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Jumping Alien 1.2.2
A lost alien wants to jump back home andheneeds your help!Living and travelling in an 1-dimensional world, this poorlittlealien fell down to a 2-dimensional world by accident andbecame2-dimensional, where he cannot understand how things work.All hecan do is keep jumping straight, trying to reach where hefell down,but the boards are irregular and there are monsterswaiting to eathim. He needs help from you, a human being living ina 3-dimensionalworld who knows about horizontal movement!Don’t panic! It’s easy to help your little alien friend:Tiltyour device to move him left or right.As you guide your little alien friend jump home, you canalsoclimb up the leaderboard to beat your friends’ scores!Features:- Awesome travel tools to pick up and use (jet packs,coilsprings…)- Trippy obstacles to avoid (especially watch out forthemonsters).- Broken, moving, disappearing, shifting, platforms tojumpon.- Global leaderboards, fun achievements! Beat yourfriends’scores!This game is completely free and fair, no in-app purchase!Justkeep one thing in mind: Be careful of addiction!