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SensorPhone VR Visualisation 1.5
Pencel Games
This app allows a virtual reality (VR)datavisualisation of data collected from phone sensors. Thisapprequires that you connect to a cloud service to retrieve thephonesensor data. For detailed instructions please follow the"Visitwebsite" link under the "Developer" section below.
Gerbil Physics
Pencel Games
Gerbil Physics means Adorable Destruction! Remember how much fun itwas to kick down a sandcastle when you were 10 years old? This gameis that feeling made digital. • Buildings formed of gerbils awaitdestruction for your amusement. • Awesome and cunning puzzles totest your skills. • Prove yourself in the 84 glorious, lovinglyhandcrafted levels. • No gerbils were harmed in the making of thisgame. • Indie smash hit now free on Android.
Fine Art Puzzles 81.0
Pencel Games
Fine Art Puzzles Hand-curated collections of fine art paintings andsublime photography, all lovingly prepared for your jigsaw puzzlingpleasure. We scour the art world for the very best paintings foryou to enjoy, so you don't have to. You're welcome. Regular PackUpdates New jigsaw puzzle packs added regularly, including freepacks consisting of the most stunning photography, fine art, andthe very best paintings from new and old artists. Enjoy art byRenoir, Bruegel, Van Gogh, Alma-Tadema, Klimt, Mucha, Waterhouse,Beraud, Manet, Monet, Poynter, Vermeer and loads more. Genresinclude impressionist, modernist, classical, symbolist, realism,art nouveau and many more. Free To Play No annoying adverts! Weoffer tons of jigsaws that you can play for free, forever. Optionaladd-on packs are available too. For All Skill Levels From a dozento hundreds of pieces, there is something for all skill levels fromchild to expert.