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Guide for Minion Rush 3.0
How to play and get the bananas and potatoesUnlimited?Here is the guide for Minion Rush.Guide and Cheats for Despicable Me: Minion Rush!This is an unofficial fan guide to the minion rush game.Please note - This is not a game, It's is game guide!!Hands down, the Minions from the Universal Pictures animated movieDespicable Me are Reviews some of the cutest and Most lovablecharacters to come out of the big screen as of late. Now, you cantake control of your very own Minion to Go Make Some ruckus in thisvery energetic endless runner game. Collect bananas and performdespicable acts were fellow Minions as you aim to beat your friendsfor the high score.NOTE: This is an UNOFFICIAL Guide app for the fans favorite gameDespicable Me created by real fan!DISCLAIMER:This app is not authorized or created or tested by the creator ofthe game.The name of this game, logo, characters and images are not createdby us but by applying their honorable owners. All rights for theowners, if you feel there is a copyright or trademark directviolation that does not follow the guidelines of "fair use", pleasecontact us directly.
Guide For Temple Run 2 3.0
Guide For Temple Run 2 is a running gameguide. Beginning to discover the mysterious journey of the losttemple castle. You must face hordes of hostile arrows and fireballsattack. Learn this guides before playing.This is an UNOFFICIAL Guide app created by fan.This is best fan Guide For Temple Run 2, This is informal guide notofficial please keep in mind , this application is simply just givetips, hints & more for temple run 2.You can discover data related to your game levels , characters hereand unlock . This is an ideal for amateur and middle of the roadplayer.Just following this best guide for temple run 2, you will foundthe trick to beat scores this game easilyDISCLAINER: This app is not authorized or created or tested bythe creator of the game. All the game name, images, characters,logo and other details are not created by us but by theirrespective owners. This app collects videos from Youtube andorganize them in an easy way for users to view. This app followsthe "fair use" guidelines by US law, if you feel there is a directcopyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the"fair use" guidelines, please contact us directly.
Guide For Subway Surfers 3.0
Here is a unofficial applicationThe excellent guide For Subway Surfers, this app is just tipsandtricks. This is a perfect for beginner and intermediate player.Thisapp you can feel best experience for playing in popular game.Youmay find some information useful here.Please note - This is not a game !! It's is game guide.No more fake guides claiming to give you guide ForSubwaySurfers, this is the app you've been waiting for.Have Fun!!Just following this guide for Subway Surfers and hack thetricksfor your playing!DISCLAIMER:All the game name, images, characters, logo and other detailsarenot created by us but by their respective owners. This appcollectsvideos from Youtube and organize them in an easy way forusers toview. This app follows the "fair use" guidelines by US law,if youfeel there is a direct copyright or trademark violationthatdoesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines, please contactusdirectly.NOTE: This is an UNOFFICIAL Guide app created by fan.