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VGamepad 3.2
Use VGamepad to transform your smartphone into a fully functionalXbox or Playstation controller for your PC games. VGamepad is theonly virtual gamepad with nearly 100% of the functionality of areal Xbox or Playstation controller available on Android devices.Here are the full version features: - Ability to control D-pad(Navigation) by sensing phone motions (Motion Control). - Distinctgame capture button that enables you to record your game by theease of touching a button. - With the help of your phone vibrator,shock feedbacks give you an amazing shock experience similar to anXbox One or Playstation Dual Shock controller. - Real high-qualitythemes give you the sense of having a real gamepad in your hand. -Do not like the button's arrangement? Change it in the way you likeand is perfect for your hands. - Ability to change the stick image.Stick Gallery is located in the settings panel. Backed by a simpleserver-side software for connectivity over Wi-Fi or the powerfulPCGameConsole software that literally transforms your PC into agaming console and is compatible with VGamepad. You can find thecomplete installation instructions by visiting our support page: