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Farting Poo Story - Stinky Pou 1.5
Phillip Kung
★★★★★ “Forget flappy bird and avoiding white tiles, farting poo isthe next big kids hit!”★★★★★ “I love endless run racing games! Farting poop is the perfectcombination of skill and cute addicting fun. Not to mention it’ssuper funny!”Farting Poo Swim Story is a hard fast paced race and comedy gamewhere you must avoid smelly obstacles and doodle monsters whilecollecting fart stars to maximize your points and top theleaderboard!Farting Poo Pete is back in the smelliest friendly sequel of thesummer following up the smash hit original Farting Poo Jump Story.Pete has escaped the house but now finds himself flushed down adumb toilet (OH NO!) and in to the sewer. Help guide Pete out ofthe sewer while collecting stars and plunger power-ups along theways. Stay alive and you’ll speed up so fast you’d think you havewings and a jetpack! But whatever you do don’t die!Features:* Endless runner jetpack style gameplay* Super funny sound and musical score (best farting noises)* High score leader board* Distance leader board* Avoid classic green pipes, obstacles, monsters, etc.* Collect fart poope stars* Bubble power-up for added protection* Super cute friendly talking virtual pet character farting pooPete!* One touch racing gameplay that is easy to learn* Keep track of your top 5 high scores* Race your friends to see who can get the highest score or longestdistance* Excellent one touch physics game with gravity pulling the boodown* Free - (it's always fun when it is free)If you love endless runner style games like Jetpack Joyride andTemple Run then you will love Farting Poo Swim Story! This is a topof the line FREE endless cave flying arcade game with gravityphysics that will rival some of the best out there.
Dot Dash: Bounce Spike Pop Two 1.1
Phillip Kung
★ YOU are a big red rolling and bouncing dot★★ Bounce, hop, jump, roll and hop to survive in this endless freeflow spike run world! ★★ Don't touch the spikes or let the bouncing ball spike hit you★★ WARNING: This game is HARD and moves FAST but it is superaddictive ★★ Train your reaction skills in this impossible tap minimal flatstyle runner ★★ Can you guide your red bouncing ball dot far enough to make it tonight world? ★Dot Dash is a beautiful simple onetouch game that will keep youon edge and entertained with endless flow running game play. Jump,bounce, hop, roll and dash your way over and around endless amountsof enemy spikes and other dangerous obstacles. With simple onetouchcontrol, tapping the screen to bounce, guide your red ball dot overspikes and jump onto blocks to continue the endless levels. Anymistake will result in instant death and a respawn at the beginningof the level to restart your run. Be careful not to hit the ballspikes or POP! GAME OVER!Don't think a spike is all you have to worry about; Dot Dash hasmany other obstacles, enemies and traps to worry about too. The redball rolls under your control with the steady flow of a greatendless runner red ball game, but don't worry, you don't have toworry about two dots, just your own dot!Dot Dash may feel too hard and impossible at times but afterpracticing and repetition you will be bouncing over endless amountsof ball spikes for hours and hours of fast, fun and addictinggameplay![How to play]>Tap the screen to make the red dot bounce on obstacles andover spikes>Don't land on a spike or your dot will pop and your run willcome to an end>Endless run flow style hardest gameplay>Avoid the spikes at all costs>Roll your way through fast, hard levels and two dotsworlds>Beat all of your friends high scores!If you love endless hard and impossible ninja and minimal flatrunner style games like dot run and other minimal flat styles liketwodots and ketchapp games then you will love Dot Dash: BounceSpike Pop Two! This is the new hardest impossible runner game outon the market today. Get your FREE copy of this impossible hardendless runner and start rolling for your life today!
Dashy Ninja: Backflip Hop Up! 1.0
Phillip Kung
How HIGH can you DASH? Download right NOW tofind out!WARNING: This game is HARDDashy Ninja! is a simple one touch jump hopping game that’ssuper addictive and strikingly beautiful. It’s easy to learn butcrazy hard at the same time. Just tap to jump and dash up to avoidall of the flying ninja stars, sharp spears, and samurai swords.Dashy Ninja – Backflip Hop Up! is the next great addictive casualgame to hit the app store!Dashy Ninja is sure to provide you and your friends and familyhours of jumping, hopping, and flipping fun. One word of caution:don’t get frustrated and don’t play for too long! This game isreally hard and addicting but can definitely be mastered with lotsof practice.[Features]> Vertical style dash up avoidance one touch skill basedgameplay> Adorable yet fierce flipping ninja square character> Endless runner style gameplay> Ninjas stars, spears, swords and other enemies> Ninja back flips in sweet style> How high can your cube ninja hero get? How many ninja flipscan you do?> If you love dashy ninja – backflip dash up! , please leave areview![How to Play]> Tap the screen to make your square ninjas jump, and dashup. Watch him do backflips on each tap!> Time taps to avoid enemies> Avoid hitting a sword, spear or ninjas star> Jump far and fly high to get the highest score possibleIf you love one touch vertical endless runner style skill gamesthen you’ll love dashy ninja! Download now and you’ll be flying andback flipping you’re ninja in no time at all. Don’t forget to leavea review!
Dizzy Wheel 1.1
Phillip Kung
Dizzy Wheel is a mental brain reflex puzzlegame designed to help you relax and test your brain at the sametime. The object of the game is simple. Tap the screen to match thecolor of the arrow dial to the color of the wheel. Games can beplayed at any pace to relax, train your brain, develop your mentalskills, and relieve stress. It is a perfect and relaxing game toplay when you only have a few minutes of time. Challenge yourselfand compete with your friends, colleagues and family in this newcrazy addicting stress relief game!HOW TO PLAY- Tap the screen to match the color arrow dial with the correctcolor on the wheel- The arrow dial will color switch and direction switch on everycorrect match- The wheel will spin back and forth with tap and speed up witheach match- Endless hours of relaxing gameplay great for stress relief
Flabby Bert: Fat Guy Hurdles 2 1.0
Phillip Kung
**WARNING: Flabby, Chubby, and Fattyguysaren't meant to jump hurdles so this won't be easyMeet Bert, your lovable flabby friend. One day Bert waswalkingdown the street, when a group of kids started laughing atourflabby friend. They started to call Bert names like fat, fattyandchubby. They even started poking Bert in his flabby stomach.FlabbyBert didn't like this one bit and wanted to lose weight!Bertdecided this was the day he was going to turn his life aroundandget fit.Now, Flabby Bert wasn't used to exercising and hadn't ran,jumpor even walked in a very long time. So Flabby Bert askedhisfriends for help. Flabby Bert got his tank top, shortshorts,headband and running shoes then made his way to the track toloseweight.Flabby Bert was never one to back down from a challenge, sohemade his way over to the track hurdles. With his chubby,flabby,fat belly hanging out of his tank top, Bert started to runfor thefirst hurdle. Flabby Bert had over estimated his fitnesslevel.With a loud crash, Flabby Bert slammed into the very firsthurdle.Even this embarrassing chubby failure wasn't going to stopFlabbyBert on his quest to be fit. Hurdle after hurdle smashed andFlabbyBert was starting to get down on himself.That when his friend fit Philip came along and remindedFlabbyBert about those kid who made fun of him. This made FlabbyBerteven more determined to finally jump over this hurdle. FlabbyBerttook his place at the starting line and closed his eyes.FlabbyBert thought about everyone who had ever called him heavy,chubby,fatty or fat. When Flabby Bert opened his eyes, Fit Philipknew nohurdle could stop Bert this time. Flappy Bert started to runtowardthe hurdle and with all his might Flabby Bert jumped....[GAME PLAY]See how far you can get and how many hurdles you can jump overinBert's quest to drop the pounds and lose the flab.> Easy to learn and super addictive run and jump game> Rage quit flappy style impossible game> One touch easy to learn but difficult to master gameplay> Tap the screen to make Flabby Bert jump overtrackhurdles> Lose weight and lbs in a jump quest to go from fat to fitonthe track> Sprint, run and Jump the hurdles but don't fall!> Reach high scores to run pass funny characters> Hours of running entertainment and funIf you love skill and rage quit games like flappy bird, stickheroor fat the fit then you'll love flabby bert: fat guy hurdles2!Help fatty Bert lose weight at the track while spendinghourshaving fun. Don't forget to leave a review for FlabbyBert!