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City Garbage Truck 2016 1.0.1
Dreaming to drive something really big, monster and crazy like atruck, especially garbage truck? With this real fun filled &simulator game “Garbage Truck Simulator – 3D” your dream comes trueand you can drive a real garbage truck. In this Garbage TruckSimulator, you are dustman dump truck driver in Garbage CargoTransport company of the city and your duty is to clean up dumpstertrash on the road sides in big open city. **** So are you ready todrive this crazy garbage truck? ********First to gain confidencetry “Free Drive”; then challenge & complete all progressivelevels with fun filled missions.GAME FEATURES:* Fabulous 3D opencity environment* Real control and navigation* Interesting andgreat animations* Multiple camera views* Moving vehicles *Challenge to save walking people* Accidental animations *Attractive sounds effectsOUR MORE FUN FILLEDGAMES:
Shark Simulator Beach Attack 1.0
Time to heighten your killer instincts with the amazing sharksimulator experience. Travel the waters of the beach, targetingunaware beach people, and execute deadly attacks to feed yourhungry shark. The unaware vacationists, enjoying in beach houses,vacation boats and shores have no idea they could soon becomebreakfast for the predator shark. Just keep your shark stealthyenough to reach the offshores undetected.GameplayUse the onscreen controls to move shark in the waters. Maintainsafe speed so as to not alert the beach offshores. When nearing thepeople on water boats, beach houses and swimming in the waters, tapthe on screen buttons to start a successful killer streak and feedthe hungry shark.With 5 levels of time based levels, you will need to feed yourshark with enough people in the time limit to pass each level.Features- Highly detailed beach environments- 5 challenging time based levels- Realistic Shark attack and feed animations- Expert shark simulator controls
Train Army Extreme Shooter 1.0
Captain extreme shooter guns to assault the troops of air bomberfighter planes. You are the extreme shooter of an army train thatsupplies weaponry, food & supplies to soldiers to the soldiersin the ongoing war. Death Shooting, at its best!The enemy havedeployed a large number of fighter planes, as they intend toassault you before you reach the outpost. We have installed someextreme shooter guns on the transporter train roof. Fire Strikedown fast flying bomber planes, eliminate all foes with preciseaiming and secure all supplies & weaponry. Our soldiers arerelying on the train army shooter to win this sky mission.GAMEPLAYFEATURES*** 5 levels of extreme shooter sky mission*** Control twingun shooter weapons with FPS shooter controls*** Track down enemymovements through radar*** Assault and defense hybridconceptGameplayExplore 5 levels of train shooting sky mission, asyou take control of assault and twin anti-aircraft guns againstbombing fighter planes. Swipe to aim, zoom and track enemies by theradar, and unleash a massive barrage of bullets to take the enemydown, before they take over and disable the engine.Defend yourcargo train, as it travels through the mountainous valleys andsnowy terrains towards the military outpost station. Beware though,the enemy fighter planes have a larger radius of tracking system,so they will attempt an ambush on the station, where all suppliesare stored. The final sky mission will be to survive theironslaught and defend the station at any cost.
War Revolution Tanks Battle 3D 1.3
Ready up Charge Greetings, soldier! So you want to play around inthe world of tank battle 3d? Good for you! You won’t regret thechance to get some hands-on tank battle experience with theseincredible simulation machines. First up is the M1A2 SEP, a realamazing piece of war revolution. It has advanced armour and realkick to its cannon. It’s also good for beginner’s simulationtraining, so use it get a feel for the controls, and blow up somestationary dummy targets.It will only be a stepping stone to warrevolution, if you wish to achieve it son. Get geared up as thereal warfare battle approaches!!! Deadly Tank Battle 3D Arenas Takecontrol of some of the best assault tanks in the war revolutionera, laying havoc on the tank battle arena with intense shootingaction. Travel through five warfare missions, unlocking advancedbattle ready panzer tank models as the levels progress.Explorevarious themed battle locations like Egyptian deserts, Greenhillsand Woodlands and European towns. Various Unlockable Panzer TanksClear out the 5 levels of extreme shootdown warfare, unlocking reallife inspired tank designs and classes. Unlock legendary tankmodels like M1A2 SEP (U.S.), Centurian (UK), Tiger I (Germany),Ramses II (Egypt) and TK-X (Japan). Features - Number of unlockabletanks with each level of gameplay- Intense action based missions-Smooth and real time tank battle 3d control simulation - Scenicbuilt locations across various countries
Forest Dinosaur Sniper Shooter 1.0.1
You are hiding in an incredible and hugeAfrican jungle full of dangers, Now your mission is to stay alive.In this thrilling game only one will survive you or the ruthlessbloodthirsty dinosaurs.In this awesome game the dinosaur is not extinct. The dino is asreal as a real life. Only an ultimate dinosaur hunter can catchit…!So be brave and very careful, because not only you are hunting, butalso you are being hunted by the horrifying animal.In order to survive and become a good hunter in this dangerous andbreathtaking situation inhabited by the dyno, with each passinglevel you provided with a new powerful weapons like pistol,grenade, machine guns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, lightmachine guns, carbine, shotguns, flamethrower, grenade launchers,rocket launcher (bazooka). Having this great choice of weaponsarsenal, your chances of survival will increase. But you will onlyuse sniper rifles because that is the only ultimate gun to kill thebeast.You are a hunter or prey it depends on how you..! Play and youwill find out.Your mission is to destroy a certain amount of beasts on youprehistoric predators at every level. If you manage to survive in afight thank to your battle skills.Hunt and look at the dino, from small to giant, from herbivores tocarnivores, in this fabulous simulation.This outstanding high-end shooting game gives you the wonderfulopportunity to explore and dive into the impressive dyno adventure,and a great landscape, full of different dyno species. Many dynosare available. Carnivorous: Tyrannosaurus (T. Rex), Velociraptor(Raptor), Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus. Herbivorous:Triceratops, Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus), Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurusand Parasaurolophus!You can run from dinosaurs or attack them. Fire and reload yourweapon. Do not stand still, you have to keep moving, or they willspot you. If you need to take rest after active battles, make apause using pause mode, where you will be completelyinvisible.Discover the beautiful location of a wild mountain nature of theage of extinction, hunt and gather your weapons, and try to passall levels.In this superior extreme survival game there are 15 levels withincreasing difficulty. Big dynos will attack you, and they will bevery deadly and ruthless to you.Realistic 3D graphics and amazing immersive hunter game providing avisceral, dramatic experience and are helping you to travel intothe astonishing dyno world you never thought of.During the game, you will enjoy the realistic graphics of theAfrican savannah, Awesome blue sky with volumetric clouds, andpassing through the bushes you will hear the rustling of thebranches and fully immerse into the atmosphere of African savannahfull of dangers."Dino hunter: African Arena" is a high-quality action game foreveryone, and a free mobile 3D action first person shooter (fps)and the simulator (sim) in high-definition (HD) quality of2014.★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★- Dangerous Jungle Environment- Wild Dinosaurs hunting- Lethal Sniper Gun to shoot with- Multiple Game levels with Increasing Difficulty- Best Sniper Shooting Experience in the jungle- Excellent Graphics- Best action game full of challenges and joy★★★ How to Play ★★★- Successfully Complete Existing Game level in given time tounlock next level- Take zoom shoot at target with Sniper gun- Navigate in jungle on swiping at left of your screen- You can use zoom and then press shooting buttons to hit- You can check help screen before playing========================================Enjoy >>>>
Town Driving School Bus 16 1.0
Driving School Bus simulator lets you sit at real driver’s seat& drive round the beautiful town. It’s a school bus drivinggames for mobile where the goal in is to get the beautiful cutekids from town in time and drop them at the school.So if you lovedriving school bus games and commercial bus games, pick up drivinggames, you should definitely try this city school bus driver game.Make Sure you don’t smash your town school bus during driving intoany other vehicles on the road. Now let’s see who can be a goodtraffic racer and be part of this great challenging school bussimulator game.::::::::: DRIVING SCHOOL BUS 16 FEATURES::::::::*The good news is that it’s for FREE on Google Play!.* Experiencethe feel of 3D Graphics & HD Environment. * Very controlledGame Play. * An eye on the crazy routes.* Enjoy the ultimatedriving school bus experience.* Awesome background music &sound effects. * Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices ofandroid above 2.2 and above.Like other bus driving games forandroid you are supposed to get behind the wheel as a commercialbus driver and roam around the town take a tour and pickup kids,act like a tour bus simulator and let’s show to the world you arethe hero of the bus simulator. If you are way too much into busdriver games and modern bus simulator games is your type then donot overlook this gaming experience.HOW TO PLAY::: Choose a gamemode Free Diver or School Duty:: Select level:: See given HelpScreen careful and get familiar with controls.:: Press right sidedAccelerator to move:: Press Break to stop bus:: Rotate steering tomove left and right the bus.:: To view different angles change 3camera modes.So Good Luck…!!Do check our game collectionat: do visit our Facebookpage:
Elite Mountain Killer Strike 1.0.2
How many times have you fancied about being aelite killer sniper shooter? Go on take a chance of being one heckof a mobile sniper. Aliens want to capture earth and mountains.Military has sent you as a elite sniper shooter to track them downand hunt them down precisely as you are one expert of a strikesniper.Just killing a couple of mobile creatures as a elite commandosniper won’t be enough, you have to shoot them down one by one towin each level. In a world abundant with strike sniper and sniperassassins they have chosen you to be an alien shooter. Spill somealien blood for the sake of safety of your planet. You are a elitekiller sniper hunter don’t shy away of hunting them down.GAMEPLAY FEATURES‘’ Hunt down aliens in various locations‘’ Numerous sniper rifles to choose from‘’ Smooth sniper FPS controls‘’ Various types of aliens spread throughout the gameplaylevelsUnlike other alien games where you have to tap to death to kill theenemy here all you need is to aim and shoot. Job’s done. Let’s showthe world how does a professional alien shooter looks like. You area elite mountain elite killer sniper.This mountain elite sniper assassin game is a MUST HAVE for all thesniper shooter simulation lover and freaks who fancy of being asniper hunter.HOW TO PLAY• Touch and move the control to aim the enemy• Use the scope to aim the enemy from far distances• Use fire button to shoot• Aim for the head for kill shot, shoot once and accurately• The gun reloads automatically.HAPPY HUNTING!!!If you like alien games or being an alien shooter or you are toomuch into sniper games do check our other games at: our facebook page at:
Modern F18 Air Fighter 1.0
Briefing from Outpost Good evening young and modern air fighterpilot and welcome to your first day at training. We will beassigning you with some air flight and landing tasks before you getenrolled as a certified modern f18 jet fighter pilot in our squad.The tasks are simple, yet too tricky. Take off from the outpostwith perfect flight launch, your f18 modern air fighter plane’sradar will map a complete set of way points through the mountains,military modern airfield and highway, so navigation will not be abig ask. However, the conditions here are far more complicated. Theweather of these borderlands is very unpredictable, so you willhave to adjust your altitude and speed while flying byyourself.Make it safely through the waypoints and execute perfectlandings on the checkpoints, and you got yourself a permanentticket in the squad. Your f18 plane is ready and fueled up to go.Good Luck! Gameplay Engage in a detailed simulation experience,navigating a state of the art f18 jet fighter plane throughchallenging locations and varying weather conditions.Control thealtitude of the plane with onscreen sliders, and movements withefficient gyroscopic controls to pass each waypoint and completeeach level by carrying out successful landings.The time basedmissions will become even the more challenging, as the pilot willhave to adjust to the varying winds and weathers by adjusting speedand flight altitude. Features - Brilliant aerial flight simulationexperience- Heavily built levels with detailed environments,artificially varying weather conditions and challenging timelimits- Smooth aerial navigational controls for f18 plane
Traffic Shooter: Assassin Snip 1.0.1
AIM, SHOOT AND KILL – City Sniper: Traffic Shooter 3D is all aboutprecise shooting, an urban centered thrilling shooting game for allsniper gun maniacs and wannabees Sniper Assassin. Its city lifefast and running. There’s no space for any delays. The city isunder attack by a group of assaulter who after doing their job areeloping from the city. The security agencies has deployed you Mr.Sniper as a modern sniper to hunt them all down with your range ofsniper rifles by being a traffic hunter. You have to be on yourtoes the traffic madness on the highway might get you carried awaybe focused Mr. modern Sniper.City shooting games are fun becauseyou are to track your target distracted by so many things. Traffic,city rush can make your target vanish away but only an expert citysniper can rule and rock the city sniper games. That’s why theyhave called the dangerous and pro Mr. Sniper. Take a dream job of atraffic hunter by hunting down the bad guys and saving thelives.There are terrorists in the town with their ferocious plans.Only a trained traffic hunter with his expertise can hunt down allthe bad guys. Would you mind being called a terrorist sniper bykilling a few of them? Take a close eyes upon them. You have beendesignated as a modern sniper Mr. Sniper because sniper killingminimize collateral damage and being a sniper assassin would letyou save a lot of lives.You have been deployed on an edge of abuilding Mr. Sniper and provided with a wide variety of sniperrifles so that your aim can be precise. Its weekend and people onthe highway are in a rush in such a case of a traffic madness onlya modern sniper can aim and shoot the culprits. You are assignedthis job because you have an eagle eye and you can track and huntdown the cars of criminals in a blink of an eye now let’s show tothe world that you are a real traffic hunter and one heck of a citysniper. They are running in a car. CONCENTRATE. Be a successfulmodern sniper or a terrorist sniper by hunting them down one byone.Your game features include:• Wide range of sniper rifles•Engaging graphics• City highway environment• Multiple targets •Challenging missionsMr. Modern Sniper you are required toassassinate the culprits by shooting at their cars with your sniperrifles in required time. The city’s traffic madness gonna engageyou be focused to be the ultimate sniper assassin of the city.Ifyou like being a city sniper or a traffic hunter and city shootinggames are your interest then do check our other action filledsniper and simulation gamesat:
Survival Pirates Battleship 3D 1.2
Captain “The Nickel and Tin” Captain Murdoch is the survivalpirates battleship attack of the time and his vessel “The Nickeland Tin” is the envy of the seven seas. He has the best survivalpirates battleship cannon of all ships and has the best crew. Theonly problem is, other crews are trying to rob the towns when theyall know its Murdoch territory. To stamp his authority, CaptainMurdoch will need to take out his pirates battleship with all gunsblazing, as his rival survival pirates will try to dethrone him ofhis spot, captaining some major cannon assault pirate ships oftheir own. Plunder Towns, Defeat Rivals Control your ship throughthe dark waters, with the ability to control speed through aslider. The vessel is equipped with high caliber cannon to demolishwhole towns. Take your ship to the town and unleash. The faster atown is destroyed, the more loot can be gained.But plundering townswill not be a straight forward tasks, as survival piratesbattleship lords from other seas are eyeing the same towns, andready to compete you for it. Avoid attacks from their cannons,battling and removing them from the contest to run away with allthe loot. Keep an eye out for your ship’s armor integrity, ensuringyou don’t sink to the depths of the seas. Features - 5 timed rewardmissions - Exquisite sea navigation controls for the survivalpirates ships- Themed locations and enemy ships- Smooth gameplayanimations
Modern Train Driver Simulator 1.2
Keep it moving, keep on track. This amazing Modern Train DriverSimulator game lets you steer engine through different 3D locationsto lead and control over your modern train masterly.Seems easy? Howabout shifty turns on twisted track??? Do not lose control overspeed or else it’s a BANG! Feel yourself as a mad train driverenthusiast to reach at station. Steer drive your modern trainthrough different rail road environments, leading towards theparking spot without being banged. It’s a test to your smartcontrol and intense reflexes to respond quickly. Take the challengeand clear all the levels to be a modern train driver in town. It’sa long journey of challenging 3D eras of railway tracks, clearingeach level will test your fine driver simulator skills and make youreach the final destination. HOW TO PLAY TRAIN DRIVER SIMULATOR -Control speed through accelerator - Use brake to park on station-Swipe left or right to take turns- Pick up and drop passengers onstation FEATURES – Swift controls in a smooth train driversimulator– 3D mountainous, station and rail road tracks– Realisticgraphic movement and train sounds– Frantic train driver simulatorchallenges
Western Sheriff: Wild Raider 1.1
Time to impose the law on the criminals of the Sunset Raiders gang,as you enter in Wild West city to take on the crime gang and savethe citizens from their terror WESTERN SHERIFF ON THE RUN Ride outyour horse in the western town to take on criminal shooters in aclassic gun style shooting. Travel with your horse in a free roamaction through the town, and eliminate opposition with a collectionof freestyle weapons. GAMEPLAY Navigate the area with onscreencontrols to move your horse around. Engage in a third personshooting action to take out the wild raider gang. While on the run,jump over obstacles to avoid falling down and keep a steady aim tokill each wild raider. VARIOUS MISSIONS Play through 5 intenselevels and complete various objectives to eliminate crime from theWild West town. Kill enemy gang bosses, take on hordes of enemyshooters, destroy enemy ammunition supplies and gunpowder andengage in fast paced shootdown riding your horse. FEATURES 5intense levels with various objectivesClassic shooting stylegameplay and weapons Third person roaming gameplay, combined withshooting action
Deep Diver Sea Surfer 1.2
Become the coolest deep diver on the waters, as you ride yoursubway kart in an endless 3d sea surfer, avoiding various obstaclesto score as high as you can. Play in an exciting sea games play,surfing through to record long distance runs.Deep Dive along theturbulence to avoid falling from your sea kart. The tidal waveswill keep on coming towards you, so be steady facing biggerturbulences, or you will be washed away to the sea shore! Look outfor the wild creatures in the sea. Those hungry sharks, whales& octopuses don’t look too friendly & will pounce on you ifyou get close enoughFEATURESFast paced sea surfer games play forandroidRealistic toy car racing and falling animations Detailedenvironment designs and cool deep dive effectsNumerous dangers toencounter in the water, including whale, octopuses, sharks, withtricky bomb mines network spread throughoutGAMEPLAYControl your toycar racing by gyroscopic movements, titling your device to strafeleft and right. Avoid incoming obstacles and strafe to surf alongthe direction of tidal waves.
City Road Builder Construction 1.0
Ready up your backpack and all essential tools to become builderconstruction of your city road the way you like. Now with controlof all the advanced constructor machinery available, gain thefreedom to rectify the city road network and landmarks to make itmore according to your taste, all in an enticing 3d sim. DETAILEDCONSTRUCTION SIM MISSIONS THROUGHOUT THE MAP Get engaged in ahighly realistic constructor sim and play through 15 excitinglevels of constructor mayhem. Complete daily road builder tasks bycreating road networks within the allotted time to unlock nextlevels and high end machinery to aid you in moving forward.IN-DEPTH TASTE OF A ROAD CONSTRUCTION Smooth and highly efficientconstruction sim controls makes players feel like being a builderthemselves. Throughout the course of 15 levels, complete heavy dutylifting tasks by operating small forklifts to heavy cranes. Carryloads of sands to dump by sand mixer, dig pits into targeted areasby excavators and fix and repair broken or damaged patches of roadsby use the steam roller. All in day’s work for a skilled City RoadConstructor!!! GAME FEATURES - Engaging road construction sim- 15gameplay levels, with different objectives for each and spread withtime constraints as challenges- Complete and earn rewards byfulfilling each level within the allotted time limit to advance andunlock advanced machinery for upcoming levels- Unlock advancedmachinery like Steam rollers, forklifts and cranes, excavators androad builder machinery.
Island Sniper Assassin Shooter 1.5
Chosen for a covert clean out mission right at island of Somalia,an Assassin Sniper shooter with excellent shooting skills isrequired to wipe out enemy once and for all. Accomplish trilogy ofdeadly assassin missions given with the responsibility to save thesailors life and battle against the dangerous island pirates loadedwith guns. Enemy sniper shooter squad has set on battle withweapons and high profile ammunition!BASELINEThe nit-picked piratesniper shooter gangs got a hide out near the North coast islandtaking up some wicked plans, disturbing the water traffic for theirmean wants. What would be Assassin’s next action move will definetheir Fate! Bound to the shooting battle, you are the only hope ofthe island force!BATTLE LINEGo into the hiding of island lighthouse and never leave a mark of your presence there. Gang ofextremely dangerous sea sniper shooter squad are after you. Killthem one by one silently. If you see one of them nearby, resist theassassin urge to confront. Strike back before bullet shoot touchesyou. Make your survival prior to all as you are the only frontierassassin here.BOTTOM LINEYou are the man and you are the army here.Battle against the arsenal of enemy terrorist gangs at variantlocation through multiple viewpoints. Bring out onboard and hiddenpirates to the death point. Look for an acute kill shoot from adistant attack. Strike like a frontier commando with your sniperassassin rifle hurling a distant projection. Aerial aid will become soon so complete your mission and take off to the nextscene.FEATURES- Brief objective based shooting missions- A greatcollection of cohesive levels- Wild Ocean atmospherically design-Remote base precise controls- Great 3D crystal clear graphics
Speed Motocross Shooting 3D 1.2
Pump up the nitrous and pace through challenging tracks, driving aspeed motocross stunt dirtbike, avoiding obstacles and shooters inan adventurous racing shooter run 5 DIFFERENT TRACKS Race throughfive tracks set in exciting new locations - City Urban Environment-Highway Road Environment- Arabian Desert Environment - JungleEnvironment - Frozen Territory Environment GAMEPLAY Speed Motocrossthrough the tracks with auto transmission system. Move left andright by swiping screen and gain extra speed and accelerate byigniting nitrous, tap and hold to accelerate and fast speed.Avoidspeeding close from the on track shooter, as they will deal damageto you. The heavy traffic on tracks will be another challenge todeal with, as with increasing speed the speed motocross trafficwill become hasty and your dirtbike racing day could be over soon.FEATURES Exciting Dirtbike speed motocross racing gameplay5different tracks and city locations Challenging gameplay withshooter enemiesUse powerups like nitrous to gain speed
Wanted Criminal: Police Sniper 1.4
The criminal police cops are greasing up the gears on roads tochase the most wanted criminal of underworld escaped from theprison. You are the blacklisted wanted criminal involved in illegaldealings and killer activities in city. Now taking up the hostageat one of the building top, you need to beat the heat of guns fireapproaching you from the cunning police sniper force and escape.Theonly way to escape out of the city and state is to wait and resistthe killer attack from the police sniper shooters till the aidreaches you from wanted criminal master via helicopter. Get thebest police sniper gun of 2015 and set fire ON!Kill each till thereach! There is no way back once taken this dangerous mission ofshooting!!! Aim with the police sniper rifle to shoot those filthycops planning to take this wanted criminal down again inimprisonment. Shoot and Kill is the plan, so make the strike realhard in best police sniper for your survival. GAMEPLAY Indulge into5 major game levels accelerating towards extreme rage anddifficulty. Aim and shoot till last police sniper is dead. Clearthe area out of police men in each mission to battle with the nexttroop of police force. Shooter attacks will get intense by eachwave. Destroy patrolling police cars and hovering helicopters withthe only weapon you have to gain notoriety as the ultimate wantedcriminal… WANTED CRIMINAL FEATURES ⍟ Classic wanted criminal vspolice sniper force showdown⍟ Endless sniper shooting of numerouspolicemen, cars and copters⍟ Epic replay screen after each gunshoot⍟ Crystal clear zoom scope view⍟ Reactive screen navigationand controls⍟ Revolutionary 3D graphics in metro city environment
Criminal Chase: Police Car 1.0.1
***Unleash the real cop out of you, engage in a thrilling policecar chase on a cold winter day in a snow car chasing game*** CrimeCity Police Car driving simulator is a free police car chasesimulation game with different missions to complete, Acceleratefaster and catch the criminals and robbers before they leave crimecity. It’s an easy snow car driving police game where you areracing against time to catch the criminals. You have to find andrescue people in different crime situations as a group of criminalshas entered the city and according to intelligence report ,thecriminals will conduct different criminal activities in town likerobberies, mobile snatching, purse snatching etc and a responsiblecity police officer it’s your duty to safeguard the property of thepeople and provide them protection by giving the criminals a toughtime by your police chase using your snowmobile.The criminals androbbers will be equipped with the high-tech gadgets, automaticweapons like machine guns, semi automatic rifles, pistols and theywill be using muscle cars , sports cars to escape from the police.Choose the best muscle car available so that you have the enoughpower for a successful police car chase and eventually catchingthem.This is a free snowmobile police car driving game, if you likepolice car parking, simulator, swat simulator, snow plow truckdriver games, fire rescue games, you’ll definitely love's a must have game for all snow car racing freaks outthere.Download NOW..!!*****FEATURES*****• A crazy police cardriving and parking game for all age groups• Heavy duty powerfulengine of the car• Challenging road tracks for car drivers andracers• Exceptional car driving controls with forward and reversegears• Amazing graphics and interactivity• Cool background music•Facebook sharing optionDonwload this crazy Sheriff snowmobile CarSimulator and Parking Game for free now and enjoy!If you like thisDetective Car Simulator and Fire fighter Simulation Parking gamethen do visit the following link for more exciting 3D racing,parking and simulationgames:
City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D 1.0
Crazy Traffic Sniper Hunter has risen from the legend of very lowstrength dorm, brace yourself for Traffic Sniper Shooter. Kill andshoot is your only mission! Rage a war and get a higher rank insniper unleashed fury by bringing crazy traffic kills to scare thecity. GAME PLOT Fight the modern expert war of odds against alltargets in your demolition. Don't worry about the army, you areenough. First it was city government who back stabbed and drag youto the point of death. Then these senseless terrorists, shooters,killers made it more heart ranching to live in between them.Finally, it comes to the point to get a pay back in terms of bloodand fire!This is your war of revenge which takes you to the crazytraffic sniper whereabouts where killing and hunting brutalityprevails. Its your time to take a target on authorities to sweatfor their doings. The only company you have is your sniperunleashed fury. KILLER GAME FEATURES Endless levels crazy trafficshooting with thrill based impossible challengeExpert assaultassassin gun weapon array with limitless shellsTime based RPGimpulsive gameplay Extensive kill missions in story based gameplayPlay in Real 3D city environment Play as an expert to jam down thecrazy traffic and hunt terrorists to kill. Stand obstacles betweenthe enemy traffic vehicles with your only sniper unleashed game.Boiling in the spirit of revenge take on target each automobilecar, truck and carriers that come into sight. Hot headed you onlyknow to target blow fire all around the dorms by targeting trafficsniper shooting cars and killing terrorists. Your have chosen yourmission so let’s embark on it.Shoot down and rage war as fullfledge army against every odd come across to bring your strengthdown. Play to be the crazy traffic sniper ought to destroy the deadhearts. Keep on taking cray traffic shooting missions, getaccomplished and get updated with new weaponry of arms and slug oneach achievement. Experience exciting upgrade of power and skillsby every kill. Master assassin needs to be daunting enough for thenext attach as a death trader.
Bus Driver Racing Online 1.0.3
You have taken a ride on a commercial bus a countless times but howmany times have you got yourself in its bus driver seat? This hugecommercial bus has been named as the city Bus and you are supposedto drive it across city to pick and drop passengers.Unlike otherracing online games, this Commercial Bus Simulator shall requireyou to be a pro and drop passengers in time. Know your bus andpassengers, there are plenty of them in the city that your Russiantraffic racer bus can carry. With lively HD graphics and totalurban experience in a commercial bus simulator. On this bus drivinggames, all you have to do is simulate your city bus across citypick up passengers and be a pro-Russian Bus Driver.==== BUS DRIVERRACING ONLINE FEATURES ====- Cool commercial buses- Exciting andRealistic city environments- Two touch steering options with thebuilt-in accelerometer- Different camera angles that give you morecontrol- Amazing 3D graphics- Try out this new Bus Driver Simulatorand enhance your parking skills!- Highly entertaining game playIfyou liked being a Bus Driver Racing Online also spare some time toview our collection at:
Airplane Flight Pilot Sim 3D: Plane Simulator 2017 1.1
Be a Real Flight Pilot & Enjoy Flying PlaneIt’s a Dream cometrue!! Now you got a chance to become an expert GDP airplane jetpilot without any license through a new game. 3D Airplane Flightjet Pilot simulator new game has reached your Android platform tohave a great experience of absolute flying jet aircrafts new gameon Android while having your own commercial absolute extremeairport plane flying simulator. This Airplane Flight Pilot Sim 3D:Plane Simulator 2017 game is about plane flying, plane driving, andflying aeroplane simulator. Be a super pilot of the plane flyingflight 2017 then this game has a lot of fun with realistic flightrunway. You are the real world hero of the jet fighting pilot.SuperFlying Experience From The AirportExtreme Fly airport planesimulator through different 3D avion environment waypoints, airportand skylines getting the expert skills of takeoff, fly, landing andParking planes. Pay attention to acute commands from control unit.Go through all of the waypoints and land at your destination ontime. You should care about flight hackers which are around theairport area. So keep calm and drive plane from the airport runway.Flying a plane in Airplane Flight Pilot Sim 3D: Plane Simulator2017 game is not much easy as people think about it. You must havelearned of plane flying or you should master pilot of the planeflying.3D Flight simulator go on extreme with irresistible physicscontrols of steer and throttle airport plane. It will be a realtest for your grip and control. Fly safe in the air and land on theground without being hit. Overcome all the risks playing throughartificial weather conditions, aerial attack and altitude balance.Flying Aeroplane Simulator has a lot of fun for kids free games andhaving adventure and arcade games fun in a single simulator game.Be a master pilot plane flying flight 2017 in Airplane Flight PilotSim 3D: Plane Simulator 2017 game. Jet fighters are around you likef15 fighter gunner, f16 jet fighter, and real f18 fighters.MISSIONSMission 1: Learn how to take off, fly and landing throughwaypoints.Mission 2: Take passengers and land safely on destinedairport passing through waypoints.Mission 3: Handle with worstweather conditions to reach at destination airport on time.Mission4: Need to adjust the elevation of the airplane, be on time.Mission5: Fly and evade aerial attacks from aircrafts while maintain thecorrect height range.Final Mission: challenge yourself in the finalround to get licensed as the elite jet pilot.FEATURES 6 immense,intuitive level of extreme airport plane flight simulatorSuperscenic realistic 3D locations of airport, skyline and citySwitchcamera between cockpit and Third person viewPlay in two excitingmodes with diverse applicationHave a Nice Flight!If you likeAirport Plane Flight Simulator then do visit the following link formore exciting 3D action, racing, parking and simulationgames
Subway Euro Train Sim 2017 1.1
It’s time to enter the intercity metro subway tracks, as you takecontrol of an advanced euro train, travelling across theskyscrapers, tunnels, roads and scenic locations of an intercitymetro subway train. Enjoy Driving the heavy locomotive with subwaytrain simulator 2017. The euro areas are not your everyday drivingroute. The tracks and stops here require extreme precision andability in driving aerotrain. Overpass through subway aerotrainstation stops, carrying and dropping off passengers within theallotted time limit. Be wary though, the tricky curves and tracksthroughout the city of subway train simulator 2017 are not thatfriendly. Keep a close eye on the speed slider, braking and,avoiding overshooting station stops of the aerotrain. RealisticEuro Train Simulator Challenges Overpass the hurdles during yourjourney. Face several challenges as an aerotrain simulator expert.The city tracks have sharp turns and drifts, so speed up wisely,braking at the right spots to avoid derailing the train. Make sureyou stop at a safe distance from the road signals, as trafficinside the city is massive. We don’t want to get into and accident.The long tunnel routes will be challenging for any driver, soswitching on the headlights will help a little. Still, your drivingskills will be the one that will count in the end. Pass throughfive challenging rides inside the subway city, and we might get youa permanent license as a euro train driver. Features - Highlyrealistic euro train simulator controls - 5 levels based in variousmetro subway city environments - Independent controller sliders forspeed adjustment, braking, headlights and toggling third and firstperson view
Helicopter Flight Landings Pro 1.1
Fulfill your fantasy of being a professional flight pilot in thishelicopter flight landings pro simulator. Take controls of acommercial helicopter as you maneuver your way through 20 excitinglevels of gameplay, executing a successful landing to advance.GAMEPLAY Use advanced flight landings pro controls like altitudeadjustment, side strafing and speed regulation to guide yourhelicopter flight through a network of waypoints spread throughoutvarious locations, executing flight landings with success.Pass eachwaypoint in a sequential order, avoiding obstacles like buildingsetc. and ensuring that you achieve a safe flight landings on theparking area, without being damaged and destroyed.Each level ofhelicopter flight simulator poses various challenges and extremethreats you will need to dodge in order to advance to the finallanding point. FEATURES - Realistic flight landings pro simulatorcontrols - Various 3D city themed locations with vivid graphics -Advanced controls to navigate helicopter like altitude, speed andside strafing - 20 challenging levels with each level posingextreme difficulty- Detailed 3D graphics with various animationsfor the helicopterShowcase your temperament and swift landings prosimulation skills to take your helicopter through suburban areasand complete each challenge in the best time to earn rewards.
Taxi Rescue Mission 1.0
The downtown city has been struck by a sudden and unexpected attackby a terrorist organizations. The lives of many citizens is underthreat as the attacks have left a lot of injured people around thecity. Being a responsible citizen and a skilled taxi driver, it’stime to lend a helping hand to aid the army and rescue the peopleof your city.Drive in a disaster struck downtown of city to carrythe wounded and injured citizens to the nearest treatment centersand hospitals. Drive fast but steady, as the health of the woundedconstantly keeps deteriorating. Features - 4 levels of rankingbased taxi driving and rescue missions- Pickup various collectiblesto refuel and boost the taxi- Earn ranking points by driving thebest you can EARN MEDALS FOR YOUR DRIVING SKILLS Drive to the bestof your ability, avoid bumps and obstacles in your drive. Let’s seeif you have the skills to fetch that GOLD medal! NUMEROUSCOLECTIBLES AN POWERUPS TO GET GOING Collect various power ups likerefueling bags, gold bags and health kits to keep going the taxirun. Collect invincibility stars to become immune to bumps andobstacles, and nitrous kits to unleash the extra speed in you.
Rescue Helicopter Mission 3D 1.1
It’s time to put into action an elite spec ops rescue mission, asyou are the army’s air support in an intense ongoing war. Your taskas the rescue helicopter pilot is to bring in food, medical aid andweapons for soldiers in combat.Dive into an entertaining action andsimulation gameplay, as you fly your helicopter to rescue soldiers,and fight on against attacking enemies like tanks, armored cars andshooting soldiers. Equipped with modern weapons, your rescuehelicopter is great at gunning down enemies as well as carryingheft cargo and supplies to aid soldiers in thebattlefield.FEATURES>>> 4 aerial rescue missions in night,day and rainy conditions>>> Face of enemy tanks, armedcars, RPS shooting soldiers >>> Use advanced weaponryattachments for helicopter, flash bombs, and grenadelaunchers>>> Radar system for tracking enemymovements>>> Timed missions
City of Crime: Army Sniper Shooting Game 1.2
ARE YOU READY FOR THIS ADVENTUROUS AND THRILLING GAME?Have you evertry Third Person Army Sniper Shooting Game? If not then downloadnow this City of Crime Army Sniper Shooting 2017 game, this citysniper shooting 2017 game is actually a modern form of soldier wargames and shooting games.Welcome to the new journey of commandosurvival in the city of gangsters. The crime of City is athird-person 3D shooter game. The gangsters are waiting for you, goand get them all down to their knees. You are the only alone armysniper shooter, so the duty is tough and challenging to you. Keepyourself avoiding from the coming bullets. You have the differentRussian and American Guns to change, select the one which is betterto finish them all before they take you down. The best sniper ischosen from the regiment of the best commando shooters. A skilledarmy sniper shooter makes his army proud. City sniper shooting isthe big challenging army mission because the city is under attackby the critical terrorists and your duty to thrash them out theworld.THRASH ALL THE GANGSTERS OUT OF THE CITY TO SAVE ALL PEOPLEBethe brave sniper assassin in the army, aim to strike the gangstersof the city with destructive weapons. This sniper assassin gamegives you a very impressive and challenging environment. Use bestskills of the best sniper shooter in the land of war and terror.Remeber that enemy is not easy to defeat so don't go with extraconfidence, make your plan and attack on them with a goodstrategy.City of Crime: Army Sniper Shooting Game Features =>High-quality graphics with different levels=> Different guns toselect during the war=> Enjoy the third person shootinggame=> Blast the drums with the bullets
World War 2 Airborne Fighter: Real War Machines 3D 1.3
Gather up all your piloting skills against the might of fierce airand land gunner enemies in World War 2 Airborne Fighter: Real WarMachines 3D. Navigate your world war of machines themed airborneplane through tough conditions and immense difficulty to take downbombarding enemies, attacking through aerial and land routes. Areal battle of jet fighter 2017 world war machines free armyfighting games is the real battle jet plane fury to get back peaceof the futuristic country.The enemy territory is filled with anarmy of shooting enemies, fighter planes, and guns. The wholeterritory is being guarded by heavy duty anti-aircraft guns, so itwill not be an easy task, even for a fast flying jet, to infiltratetheir base and retrieve important Intel, without exchanging someheavy blows. Enjoy thrill in the new battle of jets full actiongame free with the new military jet fighters war of machines in theseason of army fighting games. Counter enemy attacks with yourimpeccable precision, timing and a host of assault weapons at yourdisposal, like the formidable Gatling Guns, which can reduce thesize of a small population to none within minutes! Battle of jetfighters offline blitz in the world war 2 firefighters giving a newexperience of plane fighting games. The crash of jets are not a newthing in the battle of the jet fighters, the army having a lot ofweapons and new army can fight back during the counterattack.Gameplay Controls your airborne plane through navigationcontrols and altitude adjustment to fine-tune your piloting. Use aprimary machine gun, along with the powerful Gatling Guns, whichwill be unlocked for use as levels progress further. US army isalways looking for peace in the futuristic country to finish theworld war with winning. In this world war 2 battle of the jetfighter games, you have to fight against the enemies withfirefighters who are attacking your army base. In this real battleof plane fighting world war machines simulation game, Aim to shotwith your heavy jet missile. Take the full action of World War 2and experience a real tank battle warfare. Fight back for afuturistic country with the war of machines gun battle, play a bigrole as a real tank commander and defeat your enemies with forcestrike and strategic decisions.Use radar system to track downaerial jet fighters and anti-aircraft guns targeting you withmissiles from land. Features - Smooth and realistic jet fighternavigation controls- Radar system for tracking down enemies- 10intense levels of objective-based gameplay- Detailed environmentsand variable conditions for each level like weather and light
Kill To Survive: Counter Terrorist Attack 1.1
Welcome to the world of Sniper Shooting Game. Be just like a realModern Commando Survival to hit all the enemies like a pro. Are youwaiting for the new sniper shooting games? Do you want more thrilland fight in best hero survival game? Here is the new counterterrorist attack game with full of fun and action. So don't waitanymore just download this extra feature sniper shooting game.There are a couple of best sniper shooting games in the world andthere are also new super hero war games with high competition areon the play store. So now it's up to you that how you choose thebest sniper shooter game in the modern survival fighting games!ThisNavy Sniper Seal Commando Game has the new arrival of super herocounter terrorist attack. You are a trained super hero of SpecialForces agent, so the job is to eliminate the enemies by a counterterrorist strike right now. A highly trained modern commandosurvival will accompany you during first anti-terrorist operation.This game is about Super Hero Survival Counter Terrorist andcounter terrorist strike FPS shooting game in which a real survivalcommando shoot terrorists, A counter terrorist shooting simulationgame. The game is about counter terrorist missions, counter strikeon enemies to destroy enemies and kill all terrorist.Kill ToSurvive Counter Terrorist Battle Force is a super amazing FPS gamehaving highly addictive gameplay. This super hero game will let youcombat like a real sniper shooter in this modern FPS battle game.You as a secret army commando survival hero will go and counterterrorist force in an extreme shooting battle game. Go and counterterrorist force like a real battle shooter hero survival of armyforce. Counter terrorist force is specialized in extreme shootingand is expert killers. Only a real sniper assassin shooter of thearmy can win survival battle against them. It’s time to counterextreme terrorist attack with deadly shooting skills and strikeback for safety.FEATURES - Highly realistic battlefieldenvironments - Amazingly intense gameplay storyline spread through10 sharp shooter missions- Fast action sniper assault games play-Wide number of objectives and skill based gameplay with relevantrewards- Contract sniper killer wipe out all the enemies withbrutal mind
Train Gunner: Last Defender 1.1
Relive the World War 2 Battle Scene In ww2, Russia used a traingunner squad to protect vast railways and main railway stations. Itwas also often used battle enemies. Resembling a gunner warship onthe ground and virtually indestructible, it has heavy weapons andthick armor plates to do the damage on the fiercest of enemies. Youhave been assigned as the commander of Caliber Guns on the “ LastDefender ” train.Your job as commander of Last Defender is toprotect the train at any cost, securing all supplies and minimizingdamage to the Destroyer as much as possible. You are equipped withmassive train gunner weapons onboard, so lay assault on all theenemy artillery to defend the train out of harm’s way. IntenseTrain Gunner Missions Five deadly and intense missions await youngcommander on route to a successful defense with the Last Defender.Survival long shoot down battles with armored trucks, German tanks,artillery guns, warships and Tiger Tanks. Fight through challengingweather conditions and fierce enemy attacks in a constrictedtimeline.The gunner’s war will not be easy as it seems, even withthe Last Defender and Gatling Guns at your disposal. The enemypossesses some heavy gunner artillery to put a serious dent in yourline of defense. Stay firm and steady in your aim if you wish tosurvive the authentic World War 2 era. Features - Smooth andrealistic gameplay- Detailed built battle environment with WorldWar 2 experience- Various enemy classes across 5 challenging traingunner levels - Tricky weather conditions
Zoo Dino: Deadly Animal Hunter 1.0.2
***** Want to be a forest hunter or jungle sniper. If you can killsome forest wild animal then Lets show it what a brave and proforest animal shooter you got in you *****You have had played deerhunting games, dino attack simulator 3D games , wolf attack gamesbut how many times have you played a game that got all in one. Thisone does.Looking for jungle sniper hunting or jungle hunter 3D gamewhere you want to hunt forest animal and where you can be brave anda real animal shooter? Forest Animal Sniper Hunting 3D will provideyou a real sniper hunting environment to hunt all kind of junglewild animals like lion, elephant, dinosaur, bear, wolf, rhino,hippos etc. Take a headshot be an expert head hunter by shootingdown the wild animals in the jungle. You are allowed here to huntdown all sorts of animals it’s not merely a deer hunting game it’sa full fledge jungle game where you get a chance to shoot down allwild animals. You are a brave jungle hunter stuck in a safari in adangerous whereabouts where at every step a wild animal can beseen. The only chance of survival is to act as an animal shooterand hunt down each of the jungle animal with your precise shooting.The only difference between this and other dino attack simulatorgames or deer hunting games is, that it has all the animals you getto see in the jungle. All you have to do is shoot them down, formore precision be a head hunter, taking a head killing shot.10challenging levels in the jungle hunter game where you are a prowild animals shooter and each level gives you a challenge to shoota wild animal set of animals within limited time.To test andimprove hunting skills animal hunter skills and the sniper shooteris required to:- Hold sniper rifle tightly- Follow targeted animal-Zoom scope and set your aim in 3D view- Shoot animal once huntedanimal is in complete under aimYour Jungle Sniper game featuresinclude:- Amazing 3D graphics build just for your Android device.-10 huge levels. Each with a new challenge.- Real sniper physics.-Let not the animal escape.Let’s shoot some Wild ferocious animalsdown there. Be one heck of a head hunter. If you are a wild animalsgame fanatic like deer hunting games and dino attack simulatorgames the this is a must have game for youOUR MORE FUN FILLEDGAMES: Facebook page forfeedback:
Safari Wild Lion Sniper Hunter 1.0.1
The king of the jungle has abandoned its kingdom and out on somewild man hunt. Do you have what it takes to be a wild hunter? Gotake a chance.The jungle kingdom is lacking any prey for the wildlion king, so they have come out of their dwelling into the nearbyvillage to feast on human flesh. Roars of a wild lion areresounding in the village, people are scared of an angry lionentering in their vicinity. They have called an expert animalsniper to the rescue so would you like to be a lion hunter in thewild and be the knight of the jungle hunting games?A whole pack oflions has entered the village to devour people. A lion attack isimminent. Their only chance of survival is an animal sniper who cantake the task as lion shooter and hunt down angry lion in everylocality. A variety of sniper rifles would be at your disposalwhich can enable you to become expert wild lion shooter. Show thetraits of a brave wild hunter and save as many lives as you canusing your lion hunting expertise.Unlike other jungle hunting gamesyour level of difficulty shall increase as you proceed in the game.The number of lions will keep on increasing but your task as a lionshooter shall remain the same. Unlike other lion hunting games inthis particular lion attack game you will be required to track downthe lions by following their path and then shoot them down.Let usgive you a hint: Do not ever take an angry lion for granted. He candevour you in a single strike. A lion attack can be fatal. If youhave played jungle hunting games before you would know that thebest idea of a lion hunting is to shoot from a distance Your wildhunter game got:• HD Graphics• Ability to roam around as a sniper•Multiple sniper rifles for precise lion hunting• 10 challenginglevelsIf you fancy being a lion hunter/wild hunter and junglehunting games is your area of interest then this is a MUST HAVEgame for you. Let us show to the angry lion king who is the realking down here. Check out our other animal sniper gamesat:
Navy Gunship Bullet Shoot War 1.1
Opening Sequence Good morning soldier, your admiral tells me thatyou hope to captain your own navy gunship someday. Well that’s goodto hear son because we are in need of one today. The Russianmachines are about to attack us from every corner of the earth andI have a bullet shoot war waiting with your name on it! Remember,this is probably going to be a one way mission. Good luck, andgoodbye! Combat against All Odds Take controls of a heavy duty navygunship against the artillery of assault from enemy warships.Engage in fierce bullet shoot war, as your warship gets outnumberedby the enemy force, which intends you take you out anycost.Although outnumbered and outgunned in the bullet shoot war,your navy gunship packs in some seriously effective weaponry. Gainhold of the massive mounted turret guns and missile tracking systemto even the odds in your favor. Tracking down enemies will not be aproblem, as the enemy seems to find you, whenever you successfullysurvive a gunner level.Keep your wits about yourself, take preciseaim and use the limited number of ammo to your advantage. The enemywill also pose a great threat in the bullet shoot war, with theirturret gunner machines and missiles, so keeping an eye on the radarfor movements and your navy gunship health may prove helpful.Gameplay Control your warship’s movement in see with an analoguejoystick for navigation. The environments are completely free view,with on screen swiping for a full 360 degrees view. Players willget control triggers for two weapons, the turret gunner machinesand missile launchers.Track Radar will accompany players topinpoint enemy movements and eliminate them. Fight through 5intense levels of bullet shoot war, with each level posing aformidable threat, as the enemy numbers and gameplay conditionsbecome increasingly difficult.
3D Coloring Pages and Play - AR App 1.0
One of the best and spectacular augmented reality apps, you canfind on play store. Experience the A.R expertise like never before.Find our pages by downloading the app and visit our website . Download and print the spectacular pagesfrom the website or 3D Coloring Pages App download tab and let yourkids show their inner artist come alive.Step up from the classicspectacular coloring pages to a new tech-oriented coloringaugmentation, don’t just color only like other coloring apps forkids and adults but see your art come to life and play with italive, experience the best of augmented reality merged into thecoloring pages alive.The best thing about 3D Coloring Pages is thatyou don’t just color and see your art coming into life but youactually create a story. Learn color schemes like never before withthe prince and princess' storybook augment where the characters youcolor takes you to another world of A.R, the augmentedreality-based storybook having different characters making youindulged in colorized story and playing at the end seeing theireruption and augmentation for a better interaction with thephysical world. 3D Coloring Pages is the #1 Fun learning augmentedreality app. Take out your color box, crayon, pencil, or markers,color the storybook pages and see your favorite characters leapingout in 3d animation, play the animation and enjoy your paintedpages.Change the way you interact, learn and entertain. Bydownloading this best 3d app AR education. Features -3D ColoringPages AR application is one of the perfect 3d App for kids andadults.-AR Education is an exciting entertainment offering coloringeducation in its color app for pictures, spreading a magical andsparkling smile for kids, Parents, and Educators and adults.-Theapp is perfectly crafted educational design, transforming 3d into areal life physical world magical experience of understanding ofcolors entertaining prince and princess characters augments in theform of art-3D Coloring Pages education AR app consist of Princeand Princess love story coloring book, providing you bothentertainment and quality education better than coloring games.-Artand creativity making the characters to color them and giving you achance to see them coming into real life animated story better thanmost of AR games. You can play and pause the animation like ARgames and play with colors on coloring pages like neverbefore.-Watching your artwork coming into life motivates kids andpeers/adults to use the digital devices for better learningeducation opportunities.AREDU AR app makes our life’s firstinteraction of coloring pages augmentation a better experience wenever had. -Coloring pages are in itself a piece of art andinnovation combined, making real - world physical environment tobring magical experience in future education with 3dreality.-Download AREDU App-Download Coloring pages from ourwebsite: ( them and take prints-Colorthe pages and play the animation through 3D Coloring Pages and Play- AR App coloring app
Real Monster Superhero vs Angry Transformer Battle 1.0
Real Monster Superhero vs Transformer Ninja Battle ==== Best (FPS)First Person Shooting Action Game ====Welcome to play the best RealMonster Superhero game against the robot transformers in the bigbattlelog of US American terrorist attack. Best FPS Shooting GameDevelop yourself to be the incredible war giant hero in the worldwar III of futuristic city arena transformer robots. The superherois fighting with the arriving robots transformer to the city ofsuper sniper hero who wants to occupy the grand city with theircritical missions. Step into the battlelog to save the rescued cityfrom the gang of Transformers. Operationally jump in action withthe super sniper hero you have to go with your monster hero throughdifferent critical missions of this game of world war III andbattlelog these futuristic transformer robots. The history of worldwar III is in the hands of super sniper hero in the grandfuturistic city arena against the gang transformers and you are theonly incredible superhero futuristic city arena. This worldsuperhero game has just begun with the futuristic city arenabattlelog gang Transformers. Kill the war transformer robots in thebattlelog in the rescued city who made it battle zone. Use yoursuper sniper hero skills in the monster hero vs transformer battleworld war III and make the city rescue in the piece. Pull BackPeace of Grand City The Monster vs Transformer game of 2017 is thecritical missions super sniper hero game for futuristic city arenamonster hero vs robot transformers lovers. Incredible super powerwaiting to use in ninja battle with extreme and impossiblegangsters of the futuristic city attacking the grand city with highexplosions, guns and rifles like AK47 etc. Take the extreme actionwith the counter attack on the gangsters and criminals of grandcity and banish them with the incredible super power to take backthe peace of the grand city. Sending a real monster superhero to animpossible mission is the right decision to start the ninja battleagainst the grand city gangsters and criminals. Real MonsterSuperhero vs Transformer Ninja Battle Features: - Realistic 3Denvironment- Asphalt guns to pick up and fight- Robots war withsuperhero
Impossible Bike Stunt Tracks: Moto Racing 3D 1.0
Here are our new masterpiece game real Impossible Bike StuntTracks: Moto Racing 3D for the real lover of bike racers. RealImpossible Bike Stunt Tracks 3D is an endless racing game of allgenre it will take you to next level by adding a full differentcareer mode, fps view, much better graphics and real impossibletracks heavy bikes sounds. So now starts your engine of motorbikesand experience the thrilling ride of your best real Impossible BikeStunt Tracks 3D is extremely fast and more daring or thrillingdriving game. Welcome to an impossible journey of racing moto bikestunt real impossible tracks game in which you will have to racebike and make real stunts on impossible tracks in the air.Impossible tracks in the air have been built for blue sky bikeracing. You might have played different stunt racing games of 2017e.g. car racing games, real impossible tracks games, hill racing,bike stunts, monster 4x4 truck, bike hill stunts and stunt racinggames but this crazy moto bike racing game 2017 is different,interesting and addictive among all. Impossible Bike Stunt Tracks3D is the best when you want some real ride game. Riders who lovereal heavy bike racing games will love this game. In this realImpossible Bike Stunt Tracks: Moto Racing 3D game, you Ride intraffic, against your opponents with high-quality graphics and 3Denvironment. Your environment including different cities, hills,and real heavy bike tracks. You can also Stunt on your motorbike,you have to prove yourself an amazing motor rider and show yourbike riding skills. Real Impossible Bike Stunt Tracks 3D is a gamelike no one before, in the world of Motor Bike racing. Smooth andfast riding experience, just like real experience which you getwhile riding on the actual motorbike on highway or track. All youneed in this game is to ride your motorcycle and drive carefullyamong all the fast bike racers, prove yourself and yourskills.Classic Crazy bike 2017 stunts on impossible tracks are veryrisky you have to race your heavy bike carefully on adventurous airtracks. Reduce bike speed while taking sharp turns on monster airtracks. Driving cargo truck, bus sim, chained taxi, car simulatorin the air on crazy tracks is easy then to drive 2 wheeler bike. InImpossible Bike, 3D Tracks enjoy most thrilling adventures ofimpossible moto bike drive in the middle of the sky on impossiblereal dangerous tracks. You are driving your supermoto bike in thesky among beautiful realistic environment. This motocross realimpossible tracks bike jumping game will provide a great experienceto motorbike riders who love doing stunts from different heights.Massive stunt driving on impossible real dangerous tracks with hugejumps and crazy obstacles makes this Impossible Moto Tracks 3D inthe list of best impossible extreme moto bike stunt simulatorgames. Real Impossible Bike Stunt Tracks Moto Racing 3DFeatures:> Dodge other bikes and try to get a high score>boosts your bike to reach crazy speed!> ride on 4 differenthighways!> Drive on different tracks in Arcade mode