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Pharmapedia Pakistan 1.2
Pharmapedia Pakistan gives you free, offline access to informationon generic drugs (dosages, indications, more), medicine brands inPakistan with prices and available forms, alternate brands and muchmore. All of this without requiring any key or annoying ads — justinstall and dive into the medical knowledge sea, no internetrequired!MAIN FEATURES:☆ Beautiful design, sleek layout.☆ Built-inintelligent search with auto-complete.☆ Drugs' overview, dosages,indications, side-effects, contraindications and high-risk groups.☆Available brands for every generic drug/formula, including acombination of generic drugs.☆ Prices & available forms liketablets, syrup, injection, infusion, drops & suspensionavailable for every brand.☆ Find alternate brands for everymedicine including prices, forms and company.☆ Bookmark any drug orbrand, get quick access to recently searched items.With thousandsof drugs and brands, we understand having a beautiful layout andquick access to information is equally important. That's why theuser-interface has especially been focused on.Each search listingalso includes the available forms of a brand, or a direct accessbutton for dosage/brands in case of generic drug search. Savedbookmarks and recents can easily by accessed by swiping appdrawer.The app can be used by anyone seeking medical information,which can include doctors, pharmacists, medical reps, medicalstudents, patients, general public or anyone curious aboutmedicines. It's a drugs dictionary, or a medical dictionary. Thisversion lists brands/medicines in Pakistan while generic drugssection can be used by anyone, worldwide.FEEDBACK:For anysuggestions, corrections and feedback, please feel free to contacton our given email address. We really do appreciate you reachingback to us, and your feedback could be included in the nextversion!DISCLAIMER & WARNING:Information provided in this appis for educational purposes only and cannot be substituted for anyprofessional medical advice. For any medical advice andprescription, please consult a medical professional.Permissions:Weuse your email only for making the app better, and it's nevershared with any third-party.
Engineering Dictionary Offline 1.0
This dictionary is an offline tool specially designed engineeringstudents and professionals who want to look up for technical termsand its definitions related to their field of engineering. Its fastsearching algorithm helps you to search in fractions of seconds.Download and get help in your studies and profession fromEngineering Dictionary Offline free! Engineering dictionary Offlineis a free tool which helps the user to search for more than 10Kterminologies and definitions in its first edition! It coversmainly civil, electrical and mechanical engineering fields ofstudies. You can add words to expand the database to make it acustom dictionary for you and can search for words you added. Note:You can use this dictionary for free and also WITHOUT INTERNET! Youcan also send a request to add terminologies and engineeringspecific definitions to your glossary! Engineering DictionaryOffline Key Features:- More than 10,000 Technical terms anddefinitions- Bookmark option for your commonly used words- Fast andtime efficient searching algorithm- Custom Words Addition (You canmake your own glossary)- Simple and easy to use design
Skin Care:Dermatology Glossary 1.0
This skin care dermatology glossary gives you the comprehensiveoverview of Skin diseases, its symptoms and treatments in somecases. This glossary is for information and knowledge, don’t use itas doctor’s subscription. This app is specially designed for thosewho want to want to care for their skin, have a sound knowledge onhow to stay safe in Summers from skin diseases. Be a part timedermatologist and care about your skin health. This offlinereference medical app is designed to give you a comprehensiveoverview of dermatology terms and help you care your skin, hairs,nails and have knowledge about basic dermatology terminologies.Note: You can use this app offline for free and also withoutInternet! Key Features Dermatology Dictionary: Skin Care app:-Comprehensive overview of Dermatologist’s overview.- Clean and userfriendly design- Fast Searching Algorithm to search DermatologyGlossary- A Unique glossary that is accessible offlineDISCLAIMER:Don’t use this reference app as doctor’s subscription, this is onlyfor educational purposes!
Daily Gym Fitness Workouts 1.2
Every body want to have a perfect body. If u think so too ,download our fitness app for free .The app is designed by a groupof professional fitness coaches.It will greatly help you to lossyour weight and keep u fit .Our app is also your main source ofexercises, diet, workout and nutrition plans.Download our app andsee the result in short time .Features includes -- Shouldersworkout-- Neck workout-- Biceps workout-- Triceps workout--Forearms workout -- Mid Back workout-- Low Back workout-- Chestworkout and much much more ...It is time to start a new lifestyle,to look better and more attractive than before, and mostimportantly, to get healthier!If u like our fitness app pleasedon't forget to rate our app . And give us your feedback .BeBeautiful and Healthy !!!