PhongIT Apps

Quick Reboot (Root) 1.6.5
App helps you to quickly boot into Recoverymode, Bootloader ... without having to remember keyboard shortcuts.Helping to launch the much simpler mode.Features :★ Airplane Mode★ Refresh★ Capture screen★ Lock screen★ Reboot★ Hot Reboot★ Power off★ Reboot Recovery★ Reboot SafeMode★ Reboot Bootloader★ Reboot DownloadMode*** Root access to your phone is required to use this application.If you are not aware whether or not your phone has root access, youprobably don't have root access.If you want to help translate the app to other languagesplease contact me!____________________________v1.6:★ Change UI.★ Add feature reboot into safe mode.★ Support android 6.0 and above.____________________________v1.5:★ Add Hot Reboot feature.★ Update capture button always on top.____________________________v1.4:★ Add Lock screen feature.____________________________v1.3:★ Update Material design.★ Add Capture screen feature.____________________________v1.2:★ Support Widget.★ Add Refresh feature.
Battery Alert 1.5.2
Battery Alert will help you to monitor batterylevel quickly and easily through notification. Notification willtell you current battery level and battery charging status.Features :★ Alerts for low and high battery level as desired★ Funny dialog box displays when alert ( You can custom this dialog)★ Save battery drain.★ Optimize battery by kill the processes in background (freeRAM)You can configure alerts for low as well as high battery level asdesired. You can set the low battery level from 10% to 30% and thehigh battery level from 70% to 100% i.e. full. You can also selectthe ringtone for your alert. Alert sound depends on your mediavolume. Every time the "Battery Alert" warning will display adialog to the user , this dialog box you can edit sentences custommessage of your own liking .You can disable or enable alerts at any time .Note: This application itself won’t consume your phone batterymuch
Expenditure management 1.0
"Expenditure management" is asimpleapplication to manage your personal finances like thefollowing:cash, bank accounts, expenditures, ... right from yourmobiledevice via easy.It helps you track and manage daily cash receipts from selling,orcompensation dating, traveling, eating ... Expendituremanagementmanual will be your personal finances, it helps youmonitoring andrebalancing expenditures. All are encapsulated in asimpleinterface that subtle.Features:★ A detailed report for the income, expenditure and savingyourchart and statistics.★ Fast and easy transaction income or more new spending andcanattach pictures to look back when needed.★ And many other features will be released in theupcomingversion.