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Finding Pokemon 1.4
------------------A whole new word game where you find names of Pokémon to clearstages------------------Finding Pokémon is a mobile word game where you have to discoverthree Pokémon vertically or horizontally in each level to gainpoints.Now's your chance to discover Pokémon from the safety of yourown home so you don't need to get your shoes on, step outside andgo exploring. Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur and manyother Pokémon are hidden in this game for you to discover.Heads up! Now wait till The New York Times gets a wind of thisfun game.------------------Lots of stages and lots of Pokémon:------------------On top of the first generation Pokémon available at the initialrelease of Finding Pokémon, additional levels and features areplanned—but this game already has a lot to offer!Both the beginners and experts will have fun playing FindingPokémon's various levels of challenges.------------------Intuitive and easy game play:------------------All you have to do in Finding Pokémon is swipe and discoverthree Pokémon from the words grid, and score points upto the lengthof the discovered Pokémon —anyone canplay it! Its simple yet intriguing gameplay blends withchallenging strategic aspects to appeal to a full spectrum ofplayers from beginners to experts.------------------Scoring and Hint Feature:------------------Play each level and gain points, for the next levels and to buyour exclusive Hints. Use our exclusive Hints to know about thethree hidden Pokemon names in each level.------------------Disclaimer:------------------This is an unofficial Pokemon Word Game. We are not affiliatedor related to Pokemon company.**ALL RIGHTS FOR THE POKEMON NAMES BELONG TO Nintendo CompanyLtd.**
Elite Sniper Shooting 1.0
Elite Sniper Shooting is among the top firstperson shooter game that will blow your mind. FIGHT the global waron crime and become the ULTIMATE SHOOTER.Elite Sniper Shooting takes you on a rapid action packed tour ofthe criminal gangland. You are a modern sniper ready to play yourpart in daring attacks and silent assassin operations. You have tokill all the criminals around different locations before they spotyou. So Hurry UP! Go for the HEADSHOTEliminate a gang of enemies at street level or take out thesingle high-profile targets. Like an elite Hit Man, you will relyon your shooting skills and killer instincts to finish themissions.Elite Sniper Shooting in 6 words: Great game-play, awesomevisuals and engaging missions.- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations- Multiple thrilling ASSIGNMENTS- ADDICTIVE game-play (FPS)- EASY and INTUITIVE controls- FREE GAME: Play it both on your phone and tabletDOWNLOAD the app for FREE now and don't miss amazing NEW CONTENTon periodic UPDATES. So get yourself a gun and start shooting!
Dinosaur Attack City Hunting 2.0
Your Mission is to reestablish control of thecity by taking out all of the unwelcome beasts. This is an allout,take no prisoners, dinosaur war game. Develop your huntingskills as you complete each mission one by one. As the dinosaurhunter, your goal is to survive the epic battles and advance tonext battle or level.Dinosaur Attack City Hunting is a unique idea in which you haveto play a role of a professional dinosaur hunter who has beencalled by the city administration to handle an unusual situation.The city is under attacked by different type big dinosaursincluding, Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur, Triceratops, T-Rex Model,Stegosaurus Dinosaur, Spinosaurus Dinosaur, Brontosaurus,Apatosaurus Dinosaur, Allosaurus.Innocent men, women and children are in big danger. Infact wholecity is under the attack by T Rex and other dinosaurs. Thesedinosaurs are the ultimate killing machines who attacked the maincity center. You need to save these innocent people asap.Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs are destroying each and every thing.You are a professional dinosaur hunter and are assigned to clearthe city from these wild beasts and save innocent lives. Pick upyour best weapon gun and fill your wild beasts hunting hunger bykilling all these dangerous dinosaurs.Dinosaur City Attack Hunting, become top hunter and chase dinosaurdown in virtual world! Dinosaur City Attack, is a complete packagefor those who love hunting and shooting wild creatures likedinosaurs and similar simulator games.Dinosaur City Attack Hunting is a latest dinosaur huntersimulator game, a destructive event in modern city environment, notlike Jurassic age, but you’ll see dangerous dinosaur running indown town, explore in this open city, they’re everywhere. Hunt fastthese running dinosaurs before they destroy everything this cityhas.How to Play- Use Right button to Fire from your gun.- Avoid being hit by dinosaur. Don’t get too close- Free roam in this open dinosaur cityBe aware of these ruthless bloodthirsty dangerous dinosaurs.They are not extinct anymore. These dinosaurs are as real as youare. This is your chance to become a ultimate dinosaur hunter,catch your prey smartly. Be careful, because not only you arehunting dinosaurs in the city, but also you need to save otherpeople who are being hunted.Your mission is to destroy a every single dinosaur that exist inthis city. Once you Kill certain amount of these prehistoricpredators at every level you get to the next level. If you willmanage to survive in this one to one fight, then for each completedlevel you will get more points.Hunt and look for all kind of dinosaurs, from smaller to biggiant, from herbivores to carnivores, in this fabulous dinosaurhunting simulation. This outstanding high-end hunting game givesyou the wonderful chance to explore and dive into the remarkabledinosaur adventure game.You can run from dinosaurs or attack them. Fire and reload yourweapon. Do not stand still, move, at this time the destruction doneto you in a in counter with the dinosaurs will gradually recover,just keep a safe distance.In this superior extreme survival game there are more than 7 uniquelevels with increasing difficulty. Don’t forget these big dinosaurswill immediately attack the enemy closer to their territory. Andthey will be quick, deadly and ruthless to you no matter where youtry to hide.Features:- Hunting for Dinosaurs has never been more exciting and funfilled.- 3D Graphics and Special Effects.- Mini Map to help you complete your missions- Become an excellent Sniper hunter and shoot down these wildJurassic monsters, one by one.- Win your battles and move forward to the next mission- High Quality City environment- A realistic fighting 3D simulatorMore updates will come to Dinosaurs Attack City Hunting verysoon.
Nasty Women Sniper: Crime City 1
Nasty woman Sniper 3d is a game that hasyou,as a tough woman as a sniper sniping off the bad guys ofthesociety. Our character is fed up of the criminals, thethieves,robbers, rapists and murderers roaming freely on ourstreets. Nastywoman sniper is tired waiting around for someone tocome along andclear this mess. She has decided that she will takematters intoher own hands so that there are no more Audrie &Daisy stories.Nasty women are tough. Nasty women are smart. Women,nasty andotherwise, now have more power than ever to change theworld.Since Trump called Hillary Clinton a nasty woman in thefinalpresidential debate, women and businesses have embraced theterm tocelebrate the empowerment of women all over the globe. Nomorewomen are an object of pleasure that can be used and abused.Onecannot just grab them by whatever and flippantly brag about it.In this game you have a chance to become a nasty woman sniperwhohas decided to eliminate every single criminal in the cityherself.There are more than six high value target missions inwhich you as anasty woman sniper have to kill the targets beforethey get away.Here’s the brief of those missions.Mission 1: carl is a street criminal wanted for multipletheftand killigs charges. he's spotted near the east edge of city,spotand kill him before he makes another moveMission 2: John is a spy who performs duty for the terroristwingof the country. he's coming towards the telephone booth toleak somevery sensitive info on call, spot and kill him!Mission 3: As a retaliation terrorists have sent thissuicidebomber to attack in the city centre, identify and kill himbeforehe reaches and blasts at the city centerMission 4: Twin kidnappers are highly wanted for someseriouscharges against them, they have planned another girlabduction.Kill them both before they disappearMission 5: Three high valued contract killers are appointedtokill a famous public figure who is carrying out a rallyagainstsome illegal activities going around in the city. kill thembeforethey kill her!Mission 6: Sxi high profile target killers have been spottedatthe midway city area, you are assigned to kill them all andclearthe area before they react and shoot you!So get ready and channel your Inner Hillary Clinton with thisnewgame Nasty Woman Sniper for Every Nasty Woman
Modern Sniper Shooting Pro 1.0
The nonstop criminal activities have spreadover to the outskirts of townships, where the criminals havepillaged the residents, burning their houses and taken poor womenand children as detainees.As a top modern sniper shooter you have to face yet another trickymission of single handedly taking down the criminals occupiedregion.Equipped with sate of the art modern sniper rifle, you’re onmission to help those innocent people. Only a military grade snipercan do this job. The alarm has set off, as residents of this townhave reported more than dozen complains again criminal activitiesin their area. Be careful it can be a deadly trap for the country’sfinest sniper shooter.You are a modern sniper ready to play your part in daringattacks and silent assassin operations. You have to kill all thecriminals around different locations before they spot you. So HurryUP! Go for the HEADSHOTEliminate a gang of enemies at street level or take out the singlehigh-profile targets. Like a super modern Hit Man, you will rely onyour shooting skills and killer instincts to finish thesemissions.GAMEPLAYThe player sniper shooter will have to eliminate the targetedcriminals Pictures will be shown at the start of each mission.Don’t forget to try for headshots, these criminals would be armed.Your mission is to take down enemy shooters, to clear allchallenging and deadly levels of the game.FEATURES• Action packed modern sniper with spectacular graphics• Realistic and scenic environmental effects with village themedlocations• Advanced sniper controls with standard scope and zoomfeatures• Realistic explosion effects• Multiple thrilling ASSIGNMENTS• ADDICTIVE game-play (FPS)• EASY and INTUITIVE controls• FREE GAME: Play it both on your phone and tabletThe game’s fabulous graphics, intense gameplay and engagingcontrols will keep the sniper in you on his toes. With gradualincrease in difficulty of levels, these mission might just become adeadly battle to survive as well as freeing the villagers.It is a fight to the finish where the sniper will have to give itall he has got to survive or lose it all against a deadly enemyambush.DOWNLOAD the app for FREE now and don't miss amazing NEW CONTENTon periodic UPDATES. So get yourself a gun and start shooting!
Offroad Police Duty Simulator 1.0
Have you ever fantasized about becomingapolice cop in your childhood? Offroad Police Duty Simulatorwillprovide you this chance of becoming a top cop and chase downthecriminals in a fantastic hilly environment. Evil criminalshavetaken over this mountain range and as a police cop your duty istoarrest all these criminals and send transfer them to the jail.Atthe same time you have to help general public who need yourhelp.You have to drive different police cars and 4x4 trucks andSUV’s tocomplete your assigned duty. Chasing these dangerouscriminals inthese furious hills is not a piece of cake, it’s areally toughoffroad police duty you’re on. As a police car driveryou have todrive your police vehicle and help people who live inthese hillyareas. You have to show that these people can rely onyou as you’rethe ultimate offroad hill climb racing legend in thispolicesimulation game. This is your chance to unleash your actionpackedhill racing skills. Don’t be late, you need to very quick infullfilling your police duty. Don’t let a single criminal escapefromthese mountains. This is surly the most exciting offroadPoliceDuty Simulator of 2016.In this offroad police duty simulator you have to climb onhugemountain and risky hills because the tracks are covered by mud.Becareful with slopes, rocks, sharp turns.Your offroad crime chase police duty in this game isveryinteresting. Some of your colleagues have captured somegangstersand you have to reach at the spot before their partnersreachthere. Be the fastest driver in this hill racing game andearnmoney on completion of each level. From this money you canunlockother multiple police cars. Driving in city is much easierthing todo as compare to the off-road roads. Offroad Police DutySimulatoris absolutely FREE game for smart phone users.Get ready for Offroad Police Duty simulator to go offroadinginawesome police cars, jeeps and trucks! Drive over rough hillyroadsand try to finish your mission as fast as you can.Time to be the best 4x4 offroad police driver. Can you handleallthe dangerous obstacles and turns? Test your 4x4 driving skillstothe max in this offroad police duty game. The turns are verysharpand there’re steep cliffs in your way. Watch out! Don’t crashyour4x4 jeep in to other traffic vehicles or else you will wastetimeand will be late in reaching out to your destination.Show your hill climb powers and hills racing stunts infantasticenvironments. Pick your police offroad 4 wheeler and driveon hillyareas to save this town.Offroad Police Duty Simulator is absolutely FREE game forsmartphone users.It’s a combination of driving, racing, and parking games.Offroad Police Duty Simulator Features:• Exceptional offroad environment with scenic views• Multiple police cars and 4x4 jeeps• Easy controls with realistic brake system• Police siren and sounds• Combo of driving, racing and parking• Realistic car physics
Cargo Truck simulator 2016 1.0
Your ultimate heavy truck driving adventurebegins with this cargo truck simulator game. Revive your mobiledriving experience as a transporter in an amazing city environment.Driving in a busy city is not an easy task. Show your skills as theextreme pro trucker to drive heavy duty transporter truck carryingcargo, luggage, logs etc. Be careful on dangerous twists and turnsand deliver cargo safely. Drive mega transporter trucks andtransport cargo to the destination in different parts of the city.This cargo truck simulator game needs high reflexes whiledriving! It’s a new addition in transporter simulation games whichwill get you addicted. Cargo truck simulator will double your funand you will forget other truck cargo truck games.In this cargo truck simulator game, you have a chance to act asa truck driver with the top level modern truck. The objective ofthis game is fairly simple. First of all you need to loadcontainers from various warehouses and pick up points and then youhave to transport and deliver these containers and blocks to thespecified storerooms. Your duty is to ensure continued supply todifferent vendors. You will move this heavy duty transporter truckto its target with care and precision. Get your hands on the cargotruck simulator game and be the king of this truck game. Dareyourself to become an expert driver who can deliver what hecommits.Main Task:A vehicle that is loaded with big containers .The User's task isto transport this luggage carefully from starting place to thespecific Endpoint. If any block or part of luggage is dropped fromthe cargo truck, then game is over. When the baggage reach at laststop, then the level is finished and user can move the next job.The challenge has to be completed in limited time of course. Thisgame contains multiple levels. Complete one level and jump to thenext one. Every next level is different from previous. Use thestandard accelerator, brake, gear to handle your big truck.Main Features:* Fantastic real cargo truck simulator experience in 3D.* Real experience of driving heavy transporter trucks* Explore the awesome environments while playing this trucksimulator 3D mania.* High-speed, smooth steering, brakes, and realisticcontrols.* Astonishing 3D graphics and environment in differenttransportation missions* Real-time simulation, driving and truck parking.How To Play:- Accelerator button is on the right bottom side of thescreen.- Gear is front of accelerator, use gear for forward andreverse.- Brake button is on the left side of the accelerator.- Steering is on the left bottom side of the screen.
Ultimate Wolf Hunting 2017 1.0
It really needs some serious nerves to faceafurious wolf in his own land. But don’t worry you need not to gotothe jungle. Peanut Butter Labs presents you a chance huntdownthese wolves in your own home. Download “Ultimate Wolf Hunting”andexperience the joy and true spirits of sniper shooting onyourmobile device. Because of its fast paced and exciting game-playitis not easy to play at first, so be sure to get some goodpracticebefore accepting this challenging hunting adventure.Ultimate Wolf Hunting is best ever game made for shootinggamelovers who have a passion to hunt in cold weathers, who havegutsto take risk in his life in most dangerous African jungle intheworld. This game will give you a chance to practice yourhuntingskills and get the knowledge of different wild beasts.You’ll beable to watch the lives of wild wolves from very close.How theymove in form of pack. How they hunt other animals likedeer, stagand goat. Just be careful of these bloody wild beasts asthey arethirsty for human blood, and they will get a good meal withyourflesh under the full moon. Wolves wondering in pack all aroundinthis dark jungle, so must be alert while playing it.How to Play:Select your favorite sniper rifle, tap on zoom in icon to aimatone of the running wolves and shoot. You have to shoot afixedtarget number of wolves in given time in order to clearthatspecific level.Features:- Ultimate Wolf Hunting is a free to play FPShuntingsimulator,- Ultimate Wolf Hunting is most visually stunning FPShuntingsimulator- Visually stunning Day and Night Winter Landscapes- Travel in Jungle for find Wild attacking Wolfs,- Great shooting mechanics and lush environment- Highly Challenging Levels,Don’t get afraid from the howling of these dire wolf. Justaimand shoot to kill them on the spot. They are like deadlymonstersand dangerous like aliens who are thirsty for human’sblood.Ultimate Wolf Hunting is the most fascinating wild animalhuntingshooter simulator on android store. Hunt of predatorstarted inwinters when deadly animals went wild in South of theAfricanjungle. It’s time for you to show your sniper shootingskills foryour own survival otherwise the wild wolves won’t spareyou free. Sobe ready for sniper shooting and become the leadingwolf hunter ofall the hunting time.
City Taxi Driver 3d Simulator 2.0
Do you like the idea of transportingpeople?Try the new Taxi simulation game: City Taxi Driver 3DSimulator!Get behind the wheel of the most renowned taxi and takepeoplewhere they need to go.In City Taxi Driver Simulator, you will enjoy easy controlsandsmooth game play while cruise through the city roads. This gameispacked with exciting pick and drop assignments where you havetopick passengers from distant places and take them totheirdestination on time. For accurate location you can take helpfrommaps.Don’t waste time, fasten your seat belts and get ready forthethrilling drive as a professional Taxi Driver! Life in the cityiscrazy, watch out for the people and the traffic. The passengersarewaiting, SO HURRY UP! Race your car through the big citytraffic,pick up passengers and drive them safely to theirdestinations.In your cab you can drive faster than other availabletaxisimulators, but be careful! Duty driving is not that easy.City Taxi Driver Simulator features:- Realistic Crowded City Environment- Smooth Controls- Enhanced 3D Graphics- Engaging Taxi Driver Jobs- Many different routes across the city
Sniper Traffic Hunter 2016 1.1
With sniper traffic hunter the wait isover!Try this latest mountain side road sniper traffic hunter game.Youwill immediately fall in love with this ultimate traffichuntershooting game. You’re on a mission to destroy the enemyconvey fromthe hidden mountain.You as a modern sniper who has been assigned to destroytargetvehicles. Be careful destroy enemy cars only and avoid allothervehicles to clear your mission successfully. Select the snipergunto target the road traffic from your hidden post. If youhavesniper shooting skills, fire your shot gun to smash moreeviltraffic cars as you can. Download this sniper traffic huntinggameand enjoy.Challenge yourself as a modern traffic hunter sniper soldier.Yourjourney behind the enemy lines is going to be excited inSniperTraffic Hunting game. Hold on your breath and shoot, be arealsniper traffic hunter.Show your sniper skills and destroy the variety of trafficcarsin this game. Destroy modern cars with your gun and use yourscopeto zoom and fire cars from a mountain. Every next level willbemore challenging. You have a limited time to destroyspecificcars.Sniper Traffic Hunter features!• Free to play, .• Zoomed sniper scope view• Realistic and modern 3D graphics• Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting) game• Easy and smooth realistic controls (Tap to shoot)• Engaging and Stunning 3d graphics• Modern accurate Sniper shooting Rifle• Variety of traffic cars to destroy• Destroy Bonus cars to achieve high scores• Challenging multiple missions• Highly addictive gameplay• Variety of traffic cars to destroy.• Modern sniper rifle.• Unlimited vehicle models.Trust us, If you love destroying highway traffic cars withmodernweapon, Sniper Traffic Hunting In this top sniper shootinggame bethe best traffic hunter by challenging your sniper Trafficshooterskills to destroy the enemy traffic cars on highway. You’reaprofessional traffic hunter equipped with the latest snipershootingrifle and given the opportunity to kill the targetedtraffic carsmentioned in your mission objective. This game withamazingrealistic 3D traffic hunter sniper shooting game gives thecrucialand accurate snipe shoot challenges to the moderntraffichunters.Aim and shoot with best precision is the only strategy you cangowith in this thrilling shooting game. You been given a chancetoaccept the multiple challenges and target only the enemy carstheyhave asked to destroy. The more you destroy the trafficcarscorrectly the more you get the score. Do not hesitate to enjoytheexcitement of the best modern traffic sniper shooting gameandchallenge yourself as a best traffic hunter sniper shooter.Download sniper traffic hunting game and start destroyingtrafficand show your shooting skills.
Tiny Wing 3D Hills 1.0.7
Tiny Wing 3D Hills is a game about a tinywingbird called flippy with a pair of tiny feet and a set of tinywingsbut a big heart. This tiny bird was not a flying bird yet asitswings were too small. Flippy used to flap its wings all day longsoit could fly like it saw the other birds do. However no matterhowhard it flapped its tiny wings, flippy just could not fly.Instead,it spend its time sliding down the hills on its smallwebbed feet.Our tiny bird was part of a flock with all sorts offlappy birdswith different colors. There were blue bird and greenbirds andyellow birds.The dream of our tiny wing bird with tiny feet and tiny wingswasto grow up into a big beautiful flying bird with huge flappywings.Our tiny bird flippy dreamt to be a flying bird. One dayflippy wokeup to find out that the whole flock of big flying birdshad flownaway leaving it behind the 3D Hills. It could see themflying at adistance so far that they could not hear it. Our tinybird trieddesperately to follow them but its tiny wings could nothelp it fly.To fly it needed big feet to propel itself into thesky and bigwings so that it could fly huge distances over 3DHills. At firstour bird was sad but slowly as its attempts to flyfailed, flippybecame very angry indeed.The angry bird stamped its tiny feet in anger and while itdidso, it fell and slid down the slope of the 3D hill and thenwiththe momentum of sliding down the 3d hill it gained speed.Suddenlywhile sliding down from those 3D hills our tiny wing angrybird wasnot so angry any more. It had an idea. If it slid down thehillslike he had seen the big flappy birds do while skiing in thewinterand used the momentum, it could fly without the wings andfollowthe flock.The tiny webbed feet would be ideal for sliding down theslipperyslopes and its tiny body would provide less friction as itflew inthe air without the use of its cute wings. With the physicsfiguredout, all the tiny wing bird has to do now is to execute theplangaining as much momentum as possible to slide down the 3d hillandrelease itself at the right moment to propel itself in the air.Thehigher the jumps the closer it gets to the flock. It needs tokeepsliding and keep flying making higher and higher jumps to keepthebig birds in sight. Luckily for our bird, the flock is flyinginline with the mountain range.Our tiny wing bird with the tiny feet and tiny wings has shownabig heart and instead of becoming a sad or an angry bird ithasdecided to use the resources available to it and do theimpossible.Our filppy is a great admirer of the champion boxerMohammad Ali,who once famously said ‘Impossible is a word used bytiny men whofind it easier to live in the world they have beengiven ratherthan to explore the power they have been given tochange it’.The million dollar question is, are you going tohelpflippy?This 3D game features include:• The game has a Day mode, an Evening mode and a night mode• The game has different characters• The game had coins and gems to be collected• The game has great physics• Awesome Fantastical 3D HillsThe lessons to be learnt from this games:- If no one is coming to rescue you, then you yourself will havetorescue yourself.- You don’t need wings to fly. You need an attitude. You need abigheart.- Sometimes you need to fall down in order to get up.Impossible is nothing.
Wild Big Cat Hunting Adventure 1.0
African forest is a deadly jungle for huntingwild animals. be very careful and hunt those animals like a prowild animal hunter. If you enjoy hunting big cats like lion, tiger,leopard, black panther and cheetah, you're looking at the rightgame.This game is a brand new addition in real hunting and snipinggames, it will give you an experience which you won’t be able toget in your real life. This game is for loin hearts, don’t bescared when those tigers and black panthers will attack on you.Those who cannot risk their life hunting wild big cats in normallife can enjoy real hunting experience here.You can hunt the all kind of wild big cats here. No otherinnocent animals is allowed to be frightened. Rather if you see anylion, tiger black panther or cheetah attacking on any other animallike deer, goat, zebra, horse, your duty is to save them all. Shootthese beasts with the help of your sniper rifle before they killyou or kill other animals. You just can’t kill other animals otherthan the ones mentioned in each mission statement. Otherwise you’llhave to play that level again.Be precise with your sniper gun to shoot furious wild animals,these are not trained for circus. These are real big cats we’retalking about. The black panther and cheetah are the most dangerousas they’re so fast, they won’t give you a second chance if you missa single shot of your sniper gun. They have strong and sharp teethbigger than you can imagine.For the time being you have eight unique levels. In first fewmissions you’ll just have to face one animals at a time, but therecan more than just one, because wild big cats usually move ingroups. In later mission you’ll have to hunt multiple big cats inone mission. Be quick and fast if you’re animal hunting lover, thisgame is the right one for you. Be safe in those deep dark Africanforests. Very few hunters came back alive, not everyone can fightwith such wild beasts.Keep your eyes on the map, you’re in a spooky African forest allalone, your sniper rifle is your only friend you can trust betweenthese wild cats. These big cats are so fast they’ll appear out ofnowhere suddenly and will attack you. Catch these monster big wildcats before they attack and kill you.Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary. When a huntergets into the jungle they smell it immediately and take it as aninvader who’s here to kill. So as a professional sniper and realhunter you should hold your breath and be patient, let these bigwild cats come to you, so you are already to hunt them. Whilehunting loin, black panther and tigers be aware, they will becomealert hearing the sound of bullet fire and will attack on you andif you will not be quick enough in killing them first. These beastswill take no time in killing any new and inexperience hunter.You’ll have to keep track that when you’ll encounter one bigcat, other big cats like tiger, cheetah and black panther they willteam up against you as soon as they will hear roaring and shootingsounds. Running away is not an option. These wild big cats neverback out from a fight, to protect African jungle which is just liketheir home is everything for them. The target of sniping runninganimals is a little challenging. So use your army sniper shootingskills to kill these wild big cats before anyone gets harmed. Usedivide and conquer strategy select one animal at a time and thenkill them all.In this Wild Big Cats Hunting Game we gave the user more eightunique levels. And include new safari and forest animals and jungleenvironment. You’ll fall in love with the 3D jungle environment atonce. Furthermore we have replaced the sniper gun with new shot gunwhich is highly recommended for close combat with wild animals. Oneach level you can hit only targeted African wild animals, if youshoot other animals, game would be over immediately.FEATURES- Efficient gun controls- Life threatening hunting experience- High quality cool graphics
Hunting In The Winter 2017 1.0
You are on a dangerous hunting mission inthewhite forest covered with snow, It’s a home for many forestanimalslike snow leopards, wolves, deer, stag and furious bears.Hunting animals like wolf and snow leopard becomes crazy whenitswinter season and have heavy snow falls. Would you like to huntafurious deadly creature in a heavy thick snow falls or do youwantwait till the weather gets clear? A Brave Animal Hunter wouldneverfear from the cold weather. It’s about time for you to putyournerves back on track. Hunting a snow bear and wolf is muchdifficultthan any other beast like lion, tiger, boar or any otherwild animalas the wolf and snow leopards are clever, sharp anddangerousanimal. Hunting these bears and wolfs needs your reflexessharpenand a quick response to avoid being hunted instead ofhuntingit.Your mission is to finish certain amount of wild forestanimalson each level. If you will manage to shoot down the wildbeasts,the people who live over the mountains near this cold forestwillbecome fan of you ultimate hunting skills. There’re manyotheranimals in this game which haven’t seen till now like polarbear,boar and White Tiger.Fire and reload your hunting gun, you don’t have choice to runorhide. Do not stand still, move, keep a safe distance. If youneedto take rest after tough hunting, tap on pause button tobecomecompletely invisible.Hunting in Winter 2017 give you a chance to discoverbeautifulscenic views in this huge natural forest covered in snow.You’llsee huge white snowy mountains. There are hidden caves wherethesewild animals live during winters. hunt and load your weapons,andtry find those places. There’re multiple interesting levelsforyou. Each one is a little more difficult than the previouslevel.As every passing level, number of targeted animals willincrease.And don’t forget big cats like tiger, lions and snowleopard oftenattack on prey in form of a group.In this hunter game there are multiple levels withincreasingdifficulty. Different forest animals, some of them willattack you,some of them like goat, stag, rabbit are not harmful atall, if youmistakenly killed these innocent animals you’ll have toplay thatlevel again. If you’ll kill one tiger or wolf and anyother animalof same specie noticed it will also come after you totake revenge.which is located on their territory.Realistic 3D graphics and amazing immersive gameplay make HuntinginWinter 2017 a unique in animal hunting category. providingaintuitive, dramatic experience and are helping you to travel tothedeep forest of the woods of your childhood dream, right in frontofyou in your mobile device, including your phone andtablets.While playing Hunting in Winter 2017, you will enjoy therealisticgraphics of the natural environment, which has a varietyof treescover with snow in the winter, excellent blue sky withfluffyclouds, and passing through the bushes you will hear therustlingof the branches and fully immerse into the atmosphere ofhunting inthis deep dark forest."Hunting In The Winter 2017" is a high-quality and challenginggamefor everyday use, and a free mobile 3D action first personshooter(fps) and the simulator (sim) in high-definition (HD)quality.In cold winter days its not easy for snow leopards and wolvestofind food. So they’ll attack on every creature they’ll seenomatter what. You'll play a great game, accompanied by howlsofwolves and roars of lion and tiger. With you sniper rifle youneedto hit those forest beasts one by one. The quality of weaponsusedin shooting games is not good so far, but you’ll be amazedtoexperience the modern sniper gun specially modifiedforhunting.Hunting in Winter 2017 Features:- Big large forest- HD Quality Graphics- New Animals Models- Real sniper weapons- Perfect gun controls- Real sniper hunter game- Snow season with lovely snow falls- modern sniper and hunt experience.- Real mountain environment.
Euro Train Simulator 2017 1.0
Euro Train Simulator 2017 is the latesttopclass train simulator that will allow you to become the besttraindriver in the world. With this Train Simulator it’s time tofulfillyour dreams as you become the professional Train DriverandOperator.Once you are in the actual game, you’re the one who havetocontrol the giant train express. Stop the train before theRailwayCrossings and other road crossings to give way to differentTrainsand Traffic. There’re some danger zones where you have tomaintainthe speed limit. Otherwise your Train can lose the track,becauseof over speeding. As per your comfort; you can change theCameraviews. Pick up all the passengers and drop them at theirrespectivedestinations. In later missions you have to stop at morethan onerailway station before reaching out to your finaldestination.Dodge trains coming from the opposite side and do not crossthetrains speed limit, otherwise you won’t be able to stop atpropersignals. You can EARN XP and enjoy the level up as themostskillful train driver among all others. Pick up thespeedgradually, apply brakes when needed and drive past beautifulandbreath taking sceneries as you go round the big map, pickinguptravelers from city to country side and mountains, fulfillingyourtrain driver transport duty. Discover the vast collection oftrainengines from the old steam locomotive simulator to today’shighspeed rails and bullet trains. Euro Train Simulator 2017 isanexciting engine driver adventure for you to enjoy.If you like the sound of approaching to the train station,you’lllove Euro Train Simulator 2017 for sure. Engine controlcabin iswaiting for you and Passengers are getting late go!Game Features :*Exciting train transport Simulation*Door Open/Close Animations*Unlock and Explore multiple Engines and countless levels*Stunning rail sound effects.*Perfect 3D graphics and well-detailed environment*Challenging railway tracks*Accelerate upward to move forward & downwards to slow downthespeed*Press halt sign to stop the train in case of emergency*Swipe left and right to take turns* Challenge & Share with your friends!
Hill Climb Santa Gift Delivery 1.0.4
Its crismas time in our world. The season tobejolly. A season of jingle bells. A time where Santa Claus is outforDelivering Gifts and Parcels to all who have beengood.Unfortunately our Santa is without his reindeer who help himflythe santa’s sleigh on Ice. Neither does the Santa has tinywingsthat will help him fly and deliver gifts. All he has is thesanta’ssleigh. Fortunately he is on top of rolling hills covered insnow.All you have to do is help our Santa ski down the rollinghillsusing the santa’s sleigh so that he can deliver all his giftstoall the people waiting at the end of the hills. The higherthejumps the more distance you cover and the more points you get.This santa run game will have you sliding the santa’s sleighwitha tap and hold as it increases speed and releasing it at theoptimumposition to make our santa fly. This is one of the bestsanta rungame ever and certainly the first santa run game in whichthe santaflies as it rushes to deliver Gifts Sets.Santa’s dreams of flying with the reindeers this time of theyearso that he can do what he does best- deliver and fill thestockingswith Free Christmas Gifts, like Chocolate, and teddybears etc.After all Christmas comes once a year. But he does nothave tinywings or any wings at all. Luckily it is a Christmasmiracle and theland is full of beautiful hills, rolling hillscovered in snow foras far as eyes can see. Use the hills as jumpsand slide down andfly! At least for the time you are airborne andenjoying the view-until gravity brings the Santa back down toearth. But as soon as hecomes down, the next hill is waiting foryou to gather speed jump.The trick is to come down at the rightmoment to catch the slop andrelease at the right moment on thehill to maximize the jump. Watchout for the falling snow andslide-fly-slide as fast as you can.Hill Climb Santa is definitely the best santa claus gameforkids. This game has these different features• The santa run game is 3D• Simple yet skillful one tap arcade game about the dream offlyingwithout your tiny wings• Play as Santa Claus.• The game has a three modes• The game has Christmas gifts to be collected• The game has great physics
Bottle Shoot: Night Vision 1.0
Have you ever done shooting with nightvisiongoggles? Do you love the sound of breaking glass bottle? Ifyes,then this bottle shoot game is the perfect match for you. Thisis abest simulated glass breaking and bottle shooting game withnightvision glasses feature. You can see your targets in the dark.Sotake a deep breath, close your one eye and focus other on targetinthe dark, hold the trigger tight, push the trigger gently. It’snotthat easy that you think.In early days there was no concept of shooting in the dark.Afterinvention of night vision goggles or glasses, one can seethings atnight time. Bottle Shoot in night vision is developed forpeople topractice shooting skills at night. It helps a common manin huntinganimals in dark jungle warfare, self-defense. Shootingcan be verytricky and risky at the same time depending upon theweapon beingused just like pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc.And of courseif you can’t see in dark, none of the above mentionedadvancedweapons can help you out. That’s where you need nightglasses.Bottle Shoot in night vision is designed in a way that userwillhave a best ever experience of range shooting game withrealgraphics and moving targets at night. Think of aprofessionalshooter who is in a competition, It’s like matter oflife and deathfor him to win this night vision shootingcompetition. Being arange shooter it’s necessary to aim, shoot andkill your targetwith accuracy. A best range shooter is one whodon't miss anytarget. And always go for headshot or in the centerof histarget.There are multiple type of targets in this game. Every levelisunique and have combination of the following- Stationary Bottles as target- Glasses as target- Floating bottles placed over boxes- Hanging glass bottles in air as a target.During the bottle shoot 3D gameplay, you will feel that youarestanding in front of a real bottle shooting range Your targetisvery simple, in which you have to pick your gun have to takeexacttargeted aim to shoot bottles in 3D shooting rangeenvironment.Being an expert bottle shooting hunt master in thisbattle shootadventure, you have to shoot certain number of bottleto clear eachmission. This casual shooting game with night glassesis really abest time shooter. You have limited ammo, you cannotshoot bottlesrandomly there are limited rounds in your pistol.When you will enter in this game play you will be lost inglassshooting realistic 3D gaming environment night scenes. Enjoy,thisis your best chance to kill time and shoot those glass targetsinthe dark.Bottle Shoot 3D game is for those who love to practice atnightin shooting range before the actual combat. Try it once andyou saythe Bottle shoot in night vision is surely the bestpracticeshooting game ever. Be a Professional Glass Bottle Shooter!Eachround is harder and more difficult, than the previous.Bottle Shoot in night vision: A new bottle blast gamewithconventional touch gameplay. You can enjoy the bottle shootsoundand exceptional effects while shooting in this actionpackedgame.Have an unlimited fun playing the Bottle shoot game with someexpertlevels, which would be highly challenge able. Highlyrecommended forfun loving bottle shooter gamers and those who arelooking for realbottle shooting simulation game with nightgoggles.How to play:Rules of the Game are fairly simple.- You have to aim and shoot by tapping your finger to fire onthebottles.- Just aim and smash the bottle- Accuracy will be tested in expert levels- Move left & right to shoot more bottlesFEATURES- Realistic Night Environment- Modern night vision goggles- Photo-realistic bottles- Realistic sound of broken glass- Realistic glass breaking sounds- Very addictive to pass free time.
Offroad Heavy Cargo Truck 2017 1.0
Offroad heavy cargo truck game is all abouttotake you on an adventurous ride.Cargo truck Simulator gameswerenever this awesome before, revive your mobile roughdrivingexperience as a heavy cargo transporter and that is going tobefull of adventure for the heavy truck racing lovers.Therearemultiple tracks that you can enjoy at its fullest. So get readyasyour Cargo truck is ready for a rough ride. But don’t forget,yourfirst priority is to deliver cargo safe and sound.This is a whole a new chapter in off-road heavy cargo truckgames.Show your skills as the extreme pro truck racer to driveheavy dutycargo transporter truck carrying different cargo,luggage, logsetc.No ordinary cargo transporter truck will do for this job.Transporting the cargo is never been much fun before.This Offroad heavy cargo truck transport simulator includesmultipletrucks with many upgrades. Take up this Offroad heavycargo trucktransport challenge and show your driving skills. Inthis Offroadheavy cargo truck game, you will have to act as acargo truck driverto deliver cargo in the best time you can.Again ensuring the safe and sound delivery to the cargo isyourfirst priority. You will have to move this heavy dutytransportertruck to its target location with care, precision andfast.Get your hands on rough simulator game and be the king ofdirtracing game. You've got a proper parking area to parkyourheavy-duty transporter truck for unloading. This game willdoubleyour fun and you will forget all other truck games.Offroad heavy cargo truck Simulator features:- Remarkable truck driving challenging tracks- Awesome 3D environment- Amazing sound effects.- Fast, smooth steering, brakes, and realistic controls- Real time simulation, rough truck driving and parking.- Thrill of transportation drive on rough roads
Police Dog: K9 Simulator Game 2017 3.6.2
Police Dog Simulator 2017 is a police dog simulator 3D game thathas an extremely hostile conflict between casual bad guys hardenedcriminals, escaped convicts and police. But this is a game whereyou are the well trained but aggressive canine partner to thepolice. You are a crazy police dog on the lookout for pettycriminals doing casual crime, escaped convicts on the run, orplanted explosives to be sniffed out or general bad behavior. Thisultimate police dog simulator turns you into a powerful police dogwith death grip jaws, high speed chase, keen sense of smell andhoned instincts to smell out trouble. Your job is to track escapedcriminals and other persons of interest in different missionshelping out your human police officer brethren. Not only that youhave disarm gangsters and viciously attack crazy thugs by jumpingattack on them. Remember you are a crazy police dog who is fearlessin engaging your enemy with a combination of attacks using yoursharp teeth and powerful jaws. Police Dog Simulator 2017 is aboutHigh speed police dog chases in crime city, about finding weaponsand explosives, about instilling fear in the hearts of bad guys andhaving fun while you do it. Choose from your favorite breeds,including German Shepherd and Rottweiler, Doberman etc.. Have funplaying in a stunning 3D realistic crime city environment. As acrazy police hunting dog your mission and tasks include chasingthieves and robbers and escaped ex-jailed criminal who are tryingto escape the law enforcement and doing all they can to get away asthey are on the run in this crime city When they run you have tofollow, when the fight you have to attack, when they plantexplosives you have to sniff them out. Just follow the arrow inthis police dog simulator game in this crime city of ultimatecriminals. This is a simulator game for all age groups who are truefans of 3D simulator games. Its hands down an incredible crazy dogsimulator for those looking to have fun as a security police dog.There is no dog like a cop dog. Features: • Stunning 3D CityEnvironment • Perfectly Smooth game play • Exciting AttackCombinations • Variety of Police Dogs • Crazy Police Dog ChasingPrisoners • Identify and Chase Criminals • Smooth and interactivecontrols • High Quality 3D Graphics • Exciting and challengingMissions
Monster Truck Police Rescue 1.0
In monster truck police rescue therearemultiple levels with awesome offroad monster truck physics.Anaddictive 3D simulator game you will find hard to give up inthisextreme thriller police monster truck racing gameThis is your chance to drive a 4x4 police monster truck inoffroadconditions and perform dangerous stunts and huge jumps onramps asyou rush to get to the scene of potential crime. Time isyourbiggest enemy as you race against it to reachwithoutcrashing.You must have skills pertaining to various aspects of drivinglikepolice and army transporter cargo and fine luxury car racingandlast but not the least offroad vehicles. You will need theseskillsto drive your offroad police monster truck to the rescue.Monstertruck police rescue simulator will pump your adrenaline asyoudrive to rescue under the clock. Amazing monster truck trickswillbe happen in US police training school and US policedrivingschool. The criminals and gangsters are counting on thedifficultterrain to get away with their crime. But you belonging tothe UShighway police patrolling will bury their plans. Enjoy thisoffroadpolice monster truck rescue simulator sensation.Drive your offroad police monster truck as you are part of theUScity police patrol service as offroad police patrol officerandcatch all the criminals in the mountainous terrain. Drive yourUSpolice 4x4 monster truck with precision and earn the pointstounlock your other favorite trucks. Earn the respect of yourfriendsas you play and increase your score.Features• Great offroad Police Monsters Trucks• Awesome offroad monster truck physics• Race against time on a dangerous trackawesome 3D environmentGreat soundsInteractive controlsReal driving experienceExciting levels
Offroad Uphill Military Cargo 1.1
Off road Uphill Military Cargo is anoffroadTransporter game on an uphill mountainous terrain. You arein theArmy and your mission is to transport secret military cargobehindenemy lines on the most difficult and dangerous off-roadterrain ina hostile environment in enemy territory. Your skills asa realtruck driver with loads of experience as an army cargo truckdriverin combat conditions are the reason you have been giventhismission to operate and transport using the cutting edgetransportmachines.Off road Uphill Military Cargo is the last word in theendlessmobile racing simulation. Do you have what it takes tohandle realracing fever using army cargo truck in a combatsituation? Chooseyour Transport truck, challenging your enemies tostop the bestdriver in the business. While you are at it, you canchallenge yourfriends to beat your score. Remember, you are thebest. You haveconfidence in your abilities to complete the mission.The army andyour country is depending on your real truck drivingskills todeliver this precious and secret cargo behind enemy lineson anoff-road terrain. Will you succeed? Are you the real kingofTransport racing. In Off road Uphill Military Cargo you getthechance to drive your army cargo truck in realisticenvironments.Drive in off road conditions, hill climb, slipperysurface and ondrifting conditions. Off road Uphill Military Cargouses realisticcontrols during offroad and uphill driving and turboengine physicsfor your military vehicles.In offraod uphill military cargo one can chose various varietyoftrucks giving you an opportunity to use various options foryouruphill mission on this hill climb adventure only the most braveandthe most skilful would dare attempt. It has Real trucks,realtraffic racing environment and real physics..In Off road Uphill Military Cargo you are a soldier spyparexcellence whose ability to drive real Army cargo truck off roadincombat conditions, is being depended upon by nervous people onbothside of combat Support your army and your nation to deliverthissecret cargo to its rightful destination. And remember,don’tcrash….Off road Uphill Military Cargo has an addictive game playandstunning HD graphics you will drool over. You are the bestdriverand spy agent your country has ever seen. You will receivevarioussimulation missions. It is going to be a challenge to driveoffraodon this uphill climb on a huge army cargo making sure youkeep thesecret cargo safe and not spill it on these dangerous hilland nothave an accident..GAME FEATURES:- 100% FREE game play.- realistic physics.- Great truck simulation.- Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views.- Smooth game play- Great off road terrain- Great sounds- UNLOCK new trucks
Multi-Storey Transport Truck 1.2
Multi-Storey transport truck game istransportsimulation game delivers great real driving experience tomobilegamers who love real transport. This multi-storey cartransportgame is simple and fun with realistic controls andrealisticmulti-storey trailer physics that makes this an immersiveandaddictive game for trailer truck driving enthusiasts. Inthissimulator game you are behind the wheels of a real carcarryingmulti-storey trailer also known as multi truck cartransporter.Enjoy various missions as you play this realmulti-storeysimulation game. The question is if you are ready todrive in areal hyper realistic 3D environment with awesome graphicsin amodern city urban environment? Multi-storey transport truckwilltransform you into a real multi-storey car truck driver. Therearemany options to choose your vehicles. Use the easy andinteractivecontrols to get behind the wheel of a modern cartransporter truckto complete your missions by driving this hugebeast with theexpensive cargo to your assigned destinationDrive your modern multi-storey car transporter and enjoy anexcitingyet stressful drive on the roads with real traffic. Makesure youdon’t crash the truck or your expensive cargo. Yourmission is todrive cars through the realistic city traffic andload the expensivevehicles inside the multi-storey transporttruck. Once this is doneyou have to drive your truck and drop yourprecious cargo to parkinglots of car showrooms and garages. Thesemissions will give you theopportunity to showcase your heavytransport trailer drivingskills.We bet that you have some idea as to how hard driving a realtruckis in a busy city with real traffic. Multi-Storey transporttruckis a simulation game like no other. Its one of the most funandaddictive car transportation simulator games you must haveplayed .Do you have what it takes to be both an expert heavy cartrailerdriver. Can you do this every day? Do you have the strengthandskills and patience. Get hooked to this extremelyaddictivesimulator game this valentines day. Face it, driving atruck ismuch more fun than a boring date. Just get behind thewheels of atrailer and leave your troubles behind.Features• The best 3d game physics engine• Great 3D environment and stunning graphics• Drive the truck with on easy screen controls.• Real driving of Multi-Storey car transporter• Transport Different Vehicles on your Cargo Truck• Smooth game play• Multiple camera angles• Multiple levels• Awesome music
Multi-Storey Transport Parking 1.0
Multi-Storey transport parking game is a2-in-1hybrid game with transport simulation as well as parkingsimulationall combined beautifully to deliver a great 2-in1simulationexperience to mobile gamers who love real transportsimulators aswell as real parking simulators.In this brand newsimulator game youhave t to drive around with a real car carryingmulti-Storey traileralso known as multi truck car transporter aswell as drive greatcars with smooth controls and park in amulti-level car parking.Enjoy various missions as you play thishybrid 2-in-1 game. Are youready to drive in a real hyperrealistic 3D environment withstunning graphics in a modern city?This game will transform youinto a real multi-talentedmulti-storey car truck driver and amulti-level car parking expert.You have the option to choose yourvehicles. Drive your cars andload them into your multi-Storeytrailer. Then switch controls toget behind the wheel of a hugemodern car transporter truck tocomplete your mission by driving toyour assigned destination. Onceyou reach your assigned destination,you will then switch controlsback to the cars where you get behindthe wheels of the loaded carsand drive them to a parking lot topark cars in the designatedspots making sure you don’t hit anyother obstacles and cars.Multi Storey transport parking is being hailed as a great ideaforboth transport and parking fans., parking of cars andtransportingon trucks is a great exercise in vehicle operations aswell as agreat fun game that will test your parking and transportskills andmake you into a real pro driver. Drive your modernmulti-Storey cartransporter and enjoy a thrilling drive on theroads with realtraffic while awesome cars are your cargo. Make sureyou don’tcrash your expensive cars. Your mission is to drive carsthroughthe realistic city traffic and load the expensive vehiclesinsidethe multi-Storey transport truck. Once this is done you havetodrive your truck and drop your precious cargo to parking lotsofcar showrooms and garages. But your mission does not end here.Youare then required to drive these cars and park them to thesafetyof a multi level parking garage. These missions will give youtheopportunity to showcase your heavy transport driving skills aswellas precision driving and parking skills.Do you know that driving a real truck in a busy city withrealtraffic area is an extremely difficult task andconsideredimpossible for some people who don’t have the nerves ofsteel.Multi-Storey transport parking is a simulation game like noother.Its the toughest car transportation simulator games ever andto topit off the toughest parking game ever. Do you have what ittakes tobe both an expert heavy car trailer driver as well as aprecisioncar parking expert? Can you do this day in and day out asyou gethooked on to this extremely addictive simulator game? If yesthendownload this simulator now and get behind the wheels of atrailerand a car while avoiding to damage your cargo as wellasnegotiating obstacles as you park your favorite car. Do notcrashinto the real traffic or hit people on the road nor damageyourcarsFeatures:• 2-in-1 multi-Storey car transporter and multi level carparkingsimulation game• The best 3d game physics engine• Stunning 3D environment with beautiful graphics• Avoid real traffic, drive and load cars on the trailer, drivethetrailer, deliver cars by parking them• Drive the truck with on screen controls.• Real driving of Multi-Storey car transporter• Real parking in a multi level car parking• Transport Different Vehicles on your Cargo Truck• Exciting gameplay with Multiple Cars