Photo Designer Apps

Movie Maker : Video Merger 3.3.0
Movie Maker : Video Merger is free applicationmade by POV.This is strong, simple useful video editor, help you edit yourvideo on your smart phone.This application based on FFMPEG library, the best and strong videoprocessing in the world.Main features of application- Make Photo slide show from your photos.- Merge your videos, combine your video files to one file.- Sort photos/videos before make slide show or merge.- Help you create your lovely photo before make video slideshow.- Help you create selfie photos before made video slide show.- Create selfie video before merge.- Create effect, edit photo before make video slide show.- Play video after created.- Share videos to social network.How to use application- Select photos to make video slide show.- Select videos/movie to merge.- Sort photos/movies before make slide show or merge.About:We use some images from and
Sketch by Camera 1.2.0
Sketch Camera is free.It help you display camera preview as sketch real-time. You canadjust camera and parameter to get sketch image you like andcapture it.This application support both FRONT and BACK camera. That allowyou create your portrait sketch by FRONT camera or sketcheverything by BACK camera.After get the best sketch image, you can share to everyone or useas profile picture for contact, facebook, Google plus and soon.How to use:● Open application and click START button.● Adjust parameter to get the best camera preview.● Take picture from camera.● Share your image.About:● This application based on OpenCV (OpenSource Computer Vision) . OpenCV is the best imageprocessing library in the world, it helpour application to be strong and smart.● We use some images designed by● Sketch Photo saved in: SDcard/SKETCH_CAM_POV/
Visualizer Player 1.0.1
This Media Visualizer Player brings yourmusicto the screen in an explosion of bright colors.Key features🎶 Visualizes whatever music or sound is coming from yourmediafiles.🎶 Dramatically displays visualizes and combine together.🎶 Line Visualizer.🎶 Circle Visualizer.🎶 Bar Visualizer.🎶 Bar and Circle Visualizer.🎶 Display many Visualizer at same time.🎶 Allow you select and play your file, ringtones from SDCardHow to Use🎶 Open Application.🎶 Select and play music for menu.We use some images designed by
Tiếq Việt - Tiếng Việt 1.0.0
Tên của ban viết như thế nào trong Tiếq Việt?Chuyển đổi mã tiếngviệt theo kiểu mới đề xuấ , q=k, nh=n, ngh=q, đ=d, d, gi, rthay bằng "z" ..v..v.Ví Dụ:"Cách chuyển đổi tiếng Việt kiểu mớiđang gây sốt cộng đồng mạng"Chuyển thành:"Kác cuyển dổi tiếq Việtkiểu mới gây sốt kộq dồq mạq"- Cho phép chuyển đổi văn bản sangkiểu mã mới.- So sánh hiệu quả giữa hai bộ mã sau khi chuyển đổi.-Sao chép, chia sẻ qua mạng xã hội.Your name write how TieqVietnam?Vietnamese conversion code new style = x, q= k, nh = n, q = ngh, e = d, d, gi, r replaced with "z" ..v..v.Forexample:"How to convert Vietnamese new style is causing feveronline community"Converted into:"Migrated dổi KAC Vietnamese tieqnew type cause fever koq doq MAQ"- Allows convert text to type thenew code.- Comparison between the two encoding efficiency afterconversion.- Copy, share via social networks.