplay. Areyouready to stop the enemies once and for all? Join the defensenow!Clash Of The Fates TD is a completely unique strategy game.eachTower have their various elemental powers.It has unique features and gameplay style.Clash Of The Fates TD takes classic defense games to a wholenewworld.This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real moneyforextra items.##FEATURES#40 campaign and 7 Challenge maps#4 different game play modes#9 Towers#10 Enemy units#4 Special Weapons#5 Different World Themes (Mountains, Desert, Ice,Crater,Lava)#Player friendly settings like; auto send waves, instant buildandetc.#Completely mind tricking economy.#Free to play.#Tactics, Action, good graphics, easy gameplay, economy,manychoices... What else would you want?Working hard to improve gameplay and compatibility.Best td to play.Download it and defend your base from enemies! enjoy it! sharetoyour friends. thanks.
Drift Of God 1.0.0
Your car is very powerful and tuned fordrifting. You should follow the rings to on your way to reach tothe finish line with Drift of God.You are going to win if you can pass your previous records. Yourcompetitor is a ghost car and driver is you. You are going to raceagainst you.With latest update, you are not alone in the game anymore. You canplay with other real players online or against their best drivingasynchronously.You can watch your last driving at the end of the game.Drift of God Car Racing is the most realistic 3D drift racingsimulation on mobile devices, and yet easy to control and fun toplay thanks to an innovative drift helper.Get ready to drive high performance cars (turbo or naturallyaspirated) and make them drift at high speed in tracks designedspecifically for drift racing.Earn money using your racing skills and and use it to customizeyour car: body color, rims model, rims color.Race to battle the world record of the online leaderboard or justfor fun in the new freeride mode.Driving a car on the asphalt was never been such an exciting!This is the best chance of you to improve your driving skills.There are 8 different tracks defined in the game and you have 60seconds to complete each track.This car racing game will make an addiction to you.Drift of God is a high speed racing game where you have tomaster the art of drifting through the curves to reach best times.you are the driver of various high speed racing cars trying toreach for the world's best times on 30 different tracks. Race yourway through the top charts of the best drivers world wide.
Modern City Run 1.0.0
The Modern City Run is a sequel tohighlysuccessful 3D City Runner game that managed to get millionsofdownload. The Modern City Run is developed by same games studioasits predecessor, Pdm Dex Entertainment, and is using evenmoreadvanced 3D technology in order to offer more immersiveandvisually stunning game experience.You are Bexley,the prince of NY and you are on a daringadventurerun through the streets of New York,UnitedStates..Incorrectlyaccused by the authority, you should run foryour life or riskspending the rest of your life in a Modern CityRun.In Modern City Run, you will be put into the role of Bexley,theadventurer. Bexley’s objective is to survive and run for hislifein the streets and sewers of the city that has been hitanddestroyed by unknown apocalypse. During the game you havekeepclear of unexpected explosions and obstacles in the city,whiledefending yourself and running away from Dickson Zombie whooccupythe streets and sewers of the city. This makes the gameverychallenging and great fun to play.The only way for Bexley to survive is to constantly run away andtoeliminate anything that stands in his way (abandoned cars,Dicksonzombies, other obstacles), with range of weapons that can befoundin the different parts of the city.So get ready for the run of your life!* Realistic and immersive game environment with great *soundeffects.* Ability to upgrade your weapons.* Fast-paced, innovative and challenging game-play.* Dynamically generated game stages make it extra fun* A new specialization system with redesigned skills.* Lead your character to the top of the online leaderboards withanew ranking system!* Run with all of the adorable characters from the ModernCityRun* Most thrilling and fun running game in a while, possibly everHow to play? Simple!* Navigate through using tilt controls* Swipe up to jump over barriers* Swipe down to duck under objects* Aim at enemy and shoot automatically* Tap screen to reload bullet******Modern City Run******Recommended you strongly,What are you waiting for? Download nowtoexperience the fun.
Lecturer's Day Wishes 1.2
Lecturer's Day Wishes app can makeyourprofessor feel good about being a teacher to students whoactuallyappreciate the lectures, tutorials and classes. Yourgenuine andheartfelt wishes will go a long way in giving yourprofessor a muchneeded doze of motivation to trudge on and make adifference in thelives of hundreds of students every year.Most professors teach their students how to find therightanswers. But more importantly, you taught us how to ask therightquestions.Such is a very high attitude. We find in these days, notonlyhard to see people respecting the beloved of their teachers,butthere are many students, not showing respect even to theteachersthemselves.Lecturer's Day Wishes features:-- Remember birthday & anniversary dates ofeverylecturers- Wish family & friends with choicest of eCards fromacollection of thousands- Entertain yourself with access to thousands (30,000+) ofFREEeCards from your mobile- Enjoy browsing through eCards for “Lecturer's Day Wishes”forfun- Share an adorable eCard on “Online lecturer's Week” and“HugLecturer Week”- Express your gratitude to the Lecturer in your lifeon“International Lecturer’s Day,”- Interesting eCard to wish lecturers on their Facebook Wallinsteadof just plain Text wish.- Create deeper bonds with friends & lecturers usinginspiringeGreetings that do more than convey your heart felt wishesforthem- Sync up your phone book and facebook contacts with the App,foreasy access to their birthday & anniversary dates- Schedule delivery of eCards upto 60 days in advance forpleasantsurprises.- Video and postcard type eCards to be shared with the worldforFREE!!- Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger Chat, Text and Email the cardstomultiple contacts- Discover New eCards that are added to the ever growingcollection,everyday
Offshore Superboat Racing 1.0.0
Offshore Superboat Racing is the newexcitingocean deepsea racing.Race through the sea with your boat as fast as you can andescapethe deepsea adventures before its too late. Get past alltheobstacles like enemy boats , yatchs , pirate sips etc int wayofyour boat.Try to make high score by beating the previous score andsettinga new record speed.Offshore Superboats Racing is a ultimate Water Death Race,youcannot stop.You have only 1 options Drive and Win, Save yourself orexplodeothers who are driving in your way.Speedboat Explosion Turbo Race combines stunning gameplaywithexcellent visuals and sound.Game features- Futuristic Boats - Race - Fight - Explosion- NOS to achieve super speed- Missile button to blast other super boats- Achievements to keep your excitement fresh- Race the way you want. Touch or Tilt to steer- Collect coins to achieve high scores- Realistic sound environment- Choose between many outstanding Super Boats and TracksChallenges missions- Fast and quite Furious- Fast and unlimited racing- Missile blast to explode- 8 different objectives to achieve- Compete with friends on LeaderboardSo get ready to enjoy this Hi Speed water death raceandexplosion.Controls:Turn boat:Tilt device- Realistic 3D Graphics- Awesome background sounds-Jungle Turbo Boat Race will be installed on the SD Card,henceuses only small amount of internal storage..
Hari Raya Special Greetings 1.2
Hari Raya Special Greetings - perfect Appforyou! !Get free photo, Emoji Sticker, quotes, videos and free game ofHariRaya Aidil Fitri / Hari Raya Aidilfitri Photos! Many card canbeused during raya celebration.After you enjoy using the Hari Raya Special Greetings -PerfectApps, use Emoji Sticker to decorate your photos, you canshare thefunny and cool picture to your friends via facebook,instagram orsend via line, whatsapp and email or save the pictureto yoursmartphone gallery.Choose photos from photo gallery or take new photo, select ahariraya frame and generate your new beautiful photo frames!You can now take picture / images of your Hari Raya AIdil Fitri/Hari Raya Aidil Adha celebration with Hari Raya PhotoFramesapp.Celebrate those Happy Mubarak moments and capture them forlife.Many kad can be used with them in Amazing Hari RayaGreetingCards.Its absolutely FREE!!How to use Hari Raya Special Greetings :# Open Hari Raya Special Greetings# Select a greeting cards, send to your friends# Share the pictures with your family members, friends,colleagues,and everybody around you.# You can also use the camera fun function.# You can hear musics with your family.- The layout of the user-friendly application- More than 20 options of beautiful and unique templates- Accessories Unlimited icon- Various types of font and color- Choice of pictures directly from the camera or from thephotoalbum- Share Raya card with your loved ones via Facebook, emailorMMS.- Save Raya cards in albums and cards, this can be usedaswallpapers or share using other applications.Hopefully Hari Raya Specials Greeting - perfect App Greetingscanadd radiance and camaraderie between us all. SelamatHariRaya!Share this app with your buddies...!!! They will enjoythistoo....!!!Download now this Hari Raya Special Greetings - PerfectGreetingsImages Apps to bring together with you to the celebrationthis holymonth.Last but not least apart free images / card / pic, videos, youwillalso get a free game to enjoy after taking and sendingimages.#May this blessed Hari Raya will give us a good health andgoodwealth.
PicSpeak Birthday Greetings 1.2
With PicSpeak Birthday Greetings! you maysenda message to a friend with Happy Birthday sticker, cards andquotesto wear a cute cartoon stick cake, balloons, fireworks andmuchmore to give. Date of Birth By organizing and decoratingyourself.From a variety of labels for you to share and enjoy withyourfriends. With a unique, bright.This free PicSpeak Birthday Greetings app reminds you ofyourfriends' and family's birthdays. It's simple and we respectyourprivacy.You'll never forget an important day anymore. Birthdays canbeentered manually, or synchronized with your contacts orfacebookfriends. Duplicates are automatically removed.Choose to be reminded in advance, or on the birthday itself.See upcoming birthdays on your home screen using one offourwidgets. Say Happy Birthday via text message or tap to callthem.We even track Chinese and Western zodiac signs.You can create your own decorative card, quotes &stickersduring offline and send to your friends & family onceyou areonline.PicSpeak Birthday Greetings app simplifies everything! Easyandclear. Everything in one app.Genuine heartfelt birthday wishes can brighten up the dayforanyone. Sending happy birthday messages is a way to letyourbeloved and friends know that you care and that you arehappybecause it is his or her birthday. Unique birthday wishesandsayings are available here for every type of person as well asforany age.Users can select from a collection of 100 birthday greetingsandpersonalize, customize, mix and match them with the 100colorfulbirthday stickers - A total of 300 combinations! Send outthesepersonalized birthday wishes via Facebook, Twitter, email,Gmail,Whatsapp, SMS, etc.
PicSpeak 1.3
Spice up your pictures on your phone withthisaward winning photo editor - PicSpeak !Sharpen, remove red eye, crop & straighten, distort,insertcutouts of other pictures, paint, make color splash outofblack-and-white pictures, add text, word balloons, applyeffectslike Cross Process, Lomo, Vignette, faux HDR, Tilt-shift,PencilSketch, and much more.Make you memorable picture to saying something to describethesituation with latest smiley.PicSpeak supports high resolution editing up to 13MP fordevicesthat can handle it implemented with tools, special effects,styles,stickers, and much more. Received award winning photoeditor.Color-correct your pictures and add word balloons,titles,graphics, and effects like distortion. All in a fun,intuitive, andeasy-to-use interface. Now with a small selection ofSummerstickers... Also optimized for the Xoom, Asus Transformer,SamsungGalaxy Tab, Acer Iconia, and other Android HoneycombTablets.
Hoverboard Bounty Hunter 1.0.0
Explore an open wild future fantasticalworld,bandits and more unnatural enemies in Hovevrboard BountyHunter,the third class shooter adventurous game.Skate & gun your way through galatical jungle landscape asyouembark on a mission to collect bounties against the forces ofevil.In this kill-or-be-killed fantasy land, you抣l rewardedheavybounty for each boss kill. Take on 50 missions with a greatvarietyof challenges for you to overcome. Take to the Arena in themostaction packed shooting game. Center your attack to defeatpowerfulbosses.Hoverboard Bounty Hunter is a trully favorite for all ages,fromthose who grew up with classic arcade action games. The funneverdies!Classes and Skills:- Single classes with unique characteristics- Eight adventurers with different backgrounds- Customable diverse game styles- Hundreds of skills and numerous combinationsLong Adventure:- Great scenery in complex maps that are fun to explore- Immersive principal narrative with comical branch stories- Amusing plot focused task contents develop gradually to keepthestory novel.- Brutally challenging levels.Hoverboard Bounty Hunter Game Features:-Take on Challenging boss bounties-Plenty of power ups-Awesome graphics & soundtrack-Optimized for Android Phones and Tablets!Finally we have our Bounty Hunter friends, who had theirflightescape plan ruined when a smart evil devised a handmade bombandstarted chasing them!Remembering he was a peacekeeper and that he had vowed toprotectthe future at all costs, one of the warriors of the light?YOU?decided that he had to do something. Setting asideyourdifferences, you grabbed your saber and prepared forbattle!
Color Spot 1.2
This game has very simple controls. Simply tapon a color block while the instruction pop out. It is so simplethat even children could enjoy Color Spot and improve their brainto eye to hands coordination and reaction. The game becomes harderover time, with changing background colors and color dots increasetheir speed of movement.Make sure you tap when color change on the screen, earn two pointsinstead of one to progress further and faster.Benefits of playing Color Spot:The game is designed to help increase player’s brain productivityand reaction by putting them in tricky situation and make themreact quickly. It also improves the efficiency and speed of rightdecision making which could be one of the best skills to have inthe real life. the features are great selection of amazing palettesof color that will brighten your day and improve your mood. It isproved that vibrant colors improve overall mood and sets the brainto work better, faster and more efficient. But the best part isthat it is free.Game features:★ Super Colorful and simple design. – Color spot is designed withsimplicity in mind, bringing exceptional and fun gamingexperience.★ Easy to learn – hard to master. It will definitely take some timeto become good at the game, unless you are ninja with exceptionalreaction already.★ Simple controls – just tap away. Simply tap to match dot andbackground colors.★ Evolving gameplay. Over time Background and block colors changeand block speed increase to make the game more challenging andfun.★ Competitive Leaderboards. Compete with your friends and otherpeople and post your best scores on the leaderboards to become andultimate color ninja.★ Great music and effects. We have produced a special sound trackfor the game to help players focus and improve their best scoreseasierEnjoys the game with your friends for a great moments. Don'tmiss out.. :D
Gangster Army Slug 1.0
Gangster Army Slug puts the dark,intriguingand ruthless world of the city’s war crimes on yourphones. You cantackle 4 different types of characters to take overthe city andoutrun the marine, or just obey every traffic light.Gangster Army Slug is a 2d vertical version avoidingshootingadventure game, the screen good audio production, gameplayers willdisplace a commando, Didi in the hail of the charge,Tatak theenemy's generals, leveled the enemy base.You alone canbreak downthe gangster army ? Come and get control of yoursoldiers, to winthe battle!Stealing tanks, evading cops, racing through streets,andshooting down other gangs… Do you have enough guts to rise tothetop of the criminal piles in Gangster Army Slug?Gangster Army Slug can be doubly enjoyed by playing withanotherbrother-in-arms simultaneously via the Bluetoothfunction!Will you be able to clear the hardest stages with your friends?
Princess Castle Adventure 1.0
Get ultra latest POWER-HIT PrincessCastleAdventure with Multiple Worlds with 500 unique levels,power-ups& challenging Levels for Android Leader board now!Face the unknown dangers and fear! ! ! Learn to Swim &Flyalong while running in adventure of Fairy Castle.All your friends are playing it - can you beat their highscoresespecially Didi & friends ?!Princess Castle Adventure is a adventure packed game whereyouneed to destroy enemies, cross different obstacles,overcomedangers while collecting as many coins & jewels as youcan toscore the highest and build you 350 unique hairstyles &makeupmakeover provided in the game..What more , you also need to learn to FLY and Swim duringthegame course to explore hidden areas.Princess Running Game Features -★★★★★ Multiple Worlds & Theme - Homeland, Sky High,Underground..★★★★★ Multiple Challenging Levels to cross in each world★★★★★ Achievements & Abilities to Learn - Fly, Swim,★★★★★ Lightweight Game to reduce your data costs ★★★★★★★★★★ Amazing game control★★★★★ HD Quality Graphics- Colorful & smooth graphics★★★★★ Easy one-touch controls and gameplay★★★★★ Rich background music and sound effects★★★★★ Intense and exciting game rhythm★★★★★ Explore the mysterious castle! ! !★★★★★ Face the unknown frozen dangers and fear! ! !So what are you waiting for Little Princess Anna ..just goanddownload your copy of the super ultra modern addictive hit game-Princess Castle Adventure & show the real gamer in YOU!Awards ★★★★★HAIRSTYLIST GUILD AWARDS 2016
Wing Chun Dragon 1.0
Wing Chun Dragon will be the most populargamein 23rd Century based on Martial Art environment play !Wing Chun Dragon play is very simple, click on the screen,thedragon will try to flying up, or it will quickly fall anddie.Atthe same time flappy the bird do not touch the ground,therearemany different lengths of pipe ordeal you.You have to try to make the dragon through the open area betweenthepipes. Each time through, you'll get a point. Finally, you cancheckyour own score in the global rankings, as well as in thegloballevel of the game.This game may make you angry, but please keep their patienceandperseverance. You will be able to get a high score.Tired of flying all these different flappy creatures andbirdsand animals between the green pipes? Get your revenge andcrushthem with the pipes instead!Move wings and fly away in the world Wing Chun Dragon. Helphimto flutter and get as far as possible. Tap the screen to flapyourwings of a bird and avoid obstacles.The player must avoid the columns by flying them located inthegap to get the highest possible score.Whatever the outcome receive a medal.Download Bird to learn now will ultimately result! The gameistime-consuming.It is a plaformówka with pixel graphics.Features:- Unlocked 3 character- One Touch Control.- Lots of fun.- Nice graphics.+++ Credit to Sabah Wing Chun Lion Troupe +++
Holiday Ideas - France 1.1
Holiday Ideas - France is the best Appstoexplore a great places, great foods, great bars, great hotelsandmany more. all you can do with just one click.Set off to discover the treasures of the French regions, andplanyour holiday or weekend: A wealth of practical andculturalinformation by Holiday Ideas - FranceFrance was visited by 84.7 million foreign tourists in2013,making it the most popular tourist destination in the world.It isthird in income from tourism due to briefer visits.Tourist attractions in France; the main tourist attractions,sitesand sights, historic monuments, national parks, and things toseeand do in France.Features:* booking a tickets online* rent a cars online* booking a hotels online* search a best places (restaurant, park, bar, memorialandetc)* search a best hotels to stayshare Holiday Ideas - France to your friends.. best 2016Appswinning award.
Sabah Earthquake - Charity 1.0
This is a tribute to the selflessmountainguides who participated heroically in the rescue ofstrandedclimbers on Mount Kinabalu in the aftermath of the recentquake.What they lacked in fancy equipment, they more than made upforthrough sheer creativity, improvisation and courage.Those who wish to help may channel their donationsthroughAlliance Bank account 101960010086060 or contact MPMSat088-221194.The role played by the ‘malim gunung’ or mountain guideinrescuing climbers who were stranded at Mount Kinabalu aftertherecent earthquake has caught the attention of the world. Storiesofthe mountain guides’ efforts in rescuing the affected climbershadbeen widely spread and highlighted by the local as well asforeignmedia. Many of the stranded climbers said that the mountainguideshad been doing a good job in rescuing them after anearthquakemeasuring 5.9 on the Richter scale jolted Ranau at 7.15amFridayaffecting Mount Kinabalu as well. The AustralianBroadcastingCorporation (ABC) reported that the local guides ofMount Kinabaluwere the real heroes. Australian climber Vee JinDumlao told ABCshe was so grateful to mountain guide named Jomiuswho helped thetrekkers to safety. “The mountain guides were theheroes. Theyrisked life and limb and made some difficult decisionsthatultimately saved our lives,” she said. Meanwhile, CableNewsNetwork (CNN) reported that the mountain guides were heroesinrescuing those stranded on the peak of Mount Kinabalu.Localclimber Nurul Hani Ideris, 29, told CNN: “The mountainguidesseemed to know every single part of the place and managed tocarvea route through the devastated landscape, cutting branchesandtying ropes to create a new path. Lynn Siang, a touragencyspokeswoman, called the mountain guides heroes for doing themainrescue work on the path that was blocked by fallen rocks thattheyhad to tie a rope. “When climbers crossed the ropes, they hadtostep on the shoulders of the guides - the guides used their bodyasa cushion,” she told CNN.Meanwhile, Mount Kinabalu Guide Association chairman said,some250 mountain guides and porters registered under theassociationhave voiced concerns over their source of income withthe halt ofclimbing activities announced yesterday."With the mountaineering activities stopped temporarily itwillaffect our livelihood, as this is our source of income.Sabah Earthquake - Charity Apps Features :- Whole scene gallery- Unrealistic people opinion and quote through Facebook- List of Donors- Method of donations- List of full details media news in variety sources.- "Unsung Heroes" Pictures of fame.- Live Forum#Pray for Sabah
Top Base For COC 1.2
The best of the best! These Clash ofClansbases have been selected by members of the community by theirbaseof choice.Top Base For COC is the 2016 latest guide Apps. we guidesandshare tips for new player also they who need help.Depending on your own troops and townhall level it can bereallyhard to make successful attacks (especially if you are in aclanwarand/or trophy raiding). Thus you should read about some goodattackstrategies, research your troops especially for yourdesiredstrategy and learn it by doing them yourself. Below we aregoing tomention the most popular and best attack strategies foreveryTownhall level.Discuss base design, gameplay tactics and strategies!With a Townhall Level3 Town you are very limited in thevarietyof attack strategies. Anyways we want to help new Clashersand werecommend you the following video to learn some basicsaboutattacking other’s towns.Top Base Clash Of Can Guides Features :✓ 150 Base layout for each level (for farming, defend, hybrid&war clan)✓ Guides✓ Tips✓ Tricks✓ Infos (troops & building)✓ Forum✓ Strategies✓ Meet professional Attack Strategies✓ Become better with good attacks.✓ Specific for all Townhall Levels & Defenses✓ Always up to dateTop Base For COC is the latest guides for the player. latestBaseLayout! latest unique layout! share the layout to your friends.letthem get jealous of your new layout design.. enjoy it :DTop Base for CoC
Hunger Shark Revolution 1.0.0
YOU get to be on the evil side, becomeavicious blood thirsty SHARK.Experience the marine life as a wild underwater Shark. Yes! YOUarethe blood thirsty hunger Shark. Horrifying Sharks are alwaysangry,hunger and look for a Food. Crash and destroy all the thingsaroundyou with your scary jaws & widemouth. Hunger sharkrevolutionon boats, oil barrels, wood crate, sunbath chair,treasure box,wood barrel, floaters, huts, tourists and destroyeverything thatcome in your way. Don抰 show the mercy as you are acrazy &hungry shark ever. Swallow every single creature, It canbe anything or a small fish. Create an example of massive seadisaster.For the first time, with all its terror, spread chaos on abeachfull of innocent people. There is nothing more exhilaratingthangetting to play as a shark and eating everything in yourpath!Attack people on boats, relaxing under the sun, or just huntdownfish in the water - it doesn抰 matter for you are the king ofthesea. Remember a hungry shark is an angry shark, rule theseas!With this exciting title, you can play with different kindsofgreat sharks. Control your beast with easy simulatorcontrols;remember not to let the beach goers relax! You can attackeverychance you get so feed your appetite and complete themissions!The vicious sea creature sharks are the deadliest. So usesmartattacking techniques for hunting with your huge and widemouth. Youare a clever species that observe, chase, hunt and splitthe targetinto pieces with your harmful and scary jaws. So beprepared forthe ultimate thrilling sea battle simulation to killthe people andthings around you in swarming sea area and become theking ofunderwater world in this adventurous & exciting hungersharkrevolution.Swim & attack! It抯 a predator call, this time you are ontheevil side. Be the monster shark that love the bloodshedandviolence, so play as a deadly shark & show your skillsbykilling & hunting swimmers in the deep sea or onbeaches.Create wounds and scars on their whole body and dead downthem in agiven time period for your survival.Top incredible Features of Hunger Shark Revolution 3D?Daring Time Mode Gameplay?Epic 3D Hungriest Killer Shark?Stimulating Undersea Environment of deep seas assasin shark.?User-Friendly Interface.?Eye-Catching Graphics (GUI)?Appealing Sound EffectsHow to Play?Tap Your Finger to Control Hunger Shark?Vanquish All the Enemies/materials in Your Way?Hit the golden fish to Earn Points?Finish It in a Given Time
Wonderful Father's Day Whisper 1.2
I Love you Daddy ! Grandfather ! Granddaddy!!!Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers andcelebratingfatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathersin societywith Wonderful Father's Day Whisper.Celebrating fathers day with your beloved father to honorourfathers for all that they have gone through for theirchildren.Makethis day a very special day for them.He is a statueofinspiration.Father's Day cards, including pretty nice father's day greetingandnice quotes cards.Father's Day was a few days ago. Now many people who still workupthe courage. I love opportunities Send a card or write wellenough.But to use words to tell the father in this father's daybetter.This is sample text Instead it is sent to the media to leavemyfather out to ensure that adapt quite well.For a special greeting, we selected a group today. I hope it isagood idea to many people have taken to deploy the love the fatherinthis father's day thru Wonderful Father's Day Camera.Wonderful Father's Day Camera and Father's Day cards. Father'sDaycards, including cards pretty nice father's day card / nicecards,including cards, Father's Day cards, Father's Day cards,includingcards pretty nice father's day card / nice cards.Wonderful Father's Day Whisper application features:- An amount of would like to be able to desire the daddyuponfathers day time- A fantastic variety of E playing cards upon fathers daytime- Make him or her really feel specific basic deliciouselizabethplaying cards.- Reveal these types of ecards upon web 2.0 web sites, brandinaddition to myspace.- Men day time, while is usually fathers day time, Ecardswithregard to fathers day time, fathers day time text. Needsuponfathers day time.- Select a picture from the gallery as well as acquire imageswhileusing the phone's photographic camera.- Wide variety associated with types and different frames forjustabout any photograph.- Football top quality frames using vibrant colors.- Write about ones creations by usingFacebook,WhatsApp,Line,Google+ as well as other socialnetworks.- Simple to operate: Creation within 1 phase solely- Not any net connection required.
Holiday Ideas - Sabah 1.2
Holiday Ideas - SabahExplore Sabah at the comfort of your home with Holiday Ideas-Sabah App. Get inside scoops on Sabah抯 eco-treasures,diving,cuisine and helpful tips on what-to-do and what-to-eat wheninSabah. The app will feed you valuable information whichincludeseasy-to-search and wide-ranging listings forattractions,destinations, events as well as dining.If you are looking for an exotic trip, then Holiday Ideas canbeyour best friend for India, Sri Lanka as well as Nepaltourpackages, We offer you the most value for money Internet HotelandResort Rates in Asia with up to huge discount off publishedratesfor your preview and online reservation.We aslo provided helpful travel information that will assistandmaking up your mind as where to stay or visit while youinAsia.App features:- Simple, easy-to-use application- Getting Around : where you will find complete listing on howtoget around in Sabah as well as how to get to here.- Accommodation : lists accommodation options by district- Destination & Travel Ideas : Includes picturesanddescriptions of all the places of interest in Sabah andsuggestedtours.- Near Me : will show you interesting spots near you such as whattosee and do, where to eat, where to stay completewithhow-to-get-there information.- Events : a complete all year round event listing to help youmakethe most of your trip to Sabah.- Weather Detector- Cheapest Flight Searching tool- Cheapest Hotel Searching tool- Intelligence Maps location - ( Max 1000 request per day -Hybridsuper fast/strong even in low service area)- Calculator- Currencies Converter- Car Rental online booking- World real timeWhenever you and your family go on vacation without HolidayIdeas- Sabah, you want to maximize your time and money. This canbedifficult, because there are hundreds of places to see andthings todo. Like in Sabah, the tourist spots are endlessespecially if givenonly a week or less.Sabah, Best of BorneoSituated on the beautiful island of Borneo, Sabah is one ofthethirteen states which Malaysia is made of. Sabah is thesecondlargest state in Malaysia and shares the island of BorneowithSarawak, Brunei, and Indonesian Kalimantan.Sabah is richly blessed with nature diversity, unique cultures,funadventure, beautiful beaches, and fantastic cuisines fortheadventurous taste buds. We have it all, from the world抯largestflower - the Rafflesia, one of the highest mountains inSouth EastAsia - Mount Kinabalu, to one of the world抯 top divesites -Sipadan Island. Sabah is also known for her great naturaltreasureswhich include the world-renowned Danum Valley ConservationArea andTabin which is Sabah抯 largest wildlife reserve.Not only will you be amazed by the places to see and things todohere, you will also be treated with unique Sabahanhospitality.Explore the unique culture and tradition of Sabah andget ready toexperience sweet memories to last a lifetime!Borneo IslandBorneo is the third largest island in the world and is locatedatthe centre of the Maritime Southeast Asia. This island isdividedbetween Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.Nevertheless, for people outside of Indonesia, 揔alimantan?referstothe area which is occupied by Indonesia on the island ofBorneo.Malaysia抯 region of Borneo is called East Malaysia orMalaysianBorneo. The independent nation of Brunei occupies theremainder ofthe island, being the wealthiest of the rest.Once known as North Borneo, Sabah was under the Britishcolonyduring the late 19th century till the early 20th century.Sabahgained self-government on the 31st of August, 1963. Sabah,togetherwith Malaya, Singapore and Sarawak formed the FederationofMalaysia on the 16th of September 1963. At 76, 115squarekilometers large, Sabah is the second biggest state inMalaysiaafter Sarawak.
Princess Free Fall 1.0.0
Princess Free Fall is a evolution of theallprincess games, don't miss it.Unlock MORE seasonal puzzles and game modes as you exploretheland with our latest concept game ever based onchildren'sdream!EXCITING MATCH-3 GAMEPLAY ?Slide beautiful and colorfuljewellerycrystals to match 3 or more, and test your matchingskills withextra challenging objectives!Princess Free Fall features:- Tasty princess graphics that will leave you hungry formore- Unwrap djewellery environments and meet theprettiestcharacters- Helpful magical boosters to help with challenging levels- Complete adventurous levels and unlock treats- Easy and fun to play, challenging to master- Hundreds of free fall levels in the Palace Kingdom.- Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!- Easily sync the game between devices and unlock fullgamefeatures when connected to the Internet
Moment Lover Anniversary 1.2
With couple lover anniversary app, youcanshare on Facebook, Watsapp and email the loving couple wisheswithyour partner on your anniversary.On this special day, best wishes go to you, that this wonderfulloveu share, lasts your lifetime through.Happy couple Anniversary!May the love that you share Last your lifetime.Send your friends or beloved an anniversary gift of romanticandpersonalised greetings with this app.moment couple lover anniversary is a new photo editing appwhichoffers you numerous options to edit photos in a lovely manner.Allyou have to do is download this extravagant photo editor,uploadlove pictures and apply numerous photo templates andpictureeffects. Choose your favorite love background and add cutephotostickers: hearts, candles, and butterflies to make lovegreetingcards look even more adorable. Send your greetings and bestwishesin a unique manner by decorating pics of a happy lovingcouple. Weguarantee you that they will love it, so start with photoeditingas soon as possible.If you're a wedding planner and if making invitations is onyourwedding to-do-list, you can use this photo editing apps tocreateinteresting and unique future wedding invitations. Add cutecouplelover quotes and sayings and invite your friends to yourweddingday in a special and creative way. This wedding invitationmakerwill be of great help because it offers you numerous imageeditingoptions which you can explore and experiment with. So, writeyourwedding vows on your wedding cards and let the photo fun begin!Inour photo studio you can decorate pictures however you want andweguarantee you that results will be amazing. The best uniquelovegreeting cards especially for you!If you're not a couple about to get married and if you don'tneedwedding invitations, you can always use this superb photoeditor tocreate love greeting cards, Valentine's Day greetingcards, andanniversary greeting cards. Whether or not you are apart of a happyrelationship, you can use these picture effects tocreate amazingpicsart and share it on all social networks. Becomea social networkcelebrity by creating the best love picturecollages. What is bestabout this image editing app is that it iscompletely free of chargeand that you can add as many love photosas you want. Surprise yourInstagram, Facebook, and Twitterfollowers with the best love cardsever!Love is a wonderful feeling and that is exactly why wehavecreated this photo app for creating greeting cards. Photoeditingapps, photo collage makers, photo grids, and photo framesarecurrently very popular, so if you want to follow the latesttrends,download ? Wedding Greeting Cards ? today and try out photoeditingsuch as you have never experienced before. Beautifulromanticsframes, love backgrounds, and photo stickers are waitingfor you,so hurry up and start creating beautiful photo arttoday.Make this year’s anniversary with your significantothersomething special – one that will bring you closer together.Thisarticle will cover anniversary ideas that will reinforcethatspecial bond with new memories and shared experiences. Thefocus ison anniversary ideas for together time at home, gettingaway orhaving a wild and crazy new experience together.The best way to create a memorable anniversary is to dosomethingnew and different together as a couple. Stretchyourselves a bit.New experiences reinforce the shared bond youalready have andcreate strong new memories. Just think back to themost significantmemories you have right now with your spouse andimagine what newones you can create!While you enjoy your chosen anniversary activity be sure tokeepa positive attitude and treat your partner like a king orqueenthat day. Leave all arguments and day to day detail behind.Justcelebrate your relationship.
Bounce Game 1.2
Battle friends for the high score in thisnever-ending game of grabbing power-ups, taking down enemies andclimbing to the top in bounce gameIt's the ultimate head-to-head competition game for young adultsand families.Simply touch the left or right side of the screen to move yourcharacter and break the green lines to increase your score. May theperson who breaks the most lines win.Bounce Game Features:- Slow down and speed up time!- Grab invincibility power-ups to take down enemies- Beat high scores with gamecenter support- Insanely simple and addictive- Endless gameplay that never gets old- Find mega-jump power-ups to reach new heightsWARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!! "Bounce Game !" is a super-fun,color-matching game that quickly challenges your brain andreflexes! You play by tapping the screen to rotate the wheel to thematching color of the ball. If you don't match the color before theball bounces, it's game over. Can you get to 100? Sounds easy,right?Good luck!
Ant Warrior 1.0.0
A Journey to discover the dangerous temple,anAnt was lost in the world Monsters-Kong. It’s time for you touseall of your skills to put him out of the kingdom ofMonsters-Kongbrutality.After the events of Ant Warrior, Ant Warrior becomeapeacekeeper, but new threats emerge regularly all around theglobeand Ant Warrior is the only one who can take care ofthem.Get ready for intense action in this free, addictive, endless3Drunner!THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE MOST AWAITED SUPERHERO MOVIE,FORFREE!?Fight against rising A.I.M. forces around the world duringamazingruns?Discover 3 different locations offering endless,self-generatinglevels: Malibu Shores, New York City and ChinaBECOME Ant Warrior AS NEVER BEFORE!?Complete various missions in fast-paced flying battles andepicone-on-one confrontations?Unleash Ant Warrior's superpowers with amazingly responsiveswipecontrols?Enjoy an outstanding 3D world with cutting-edge graphicsandanimationsCOMMAND STARK INDUSTRIES?Research and develop up to 18 suits from the different movies(MARKII, MARK 42, Silver Centurion, etc.)?Upgrade your armours and powers in the research Lab to wipeoutyour enemiesFor all fans of superhero games, runner games, action games,arcadegames, and for all of those who want to fight as Ant Warriorduringamazing and intense free runs.
Moment Wedding Anniversary 1.0
With moment wedding anniversary app, youcanshare on Facebook, Watsapp and email the wedding anniversarywisheswith your partner on your anniversary.On this special day, best wishes go to you, that this wonderfulloveu share, lasts your lifetime through.Happy Anniversary!May the love that you share Last your lifetime.Send your friends or beloved an anniversary gift of romanticandpersonalised greetings with this app.moment wedding anniversary is a new photo editing app whichoffersyou numerous options to edit photos in a lovely manner. Allyouhave to do is download this extravagant photo editor, uploadlovepictures and apply numerous photo templates and pictureeffects.Choose your favorite love background and add cute photostickers:hearts, candles, and butterflies to make love greetingcards lookeven more adorable. Send your greetings and best wishesin a uniquemanner by decorating pics of a happy wedding couple. Weguaranteeyou that they will love it, so start with photo editing assoon aspossible.If you're a wedding planner and if making invitations is onyourwedding to-do-list, you can use this photo editing softwaretocreate interesting and unique wedding invitations. Add cuteweddingquotes and sayings and invite your friends to your weddingday in aspecial and creative way. This wedding invitation makerwill be ofgreat help because it offers you numerous image editingoptionswhich you can explore and experiment with. So, write yourweddingvows on your wedding cards and let the photo fun begin! Inourphoto studio you can decorate pictures however you want andweguarantee you that results will be amazing. The best uniquelovegreeting cards especially for you!If you're not a couple about to get married and if you don'tneedwedding invitations, you can always use this superb photoeditor tocreate love greeting cards, Valentine's Day greetingcards, andanniversary greeting cards. Whether or not you are apart of a happyrelationship, you can use these picture effects tocreate amazingpicsart and share it on all social networks. Becomea social networkcelebrity by creating the best love picturecollages. What is bestabout this image editing app is that it iscompletely free of chargeand that you can add as many love photosas you want. Surprise yourInstagram, Facebook, and Twitterfollowers with the best love cardsever!Love is a wonderful feeling and that is exactly why wehavecreated this photo app for creating greeting cards. Photoeditingapps, photo collage makers, photo grids, and photo framesarecurrently very popular, so if you want to follow the latesttrends,download ? Wedding Greeting Cards ? today and try out photoeditingsuch as you have never experienced before. Beautifulweddingframes, love backgrounds, and photo stickers are waiting foryou,so hurry up and start creating beautiful photo art today.
Modern Fantasy Strike 1.0.0
Modern Fantasy Strike compares millionsofflights across hundreds of airlines- putting the world’s topAirWarship's deals at your fingertips.It’s quick and easy to find cheap flights with ModernFantasy-the world’s top flight comparison app. With over 35milliondownloads so far.Modern Fantasy saves you money- whether you’re looking forthecheapest thunder flights for your war, or last minute flightsfor aspontaneous getaway.It only takes a few seconds to search for flights usingModernFantasy. Our comprehensive flight checker includes high endflagcarriers, charter flights, and the best of the budgetairlines-giving you the greatest choice when it comes to cheapflights.Need to buy jet tickets on the go? With our app you cansearchfor and book flights instantly from your smartphone. We showyouthe flights and when you’re ready to book we send you a directlinkto the airline or travel agent.With Modern Fantasy Strike there are no added fees- justcheapflights.Highlighted features: Console Quality of Next-Gen 3DBackgroundEnvironments Based on Real Satellite Imaging!Next-Gen 3D vibrant landscapes. Immerse yourself in thecityscapes,tropical sands and more! Unparalleled visuals andspecial effectsincluding: HD textures, realistic lighting, sunglare, etc.More New Features:* Rules adjustment of medal penalty that disconnect inVSmode.* Adjust weapon purchase rules from time limit to ammo limit.* More balance of planes stats.* Easier and more comfortable gameplay control.* Effect improvement of interfaces and animations.* Monthly open for nickname customisation in case of abusing.* Removal of take off animation.* More realistic cannon sound.* Optimization of game icon and loading interfaces.* Better High Quality display on the large screen devices.* Easier to get ready for the game after learning thenewtutorial.* Slight adjustment of victory bonus in each mode.* Difficulty adjustment of Survival mode.* General bug fixes and stability improvement.
Doctor Suit Montage 1.0
Try all uniforms from this virtualfashioncloset, and choose frame that the best suit your face. Editphotosand makeover them with top photo effects. With this bestmedicalphoto frame montage you will look powerful and strong.Adjust photo in style you like the most, and cover image withfamousfunny photo frame. Make up photos, decorate them with bestphotoeffects, add some photo text on image, and be ready forrelaxation.Impress yourself with your new look. Make nurse photomontages, andgive some change to your life.This popular medical photo suit editor is so easy to use,justfollow a few steps. Browse picture from your image gallery ortakea new one using phone`s camera and fit your face to thedoctorphoto suit. There is a wide range of styles and categoriesfor anyof your picture, just select favourite doctor photo suit andadjustphotos in it.Features:- take a photo or select from image gallery- choose Photo Montage frame you like the most- montage your photo on frame you like the most- edit photo, rotate, resize- save model and share with friendsIt allows you the "health studio" photo editor and "virtualmontage"area in which your child take photos in "doctor dresses"or "nursesuits" to encourage them to work in the future in themedical field.As well as, live shows and interactive activities,that promotehealth-directing behaviors and awareness amongchildren.