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Calicut University C Programs 1.0
Phacsin Devs
Calicut University C Programs is an app whichis primarily based for Computer Science students of CalicutUniversity.This app uses newer material design of google, have aninteractive UI and extensive features yet to come.You can also save your programs for compling in a complier and forother references
Gamaya 3.1
Phacsin Devs
Gamaya aims to set the perfect platformforyoung talents to ASPIRE to achieve greatness , by PRESPIRingfortheir dreams and thus INSPIRing others. Gamaya 2k10 witnessedamega event .. an event which took the breath of everyone andeveryelement which witnessed it. but as they say " Good thingsdon'texist forever" thus never again was it seen . the fire whichhadcaught upon virally in 2010 died leaving back only ashes.Theythought that these ashes were washed away. They thought thatwindsand rains had left back no remnants.. but amidst those asheswas aspark which still remained undisturbed by the winds and rainsofthe seasons. Yeah it is true that "Good things don't existforever" , they do leave the world but instead of exiting for everwhatthey do is THEY RESURRECT .."A bridge of silver wings stretches from dead ashes ofanunforgiving nightmare to the jewelled vision of a lifestartedanew".. NSSCE COLLEGE UNION PRESENTS GAMAYA , Thetechnicalprotagonist resurrects.