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Fake Video Call : Girlfriend Fake Time Simulator 1.6
Fake video Caller helps you to select a caller from your contactlist or enter new contact. One can also select time for calling andset up multiple fake calls for different timings.Turn fake call afriend and show a friend or someone you know, they will besurprised! you can choose different callers of the girls! A realblast and a voice straight out of the tube! Listen to the voice ofa cute girl!Girl Friend Video Call Prank lets you set up a FreeVideo Call with gorgeous looking Lady and she will talk on VideoCall pretending to be your girlfriend saying exactly what you wanther to say.Friends teasing you about not having a girlfriend? Notanymore since now you can trick them into thinking you have a goodlooking babe. The real difference is that there will be a realperson on the video call talking to you , not just a voice, so itsway more believable. Feature:- - Show your face on the video chatscreen using front camera!- Incoming call and Outgoing callscreen!- Simulate a fake video screen!- Simulate a fake video andfake caller id!- Invite friends via facebook and whatsapp to joinfake video call.- Change your voice to Deep Male in fake videocall.- Change your voice in fake call to Female.- Supportshigh-quality video!- Schedule a fake calling!- Customize fakecaller name, number, picture, and video!Fake number to video callsomeone works like an alarm clock, you just have to set the timeyou want, chose a name and select if you want vibrator ornot. Enjoy and please keep in mind this is a prank app onlyand no real person will be calling you. its a recordedvideo. ATTENTION: This is not a real but only an imitation ofthe call!  The app does not any harm and is only for fun!ThankYou!!!
Fake Chat with Bhabhi : Fake Video Call 1.1
Have fun with your friends making them believe you are actuallychatting, and changing past conversations at your please. You canset messages to receive at some point in the near future aswell.Fake Chat with Bhabhi - an App for simulating chatconversations. Have fun with your friends making them believe youare actually chatting, and changing past conversations at yourplease This is new fake chat conversations likewhatsapp.Choose background of famous application, celebrity photos,write text and show the collage to your friends! Share withfollowers on social networks! You want a lot of likes?Create a fakechat from sms, text messages and caller number, choose a photocollage of a celebrity and send to all your friends!It's An awesomeprank! Fake your phone number or caller id Out of the office Fakecall will take care of this for you. Fake Caller helps you toselect a caller from your contact list or enter new contact. Onecan also select time for calling and set up multiple fake calls fordifferent timings. Use a fake call to get yourself out of stickysituations. get Incoming call with clown photo and customizablepre-recorded voice.Fake video Caller helps you to select a callerfrom your contact list or enter new contact. One can also selecttime for calling and set up multiple fake calls for differenttimings. The most professional and beautiful fake caller idapplication for your phone. Get out the trouble, give yourself afake call id.Simulate a fake video caller id to rescue yourselffrom an awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoyingconversation, meaningless interview. Beautiful Girls Calling Prank,With this prank you can simulate fake video calls from random cutegirls! It works like an alarm clock, you just have to set the timeyou want, chose a name and select if you want vibrator ornot. - New interface featuring material design style!- Changecontact's connection - Send fake messages to the contacts andgroups you create.- Real-like environment. - Create and managecontacts and groups.- Set contacts picture, name, etc.- Incomingand Outgoing mode for texting. - Pretend you receive messages fromanyone.- Control read status and time. - You can set any message asread/unread.- Create messages to be received in the near.- You willreceive notifications as if you were being actually texted.- Emojisupport, camera and picture from gallery support. - For customemoji support you need a keyboard with Android Emojisupport.Copyright Disclaimer:All images/app layout are copyright oftheir respective owners. All images in the app are available onpublic domains. This image is not endorsed by any of the respectiveowners, and the images are used only for informative andentertainment purpose. In case if you have any issues regardingyour intellectual information found on our application, Let usknowDownload Fake Chat with Bhabhi and enjoy chat with bhabhi.GiveGood review and rating.Thank You..!!!
Update Software for Android Phone 1.2
For as long as smart phones has been around there has always beenupdates to their software. new software are being created in orderto help people smoother their lives and accessing the virtual worldwith ease. As a way of correcting these errors the makers of phoneswill from time to time need to update the firmware tophones.Searching and downloading firmware has never been easier!We've completely redesigned our platform - everything from thedesign and the layout to search and download capabilities - thetool is now more powerful and intelligent than ever! Not tomention, our entire firmware database received a total overhaul!You can now download any firmware, for any device or region, everreleased!As lengthy as smartphones has existed there have alwaysbeen updates for their software. new Update software are nowbeing produced to be able to help people smoother their lives andbeing able to access the virtual world effortlessly. As a means ofcorrecting these errors the manufacturers of phones will every sooften have to update the firmware to phones.In most cases theseupdates will show up on your phone when the time is right, but forthose of who are not willing to wait a second longer than necessarythere is a way to check for these upgrades manually.Users canchoose the latest software according to user reviews and know whichis the best and suitable for them. Make your android awesome!Discover the latest android tips, top apps, new features, androidupdates, accessories and more.Update provides OS updates forSamsung devices and all latest Android operating system (OS)versions, as well as firmware upgrades, Android tips, tricks, news,guides and how-to tutorials to check if you can upgrade or updateyour device to a new version of Android OS firmware. Feature - Getthe list of update pending apps at one junction.- View Updates forDownloaded Application.- Check System Application updates.- CheckAndroid OS version Updates. - Current version of the app-Update version of the app- Smooth User Interface- UninstallApplication.- View the play store version of installed apps.- Checkall the list of permissions taken by any app.You can update yourAndroid device manually step by step. These software can be updatedon a regular basis and accordingly new software and be installed.Make your android awesome and smooth!If you like this free App, saythanks by rating us 5 stars, if you encounter any problem or haveany question then please contact us!Thank You..!!!!
Recover Delete Data Files Photos and Video 1.1
Recover All My Deleted File is a very powerful application that canbackup or restore all applications and a few other things on yourphone installed. Recover All My video can recover pictures,music, documents, videos, emails or any other file type you’velost. And it can recover from any rewrite able media you haveUnlike most file recovery tools, Recover All My image can recoverfiles from damaged or newly formatted drives. Greater flexibilitymeans greater chance of recovery.Ever deleted photos by accident?The Photo Recovery App attempts to recover all lost, deleted, orhidden photos on your device. No root required.Does Recover deletedpicture app really work? Why not download and install the app onyour mobile? Recover deleted picture app provides you free scanfunction, you can preview the recoverable photos, pictures andimages without purchasing.Shred/secure delete: Files found on freedisk areas can be erased permanently in bulk using the Shredfunction. You can also use the system-wide Share menu to securelyerase files directly through any other app, for example by openingthe gallery, selecting a number of images, pressing the Sharebutton and selecting Secure delete. Sometimes it happens whenyou delete accidentally a photo from your phone, and start lookingfor a good tool that can restore it for you can bring you aheadache. To solve this problem all what you have to do is thedownload.You can do it with a Lost Data Recovery Software put yourMMS, SMS , bookmarks , call logs, system settings, alarm clock, allaccess points and applications are backed up. Speed ​​Saveyour work very fast and easy, you just press a few buttons, it willstart working. If you can't find a file on your mobile phone or youaccidently modified or deleted a file, you can restore it from aRecover All My Deleted Files. recovers data recovery for androidand let it Scan all your phone’s internal and external memory.Speed​​Save your work very fast and easy, you just press a few buttons ,it will start working.If you can't find a file on your mobile phoneor you accidentally modified or deleted a file, you can restore itfrom a Recover All My Deleted Files.Data scanning is available fora select number of apps, including the system phone and SMSapplications.This app will solve this problem for you. It will scanall your phone storage looking for deleted photos and list them inan easy manner that will help you to restore them back to yourphone storage. App recovery is simple and instantaneous withthis awesome app!  FEATURES: 1. User friendly UI this SD cardrecovery app is simply awesome2. Nice UI Design3. Scan all storageincluding SD Card & internal storage4. No ROOT5. Fast,Performance6. Support all types: jpg, jpeg, png7. Need not Backupdata!8. Recover deleted photos with a click on a button.Remember:This app may show some pictures even if they are not deleted yet.That’s because there is already an occurrence of this files inhidden folders scanned by this app. Just keep looking and you willfind photos you are looking for.If you Like this Recover deletedata files photos & videos so download it and share!Thankyou..!!!
Universal Remote Control for All 1.0
Smart Universal Remote Control TV functionalities are currentlyavailable for LG Smart TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android TV and AppleTV. Remote Control for All TV, converts easily your Androidphone into a universal remote control for TV. It's simple and easyto configure and use, the mode of use is exactly the same as RemoteControl TV.If you have a AC in your room and you want to turn downthe air temperature - you can use this tool to steer the airconditioning.DSLR Remote Control is the app that will allow you toremote control and trigger your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera fromyour phone or tablet with a tethered USB OTG cable, turn your phoneor tablet into a DSLR Controller today! Remote Control for TVis an universal remote control which supports almost all kinds ofSmart TV Models , A.C. , Setup Box, Home Theatre, Speaker. Inaddition, our Remote provides comprehensive functions forcontrolling smart TVs and nice user interface.Remote For All Tv isreally easy to configure for your television and is reallyeasy-to-use. The Tv Remote For All Tv app allows you to experiencea real TV remote like experience while using the app. Asmobile phone has become a major gadget that people always carrywith them, so having an application installed on your mobile devicethat works as a TV remote control will make your life easier.Thisfree, powerful and efficient universal remote control app will makeyour life easy.AC Remote Universal Simulator Free, Best SmartRemote for your Air Conditioners. One of the best remote for theAir conditioners ever ,you can download this app and operate yourAC using your smart phone.Supported devices : - Audio- DVDPlayer- T.V.- Projector- SetTop Box- Game Console- A.C.- DSLRCameraThank You !!
Clap To Find Phone - Phone Finder 1.4
Do you waste a lot of time in finding it?Do you lose your phoneregularly at home/office?> If yes, Clap to Find is an app justfor you. If you can't find your phone - use Clap To Find MyPhone Application. This is a simple tool which can help you whenyou will lose your phone. Then just clap your hands and listenwhere your phone is. Phone is ringing and vibrating! ClapPhone Finder is a professional app which helps you findinglost phone in your room/office. It detects sound of clapping andrun loud alarm. Then you will easily find mobilephone. It's the best and easiest way to quickly check whereyour phone is.Just enable the app and free yourself from thetension of finding your phone. Now your phone will tell you whereit is by ringing/vibrating/flashing, you just need to Clap tofind it.All you need to do is just download Find Phone By Clap app,open the app and Turn ON the Flashlight on Clap Service that’s itwhenever you clap you will see your flashlight glowing like a LEDTorch.Features:- Sound/Vibrate/Flash alert modes- Just say a wordto configure and get started- Customizable time for which the alertplays- Customizable ringtone & volume- Auto start app whenphone is put on silent- Auto stop app when phone is put on ringer-Widget for easy enabling/disabling- Low battery usageWhen you don'tknow where is your phone - use 'find phone by clapping'. This is auseful tool which will run the alarm when phone will detect soundof clapping. If you are the person who leaves the phone lyingin any corner of your house and can not find it, Clap Phone Findercan help you find your phone, install it and activate it justclapping to find it.All you need to do is just download Flashlighton Clap app, open the app and Turn ON the Flashlight on ClapService that’s it whenever you clap you will see your LEDFlashlight glowing like a LED Torch.When there is a dark in yourhome or even outside it’s very difficult to find a Torch orFlashlight. Ever you think how good it will be if your phone’sflashlight will turn ON when you clap at night or dark! Isn’t itamazing? Yes, it’s an amazing tool to turn ON/OFF your phone’sflashlight by clapping. Open our Clap to Find Phone -Clap Phone Finder, open the app and Turn ON the Clap to Find PhoneService and it is done!!!Then this app is the best way to find it.Start Clapping then. It helps finding phone quickly. It detectssound of clapping and turns on the ringtone, vibrations andflashlight. It is the best tool if you sometimes forget to takeyour phone and you are searching it. With this app you only have toclap into your hands to find out where the mobile device is. Itwill start ringing-vibrating-flashing.Thank You !!!
Video Projector - Photo Video Projector Simulator 1.2
Video Projector Simulator Now you can easily turn out your mobilephone to Video projector Simulator used to prank your friends andfamily members to create fun and entertainment you can easily foolor prank your friends in gathering, birthday party, school/collageparty and farewell or on April fool. Face Projector videoSimulator is future technology projection where you will haveprojector video / files / faces / hologram / photos from yourmobiles. You can show other what you are seeing in yourmobile.  Video Projector Simulator for All Mobiles. Fun andEntertainment. This is a Simulator to Video Projector. VideoProjector Simulator will help you to project and watch HD and highquality projected videos on the phone. Mobile Projector FaceSimulator app is a future projection of how mobile will work asprojector. This will be possible soon in future when android userscan project any photo or presentation from their mobile. Prank willallow user to take a picture from front and back cameras andproject it on any surface so you will get a feeling that wholeworld is looking at your picture. HD Video Projector is a Simulatorprank and fun app for making your friends and family members prankand make an entertainment and fun to watch HD and high qualityprojected videos on the phone by applying projection options andeffects .  3D Video Projector Simulator is a prank andfun app for entertainment to watch HD and high quality projectedvideos on the phone.  You cannot get real high definitionvideo projection of high quality on mobile phone screen. This appwill just act like it’s a real projector but this is just simulatorapp for fun and prank. Video Projector Simulator app is verysimple to use, you can choose different videos and project on thephone screen wall using the video option. Mobile Projector FaceSimulator app is a future projection of how mobile will work asprojector. This will be possible soon in future when android userscan project any photo or presentation from their mobile. VideoProjector Simulator is a prank and fun app for entertainment towatch HD and high quality projected videos on the phone. This is aSimulator to Video Projector. Choose different type of video to putprojection simulation on it. HD Video Projector Simulator will helpyou to project and watch HD and high quality projected videos onthe phone. Video Projector Simulator is a prank and fun appfor entertainment to watch HD and high quality projected videos onthe phone. This is a Simulator to Video Projector. Face ProjectorSimulator. Video Projector Simulator: Face ProjectionSimulator is a simulator of 3D Face projection with highquality hologram is projected. Just open the application and you'reready to use this.  Face Projector Simulator Prank isstraightforward to use! simply launch the app and you're able togo. Feature:- ❇ A prank application to collect cheers moment withyour friends. ❇ Video Projector Simulator Prank is completely freedownload. ❇ Too much user friendly and easy to use ❇Select photosand Video from your phone gallery. ❇ Video Projector SimulatorPrank FREE fun for all. ❇ Video Projector Simulator simulates likeworking of a video animation projector. ❇ Choose your favorite liveanimation and Set as Wallpaper ❇ You can add Effects to your imageto effective look. ❇ HD graphics and beautiful use of projector. IFyou Like this type of App then download and give valuable reviewand rating! Face Projection Simulator Prank is a fun jokeapplication! See the face projection of you or your loved ones,anywhere you want! View a face projection on the table, wall oreven the sky! NOTE:- This Video Projector simulator is a prank!It’s not a real Video projector. you cannot watch high definitionvideo projection from your phone! Video Projector Simulator iscreated only for fun! Thank You..!!!
Remove Unwanted Content for Touch-Retouch Eraser 1.2
Remover Useless Content is best photo background remover / eraser,cut paste app with lots of collection of backgrounds which youwon’t find in any other background eraser app.This is best cutpaste App for Photos, with which you can create your own wonderfulcustom photos by cutting the image from one image and pasting it tothe other image!! Touch-Retouch is an app that offers you allthe tools you need to efficiently remove unwanted content from yourphotos.Create custom photos by cutting from photos and paste thecontent (People, Animals, whatever object you want in your photos)in other photos. Create new photos with content. Mark only asection of a line to remove it whole; no need to be precise — theapp will find the line.If you need to erase only a part of a line,use Segment Remover.Set Line Thickness to Thin, Medium, or Thickfor better performance. This is best cut paste App for Photos, withwhich you can create your wonderful custom photo by cutting theimage from one image and pasting it to the other custom image. Youcan cutting a section or whole object and paste it to the otherimages.Eliminate distractions from photos with the Object Removaltool — select either Brush or Lasso, mark the content to beremoved, and then tap the Go button. Remove defects or duplicateobjects by using the Clone Stamp tool. Adjust Stamp Size, Hardness,and Opacity as desired. Use Eraser to wipe out what has just beencloned. Set Eraser Size, Hardness, and Opacity as needed.RemoveUnwanted Content for Touch-Retouch Eraser is a background imageeditor to erase photo background to transparent and let you edit itwith different beautiful backgrounds. Cut out background removerapp photo editor has so many edit options like text, stickers,photo effects and many more. Enjoy this app..!Thank You..!!!
Ditto Echo Mirror Effect - Magic Camera Effect 1.0
You can apply echo (mirror) effects to any of the images from photogallery. The Best Echo Magic Mirror Effect are unique and you cancreate echo(mirror) effects on Wide Range of Photo Backgrounds. Youcan do echo(mirror) effect on photo backgrounds of your choiceMakecreative movie style photo effects by using our Best Ditto mirroreffect app. Its free best mirror effect app with lot of predesigned frames to place your photo automatically and give anamazing movie effect style. Add multi angle photo effects likesquare , triangle etc..Echo Mirror Effects allow you to createamazing professional photos against a beautifully DittoEchoMirror.Apply 3D Echo (Mirror) effects, blender effect and muchmore to any of the photos from Gallery. Share the Crazy andstunning Photos created from our Best Echo Magic Mirror Effect withfriends and family.Echo Mirror Magic Effect - photo editor will letyou unleash your creativity so you can make your ownmasterpiece.Best Echo - Best Echo Magic Mirror Effect can createecho mirror effects on Wide Range of Photo Backgrounds. You can doecho mirror effect on photo backgrounds of your choice.DittoEchoMirror Effect turns your photo's into magically lookingartistic photos with expression.Make creative movie style photoeffects by using our Ditto mirror effect.Make creative movie stylephoto effects by using our Ditto mirror effect app. Its free mirroreffect app with lot of pre-designed frames to place your photoautomatically and give an amazing movie effect style. Add multiangle photo effects like square, triangle etc.Ditto Echo MirrorMagic Editor not only can mirror photo, but also can collage photo,make photo sensitivity. Now just start to engage your imaginationand see what you can create with it.Using Echo MirrorEffects app you can see your picture in Twin Effects andReflection Effect, Small to Big and Big to Small Effect, and manymore effects.By using our Best Echo Magic Mirror Effect app you canchange your picture in to Twin Effect , Reflection Effect , repeateffect and many more effect. Also you can adjust your image as peryour thought.Make creative movie style photo effects by using ourBest Ditto Magic Mirror Effect. Its free mirror effect app with lotof pre-designed frames to place your photo automatically and givean amazing movie effect style. Add multi angle photo effects likesquare, triangle etc.Using echo effect photoeditor application and see your image with twin and reflectioneffect. You can also change effects like small to big or big tosmall as per your requirement. Echo photo maker createscool echo crazy magic mirror effect on photo. Echomirror magic photo editor will let you unleash your creativityso you can make your own masterpiece. Ditto Echo Mirror Magic:Best Mirror Magic Editor is really easy to use. Ditto Echo MirrorMagic: Best Mirror Magic Editor turns your photos into magicallylooking artistic photos with expression, provided by Sky Lightstudio. Ditto Echo Mirror Magic: Best Mirror Magic Editor istotally free app.You can add lot of different and 3D and MirrorEffects in the app where users can select their photo and selectdifferent Mirror Effects to make it awesome using MirrorEffects.Don't like unwanted objects in ur photo background ? Do youwant to change photo background ? Then check our best features ofbackground remover app cut out This app is very easy and canchange photo background to a beautiful background .Cut Photos whereyou want to cut a part of Photo or Extract a person from EchoMirror Magic Effect - photo editor will let you unleash yourcreativity so you can make your own masterpiece. Echo MirrorEffects allow you to create amazing professional photos against abeautifully Magical Mirror effect.lets you create stunning mirroreffects-including 2D and 3D Photo Mirrors. You can apply mirroreffects to any of the images from photo gallery.Thank You !!!
Slow Motion Video Editor 1.0
With Slow Motion Video you can record video in your device'shighest resolution and then play it back in slow motion. Seekthrough your video frame by frame or choose the speed of yourplayback. On the main page, users can rename or delete any of theirvideos. And as of the latest update users can now choose a videofrom their gallery to playback in slow motion.Record your speechand make your speech fast or even slow using our Slow & FastMotion Video application.Slow Motion Fast Motion Video is anapplication that lets you create a slow motion video as well asfast forward video. First record a video of someone moving,drinking apple juice or anything else, this app will slow the videofor you by 1x, 2x, 3x 4x or 5x. It can also fast forward the videoby 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x. Now you will see people movingslowly!Shoot, edit, and share videos on any social networkingplatforms in a stunning smooth slow motion without transferring anykind of files.This app is the best way to mange the playback speedof your videos and share it with social media like YouTube,Instagram, Facebook, whats app, Vine and Snapchat.This applicationis for creating a new video with different speed to the original,Using this Slow motion & Fast Motion Video you can change thespeed of video and trim a video.Introducing Video Speed, the onlySlow Motion & Fast Motion Video editor on Android!! You cancreate Multiple Fast Motions, Slow Motions in the Same Video! Youcan use the app just for fun OR Professionals can also use it toimprove their game of Tennis, football, swimming and much more!It’s the best Slow motion, Fast Motion Editor!App will convert realvideo in Slow Motion which will be much slower compare tooriginal video and you can share with friends, family andfollowers.You give perfect time interval and select yourslow-motion speed like 1/2x, 1/3x up to 1/10x with same videoquality.Smooth and perfect video player is an amazing app to playand save your audios and videos in all formats. It’s the best videoplayer in the android world which plays every video smoothly andeffortlessly. Video resume option and easy playback features arevery useful for the user.Slow Motion Video makes any video in Slowmotion using this app and make it amazing video with Fast motionvideo app.• Slow Motion – Video Editor • Slow Motion VideoMaker• Slow Video Motion• Slow Video Maker & Slow VideoEditorSlow Motion Video App Will Convert Real Video in Slow Motionwhich Will be Much Slower Compare to Original Video & You CanShare With Friends,Family and Followers.Slow Motion VideoFX lets you choose the speed of the output movie. for exampleyou can make your speech fast - you will sound like a tiny littlemouse! Or record some objects falling down like - table spoon,nuts, seeds and... make it fast- it will lookfunny! Features:☢ Record you spitting water and slow it down☢Option to save Videos in HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW resolution☢ Excellentvideo editing experience to you. With minumum operations, you canmake awesome video Best of all, it's completely free slow motionvideo app. ☢ Record your pets in slow motion☢ Delete videofrom app and search new slow motion video by using searchfunctionality available in app.☢ Share slow streaming video viaFace book, WhatsApp, Twitter and many more.This video player takeadvantage of media hardware acceleration so it consumes low CPUpower and uses battery power in most efficient way. Also, you canmanage, search, sort and share your videos with easy to useinterface.Our app even allows you to share your videos to any appon your mobile device! Now it is quick and easy to share yournewly converted videos to Facebook, Twitter, by email, or any othermeans of sharing.Download and Enjoy a Slow Motion Video ThankYou !!!!
Audio Video Mixer – Add Audio to Video 1.0
You like different audio music and also some video music but sometime you want to merge or combine this two music and play your songor music.With our Audio Video Cutter app you can make your own MP3ringtones fast and easy. Out Audio Video Cutter app is also a musiceditor and ringtone cutter.Our Add audio to video application isfor changing background music of a video. With this video editoryou can add or mix any audio to a video. With this Audio VideoMixer cum Video Cutter you can also trim video easily. Audiovideo mixer is one type of video editor app, using this app you canadd or mix your favorite audio files to video files. Thisapplication manage audio file size if the audio file length islarger than video files, it will be automatically trim audio tovideo's duration.Audio Video Mixer is a Fast tool for convertingvideo into Audio format. Choose the video that you want to convertto audio. By just one click, your audio is save to SD card.With ourAudio Video Cutter app you can cut the best part of your audio songand save it in your device . The cut results are stored in "AudioVideo Mixer" folder.How to USE?✂ Select Videos from your gallery✂Select Audios from your gallery✂ Mix Audio and Video✂ Wait forcomplete Process✂ Don’t Forget to Click on “Save” Button✂ EasilyShare your Mixer Video With your Friends via all Social MediaAddAudio to Video application is for adding audio to a video. You cannow add a song of your choice to any video with this application inyour Android phone.Want to mix a video with your favoritebackground music ? Then mix audio with video app is the ultimate orvideo editor, to do so.This application is for changing backgroundmusic of a video. Using this video editor, you can add or mix anyaudio to a video. If the audio's length is bigger, then it willautomatically trim the audio to video's duration. Audio VideoMixer also known as :- ✾ Audio Video Mixer ✾ AudioVideo Mixer Video Cutter✾ Audio Video Music Mixer✾ Mix Audio withMusic✾ Video Editor Music, No Crop✾ Audio Video Mixer Pro✾ AddAudio to VideoVideo editor app, using this app you can add or mixyour favorite audio files to video files.Using Audio Video Mixer,You can now add a song of your choice to any video with thisapplication in your Android phone.Audio Video Mixer or Add Audio ToVideo or Mix Audio With Video app this app to you can change audioor song of any video and add different music in video. & makefunny video by adding such a funny song & share with yourfriends.Thanks !!
Auto Cut Paste – Auto Cut Out 1.0
Auto Photo Cut Paste provides a fast and easy way tocreate amazing custom pictures. Just touch the area of picturewhich you want to erase and Auto Cut Paste will automaticallydetect the entire area through color detection AI and itwill erase that area for you so that you can paste that image onany other picture or on our existing 30+ HDbackgrounds. Cut Out is an background image editor to erasephoto background to transparent and let you edit it with differentbeautiful backgrounds .Cut out background remover app photo editorhas so many edit options like text , stickers , photo effects andmany more. Create custom photos by cutting from photos and pastethe content (nature ,statues , animals, whatever object you want inyour photos) in other photos.  Cut one face and Paste iton the Other. Want to Remove Photo Background? Cut the people outand put them on another background. Want to Remove People fromPhotos? Then Cot out is the best background remover app to cutpaste.Want to Swap Faces? Cut one face and Paste it on the Other.Want to Remove Photo Background? Cut the people out and put them onanother background. Want to Remove People from Photos? This is theApp for you.Create custom photos by cutting from photos and pastethe content (People, Animals, whatever object you want in yourphotos) in other photos. Create new photos with content.This isbest cut paste App for Photos, with which you can create your ownwonderful custom photos by cutting the image from one image andpasting it to the other image!! You can cut a section or wholeobject and paste it to the other image.Cut one face and Paste it onthe other. Or Cut the people out and put them on anotherbackground. Photo Auto Cut Paste, Auto Photo Cut Paste, PhotoAuto Cut Paste Background Eraser - Changer - Photo cut paste, autophoto cut paste, photo cut out, cut paste photo, cut and paste app,cut photo, photo cut, photo cut and paste, cut pictures, cut pastephoto editor, cut photo app, photo cutting app, cut and paste photoeditor, cut paste, photo cutter, cut image, photo paste, cut andpaste pictures, paste photo. face cutter, cut photo paste, copy andpaste photo editor, copy paste photo editor, cut and editphotosThis is best cut paste App for Photos, with which you cancreate your wonderful custom photo by cutting the image from oneimage and pasting it to the other custom image. You can cutting asection or whole object and paste it to the other images.By AutoCut Out Photo Cut Paste Background Removal, lets you create uniquecollages by letting you copy and paste photos from gallery ontodifferent collage backgrounds. You can add text and sticker to makebeautiful collages.Photo Background Changer has more than 90different HD beautiful backgrounds for you as road, beach, forest,autumn, sunset, ... Addition you can choose your photo from yourgallery and set as new background.Change Photo Backgrounds with newbackgrounds with the Help of Magical Eraser tool forbackgrounds. By Photo Cut Paste, lets you can easily changefaces in photos. Change your face, friends or change face in anyimage. Background Eraser - Cut Out let you change yourbackground photo. You can use Cut Out as background remover,background changer app as you like.Photo Eraser is a backgroundimage editor to erase photo background to transparent and let youedit it with different beautiful backgrounds. Cut out backgroundremover app photo editor has so many edit options like text,stickers, photo effects and many more. Create custom photos bycutting from photos and paste the content (nature, statues,animals, whatever object you want in your photos) in otherphotos. Thank You !!!
HD Video Editor – Video Cutter , Audio Video Mixer 1.0
Video Editor help you fast and easy to edit, convert to Mp3, grabphoto, remove sound, replace sound from video.Video Editor withphoto video tell your amazing MV story with popular free music tothe world on all Social Media App! Your best video maker for AllSocial Media App!Video Editor With Music Choice app is the best wayto create, edit, and publish videos on Android.Video Editor isthe best video editor for people on the move and forthose who don’t have formal video editing skills. No video clips onyour phone? No problem. Magisto smart video maker can help youcreate a slideshow or video collage that feels like a true videousing only photos.”. Download the Magisto free movie maker now toget started.Video Editor with Photo Video & free music is themost popular video editor & movie maker. With You have manyVideos and you want to edit it with smart phone, Video Editor willhelp you do that thing.A powerful video edit app with variety offun stickers. Snap Video Editor is an excellent video editor &movie maker & photo editor. With Snap Video Editor, you canmake your own video with your own photos with fun stickers andtexts, edit music movie with specially good effect.Music VideoEditor for HD Video app is Professional Video Editing tool for yourdaily needs with most useful and handy Features to edit your videowithin minutes.Feature of Video Editor:-- Crop Video :- Crop andTrim best part of video and remove unwanted logos and watermarks toshare in social apps.- Video Cutter :- Easily trim any portion ofyour video with this video editor app. Also you can remove musicfrom the video.- Slow Motion Video Maker :- Create slow motionvideo of a particular part of video by using trim option or makethe whole video slow. Choose any video and select speed like 1/2,1/3, 1/4, up to 1/10.- Fast Motion Video Maker :- Use fast motionvideo app to increase speed of the video using this video editorapp. You can make whole video run in fast motion or particularportion of video using trim option. Supports speed like 1X, 2X, 3X,up to 10X.- Video Compressor :- Compress video in different sizeand quality which is useful to save phone memory. Compress video ofalmost any format to different resolution by choosing desiredpercentage of compression- Video to photo :- Grab particular andperfect moments from recorded videos and playable gallery videos insimple steps. Supports Quick Capture and Auto Snap between timeinterval.- Rotate video :- Did you record or saved your video inwrong direction or is the orientation wrong? No need to worryanymore because now you can rotate your video in different anglesrotates video option.- Add Audio to Video :- Change backgroundmusic of a video by adding your favorite audio to specific portionof video by trim option or you can also change the audio of wholevideo.- Video Compressor :- Compress video in different size andquality which is useful to save phone memory. Compress video ofalmost any format to different resolution by choosing desiredpercentage of compression.- Reverse Video :- This application willreverse the video and literally you will see people walkingbackwards.- Split Video :- Split a single Video into Two SplitVideos at a chosen point to split the video.- Video Merge :- Mergemultiple videos into one file which is just awesome.- Rotate video:- Did you record or saved your video in wrong direction or is theorientation wrong? No need to worry anymore because now you canrotate your video in different angles rotates video option.- VideoConverter :- Convert your video to useful formats like mp4, mkv,mov, mpeg, mpg, avi, flv, wmv.- Video to photo :- Grab particularand perfect moments from recorded videos and playable galleryvideos in simple steps. Supports Quick Capture and Auto Snapbetween time interval.Thank You!!!
Car Key Lock Remote Simulator 1.1
This is the best wireless car key simulator and prank app.Controlyour central locking, unlock your car, open the boot and turn onyour car alarm right from your phone, or at least that's what yourfriends will think. Car Remote key is a car remote simulatorthrough which you can lock and unlock door of car. With the Car Keyalarm simulator you will make your friends think you can unlockyour car with your phone! Play with the Car Key android applicationand have fun as many times as you want without breaking your caralarm key. Car Alarm is a simulator app. It is not a real carremote control to lock and unlock your car. use this app only forentertainment. your can play this app on your friends and family toshow them as you have a real car out side. Prank your friends youcan control your car from you mobile. Prank your friends with theseauthentic keys and sounds including a variety of realistic doorslocking and unlocking, boot / bonnet unlock sounds, car alarmlocking and unlocking, and a panic / car alarm. Car remote unlockerapp is a wireless car remote simulator which can prank people inthinking that its the real wireless car remote key. The Car Key isa great and entertaining app for you, it is now enhanced withvibration ,screen flash effects and even a panic alarm. Try it out,you will love playing with it. Car remote key Presents a fantasticUI which will make you think its a real Car key remote device. Turnon the Car Alarm and surprise all with realistic sounds of openingand closing the car door, as well as a loud alarm system! Make funof a friend or parent, if you can open their car. Turn on the sirenand tell that the car alarm went off. Creative imagination, a lotof jokes. Attention, This is just an emulator, it does not bear anyharm, and created. Enjoy the best free car keys simulator withlifelike graphics and sounds that will fool your friends intothinking you have a luxury vehicle, right from your phone. Car keyRemote Simulator features include: ✔ Unlock Car Button and Audio ✔Car Alarm / Panic Alarm function ✔ Includes car alarm. ✔ Alarm lockand unlock buttons with Audio ✔ Lock Button and Audio ✔ Great Funfor kids ✔ Realistic Car Key Press. ✔ Small App size.  ✔Actual car key appearance ✔ Fool your friends and Family ✔ Fun forall ages and Free of charge and always will be! ✔ Included skinmodels: Volkswagen / Skoda / Ford / Nissan / Audi / Mercedes /Mazda / Mini Cooper / BMW  The sounds are authentic,faithfully reproduce the sounds of doors opening and closing, caralarm or open the tailgate.  Thank You !!!
Electro Music Drum – DJ Mixer 1.1
All new Electro Drum Music Pad ! Make beats and music with freshEDM sample packs! Use new pitch effect to make your beats evenbetter! Watch tutorials from Drum Pads 24 Crew in the Video andTutorials section!A Top high quality soundtrack and sound designstyle is like real with amazing vibration animation on play.ElectroDrum interpretation will make your music sound as a producer ofpopular EDM!Playing on the road with signs of professional studioand collaborate with friends!All new Electro Music Drum Pads Makebeats and music with fresh EDM sample packs! Use new pitch effectto make your beats even better! Watch tutorials from Drum Pads 24Crew in the Video and Tutorials section!Electro Drum is the greatapplication to make beats and music on your phone or tablet withyour fingers.Electro Drum Pads Applications This option allows youto discover your sound design style. The course is fun and enjoythe sound design.Dj Mix Drum Pad Electro Mixing your music is easy- read this - DJ Mix Pad is a mix of powerful sheetmusic.Electronic Drum Beat Pad 16 high quality studio sound. Thisoption allows you to discover your sound design like professionalstudio sound . You play on acoustic drums, or just learning?Try our unique electro drums. Connect to speakers or headphones andplay your drums! Try to play electric drums before buying. Anotherkind, a different sound impact, but also very high quality andinteresting!Applications Electro Drum Pads works to create musicand songs in different styles. A unique soundtrack and sound designstyle is different.Dubstep all the best traditions, a newmagnifying glass, bits of samples! Combines music, in a uniquesimulator console dubstep!Dj Mix Tworzenie Muzyki Applications Thisoption allows you to discover your sound design style. The courseis fun and enjoy the sound design.Enjoy Electro sounds Buttons DrumNow you can play Electric Drums. Make beats and music with freshHigh Quality soundtrack and sound design style is likereal.Electronic Drum Beat Pad 16 high quality studio sound.Thisoption allows you to discover your sound design like professionalstudio sound . Electro Drum Pads DJ Music interpretationwill make your music sound as a producer of popular EDM! This is abeat app for drum pads, EDM pads. Playing on the road with signs ofprofessional studio and collaborate with friends! Here you canmake music in beat maker go where beats app in making music withmusic pads to launch pad and helps in remix maker to make soundwith drumpads on touchpad. To play, simply tap your fingers onthe drum. And drum sounds are played simultaneously. Choose aweight heavy volume as needed. It sounds like real drums.ElectricDrum Pads to help you design and imagination. Sound design ormusic. Ideal for those who begin to design sound. It can be easy touse and allows you to evolve in terms of design and style ofmusic.What we have inside:> Professional studio sounds> Newsound packs every month> Video and tutorials> Pitch sliderbar> New fresh designDrummer knows that practicing drumsregularly is a way to success.It can be easy to use and allow youto evolve in terms of design and style of music.Electro Drum Padshas different type of samples:✔ Awesome wobbles✔ Base lines✔Different Snares✔ Synth chords✔ Vocals✔ Kiks✔ Hi Hats✔ FXYou canplay together with your friends, Electro Drum Pads is made foreveryone who likes music, who loves to make beats and rhythms andfor those ones who just wants to have fun.Thank You !!!
My Photo On Music Player 1.1
Make your personal image as background of your music player!Download the all new My Photo Music Player app and set your customphoto with any song playback background easily. Search and playsongs in your device faster with using My Photo Music Player.Customize your family, friends, lovers, the main screen with theself-camera pictures, your favorite celebrity star, cute pets,animated images, beautiful and wonderful scenery taken trips go,athletes, etc. that favorite style. Download and customize yourmusic playeryou can also find all your music files from folder withthe use of this awesome player.Also set background image fromgallery and some default background for creative music player Youcan changing the background image to your own photo or image andmore default background.Free Multimedia player for the Android andMusic player. Now you can listen all popular audio formats on yourphone or tablet with hardware acceleration for faster and smootherplayback. My Photo Music Player is an amazing concept ofphotography in music player to set your photo or your lover photowhatever you like to set you can set easily. A free Multimediaplayer for the Android and Music player. New Features add in musicplayer is You can cut Ringtone from full song and also set ringroneas default ringtone in your phone.You can cut selected part fromfull song and also set as Ringtone Using My Photo Music Player.Weadd equalizer in My Photo Music Player that will help to set bass,Classical music, Dance with music ,Flat change , Hip Hop Song, PopEffect, Rock Effect in equalizer.My Photo Music player includes Maxvideo player which is the easiest phone video player, has apowerful video decoding capabilities to easily support you playalmost all video files stored on your phone. With this My Photo PIPMusic Player app customize your family,friends,lovers,the mainscreen with the self-camera pictures,your favorite celebritystar,cute pets, animated images,beautiful and wonderfulimages,etc... Download and cutomized your music player.My PhotoMusic Player is an amazing concept of photography in music playerto set your photo or your lover photo whatever you like to set youcan set easily. A free Multimedia player for the Android and Musicplayer. Features :• Support all the most popular music fileformats.• You can also Cut Ringtone from full song so is calledRingtone Cutter.• Take easy to folder view of music files.• Swipeto change songs in Play Screen.• 30 + Background set for Custommusic player• Take easy to set Equalizer in your music for listenbest music with bazz, dance , flat,hip hop song and more effect youcan set in music player with custom equalizer.• You can CreateCustom Music player as you want or your choice of music .• CustomUI set As you want or change theme of music player for creativedesign of player • Play music by song, artist, album or playlist.•Take photo from gallery and also set as music player background•Also you can set your favorite music in player in playlist.Now youcan listen all popular audio formats on your phone or tablet withhardware acceleration for faster and smoother playback. Search andplay songs in your device faster with using My Photo Music PlayerPhoto Album Theme. Change visualization of your music player easilywith My Photo Music Player Maker within seconds. Install the allnew My Photo Music Player for the best music playback experience.Also provide the song list like Artists, Albums, Folder and as wellas playlist. And search the song very fast and easy access.
Caller Screen Dialer – Screen Caller ID 1.1
Customize your call screen with new call screen theme and enjoy newcaller id changer when you getting incoming and outgoing calls.FullScreen Caller ID + Dialer app is a replacement caller id app ofyour default caller screen dialer for your phone. a lot ofbeautiful caller id themes to choose from this caller id app.Download Full Screen Caller ID + Dialer app for free and make yourandroid phone looks awesome. Enjoy this Hd Caller id app with merryChristmas themes too.People would like to find best fake caller appbut this app will make you call wherever call location do youneed.Lets Have free my custom caller screen dialer for android withbest background themes. dial speedy any number from contactlist This caller sceen is the whenever you are dial a call atthat time filling are love because in your smartphone screen havelovely theme or dail a call to your love or any other friend.Callscreen will display high quality full screen photo of the callerwhen you get phone call, make a phone call, miss a phone call.TheFull Screen Caller ID will let you quickly recognize the caller andhelp you make the decision on the phone call.The application isvery easy to use and customize the theme as per your requirementsand comfort. As you complete installation of the application openit and you will be able see a very user friendlyapplication.Customize it the way you want it and stop using theboring phone's calling dial pads. Now you can simple changeand modify your phone style. Add your dashing photo to dialerkeypad.Make your phone calling screen look incredible. Personalizethem and make themfancy like an Phone i calling display now!Don’tlet your phone to look like any other and customize your calls asyou desire now! Call Screen Changer is customization applicationdue to which user can replace old call screen with new fullyamazing call screen.Create your screen caller advance theme withbeautiful backgrounds.Full Screen Caller ID for people who needfull screen Photo's with caller information on every call. Insteadof small photos go with HD Full Screen called ID with our FullScreen Caller ID App. This HD Caller ID app is both beautiful andhighly useful for day to day calling purpose. The applicationis very easy to use and customize the theme as per yourrequirements and comfort. As your complete installation of theapplication open it and you will be able see a very user-friendlyapplication. Dialer is important part of the any type of smartphone or mobiles. If your dialer keypad or whole incoming callerpad and outgoing caller pad is nice and beautiful looks andattractive look then everybody will think once about your color andunique caller dialer screen. Full Screen Caller ID for Androidgives you the facility to set full screen caller ID images in yourincoming and outgoing calls instead of a default caller IDscreen.Make your phone screen more beautiful and enjoy with allcontact information feature very attractively at oneplace. .The next part is about customizing the Call Screen.The first option is Theme Setting where in you get various optionsto customize the theme like changing the background, the sliders toreceive or reject a call.- Call Screen Features- Speaker Call-Multiple HD and vivid caller themes.- Incoming and Outgoing CallScreen, Caller Id- Set Latest New Ringtones on Calls- Set Reminderfor Calls- Contact List with smooth UI scroll- Set Full Hd Photo tothe Contacts.- Full Screen Photo for incoming call.- Full ScreenCaller Id for your all contacts- Full Screen Photo for missedcall.- Full Screen Photo for outgoing call.- Call ScreenReplacement With True HD Pictures.Thank You !!!!
Fake Video Call : Girlfriend Fake Time Simulator 1.2
Simply download Fake Video Call Girlfriend Fake Time Call Prank;you are able to modify fake call or message along with whatevernumbers and contacts whenever you need to. The fake call and fakemessage appears like actual ones and it is difficult for some todetect. Fake video Caller helps you to select a caller fromyour contact list or enter new contact. One can also select timefor calling and set up multiple fake calls for differenttimings.Turn fake call a friend and show a friend or someone youknow, they will be surprised! you can choose different callers ofthe girls! A real blast and a voice straight out of the tube!Listen to the voice of a cute girl!The most professional andbeautiful fake caller id application for your phone. Get out thetrouble, give yourself a fake call id. Fake Chat an App forsimulating chat conversations. Have fun with your friends makingthem believe you are actually chatting, and changing pastconversations at your please This is new fake chatconversations like whatsapp.Fake video Caller allows you to pick acaller from your contact list or even enter. Simulate a Fake VideoCall Girlfriend Fake Time Call Prank to rescue yourself from andifficult situation, such as dull or boring conference, irritatingconversation, worthless meeting. Beautiful Ladies Calling Prank,with this particular prank you can simulate fake video calls fromarbitrary cute girls!Simulate a fake video caller id to rescueyourself from an awkward situation, like boring meeting, annoyingconversation, meaningless interview.Fake Video Call: GirlfriendFake Time Simulator Beautiful Girls Calling Prank, With this prankyou can simulate fake video calls from random cute girls! It workslike an alarm clock, you just have to set the time you want chose aname and select if you want vibrator or not. Features - Show yourface on the video chat screen using front camera- Incoming call andOutgoing call screen- Simulate a fake video chat screen- Simulate afake video chat and fake caller id- 8 pre-recorded videos- Supportshigh-quality video- Schedule a fake calling- Screen record- SupportYouTube embedded video- Customize fake caller name, number,picture, and video.This app is intended for entertainment purposesonly and does not provide true Girlfriend Call. Fake GirlfriendVideo Calling - a game application where you can joke to call agirl or a friend! Raffle loved ones; let people think that callingyou or your girlfriend! Simulate a fake video calling to prank orimpress your friends and family. Give yourself a fake call can getyou out of a date, a meeting or a boring situation.How to use:--Download and install and start the Application- Enter username ,Number and select Pic- Set time zone- Set voice Recording.- EnjoyFake video Call.- You can receive and make a call.NOTE:- This isnot a real but only an imitation of the call! The app does not bearany harm and is only for fun!Just download fake video callSimulator , you can edit fake video call with whatever numbers andcontacts as you wish.Thank You..!!!
Icon Changer : App Icon Changer 1.1
By using this app create effective icon as per yourchoice and create shortcut. So when you come next time no needto go in menu bar to find app because app is available ondesktop.Creating customized icons is easy: find the application andthe icon pack you want, and create your new home screen icon with asingle tap. You can also customize the label of the application orremove it completely.The easy way to modify any app iconwith Icon Changer. Make cool icons of any application as youwant, download the icon changer app and set your costume icon forsuch apps. Change icons by starting our Icon Changer app. selectthe app which you want to change icon. Set the costume icon fromour list or pick any image from gallery. Change icons bystarting our Icon Changer App. Select the app which you want tochange icon. Set the costume icon from our list or pick any imagefrom gallery. App Icon changer helps you to modify your existingapp icon and you may change the icon from one app to another. Alsomake your image as your app icon and give your phone wall a newlook. HOW TO USE 1. Execute Icon Changer!2. Choose application oractivity to change icons!3. Choose an image from gallery / iconpackage!4. Icon will be changed!The easiest way to decorate yourandroid. Icon Changer is the application that makes shortcut with anew icon at home screen. Icon can be chosen from gallery and lotsof icon packs. Features: -Icon Changer app having such very goodfeature which helps you to decorate your app more.- All availableapps in android phone will be list out in our app.- Choose app tochange icon as per your wish.- Select image or photo from gallery.-Crop image for icon.- Give different title to app or customize appname.- Search app and quickly choose app to customize app icon.-You can create shortcut for particular song, all setting options,and particular person contact name and for message.The changed iconwill come on the home screen. Icon does not change permanently.Therefore don't worry about restoring.Thank You..!!!
Status Saver for WhatsApp 1.0
Status saver for WhatsApp application helps you to download thestatus posted by your friends. You have to just give a single clickon the app and you will get all the images and videos of yourfriend's WhatsApp status. One important point, is easy touse.Status Saver for Whatsapp - This application will help you todownload any Images and Videos which was shared as a story by yourcontact. WhatsApp Status Save for whatsapp is the firstapp that let you save whatsapp statuses whatsapp images or WhatsAppvideos in your gallery, Then repost on Whatsapp, share FACEBOOK,TWITTER and other social networksWhatsApp gives us these allfacilities free of cost. It just needs an internet connection andyou can talk to you lovable anywhere in this world. Thisapplication recently has given the new style of status but in this,we can not save the images and videos.As we all know that WhatsApphas updated with a new style. Status Saver For WhatsApp is good APPfor WhatsApp user, who one download friends WhatsApp status. Now,you can upload images and videos on WhatsApp but one problemarrived with this that you cannot save the images and videos of thestatus. Status Save For WhatsApp Users can save any WhatsAppstatus in a single way or multiple statuses together also can sharethis status to a whatsapp contact.Wondering on how to downloadvideo and Pictures from WhatsApp story. This application willenable you to download pictures and images posted by yourfriends.There are many new features rolling out to WhatsApp usersoccasionally, one such feature is the WhatsApp Status highlight andWhatsApp chose to reveal the element to every one of the clientswhich is a massive 1 billion or more clients over the globe.decided to replace the old Status feature with the WhatsApp Statusfeature. contacts can see the common pictures, GIFs or Videos for atime of 24 hours before it gets erased automatically.How toUse? - Go to WhatsApp, Check the Desired Status/Story...- OpenStatus Story Saver for Whatsapp Free, Click on any Image or Videoto View...- Click the Save Button... The Image/Video isInstantly saved to your Gallery 😉With Whatsapp's new statusfeature, all statuses automatically disappears after 24 hours.Sowith our app you can save your favorite status and can access itanytime.Features * Download Status Story of your Contacts*Beautiful dashboard to manage Saved Stories* View and Save yourcontacts status story without going to viewers list of contact.*Inbuilt Story viewer and media player.WhatsApp has become oneof the most sensational and popular application.Thank You !!!
PIP Camera 📸 PIP Selfie Photo Editor 1.0
PIP Camera : Selfie Photo Editor is the most popular photo editorapplication for selfie photos.PIP Camera with amazing pic-in-picphoto effects.You can select photo from gallery or camera &edit image by applying very sweet frames. At last save image, shareimage with your friends, family and followers.Create wonderfulphotos by using incredible effects and frames. Just select apicture and adjust on different frames. The photo will also appearpartially on background. After using photo frames you can applyeffects on foreground or background individually on both.PIP cameramakes your selfie pictures more beautiful and attractive. PIPCamera sets your photo inside photo frame with some creativeframes.PIP Camera is best way to create creative PIP photos withblurred background.PIP Camera Selfie Photo Editor puts your photointo another photo with special designed PIP.PIP Camera is veryeasy to use. PIP Photo Maker is an easy to use also creativephoto editor! PIP Style Picture in picture: new selfie experiencemostly peoples using it on party, weddings etc. Maybe the distancebetween you & your friend is only a PIP Camera amazing pipphotos.Feature of PIP Camera : Photo Editor☕ Photo selection :- Youcan select your photo from camera or gallery. ☕ PIP Camera :-New graphic shape used in creativity of photo like bottle ,glass,aquarium, hand camera, bubbles etc☕ Different PIP Photo Category:-More PIP Effects are available with different Categories like.Simple , Classic, Bottle , Love , Flower , Frame , Digital ,Shape.☕ Blur Photo- Adjust blur of your selected image.☕ Differentphoto effects:- You can show like your photo get different photoshaping effects. ☕ Change Forground, Background Images:- Youcan change PIP image as wellas blur background image usinggallery.☕ Save Photo in Album :- Selfie pip camera photo effect appsave photo in photo Album of this app.☕ Share photo :- Share yourPIP camera photo effecting image with your friends and family viawhatsapp, Instagram, facebook, etc.☕ Creation Album :- Show yourall Created PIP images in Album.☕ Directly set as wallpaperCrystalBottle Pattern, Frames Series, Simple Style, Cartoon Style……Allphoto collages are especially for you. Share it to your Moments inone tap, see what your friends gonna say!PIP Camera is actuallynice app to create Effective photo frame and do additionalfun.Thank You!!!
Photo Video Movie Maker – Photo Slideshow 1.1
Photo Video maker with music creates video slide show of photos.And you can add music with it.Photo video movie maker withmusic is the fastest way to create and edit amazing photomusic videos and stories.Create beautiful Video from your photosand music with photo to video converter Photo Video MovieMaker. Image to Video Movie Maker is application for creatingand editing video from images, music and share amazing music videostory with friends!Video Movie maker with music app convert photosinto stunning videos. Convert your photos to video with videoediting tool Photo Video Movie maker. Add background musicfrom your own music, while creating Video using Video Maker App.Create Video Stories from your photos and music with photo to videoconverter. Photo to Video maker with music is video editor tool forandroid. Photo Video Movie maker with music is video editor moviemaker tool. Create Video from your photos and music with phototo video converter. Photo Video Maker with music is the best videoeditor, photo slideshow maker & movie editing app.Movie Makeris application for creating video from Images and Music. It’stotally free and be forever. Video Slideshow Editor is the easiestway to create, edit and share amazing photo music videos andstories.Love Video Maker With Music is one of the best videoeditor, photo slideshow maker and movie editing apps in AndroidStore. With this app, you can easiest way to create, edit yourvideo story from gallery photos.Create your own Indian Republic DayVideo Maker slideshow video from images and music with latest addedfeatures and Indian 26th January 2018 theme.Arrange photos in orderwith the perfect background, music and animation to create aBeautiful video of your own Photo Video Maker with music. alsoadd music of your choice to play along the video using photo Videomaker with music.Video Slideshow Maker app helps you to createImage Slideshow from your mobile in seconds, along with slide time,frames and filter effects. Create beautiful Music Slideshow andshare with friends and family for best occasions in life.Photo toMovie maker application provide a unique function to create a moviefrom captured or gallery photos. Create movie from your devicegallery, image gallery using this application. In this applicationyou can select unlimited images for creating a movie, you can setany formatted audio file.Create beautiful Video with pictures andmusic.Romantic Love Video Maker will assist you produce Love video-slideshow video from pictures and music. How to use > ChoosePhotos from gallery> You can rearrange selected images> Youcan Edit selected photo> You can also remove selected images>Make movie from selected photo> Add your favorite Music>Share movie over a social mediaPhoto Video Movie Maker withmusic have reach set of awesome themes to apply on photos tocreate video from images and Love music. Slideshow Movie Maker helpyou to create Happy Love movie, create your own Love Movie orslideshow video from images and music.Slideshow Movie maker withmusic app convert photos into stunning videos. Convert your photosto video with video editing tool Photo Video Movie maker. Addbackground music from your own music, while creating Video usingVideo Maker App. Video Movie Maker is the best video editor, photoslideshow maker & movie editing app.This App also known as : -Photo to Video Maker with Music- Video Editor- Photo to VideoMaker- Movie Maker- Video maker- Photo Slide Show Maker- Love VideoMaker- Photo and Video Collage Maker- Photo to Video Converter-Slide Show Maker- Republic Photo Video MakerPhotos to Videoconverter with music is the app to create video movie when you arebored and want to showcase the pictures to your friends or familyin a fun way.Thank You !!!
Megical Photo Lab : Repic Photo Effect 1.0
Magical Photo Lab is a creative tool that lets you turn ordinaryphotos into masterpieces. Magical Photo Lab is the most inspiringphoto editor! Magic Photo Lab : Photo Effect is the bestapp for Insta sqaure pic for android.Magic Photo Lab2018 is an easy and fun way to enhance your personalphotos. Fill Art Photo Editor It makes your photosbeautiful with easy and powerful editing tools. Lots of filters andeffects, easy to use, share via Facebook, Twitter and many more.Thebest photo studio to make all your pictures even better! Editphotos with mosaic to pixelate photo backgrounds, vignette,overlays, HDR and more. Get personalized images with photo blur,background defocus, and Gaussian blur and other special effectswith your favourite photo booth.You can feel Rain, Snow , fallingleaf, love on your photo. Create flower and bokeh overlays on yourphotos and make your captured moments mesmerized.Edit your photoinstantly with this Awesome powerful Magical Photo Effect app,which is one of the best photo editing tool in android. Magic Brusheffect encourages creativity and imagination with beautifulpictures that can be painted and animated your photo.ColorPhoto Editor is create a colorful effect on your photo.MagicalPhoto is more than a photo editor. It’s a creative tool that letsyou turn ordinary photos into masterpieces. Perfect for your phoneand tablet!Magic Photo Frames is the cutest photo editing app. Itis made for all of you who believe in magic and want to bring amagical note to your pictures. This is the right moment to changeyour photos by adding some cool picture frames.You can make yourbest selfie using this Effects. We have added more then 50+ effectslike Autumn, Twin, Contrast, Pencil, DSLR effects, Blackout,Engrave, Smart Blur, Desaturate, Border, Desert, Draft, Displace,Reflection, G & B, Shadow, Ghost, Lomoart, R & B, Emboss, R& G, Bokeh Overlays, Drops, Saturation, Sharpen, ThePast,Oil-Paint, Swap, Snow, Polaroid, Oval, Light, Sharp, Bewitching,FishEye and so on..Make your image look creative in seconds withoutusing a professional editor and set it as a contact icon, awallpaper, send a signed virtual postcard to a friend or share itto any social network.Get the best photography art in your photoswith large number of amazing photo effects. Magical Photo Effecthas variety of bleeding pixels in various styles like PhotoshopShattering Effect. Magic Photo Effect contains Realistic photoeffects, Face photo montages, Photo filters, Photo collages, NeuralArt Styles, many Photo Frames, many effects and many otherfunctionalities that you may never heard. FEATURES: 🎨 25+Designed professional effect brushes to edit any part of your photowith a finger. Amazing set of Effect , Animation , decorative , andArtistic brushes to add unique touch to your photos 🎨 Amazingspotlight filters🎨 15 carefully designed filters🎨 17 beautifulframes to beautify you photos.🎨 Direct access to all the albumsfrom your phone.🎨 Ability to switch between tools without extrasteps 🎨 Super Cropping Tool🎨 Save to Photo Album.🎨 Directshare your photos on Social Media…Magical Photo Lab boasts one ofthe vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects: morethan 800 effects to date! Fantastic face photo montages, photoframes, animated effects, and photo filters are here for you toenjoy. Photo Lab is an effective Photo ArtEditor with some stunning photo effects and various photoediting options.Megical Photo Lab - Repic Photo Effect is the bestphoto editor for post full Square Size Art Photo.MagicPhoto Effect contains Realistic photo effects, Face photo montages,Photo filters, Photo collages, Neural Art Styles, many PhotoFrames, many effects and many other functionalities that you maynever heard.Thank You !!!
Screen Mirroring : Connect Mobile to TV 1.3
Screen Mirroring is an application designed for power users thatfrequently connect their Android devices to external displays. Itworks with your existing screen mirroring solution to give you thebest experience possible. With Second Screen, you can change yourdevice's resolution and density to fit your TV or monitor, enablealways-on desktop mode in Chrome, and even turn your device'sbacklight off, among several other features.With the all-newSamsung Smart View app, you can enjoy your personalized Smart Hubexperience on your smartphone or tablet with all the benefits oftouch. Browse across your favorite live TV and streaming apps more.Discover and launch your movies, shows, sports, music or gamesdirectly from your phone without interrupting your viewingexperience on the TV.Share screen with tv does not need extradongle or cable. Click the “Start”, the Mobile hotspot will beoperating automatically. And after hotspot will be operating,connect to AP from other devices.Screen Mirroring with TV App willassist you to scan and mirror your android phone or tab's screen onsmart TV/Display (mira cast enabled) or Wireless dongles oradapters.Screen mirroring work your TV should support WirelessDisplay and TV must be connected to wifi network same as yourphone. use Screen Mirroring App to mirror your mobile screen tosmart Screen Mirroring work android version must be android4.2 and above. Download and run Screen Mirroring App.Screenmirroring Samsung is the most powerful app for mirroring andbroadcasting your Android screen and audio in real time! Samsungscreen mirroring lets you view/cast your phone images, video, audioon you TV connected to various streaming devices. screen mirroringfor Samsung smart tv is free and has no restrictions.Screenmirroring for samsung smart tv can only play contents but sendscreen as is such as HDMI, MHL, Mira cast and Chrome cast. screenmirroring Samsung smart tv has been tested and found.ScreenMirroring with TV can only play contents but send screen as is suchas HDMI, MHL, Miracast and Chromecast. It has been tested and foundworks on most of android mobiles.Please follow below steps tomirror your mobile screen to smart TV.You can share your Androidscreen live to any other device or PC on your local network, via amedia player, web browser, Chromecast, or UPnP compatible devices /DLNA (many Smart TVs or other devices). Feature:- 1. A brand newuser interface that unifies your experience across all devices2.Direct access to your favorite apps on the mobile phone withoutinterrupting TV playback3. A completely re-designed soft remotethat is always accessible 4. Direct deep linking to yourentertainment apps including sports, music and games5. Ability toturn on the TV in Standby mode (Wake on Wireless) for supportedmodels. Need Bluetooth to be ON on the mobile device or tablet.6. Anew game controller7. An art mode navigation & setting menu forThe Frame TV users, to customize Arts or PhotosIf you have enjoyedyour experience with this Screen Mirroring with TV, rate us on playstore. Do not forget to share this share screen with tv among allyour friends who enjoy casting as much as you do.Keyword:-★ screenmirroring app★ mirror screen★ screen mirroring samsung tv★ mirrortv★ screen mirroring samsung smart tv★ samsung screen mirroring★mirror cast★ screen mirroring Samsung★ cast screen android★ samsungmirroring app★ screen mirr★ mirror screen android★ screen mirroringfor samsung tv★ mirroring to tv★ screen mirroring laptopIf you haveany suggestions for us to improve this share screen with tv better,please write to us.Thank You..!!!
Voice Calculator – Speak and Talk Calculator 1.0
Latest calculator where you don't have to press any keystocalculate. You just have to speak and Voice Calculatorwillautomatically calculate what you say.You can perform simple aswellas complicated calculation by just speaking. Just keep in mindthatyou have to speak all the equation at one time and notsplittingthe equation. Ex. If you want to calculate 30*5, tocalculate,click on mic button and say thirtymultiply by Five andVoiceCalculate will give you answer 150.Now you just have to speakandVoice Calculator will automatically calculate what yousay.Everwanted to tell a calculator to do a calculation with justyourvoice? or wanted to listen to the calculation to make sure youhaveentered the correct calculation? Speak n Talk Calculator candothat for you! Voice Calculator is a breeze to use foreverydaycalculations with voice feedback, with all thescientificcapability you need for work and school just a swipeaway.IF youlike our app then don’t forget to rate it.You canperform simple aswell as complicated calculation by just speaking.Just keep in mindthat you have to speak all the equation at onetime and notsplitting the equation. Voice Calculator also hason-screenkeyboard which allows you to edit expressions. Plus,minus, times,divide operations, square, cube square root, power,factorialoperations are available.Thank You !!!
Color Flash Light – Police Light 1.0
Change the color and brightness of your phone's screen to helpguideyou where you want to go. Choose from a full range of colorsto findyour favorite custom-made light. Make fun flashlighteffects bytapping on the menu button and choosing effect, color,andbrightness.Have you ever tried to use your phone's screen orLED asa beacon of light, only to find it's just not bright enough?Turnyour phone into a versatile flashlight with Color Flashlightapp,the app that brightens up your phone's day and leads the way.Neverbe caught in the dark without a light again. Theapplicationbelongs to the Tools and Entertainment Categories andincludesPolice Light (LED), Siren, Radio and Tools for alarm andprotection.Application Objective: To self-protect, protect assets,fun andsurprise others. A simple but complete tool in yourphone,quickly and easily turns on the flashlight next to the rearcamerainstantly to provide you many useful features with colorandflash.Color Lights app provide you with many morefeaturessynchronizing the camera led flashlight and the screenflashlightturning your phone in a color flashlight ensuring you'reenjoyinglighting, dancing and listening music.Stuck outside with nostreetlight? Color Flashlight app helps you out in the darkestofoccasions. Use Color Flashlight to find the perfect seat in adarktheater, or find your way around when the power goes outathome.Makes life easier that there is an app actually lights uplikea REAL torch. Straight-forward interface easy to use, strobeisavailable.Change the color and brightness of your phone's screentohelp guide you where you want to go. Choose from a full rangeofcolors to find your favorite custom-made light. Make funflashlighteffects by tapping on the menu button and choosingeffect, color,and brightness.A simple but complete tool in yourphone, quicklyand easily turns on the flashlight next to the rearcamerainstantly to provide you many useful features with colorandflash.Flashlight Color Changer is a new modern and fast "ledtorch"which instantly turns your device into a bright flashlightwith amodern and easy-to-use interface. Makes life easier thatthere isan app actually lights up like a REAL torch.Straight-forwardinterface easy to use, strobe is available.Thisfantastic"flashlight app" helps you find your way in the darkestplaces - itensures that you find the best seat in a dark theatre,guides youwhen you're stuck outside without street lights or helpsyou findyour way around when the power goes out at home.On devicesthathave a camera flash, Color Flashlight turns your phonescameraflash into an LED flashlight. Features: - 16 kindsofsiren sound effect - 6 kinds of policelights -Full-screen effects- Execution immediately operationalsettings-Touch and drag to change when light mode.- At the start ofthepolice light set - At the start of the siren ON /OFF Useyour camera flash to get the brightest flashlight orcolor effectsfor an incredible color change of the lights. Thisapplication isone of our many free apps and one of the best appsfor android onthe market. If you're a fan of police and crimestories you can usepolice lights on your screen to simulate thereal ones. Whateveryou choose, you are guaranteed to have fun withthis awesome phoneflashlight app. Thank You !!!!
My Photo Keyboard – Customize Keyboard Themes 1.0
My Photo Keyboard is tool to customize your android keyboardwithbeautiful themes. My Photo Keyboard is stunning application yousetyour own photo as a keyboard background. My Photo Keyboardprovidesdifferent language, font styles, themes, dictionariesandsettings.My Photo Keyboard provides different languagelikeEnglish, Russian, Guajarati or more you select your languageandset the keyboard. My Photo Keyboard application providesdifferentfont style with verity of size.Here My Photo Keyboard apphelps youto customize your keyboard and set your photo askeyboardbackground with best front keypad characters.In ourkeyboard, youcan customize backgrounds with various wallpapers oreven your ownphotos. Also there are various button skins, fonts andsoundeffects to choose for you to create your own keyboard!Haveyoualways wanted to change keyboard color and style andfityour keyboard to your unique personality? With this cutekeyboardcustomizer you can easily replace your oldkeyboardtheme and enjoy your new wonderful keyboards! Ifyou wantto have amazing typing experience and decorate yourmobilescreen with cute pictures from your phone gallery, ournewfree app is the perfect choice! This cute emoji keyboard forgirlsgives you beautiful smiley faces and emoticons fortextingwhich will enrich your messages and make them evenmorefun. My Photo Keyboard Provide 500+ New GIF and more than1000cool sticker and emoji arts. my photo keyboard is best app in2018and 5 million current user in the word.My Photo keyboardofferswonderful typing experience and your Photopersonalizedenjoyment.It will make your device look amazing!You canchoose yourfavorite photo from your camera or gallery as thekeyboardbackground in Keyboard - Wallpapers & Photos. See yourfavoritephotos as photo keyboard themes while text massaging. Saygoodbyeto those old-plain keyboard!Keyboard personalization hasreached anew level! Type on a fancy keypad theme with speciallydesignedkeys that will make your everyday texting pleasurable andthecollection of awesome emoticons will help you express youremotionsand attitudes with ease. Features :⌨ Enable ourkeyboard fromapp itself.⌨ Set beautiful background by selectingimage fromgallery.⌨ App having such pretty themes which willdecorate yourkeyboard.⌨ Set different background for landscape andportraitmode.⌨ My Photo Keyboard app will provide you morethan 20languages.⌨ Change setting of keyboard from app itself.⌨More than10 different font styles is available.⌨ You can edit textormessage from keyboard like select text, copy, paste andmanymore.Here My Photo Keyboard app helps you to customizeyourkeyboard and set your photo as keyboard background with bestfrontkeypad characters.If you are searching for the right toolwhichwill help you set your own picture as keyboard background thenMyPhoto Keyboard with Emoji is here to help you.You enable ordisablethis application. You change your photo and give your devicetostunning look. Also you give different theme of keyboardwithdifferent color or different style.Set your own selfie as oneofkeypad background pictures for your girly keyboardwithemoticons.How to use ?⌨ Click on Enable Keyboard and thencheckmark My Photo Keyboard.⌨ Click on Set Input Methods and thenselectMy Photo keyboard". ⌨ Click 'Change image' to choose thePhotofrom the Gallery or device camera.⌨ Click on Set theme andselectyour favorite theme from list. Now you can set your ownPictures onyour Keyboard background by using this Application. SetPhoto ofyourself or your loved one as your keypad or keyboardbackground.For the 1st time on Android!! This Gallery Keyboard issurely thebest of its kind.keyboard for android is mainly used forsetbackground photo of your or your family or your lover withstylishkeyboard with amazing keyboard themes.Thank You !!!
Blow Battery Charger Simulator 1.0
It’s time to make fool with your friends and family withBlowBattery Charger Prank app. Just tell them that a new technologyofsmart phone’s battery charge has recently introduced, whichallowyou to charge the battery of your mobile phone withonlycontinuously blow.To make others actual surprise, open BlowBatteryCharger Prank app in your smart phone. Blow at your phoneand thebattery of your smart phone will increase.Its time to foolor prankyour friends, you just have to install Blow Battery ChargerPrankapp in your smart phone. When you blow at the bottom ofyourmobile. the sensor detects it and starts the animation ofchargingyour mobile battery. Blow Battery Charge Prank app ismadeonly for the fun purpose. Blow Battery Charger Prank is aprankapp. There is no technology exist to charge smart phonebycontinuously blowing.NOTE: The purpose to design BlowBatteryCharger Prank app is only to make fun with others. It is afake andPRANK app, which charge your smart phone’s battery byblowingmobile phone. Feature Blow Battery Charger > Download&install Blow Battery Charger Prank app in your mobilephone.>Open this battery charger app in your phone.> Ananimated imagewill appear on the screen of your phone, which willshow thecurrent status of your battery.> Start blowing at thebottom ofyour mobile phone.> The battery charging level of yourphonewill increase slowly.Blow Battery Charge Prank app is madeonly forthe fun purpose. Blow Battery Charger Prank is a prank app.Thereis no technology exist to charge smart phone bycontinuouslyblowing.Now open Blow Battery Charger Prank app infront of themand blow at bottom of your smartphone, they will besurprised bywatching the increased level of your smart phonebattery.Downloadthis awesome app and Enjoy with friends andfamily.Thanks..!!!
Voice Screen Lock 1.0
Voice Screen Lock application through you gets totally newstylelock screen just you speak your password and open yourlock.You usedifferent lock screen with different pattern throughsecure yourdata or private or sensitive data.Using a traditionalLockscreen toLock & Unlock your phone have been outdated now.Use a newapproach to Lock/Unlock your smartphone using your Voiceand secureyour mobile from others approachHere we present to you anew way ofaccessing your mobile devices. In Voice Screen Lockapplication youwill be able to record a password in your voice andthat passwordwill have to be spoken to unlock your devicescreen. ThisSmart Voice Lock Screen works on with your voicecommands whichmakes your phone unique from others also we haveprovided a KeypadLock screen method with this App. !You usedifferent lock screenwith different pattern through secure yourdata or private orsensitive datUnlock your phone screen with voice.Beautiful andcustomizable Voice lock screen for any android device.Set a voicepassword and use it to unlock your device.This SmartVoice LockScreen works on with your voice commands which makes yourphoneunique from others also we have provided a Keypad Lockscreenmethod with this App. !Using a traditional Lock screen toLock& Unlock your phone have been outdate now. Use a newapproachto Lock/Unlock your smartphone using your Voice and secureyourmobile from others approach.Normally we use different appstosecure our mobile devices from being accessed by someoneelse.These include codes that we set to unlock our devices.Differentpatterns are also used by some people. Some people use thehiddenobjects technique. All are good and works just fine but theyareold ways of securing access to your devices. Mobilesecurityis very important. Normally different apps are used byusers tosecure their mobile devices from being accessed by someoneelse.Some require codes that users set to unlock their devices.Somepeople use the pattern locks. Some people use the hiddenobjectstechnique. If you do not want to let the others knowaboutyour "Voice Password" or if you are unable to unlock yourphoneusing your voice password then no need to bother you canusealternate pin code option to unlock your mobile, a keypadlockscreen is provided with this Smart Voice ScreenLocker.VOICESpeakto unlockVoice command lockscreenAdd/change/delete voicepasswordThis Smart Voice Lock Screenworks on with your voicecommands which makes your phone unique fromothers also we haveprovided a Keypad Lock screen method with thisApp. !You have anyissue with your phone privacy or Data Privacy?Then This VoiceScreen Lock Unlock app is for you because privacy isa generalright everyone have.To improve you security you just needto speakif phone is not in your hand you can still lock your devicewithvoice password. We named the execution of this idea as VoiceScreenLock Unlock. This Voice Screen Locker will help you to secureyourphone data.Voice Lock Screen is a utility app which preventsyourphone from using it by unauthorized users. You can lock phoneusingyour own voice command!Alternative way for unlocking isalsoavailable when you can't say your un locker codepublic.ThankYou!!!