Pereng Media 1 Apps

Poke Ball's Quest 1.1
GameThe newest Match-3 game poke ball's quest now available on GooglePlay for free with new beautiful graphics, is a classic fun andaddictive.Now up to 100 levels ready for adventure.A challenging game that will definitely make you think twice abouthow easy it is to move a simple marker.may have been many puzzle game similar to poke ball's quests,but this game could be an alternative saturation driveroutines.a classic game that is very interesting and addictive, design and adifferent image puzzle game similar premises provide excellence andcharm.How To Play- Match 3 or more identical poke ball's clear poke ball's- You will experience a tuple when 4 poke ball's are aligned for apowerful bomb, a even more powerful bomb can be formed by combinetwo bombs in any colour.- If 5 or more poke ball's are crushed, you will get a fire ballwhich will help you to clear one colour jewels on the gameboardFeature- 100 level- Time attack- Classic- New Mode
Kids Learning Alphabet 1.0
Kids learning the Word Book Alphabetinteractive applications for parents and children.An easy way to introduce the alphabet to children early, learn thealphabet can now be done in a fun way.For mom and dad it is a clever way to help children learn thealphabet, while for children it is a fun new game.This application will help children to learn English in the formrecognize letters and numbers, how to read, examples of words andlearning to write.Alphabet game can help children develop fine motor skills,imagination and memory, helps increase attention span and promotepersonal enrichment.An English learning app to teach ABC Letters and phonics toKindergarten & Preschool children.Fun way to encourage child to learn letters/Alphabets and EnglishPhonics while playing games.Features:- simple, colorful and fun education games designed to help youngkids learn basics of English.- An effective and engaging way, designed especially forkindergarten and preschoolers.- Covers preliminary English precepts such as alphabet recognition,phonics, and simple words.- Equipped with a drawing to train the child's ability to writealphabet letters in accordance with the pattern- Alphabets along with the features and sounds.- Counting in numbers and words.- Core activities for foundation stage of primary school.- A common playground for randomly playing all the games.- Easy and intuitive instructions for the young brains.- Rewards and appreciation to boost our champion’s morale.- Helping to build the capacity of the child logic
Brain Memory Game 1.0
Brain Memory Game is a simple game designed toimprove memory and intelligence, providing fun and personalizedpractice, aimed to improve memory, concentration andreaction.A unique brain exercise and personal trainers to keep in memory,attention, reaction speed, multi-employment, employment turnover,and problem solving skills.The perfect game to help you try to fight the effects of aging onyour brain, or trying to improve your cognitive skills.You can do it easily and comfortably at the time you specify. Thereis no age limit and the ability of the brain in this game. The gameis available free of charge for children and adults, for all ages.You ready to challenge your memory daily with "Brain MemoryGame"?A game to train your memory!GAME FEATURES- Match pairs of cards- Different levels of difficulty- The grid adjusts automatically to your device- Colorful images of logos to be Easily remembered- High ResolutionBetter memory will improve your focus, problem solving andmultitasking skills, but it also helps to control all kinds oftrouble and keep implus brain.By training the brain at least 5 minutes a day will get significantresults to improve intelligence and memory.
Free Collage Frame 1.0
Every moment is always valuable to be ignored,capture the best thing in your life with a photo application thatis unique and interesting.You can use this editor application to incorporate some of yourphotos in a series of exciting events, as if the photo was tellingyou about your beautiful moments.Free Collage Frame is photo editing software and image compositinginto the frame with a lot of these frames are designed to bebeautiful and artistic.When in the memorable event, a party, lovely, graduation, wedding,or you are simply moments that you want to keep it forever in yourheart.You can use the software to make it even more memories to flickeredand more memorable.When you have done, share your collage to available socialnetworking sites like Facebook, whatsapp, flicker, instagram etc.- Easy to create a professional collage instantly- Easily adjust photos, It helps you combine multiple photos withvarious photo frames- Easy to ad add Beautiful Photo Background from variety ofBackgrounds for your Collage- Free to creative your photos with cute and funny- This Photo Collage Editor included of various stickers todocorate your beautiful photo- Easy to ad stickers- Many high resolution frames and collage pictures
The GemStone Blast 3
Awesome puzzle game in the theme ofcaves,exceptional Quality Graphics, Audio and Game Play, this gamesoomthand polished so that u can not stop playing, Life Update freefarfrom a new level.had levels with varying levels of difficulty, so it isverychallenging and exciting to continue playing until theendtry to get the title of 3 stars in every level of the game- Combines three or more same gemstone to get point- The shape and color gemstone has a resemblance sorequiresforesight and diligence in completing every game- Each level is presented so interesting, and challenging- Boosters and charms to help with those challenging levels- Find a new challenge every level- Stacking 4 gemstone and get a special gemstone crusher- Stacking 5 gemstone and get the diamond giftHow to play1 . Start this adventure full of gemstone2 . Match three or more gemstone of the same color.3 . Match 4 or more gemstone to collect special gemstone.4 . Use combos to reach your targets.5 . Achieve targets
Crazy Face Maker 1.0
You can enjoy funny face in party by makingfunof other using this Crazy Face Maker application.It has good collection of mustache, beards, lips caps, wigsandgoggles that allow you to give your picture personaltouch.Make people laugh out loud and prank others with thishighlymagnificent range of cute and funny body and face elements.- Replace face parts Funny eyes, noses, make them bald.- Hairstyles: Has got different wigs, long, short, curly,black,blonde, etc.- Put Funny Teeths- Implement Funny eyes- Assign Funny head.- Put Funny stuff to images- Assign amuzing faces on any image.- Add paint to pics- Smudge and warp Make faces thin or fat, make ears pointy,makethem smile.- Packed with features Add text or draw on top of the photo,Sharewith friends.
Selfie Mode 1.0
Perfect for taking photos selfie wheneverandwherever you areSelfie Camera tools allowed you editing amazing selfiewitheffects, making art selfie like a photographer.Turn Selfie photo with camera effects and get your desiredbeautyimages.You edit your photo in live camera. You take photo from galleryandcamera and change this photo effect.Selfie is an outstanding application, is an idea, how to becomeajazzy.Also this photo share with your friends or families throughsocialapp. These photos to set as your home screen.Feature- Easy to use- Beautiful photo effects- saving photos and edit them- share selfies with friends or in social networks- Free Apps