Phoneum Apps

Phoneum - Mobile Only Cryptocurrency 1.6
***This is an early beta release on a test network. All tokensmined will be burned once the main network is implemented. Use fortesting purposes only.***Phoneum is a decentralized cryptocurrency,designed to deliver a simplified user experience and platform thatenables all users, regardless of technical aptitude, to fullyparticipate in the new cryptocurrency economy.Phoneum 's mission isto provide equality to all by making mining available toeveryone.Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency, yet not a lot ofpeople know what Bitcoin actually is. Phoneum is built to helpanyone to get more familiar with the Crypto World.Simply downloadPhoneum, sign up with an email or login with Google.Your virtualmobile wallet will be created automatically.Hit the "Start Mining"button, and leave the app to do it's magic!Run the app in thebackground and start earning Phoneum (PHM) tokens for free.Usually,mining requires a powerful machine to solve complex mathematicalequations, in order to get rewarded. With Phoneum, this is not thecase! Because the app uses a special algorithm to reward theminers, everyone has equal chance to earn tokens.Download Phoneumfor free and start mining today!Features of the app:* Accountcreation* Wallet Creation* Mining Experience* Total CirculatingSupply* Miners Online Indicator* Miner Notification* BackgroundMining* Heat Monitoring* Average Mining Statistics* Send andReceive Tokens* Transactions History* Internet ConnectionIndicator* App Settings - COMING SOON!Join us in thiscryptocurrency revolution!Website: https://phoneum.ioTwitter: [email protected]
Phoneum GO
Are you ready for an ADVENTURE? Whether you are at home ortravelling the world, there is always an adventure waiting for you!As the first game to be built on the Phoneum platform, thecustomized algorithm integrates Proof of Time (PoT), allowingplayers to earn Phoneum tokens (PHM) even when they are notactively on a quest. Choose between a variety of quest types anddifficulties. Daily Quests are perfect for beginners and peoplethat are looking to get out and see the world around them. Thesecan be created by players or businesses looking to increase brandawareness. Want to take it to the next level? With increasingdifficulty and exotic locations around the world, Premium Hunts arefor the adventurous players that are looking for a challenge andgreater rewards! Find the buried virtual treasure chests around theworld! To complete a treasure hunt, you must finish the tasks andacquire the number of keys required to open the chest, where yourtreasure awaits! Unlocking the treasure chest rewards players withvarious cryptocurrencies, including Phoneum, Bitcoin, Ethereum, andmore! (*We will be limiting the number of seats to provide the bestexperience possible. More seats will be made available on a weeklybasis.) Once installed, create an account. It is important to notethe email address used will be the main wallet address within thePhoneum platform going forward. Alpha and Beta stages will lead upto the official release on December 12, 2018 of Phoneum GO on bothAndroid (Google) and iOS (Apple) platforms. Throughout development,new features will be released. For more information on Phoneum GO,visit:
Crypto Treasures 1.1.3
What if all the cryptocurrency in the world was locked in aTreasure Chest with one single key? Be a part of Crypto Treasureswith challenging quests that leave you on your toes. UnlockTreasure Chests with Daily and Weekly Quests, all while earning andlearning about crypto and blockchain. Perfect for beginners too.Challenge and entertain yourself with Treasure Chests on the go!Watch Crypto evolve into relevancy while playing fun, interactive,and challenging games. We provide a platform for other apps to tieinto our blockchain, thus increasing our ecosystem. Ready forAdventure? The Treasure Chests randomly give a collectible PatchBadge, claim all ten to see what’s in store! Enter the Cave to seeyour Patch Badge collection & Cryptocurrencies you have earned.A few features: Minigames and Quests embedded in Crypto Treasuresas stand-alone games These blockchain games tie back into theplatform to earn more points Accumulate Treasure Chests, Gold andother Items quickly with our in-app shop Built-in wallet thatprovides real-time data Improve the gaming experience with items,such as; a Shovel, Magnet or Crypto Key.
Cannon Blast - Crypto Treasures Mini Game 1.2.6
Welcome to Cannon Blast! Cannon Blast is a small game, designed anddeveloped as a Mini game to Crypto Treasures. Choose between twomodes: Time Attack: You have two minutes to destroy as many shipsas possible. The more points you make, the more Gold you will earnat the end. You have three lifes, so be careful not to hit thebombs. Classic: This is an endless mode. There is no timer, butthere is no Gold reward at the end. Play for fun and let's see whois going to get the highest score. What to do with the earned Gold?Download Crypto Treasures to interact with your Gold. Simply pressthe view with the Gold on the top right corner and select "Yes".For more information on Crypto Treasures, visit
Cloud Earning PHM 0.5.7
Welcome to the world of Phoneum - Mobile-only Cryptocurrency! CloudEarning PHM is designed to deliver simplified user experience andplatform that enables all users, regardless of technical aptitude,to fully participate in the new cryptocurrency economy. Theapplication requires internet to sign in and establish a connectionwith the Phoneum server. Simply press "Start Earning" to connect.The server handles everything in the cloud, therefore, once earningis established, the app doesn't require the device to keep it openor in the background to earn PHM. At any time, open Cloud EarningPHM to access the average earning statistics and track the earningprogress. To avoid interruption, a notification is sent 20 hoursafter the earning process starts, to extend Earning for the next 24hours. Features: - Earn PHM on a 24-hour basis - PHM Balanceupdates daily - Extend earning to avoid interruption - AverageEarning Statistics