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Weight tracker, BMI Calculator 1.4.3
Whether you want to lose or even gain a bit of weight it is alwayscomplicated to track and monitor the evolution while understandingwhat are the things that work for you. You might have a goal thatyou want to reach or maybe you just want to get back to yourinitial weight after a pregnancy, so having the right tool canreally help you efficiently get to your ideal weight. Withsimplicity and user friendliness in mind we've created a weightmonitoring and BMI(body mass index) calculator application that notonly let's you add your daily measurements but also gives you thepossibility to log your daily moods, remarks and even add pictures,making this a perfect weight diary. To make it perfect and at thesame time simple, we've included the following key features: WeightTracker & Monitor - daily weight register functionality - mainscreen calendar with great overview on the logged days -possibility to log your weight for previous dates - copy yourpreviously saved data into the application - easy navigationbetween days - see your day to day progress - evolution chart withcustom date range functionality - watch you weight loss progress -desired weight - follow and reach your health goals - custom unitsof measurement - choose from kg(kilograms), lbs(pounds) andst(stones) - custom notes on a daily basis - register calories,diets, ideas and more. - add pictures functionality - for beforeand after moments - main screen cards for current and desiredweight - never forget your goals. - total lost weight card forselected period BMI Calculator - simple yet very comprehensive bodymass index diagram - BMI values for your day to day measurements -main screen card with current BMI - preview BMI ranges - fromextremely underweight to morbid obesity Other cool features -password protection - protect your data with a 4 digit PIN code -reminder - helps you remember to daily register your data - age andgender - for more accurate BMI calculations - custom units ofmeasurement for height - choose from cm(centimeters) and ft(feet) -first day of week, choose between Monday and Sunday - data resetfunctionality - start over whenever you want If you are alreadylooking for an application similar to this, it means your are onthe right track in getting a better & healthier life, so we canonly wish you to: Be happy and live healthy!
Diary - Journal with password 1.7.3
Secret thoughts and moments should always remain secret and aprivate diary should always be intimate, beautiful and safe. Withthat in mind, we dedicated our efforts to create a simple andbeautiful diary application that helps you lock your secrets withyour own password. Use this diary and put down all your thoughts oreven future plans and follow them as the time passes. Make it yourtrustworthy friend who never judges you and who's always there foryou. A good diary required good features, so here are some of thegreat features especially created for you: EASY TO USE &BEAUTIFUL - very easy to use yet very comprehensive - beautifulview off all your notes right on the main screen - easy navigationbetween your diary entries - image add/edit/remove functionality -image library with great gallery view - great overview of yourdaily entries - quick entry add, edit & delete - beautifulemojis(emoticons) - highlight your mood and feelings - searchfunctionality - quickly & easily search through your journal -export to PDF functionality - save all your entries whenever youwant SAFE & PRIVATE - PASSWORD PROTECTED - password lockfunctionality to keep your secret save - 4 digit PIN code -functionality for password update, recovery and removal - auto lockafter more than 5 minutes of inactivity CUSTOMIZABLE - multiplecolor styles from which you can choose - multiple font styles -customizable font-size - reminders functionality OTHER COOLFEATURES - data reset functionality - beautiful design - can beeasily used as a diet journal or even travel diary - totally freeRegardless you want to write your love story or you just want towrite down your thoughts and moments from your life, we hope thisdiary will turn out to be your best friend and confidant. Enjoyyour life and create amazing stories!