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DSLR Camera Blur Effects 2.0
Create amazing blur background effect photos like a ProfessionalDSLR Camera by simply selecting focus area. DSLR Camera BlurEffects is fast and easy to use app to create amazing blurbackground effect pictures on the go. Just select the picture fromyour gallery or capture new picture from camera and apply blurbackground effect with the help of multiple blurring tool and getprefect result every time. DSLR Camera Blur Effects providesmultiple blur tools like: ▶ Circular Blur ▷ To create Focus oncircular area(Adjustable Radius and Position) ▶ Line Blur ▷ Tocreate Focus on linear area(Adjustable Size, Position and Rotation)▶ Touch to Focus ▷ To create Focus on finger touch area(AdjustableBrush Size and with Undo, Redo) ▶ Touch to Blur ▷ To create Blur onfinger touch area(Adjustable Brush Size and with Undo, Redo) DSLRCamera Blur Effects also provides multiple blur Style like: ▶Motion Blur ▶ Gaussian Blur ▶ Line Blur ▶ Box Blur ▶ Pixel BlurFeatures: ▷ Shallow focus photo in the background of the image. ▷Blur the unwanted part of your picture. ▷ Blur image backgroundeffect. ▷ Use brush to blur where you want. ▷ Share freely onsocial network. ▷ Blur or pixelation ( All or part ). DSLR CameraBlur Effects is perfect combination of beauty and functionality.And it is Ideal for creating AfterFocus Photo, Focus Photo, BlurBackground Pictures, Blur Pictures, Point Blur Picture and manymore. Try Now!!
Cover Photo Maker - Banners & Thumbnails Designer 2.5
Design Cover photos Art in a snap. Social Media Cover photosforFacebook, YouTube are like handshakes: they provide afirstimpression that can either be positive or negative. Is yourcoverphoto encouraging viewers to keep reading your profileorcontributing to a lack of energy that causes visitors toquicklynavigate away? Cover Photo Maker Post is an app specificallyfordesigning social media posts. With one click, you can selectsizingthat's perfectly scaled for a Facebook cover photo, so youdon'thave to hassle with resizing an image. This Cover photo makerforFacebook is super fast and super easy, making it ideal forthosewith little design experience. In seconds you'll have asleek,professional cover photo to boost your Facebook's image. Howtomake a cover photo 1. Spice it up Now get creative by clickon"Background". Either upload your own photo, choose one ofthousandsof stock images, or go with a solid color. Choose a themethat fitsyour brand. 2. Select the size (ratio) as per your needsSelect theSize you want - or choose a ratio. Like for Instagramchoose 1:1 ,for Facebook cover page choose - Cover Size. ( Thereare more than10 presets that almost fit for every need but you alsohave achoice for Custom Cover Photos - choose custom size.) 3. Addaneye-catching images and stickers. Keep it simple and elegant-choose from 100s of stock stickers or you can select yourownimages. Change their Hue, size it and place it on thebackgrounds.4. Amp up your message with fonts Every goodbanner/Cover Photoneeds compelling typography. Select "Text", Writeyour message.Then you can change - Text Fonts ( 100's of beautifulfonts forfree), color, Curve Text, Shadow, Size and much more. 5.Spread theword Once you've tweaked and tinkered to your heart'sdesire andyou feel satisfied with your image, it's time to share itwith theworld. Click the "Share" button at the top of the page andyou candownload your graphic, then upload it as your Facebook coverphoto.Ready to give your Facebook / YouTube channel / Businessaface-lift? Try out Cover Photo Maker, Post and design freecoversfor Facebook that will boost your image and help you furtheryourbrand. - Beautiful typography Choose from a variety offreeprofessionally designed fonts for every occasion. -IconicBackgrounds/Stickers/Art Select from thousandsofphotos/Backgrounds/Tiles from the app or pick from yourpersonalcollections. Professional themes - Limitless customizationoptionsThe personalizing options in Cover Photo Art are not onlymany,they are also incredibly easy to use. Each of these optionscan beapplied with the click of a button, so you don't have tospendhours fine-tuning your image. - The unique power of CoverPhoto Art/ Banner Art Cover Photo Maker was created to be an aid tothosewith little or no design experience, making itcompletelystraightforward to use. Explore our wide variety ofbest-in-classlayouts, colors, and fonts. Easily tweak them with thetext,photos, and icons that best fit your needs. Best forBannersBanners for Etsy Covers for Facebook Banners for TumblrBanners forTwitch Headers for Twitter Cards Postcards Thank YouCards CoversAlbum Covers Book Covers Magazine Covers FlyersBusiness FlyersGrand Opening Flyers Real Estate Flyers InvitationsInvitationsCards Birthday Invitations Party Invitations WeddingInvitationsLayouts Brochures Collages Menus Pamphlets Covers forYouTubeChannel Art for YouTube Thumbnails for YouTube OtherDesignsDisclaimer: "Cover Photo Maker" is not affiliated with,endorsed,sponsored, or specifically approvedbyYouTube,FACEBOOK,ETSY,TUMBLR,Twitch,Twitter. This is NOTanofficial app for any of the social media brands. All referencestoany Social Media Brands are solely for the purpose ofidentifyingthe app for potential users. No trademark infringementisintended."
Poster Maker, Flyer Designer, Ads Page Designer 3.7
Want to create promotional posters, advertisement,offerannouncements, cover photos for your shop, restaurant, officeorsocial sites? If yes then this is the app for you.Createpromotional posters, advertisement, offer announcements,coverphotos on the go with amazing backgrounds, texture, effects,fonts,sticker and get the attention you want. Poster Maker is aneasy touse app, just select the background you like in the ratio asperyour need and add your text with poster design fonts, addwonderfulstickers (specially picked for poster making), add yourpicturesfrom gallery and create perfect poster every time.Features: >Huge collection of backgrounds > Choose color asbackground >Select your own picture from gallery as background> Add yourtext with poster design fonts > Add wonderfulstickers(specially picked for poster making) > Add your picturesfromgallery > Save on SD Card > Share on social mediaMakeamazing poster with Poster Maker. Try Now!!
Post Maker for Social Media 1.3
Create amazing Post and Cover Page for social networkingplatforms.Instantly create chic and stylish posters and post ofvariousstyles like: magazine covers, movie posters, gourmet ads,traveldocumentary, social media post & cover page, promotionalpageand more! Post Maker provides hand picked backgrounds,textures,stickers and text (fonts) specially for poster making tocreatePost, Cover Page and Poster like professionals. Features:> Hugecollection of backgrounds > Choose color as background>Select your own picture from gallery as background >Multipleaspect ratio with social sites aspect ratio for backgrounds>Add your text with poster design fonts > Add wonderfulstickers(specially picked for poster making) > Add your picturesfromgallery and camera > Save on SD Card > Share on socialmediaMake amazing poster, post and cover pages with Post Maker.TryNow!!
Artful - Photo Glitter Effects 1.9
Create sparkling pictures with amazing glitter effects. PhotoGlitter Effects is a powerful photo editor app with easy to useuser interface. Photo Glitter Effects provides hand draw effectsfeature. Just select the picture and hand draw effects on thepicture from multiple glitter dust effect patterns. Photo GlitterEffects also provide photo effects, sticker and text so that youcan get perfect result every time. Features: > Select picturefrom your gallery or capture new one from camera > Hand draweffects on your picture from multiple glitter dust effect patterns> Apply amazing photo effects > Add decorative stickers >Add your personalized text > Save your creation ob SD card >Share your creation on social media directly from the app Createshimmering effects on your pictures by hand drawing glitter dust.Try Now!!
Simple Background Changer 1.6
Simple but perfect - Cut Paste Photo and Background Changer.Simplebackground changer gives you full control on cutting imageswithprecision. It comes with lot of useful tools andfeatures.FingerTouch erase the background area of the picture tocut and paste thecut out on any background of your choice from ourcollection or useyour own from gallery. Features: - Full Control -Magnifying GlassOption - Different Brush Types - and Change Size -Zoom In and ZoomOut - Restore Option - Undo/Redo - Smoothing Effect- Seamlesslychange Background and Adjust Contrast, Brightness andSaturation -to look real. - Beautiful HD Backgrounds SimpleBackground Eraseris a easy to use app just select the image anderase backgroundwith finger touch and change background from ourhand picked HDbackground collection or with your own image fromgallery. Changebackground with HD beautiful backgrounds. Try Now!!
Carbon Photo Lab - Double Exposure Blending Effect 1.4
Carbon - Photo Blending transforms your photos into artworksusingthreshold effects (Popularly known as Galaxy Effect). TryNow!Looking for an new and artistic effect for your photos? Carbon-Blending and Galaxy Effect is the right tool for you to bringyourimagination into existence. Carbon creates amazing photo effectandtake your old, dull and flat photographs to a whole newlevel.Using Carbons different thresholds, color adjustments,photoblending, Photo Mixing with different patterns - compose andcreatea cohesive scene. Fully loaded with creative graphicelements, tonsof backgrounds to Mix your photos - one single photocan create100s of mood effects. Create a unique photo blending,photo mixing,double exposure ,multi exposure, blending, mixing,overlays orsuperimpose photo in a different way using creativegraphicelements like categorized backgrounds, colors, stickers,text etc.and Standout from the croud by uplaoding your spectacularcreationon social media. Carbon has everything you need to make anypictureawesome. It makes your photos beautiful with easy andpowerfulediting tools like double exposure. You can also use it tocreateFace Logos. Although simple this Galaxy Face Logo tool givesyouprofessional results. Uses - Create Unique Photo for yoursocialmedia status - Face Logo Design - Promotional Pages - PhotoSketch- Create Eye Catching Profile Pictures for social mediaFeatures ★Artistic filters to turn your photos into elegantdrawings orpaintings ★ Background effects to change surrounding ofyour photointo a dreamlike scenery. ★ Mixer/Blender combined withThresholdphoto effects & layer editing ★ Artwork effects &cartoonlike filters Picture editor ★ Make your own meme Forstunningresult try to choose selfies or pictures with plainbackground& contrast colors. Experience the perfect combinationofbeauty, simplicity and functionality with Carbon. Try Now!!
Inked: Tattoo My Photo 1.2
Tattoo My Photo is a professional Tattoo Editor which you can usetotry on your photo before actually getting a Tattoo. Tattoo MyPhotoallows you to edit the shapes that fit your skin and lookrealistic.Tattoo My Photo have multiple awesome tattoo designs:500+attractive tattoo stickers, 250+ piercing stickers and 25+tattoofonts, so that you can make your inked photo without pain orskininfection. Tattoo My Photo gives you multiple options tocreateawesome tattoo on your photo:- •Tattoo Design: - AwesomeTattoodesigns Art! - Change tattoo design color, hue..and more! -Includedifferent styles: Abstract Wing, Angel, Butterfly, ColorTattoo,Cross, Designing Tattoos, Dragon, Fire Tattoo, MuscleTattoo, NeckTattoo, Skull, Wings, Flower and leaf, Heart.. andmore. •PiercingDesign: - Beautiful piercing tattoo! - Includedifferent styles:Ball Closure Rings, Barbells Accessories,Circular Barbells, EarStuds, Flesh Tunnels & Plugs, LabretStuds, Navel Accessories,Nose Studs, Scaffold Jewelry, TongueTicklers..and more. •TextTattoo Design: - Add a tattoo your name!- Write text with multiplecolor, font style, shadow and text size,text background..and more.• Edit: Free editing mode - Modify yourtattoo shape. - Move tattoodesign anywhere. - Tattoo design changewith multiple Color, hue,opacity. • Save & Share. - Save yourcreation and share on anysocial networking platform directly fromthe app. Tattoo my photo issimplest tattoo design app for all.Just follow few steps as listedbelow. - Select photo from thegallery or take your photo usingcamera option. - Select one ormore tattoo and set it on your photo.- Select Text option to writename as tattoo on your image usingfonts, color , text size,background ..and more. - Use edit tomodify tattoo shape. - Oncedone, Save your creation and share onsocial media to check out ifyour friends like it. Try Tattoo onyour photo before actuallygetting a Tattoo on your body. DOWNLOADNOW!!
Mosaic Photo Effects 1.3
Mosaic Photo Effects is an easy to use and powerful app tocreateamazing mosaic pictures. Transform any of your pictures intoMosaicphoto and create amazing mosaic photo collage using MosaicPhotoEffects. Mosaic Photo Collage Maker is a great new way tocreateexpressive and unique art using the photos that are alreadyin yoursmart phone's picture gallery. With the Mosaic Photoapplicationyou can digitally create high quality mosaics with anycollectionof photos. Mosaic Photo Effects, convert your photos intoan Art.You can now make a Mosaic Photo just in some few steps. ThisMosaicMaking app makes high quality mosaic photo collages.Features: >Select pictures from your gallery images > ApplyMosaic Effects> Adjust transparency > Apply multiple blendseffects >Add cute stickers > Add your personalized text >Save on SDCard > Share on social media Extra Features: PIPCamera - Setsyour photo in another photo frame with some creativeframes. BlurEffects - Create DSLR-style background blurred photo bysimplyselecting focus area. Make your photos extra fun withcreativeMosaic effects. Try Now!!
Pixel Effect 1.3
The only app to provide a free hand brush tool to createpixeleffects where you want. Apply customized pixel effects onparts ofphotos - using PIXEL BRUSH. OR Quickly create predefinedPixeleffects with tons of STANDARD TEMPLATES. The most amazingandexciting photo effects is here. Create amazing pixeldispersioneffect pictures in just seconds.Just select the picturefrom yourgallery or capture new picture from camera and apply pixeleffectwith pixel brush or using predefined pixel effect templates.Makeyour Photo look like its bleeding Pixels from photo tocreateawesome looking Pixel Effect. Pixel Effect has variety ofbleedingpixels in various styles. Feature :- ♦ Choose your PixelEffectShapes ♦ Hand draw to create pixel effects ♦ All directionparticledispersion effect. ♦ Auto particle dispersion tool for anyphotousing Standard Templates ♦ Easy to change Pixel colors. ♦ Saveyourart in your phone gallery. ♦ Show off your pics easily onsocialmedia.
Love Photo Frames 1.2
Searching for beautiful Love Photo Frames for yourpartners,sweetheart, family, friends? If yes, then this is the endof yoursearch. This Love Photo Frames have all the photo creationtoolsfrom HD photo frames to Love Quotes and stickers. CreateamazingLove pictures with HD Love Frames and handpicked LoveQuotes.Decorate your photos with these incredible frames, choose aphotofrom the gallery or take a photo with the camera, then applytheframe that you like and you can save the photo, share withfriendsor upload to social networks Facebook, Twitter , email etc... LovePhoto Frames is a collection of over 30 style Love Frameswith arttypography, sticker built-in, patterns and textures. LovePhotoFrames is also a photo collage app that will turn yourpicturesinto a masterpiece. Create beautiful and fun photos withmultiplelove frames available, hearts, Cupid images and more tocreateeasily a beautiful love postcard! All you need to do isinstallLove Photo Frames app and now select any card of your choicefromso many options and then add text to attach your feelings to itandalso select any photo from gallery or can take thepictureinstantly, now send it to your Valentine and spread love.Features:- Select photos from gallery or capture new photo fromcamera. -Select love frames from the collection. - Adjust photoonvalentine's day photo frame. - Apply Photo Filter. - Add textorName on love photo frame, You can also Re-size the Name oncakeMove with Fingertips. - Add lovely valentine sticker onvalentine'sday photo frames. - Brightness feature are alsoavailable. - Freeand Easy to use & User Friendly interface. -Two FingerGestures to ZOOM your photo and adjust in the love photoframes. -Move photos with in love frames to set photos properly inloveframes. - Don’t forget to click on Save Button. - Sharespeciallove photo frame with your friends or family members viasocialmedia.
Artful Photo Blend 1.2
Experience the perfect combination of beauty, simplicityandfunctionality with Artful Photo Blend. Artful Photo Blendallowsyou to blend two images together to create a doubleexposureeffect! Artful Photo Blend provides categorized blendeffects like:Nature, Sunset, City, Mountain, Monument and more,multiple blendstyles and pre-created previews to create your mixedpicturesperfect every time. Features: > Option choose picturefromgallery or camera > Categorized blend effects >Multipleblend styles > Pre-created effects previews > Save onSD Card> Share on social media directly from the app Createdoubleexposure, multi exposure, blending, mixing pictures withease. TryNow!!
Artful Photo Editor 1.1
Artful is a free and simple photo editor that createsclean,beautiful, and unique images for you to share on socialmedia.Artful is an easy to use app, just select the picture fromyourgallery or capture a new picture from camera, addhand-pickedsilhouette effects, apply trending photo effects on yourpictureand get perfect result every time. Features: > Selectthepicture from your gallery or capture a new picture from camera>Add hand-picked silhouette effects > Apply trendingphotoeffects on your picture > Save your creation on socialmedia> Share your creation on SD Card Create colorful, modern,classyartwork with ease. Try Now!!
Face Off 1.1
Transform your face with AI to create a your very own funpictures.Just click a selfie and see the magic.....
Artful Mirror Effects 1.1
Artful Mirror Effects is a perfect combination of mirroreffectscreator and photo effects editor with fast and easy to useuserinterface. Artful Mirror Effects provides a variety of MirrorStylewith perspective and multiple photo effects and filters tocreateperfect Mirror Effect Pictures every time. With ArtfulMirrorEffects you can create a perfect mirror effects picture injust fewclicks. Just Select the picture from gallery or capture newonefrom camera, apply one of the multiple mirror style, apply oneofthe multiple photo filter and save your creation on SD card.youcan also share your creation on any social media directly fromtheapp. Features: > Option to choose picture from gallery orcamera> Variety of Mirror Style with perspective > Multiplephotoeffects & filters > Save on SD Card > Share onsocialmedia directly from the app Create memento mirror reflectioneffectfor your photo. Try Now!!
Best Body Shape 1.8
Make everyone jealous with best body shaping photo editor Doyouwant to quickly fix your photos to give your the perfectbodyshape? Get the tight figure, show off your slim physique, havetheblissful vibe. Get Sculpted Legs, Arms, and Abs, look amazingwhilevacationing. Look amazing, Look Fit Best Body Shaping Appallowsyou to quickly fix your figure and Body Parts [Main features]+Body Shaping - Waist and hip correction will shape yourfantasticbody. + Slim down - Get a slim physique, sculpted legs,arms andAbs + Thighs - Sculpt your thighs + Eyes - For selfies youcanenlarge your Eyes and look beautiful. Best Body Shape is veryeasyto use and with simple tools - Enlarge - Tap Body Part toEnlarge -Compress - Tap Body Part to Compress - Drag - Drag bodypart toEnlarge/Compress Side ways - Erase Brush - Undo any effectbytouching the body part With Best Body Shaping App, bethequeen/king of perfect body shape photos, and everyone’sfavoriteInstagrammer.
Face Swap Seamless 1.2
Face Swap app is amazing app to swap faces within same photo orindifferent photos with most realistic effect. Face Swap useshighlyadvanced 'Artificial Intelligence' to detect and swap facesfrompictures. Rather than just cut and paste, Face Swapprovides'Seamless Cloning' to blend faces on other faces perfectlythusgiving the most realistic effect. Face Swap gives you amagicalexperience of face swapping with friends and families.Transform toany new face you like in a second. Faces Swap is thebest FaceSwapper and is filled with awesome features: 1. Face Swapin samePhoto - Faces Swap lets you Swap Faces between people insamephoto. Swap Faces works by detecting Faces in the photoandswitches the faces naturally and make the faces natural byapplyingour algorithms to make faces look natural. Smooth PhotoBlend,Blends the swapped faces. 2. Face Swap Between pictures - Youcanselect 2 pictures and Faces Swap will swap the faces betweenthePictures you selected. Face Swapper swaps your face withfriendsfaces. Photo Blender that is part of app blends facessmoothly.Features: (Simple and Impressive Results) > Selectphoto /photos from gallery or capture from camera. > Apply FaceSwap> Save and Share with your friends and family. Make funselfieevery day with Face Swap. Try Now!!