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Pepi Bath 2 1.1
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Pepi Bath 2 is a role playing game, a toy anda little helper — depends on what are you looking for. It's a funway to experience bathroom routines and take care of cute, littlefriends. We took boring things and made them fun to encouragelearning through play.Pepi Bath 2 is a sequel to fan favourite and critically praisedgame Pepi Bath. Same at it's core, but also expanded in everypossible direction. Pepi Bath 2 offers updated graphics, smoothanimations, four cute characters, new scenes and loads of fun!

The app has seven different scenes — each of them coveringdifferent bathroom situation:- at the sink,- in the bath,- going to a toilet,- taking care of clothes,- dressing up,- laundry room,- play time.Pepi Bath 2 can be played both as a set process of cleaning orwithout any pre-set sequence, kids are free to choose what they do.We also encourage parents to play together. As a parents we getinto frustrating situations now and then — kids won't allow tobrush their hair, protest any attempt to clean their nose or cutthe nails. PEPI BATH 2 is here to help. Play together, talk aboutactivities and learn that there's nothing scary in keeping yourselftidy. It's actually fun, especially when bubbles gets involved!No third-party advertising.No in-app purchases.Recommended ages: 2-6
Pepi House: Happy Family 1.1.08
Pepi Play
Meet and greet the huge Pepi family in PEPI HOUSE! Join 10 lovelycharacters in their day-to-day life. Create your own scenarios,play, explore and have fun! PEPI HOUSE is a fun and safeeducational game for kids about daily life in a household. PEPIHOUSE is a digital version of a classical toy — a dollhouse. Wedesigned PEPI HOUSE to be as reminiscent of real-life toys aspossible, but the digital element allowed us to offer even more.While playing kids can learn basic home rules, explore dailyroutines, learn the names and use of different equipment,experiment with various items, and discover many new things everyday. There are hundreds of items within PEPI HOUSE, most of themcan be interacted with and some of them can be mixed and matchedfor awesome results! As always, we at PEPI PLAY encourage parentsto play together with kids. Tidy up rooms in a fun way, create newhouse rules in the virtual world first and then apply them to yourdaily life. Talk about activities, broaden your vocabulary,experiment and most importantly have some fun and healthy laughter!Explore the digital doll house by simply checking the environmentand interacting with it – fix your family car, do the laundry,dress-up characters, or make them a tasty burger! Want even more?Go ahead, use our elevator to move items between the floors,discover new combos (combinations), or even prank some of the housedwellers to see their reactions! PEPI HOUSE is all about thefreedom of making your own choices and learning what you can dowith various different items or their combinations. KEY FEATURES: •4 house floors representing different areas of a household. • 10different characters (Including favorite pets!). • Hundreds ofitems available for play. • Themed rooms carefully represent thereal-life environment. Each room is filled with various items you’dexpect to find in a real house. • Great animations and sounds. •Can be played in many different ways. PEPI HOUSE is all about thefreedom to experiment. • Digital version of a classical toydollhouse • Use the elevator to move items and characters betweendifferent floors. • Recommended age: 3-7
Pepi Super Stores: Fun & Games 1.1.26
Pepi Play
Join our characters and explore various shops and activitieswithin. Shop, play pranks, tweak products and designs, dress upYour characters, or create your own musical hit — everything ispossible in Pepi Super Stores! LEARN THROUGH PLAY This is a fun andsafe edutainment app for kids and their parents. Pretend-play a dayin the mall and participate in dozens of fun activities. Every shopis different and offers a new set of items to experiment with. Kidscan throw fruits into a food machine and make juice, but the realfun awaits when they discover that any item can be used and resultswill vary from unexpected to surprisingly spectacular! EXPLORATIONIS THE KEY The game encourages curiosity and exploration. Kids caninvent their own scenarios and ways to play with thousands of itemsthat can be found or created within stores. Join your kids in play,moderate the process to transform gameplay into learning, or justhave a good laughter. Create and set funny tasks and routines forYour kid, experiment with items, discover new ways to play, andlearn new words. ORCHESTRATE MINI SCENES Shops and servicesscattered in our mall offer opportunities to create mini scenarios:set different tasks for a child, dress up characters, or even ashort play thus transforming gameplay into acting. And when you’redone exploring your favorite floor just remember, that items you’vefound there can be stuffed into an elevator and transported intonew areas. KEY FEATURES • 34 new characters including weird, butfriendly aliens from space! • Ability to dress up character andchange hairstyles! • Become a fashion designer — design clotheswith your favorite graphics. • Dozens of accessories from hats andglasses to hundreds of items your characters can hold. • Use, mixand match any item and equipment • Different scenes, from groceriesto sports, to restaurants and beauty parlors! • Fantastic machineswill ensure hours of fun, experiments, and good old giggles. • Usethe elevator to move items between floors to find even moredifferent combinations. • Dedicated for 3-7-year-old kids, but willbring joy for the whole family.
Pepi Hospital: Learn & Care 1.0.96
Pepi Play
Step into a PEPI HOSPITAL and become doctor, patient or just acurious explorer! Our new addition to a rich family of PEPI PLAYgames offers a vast medical center with tons of items, activities,and ways to play. Join our characters in their workplace, sootheand treat patients, create Your own stories, discover andunderstand the everyday routines of a busy hospital. MEET THE PEPIBOT We're delighted to introduce a medical Pepi Bot, our newcharacter built to accompany little players in our games. Pepi Botis a cute, versatile friend able to follow you around the buildingand provide immediate help, to You and Your patients. Armed withthe latest tech, Pepi Bot is a perfect sidekick to Your interactivestories. The little droid will provide medical tools and even carrya wardrobe for all those moments when you feel like playing instyle! TONS OF ACTION Experience the daily life of a hospital fullof action - from the small and cozy cafe to a busy pharmacy shop orthe operating room, there are various experiences for players totoy with. Ambulance car will arrive regularly with new patients totake care of and new friends to meet. Only the most curious playerswill be able to find all the ways to treat their patients. Thisoffers an amazing opportunity to set up various scenarios to takepart in. FUN & EDUCATIONAL Even though the game is dedicated toa young audience, everybody can and should find a way to join in.The game encourages parents to play together and use the gameseducational values - while your child is discovering theopportunities throughout all 4 floors of the hospital, you can helphim by moderating their experiences, creating and going throughcharacter stories, explaining the nature and use of items,expanding a child’s vocabulary and basic medicinal knowledge.HUNDREDS OF INTERACTIVE OBJECTS Enhance your gameplay with hundredsof interactive objects that can be easily transferred throughfloors. Medical instruments, toys, and even yoga balls can be givento the dwellers of Pepi Hospital for the most unpredictableresults. Not to mention many opportunities to dress up yourfavorite characters! COLORFUL AND UNIQUE CHARACTERS PEPI HOSPITALhas a wide variety of characters. Dozens of cute, cheerful andunique humans, pets, monsters, and aliens are there to have fun andjoin your playful exploration of the Hospital building. FEATURES •Vast medical center packed with tons of items and machines! •Multifunctional companion bot. • Run your own lab — measure bloodpressure, perform X-ray scans and much more! • Get comfy in acustomizable dentist chair. • Become a physical therapist, createyour own fitness routines! • Be among the first to welcome babiesinto the world. Weight and take good care of them! • Listen toHospital dwellers talking on the phone. Each in his own unique way!• Play with fishes while waiting at the reception. • Ambulanceregularly delivers new patients.
Pepi Wonder World 6.0.10
Pepi Play
Navigate Pepi Wonder World and meet favourite characters: knights,princesses, dragons, gnomes, unicorns, pirates, trolls, and othercute and funky fantasy characters! Unleash your kids fantasy –pretend-play the fairy tales you love or create new ones! PEPIWONDER WORLD IS: KINGS CASTLE – life in a medieval castle with itsown dungeons, stables, kitchen, armoury, throne room, and manysecrets to discover! Fans of folk tales will find their belovedcharacters here. Explore the dungeons, dress up your princesses andknights, cook royal dishes, and feast! DWARF MOUNTAIN – inspired byfamous fantasy tales. This island hosts Dragon’s Treasure Cave,Princess Tower, Magic Garden, and Gnomish mines. Navigate deeptunnels, grow magic plants, craft gems, discover treasures andenjoy underground life! WITCH HOUSE – Spooky Island where Halloweenis happening every day! Dive into the world of magic. Create yourown music shows, dress-up cute witches, create spooky monsters andsweet stories! DRAGON PLAYGROUND – A magic Skyland just above theclouds is a perfect place for Dragons! Visit dragon land, createyour own kid friendly dragons, charge their superpowers, playdragon ball and build draconic houses! SKY SAILOR VILLAGE – anation of crafty adventurers, pilots, sailors, and farmers. Enjoypeaceful village life, or become world explorer – create your ownskyships, navigate the clouds and fend off nasty pirates! SANTA'SWORKSHOP – Christmas might come once a year but in the magic worldgift wrapping never ends. BUNNY GARDEN – an Island of vibrant life.Grow your own fruits and flowers and discover a way to turn theminto paint! Use this paint to colour items, eggs, and the Islanditself! Oh, and be sure to say hi to the Bunny family! CREATIVITYAND INSPIRATION Pepi Wonder World is a cluster of interactiveisland worlds that inspire creativity. While travelling through theIslands kids may discover areas like playgrounds, workshops,kitchens and hundreds of characters to create dynamic stories. Hugevariety of clothing items and toys allow full charactercustomisation and if that is not enough be sure to visit anenchantment lab at the Witch House! Mix crazy and spookyingredients, brew potions and create your own gang of tinymonsters! Want to go big? No problem! Visit Dragon Playground tocreate your very own dragons! Play and ride your creations anddon’t forget to build draconic houses! Love to play with colour?Then visit Bunny Garden and create your own, magic paint. With adash of kids fantasy, everything is possible in this creative andvibrant world! THE IMPORTANCE OF PRETEND PLAY We at Pepi Playbelieve in the fundamental importance of moderated play. While wemake cheerful apps for kids, we always encourage parents toparticipate in the play. We intentionally limit tutorialinformation and completely avoid setting goals for kids to sparkcuriosity and promote exploration. Pretend play games help todevelop social, emotional, and thinking skills. Creating fantasystories helps to expand vocabulary and boosts imagination. Allthese effects are strengthened when playing together with yourchild. Pepi Wonder World supports multitouch features making iteasy to join your child in play. KEY FEATURES: • 200+ characters:everything from a princess to a witch, from gnome to a giant, froma fairy to a dragon! • Create your own characters and dragons,build ships and houses! • Lots of animations and sounds — usemusical instruments, craft magic items, cook royal food. You’llfind everything you need to tell your fairy tale! • Discover thehidden keys, spell books, and gems. Explore secret rooms to findmore toys to play with! • Sail a boat to carry characters and itemsbetween fairy tale worlds. • Play together — our pretend play gamesupports multitouch functionality for family playtime. • Create,role play, and record your own fairy tale stories! (Only availableon devices with iOS11 or later). Visit for more.
Pepi Bath 2 1.1.34
Pepi Play
Try before You buy! Award winning, praised by parents, teachersandkids alike — Pepi Bath 2 now available to download for free!PepiBath 2 is a role playing game, a toy and a little helper —dependson what are you looking for. It's a fun way to experiencebathroomroutines and take care of cute, little friends. We tookboringthings and made them fun to encourage learning through play.PepiBath 2 is a sequel to fan favourite and critically praisedgamePepi Bath. Same at it's core, but also expanded in everypossibledirection. Pepi Bath 2 offers updated graphics, smoothanimations,four cute characters, new scenes and loads of fun! PepiBath 2 hasseven different scenes — each of them covering differentbathroomsituation: - at the sink, - in the bath, - going to atoilet, -taking care of clothes, - dressing up, - laundry room, -play time.Pepi Bath 2 can be played both as a set process ofcleaning orwithout any pre-set sequence, kids are free to choosewhat they do.We also encourage parents to play together. As aparents we getinto frustrating situations now and then — kids won'tallow tobrush their hair, protest any attempt to clean their noseor cutthe nails. PEPI BATH 2 is here to help. Play together, talkaboutactivities and learn that there's nothing scary in keepingyourselftidy. It's actually fun, especially when bubbles getsinvolved!Recommended ages: 2-6 *Proud winner of Parents' ChoiceSilverAward! *PEPI BATH 2 received numerous important awards, suchas —Parents' Choice Silver Award, Children's Technology Review(Editorschoice), and many more!