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Stylish Name Maker: Name Art 1.7
Stylish Name Maker: Name Art is a free names editor and generatingnames app.  You can write your name or nickname in differentunique styles with beautiful photo frames. If want to write yourname or your baby girls/boys name in fancy and fantasy styles,Stylish Name Maker free name and nickname generator app is perfectfor you.You can select different key chains frames, Locket frames,Heart Frames and many beautiful frames. Stylish Name Maker: NameArt contains the many fancy fonts and a style which makes your nameis attractive and beautiful. Stylish Name Maker: Name Art free isbracelet maker app to make your name brackets. Stylish Text Creatorcontains the beautiful frames and lockets which makes your name inattractive style. You select your photo from gallery or camera andwrite different message on your photo and make your image toawesome. Add text to your pictures easily with Photo Text - Font onPicture. Just select your photo, write your message text in theeditor and press the Auto Effect button for instant cool lookingtext. Or choose manually from a large selection of fonts andeffects. Features of Stylish Name Maker: Name Art *** Stylish andfantasy text on beautiful collection of pics  *** Write yourname or nickname with unique and in handsome style *** Generateyour Fantasy and stylish name by this fancy name generatorapp  *** Fonts are available for making your name more stylish*** You can edit or modify your name by fantasy name generating app*** Color Picker available for making your fonty text moreattractive *** HD backgrounds are available in Stylish Name Makerapp of categories of bracelets, tags, cakes and paper arts *** Makeyour name or nickname or text HD and fantasy with these HDbackgrounds *** Make your Adjustment amazing and perfect and shareto your friends and family members your stylish name on HD photobackgrounds through facebook, instagram, whatsapp, Google+ and manyother. *** Save your stylish fashioned name with photo backgroundsto your android smart phone’s storage *** Stylish name or texteditor or stylish name generating app is free for all  InstallStylish Name Maker: Name Art Maker application and enjoy unlimitedtext design arts. Thanks for using this app, leave us your feedbackand we will consider them for future updates! Thank You and Enjoy.
Boys Photo Editor 1.13
Boys photo Editor to create fantastic montage with many style. Hairstyle collection to change the look. And many other style glasses ,mustache, turban ,beard etc.its create unique stylist photo withfantastic style. Change your face to create photo with editor. BoysPhoto Editor app contains latest and new stylish hair styledesign,mustache,cap,beard,Turbans and goggles.  It isspecially for you which are regularly interested in stylish look.Boys Photo Editor app lets you try on different stylishcollection.  Beautify your photo with Boys photo editing app,and give yourself a glorious look ever.  Instruction: - Startediting image from gallery or capture from camera - Edit image likeeyes, ears, hair, mustache and many more. - Save your Creation -Share with your friends and colleges  Features: - Easy andsmooth application - Select from gallery or capture directly fromcamera - Wide range of templates added - Added Hair style,Mustache, Beard, Punjabi Turbans, Goggles style Added - There areso many effects, stickers and features to apply to your photos!Using boy photo editor you can make stylish look of your photo.Thank You
Goblin Sword Photo Editor 1.2
Goblin Sword Photo Editor makes you like a sword pierced; enoughwith the finger of your photos will look very real.Goblin Swordstickers are simple to use on your photos! Just take a photo orchoose one from gallery, and our photo editor will turn you intogoblins k-drama superman, with fantastical action effects.Makeamazing stylish photos using Goblin Super Power Effects, and showyour surroundings how much powerful you are, with our collection ofincredible realistic super power effects.Goblin sword camera carrythe best selection of super fx photo effects like (explosion,kamehameha, laser, fart, dragon fire ball), face booth (masks,hair), meme maker (troll face), comics, emojis, meme, scary zombieand cartoon camera. Anime and manga effect included! Now withGoblin Sword Effects it's easier than ever! Goblin SwordCamera makes you having the amazing power between your hands.How toUse:- Open image from gallery or capture from Camera- Choose yourfavourite Goblin Sword, goblin korea drama, dan goblin games- Dragit to your photo- You can resize and rotate it with multi touch-Preview your Goblin Sword with click next button- Share your phototo your friendsFeatures :- All Goblin Sword effects are in highquality (HD) picture, make your goblin korea drama photo look realand nice -Upload photo from photo gallery - Save your photo toyour Device- Share your cool photo on sosmedDownload this app tofind more features and lots of readymade Goblin Super PowerEffect.If you like our app then don’t forget to rate it, review itand share with your love ones.Thank You & Enjoy…
Lie Detector Prank 1.3
Lie Detector Test Prank is a funny app which simulates to detectwhether you tell the truth or lie. You just need to press yourfinger on the fingerprint scanner and then the Lie detector appwill scan your finger and calculates the result, true or false. Ofcourse it is a simulated app used to prank your friends. It allowsyou to preset the result in a secret way. It is so interesting.With Lie Detector test Prank app you can now Detect whether yourare honest or Lie. Lie Detector prank scans your finger print andreturns the result in TRUE (honest) or false (Lie). Tap your fingeron the Lie teller machine and holds for the calculation. after thescanning process is complete it turns on the appropriate LED i-e.True ( Green Led) or Lie (Red Led). Lie Detector Test Prank is justa prank app which will not tell you whether a person is tellingtruth or lies. It is just to make fun of your friends, kids orothers by getting them to think you can detect if they are lying toyou. Try out this free and unique lie detector prank for checkingif someone is cheating and making you fool by just scanning hisfingerprints on the lie detector machine. Disclaimer: This app isfor just a fun, a prank, not a real life lie detector (polygraph)nor a real voice scanner.
DJ Song Mixer 1.1
Don’t like the normal audio songs? Here you come with the best mixsongs app and have fun all night long! Creative virtual DJ soundsto create awesome music effects for your celebration! Use the appto mix arabic and english songs and play tracks on your christmasparty! yeah. DJ Songs Mixer with Music is an application withfeatures remixes of the song, the beginning, the loop to create,save and playlists. its easy for amateur dj lovers, come with manyfeatures try it now you will love this dj simulator app and makemusic professionally. DJ Songs Mixer is the party making app forlate night party lovers! Play this pro featured free version of DJmixer app. Mix your normal songs and mix it like the remix one.Mixing DJ sounds with the playing songs is very intelligentprocess. This app offers you the platform to achieve the real DJmixing decks. One of best DJ mixing mobile software app for all andkids specially. Free download this mixing app and mix songs foryour dance party. Turntables UI give you experience of real DJparty! Mix songs from your phone or tablet and mix it with existingavailable DJ tracks! Features: # complete EQ with gain # song listnavigation pane # beat lock, beat sync buttons # DJ mixer with themusic you send # Two dj scratching sounds # displays the waveformof each mixture # DJ mixer with sound effects Use mp3 music filessaved into your device and apply Drums, pad, bass and perc as peryour need and have fun. Apply scratch, kick, hats, snares, loopsand use different key effects to the playing sound effect Easilyedit your existing songs list with DJ sounds available and have allnight party! You just have to tap on specific presets to apply themusic effects and have real DJ fun! Thank You
Gangster Photo Editor 1.7
Can you want to look like real gangster? Many question are therebut don't worry it's simple to look like real gangster by using ourapplication gangster photo suit editor . By Using this gangsterphoto editor you can look like real gangster so easy step. There isso simple step to follow for looking like gangster. There are somany different types stickers available in this app like facemasks, guns, chains, cigar, beards, mustaches, sunglasses, hates,punches, and scarf for photo editing and give real look to yourphoto like a gangster Features of Gangster photo suit Editor:- -Oneof the top photo editing apps, easy to use. -Lots of cool gangsterstickers for your images.  -Choose an image from the galleryof your phone or take a new one from camera. -Apply “gangsterstickers” & cool photo frames. -Different stickers like facemasks, guns, chains, cigar, beards, mustaches, sunglasses, hates,punches, and scarf -Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out and drag thestickers to fit the image.  -Make a cool prank with yourfriends' photos.  -Save your funny pictures and pranks ingangster face photo in your phone and set them as wallpapers! -Share these hilarious images with friends on social media likeFacebook and Twitter. This application is so simple to use and itstotally free for downloading any time. If you like our applicationthen gives your valuable review and rate for this application. Ifyou want to give any suggestion then send it through our registeremail address and we try to implant in next update. Thank you fordownloading our app.
Find Phone By Clap 1.2
When you don't know where is your phone - use 'find phone byclapping'. This is a useful tool which will run the alarm whenphone will detect sound of clapping. You can easily find lostphone, no matter where it is! It will run loud alarm, turn on thevibrations and flashlight.Find Phone By Clap is an amazing Androidapp that is available in Google Play. When there is a dark inyour home or even outside it’s very difficult to find a Torch orFlashlight. Ever you think how good it will be if your phone’sflashlight will turn ON when you clap at night or dark! Isn’t itamazing? Yes, it’s an amazing tool to turn ON/OFF your phone’sflashlight by clapping. Forget about searching for a torch andforget about turning on your flashlight, just clap from nearby andsee your flashlight glowing. All you need to do is justdownload Find Phone By Clap app, open the app and Turn ON theFlashlight on Clap Service that’s it whenever you clap you will seeyour flashlight glowing like a LED Torch.Whenever you don’t want toglow the flashlight then open a app and Turn the service OFF.Youcan't find your phone?1. First install this tool2. Clap yourhands.3. App will detect clapping sound and it will turn on theloud alarm!Clap your hands to check where your Phone is..!!!!ThankYou
Photo Blender Camera : Photo Mixer 1.9
Blend your photos with creative some way. Download PhotoBlender Camera. This app is most powerful image editing applicationfor making Blending photo.  Also it gives wide range ofblending Effect. Just load your image from gallery or camera andpick the best available theme, and you are done with awesome photoblender image. You Can Also Used This App as Love Photo Blander andMake Beautiful Love Photo DP. Photo Blender Camera Blend yourphotos in a very creative way! You can blend two, three or fourphoto together. Photo Blender Camera Blends photos with effects andframes. Photo Blender Camera features: 1) Capture photo with realtime blender effect. *) Change the different blender effect. *)Apply the photo filters to the selected area. *) More than 30+camera blending effects. 2) Edit the existing photo with blendereffect. *) 30+ two photo blending styles. *) 18 three photoblending styles. *) 18 four photo blending styles. *) Choose thedifferent effect to apply on the photo. *) More than 30+ blendingeffects. *) Support move and pinch gestures to control theblending. 3) Basic Photo Editor. *) Edit photo with most frequentuse of operations: contrast, brightness, saturate, sepia, sharpen,fisheye, fill light and so on. 4) Full set of photo collage editor.7) Add Text on the Photos. 8) Add Sticker on the Photos. If you arelooking for new concept of photo editor application then this appis for you. Download and make your picture more effective. We glandto read your review and suggestion, So please write us forimprovement and performance enhancement. Thank You
Family Photo Frame 1.4
Family Photo Frames app is collection of beautiful picture framesfor your Android Phone. We all know how important family is. Nowall your family pictures will look fantastic. You will befascinated, but, also, your family will be charmed with thispicture frames. Family is a Photo frames app with best pic editortool to keep your memorable pictures in frames. Let select theframe you like best. Then, add your photos from gallery. You canmove, zoom, flip, mirror, rotate the photo and add lovely stickersand Text Style. Family Photo Frames is an android application andis the right place to look for fun family photos and your familyphoto albums! Family Photo Frames create new memories with yourfamily, capture them with your cameras and start adding frames andeffects we made especially for you! Family Photo Frames features: -Aesthetic UI Design. - Multiple Family Photo Frames available. -Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize photo. - Adjust brightness,contrast, color temperature and saturation. - Adjust level warmth,sharpness and clarity effects from effects. - Share your photosinstantly on different social networks. Finally, Don’t forget togive your valuable comment and rating, it help us to make betterand creative app. Thanks for using Family Photo Frames.
Hair Clipper Prank 1.1
Hair Clipper Prank is actually a prank application which madefor the people who just want to play pranks on others and want toshow off the power of their latest android device.It is a must haveprank application still in its initial stages. It is designed insuch a way that one who is not aware of android can never getwhether it is a prank application or real. People would think as ifit is a rea Hair Clipper.Turn your mobile into a real hair razor,hair clipper, hair trimmer and fun with your friends. This isone the most entertainment application for perfect jokes andentertaining children’s simulating a real hair razor.Scare yourfriends with Prank Trimmer by pretending to cut their hair off, itare the ultimate prank! With realistic sounds and vibration PrankTrimmer both sounds and feels like a real hair trimmer.How to use-Switch on this app and choose any one trimmer among differenttrimmer- Click blue button to switch on the trimmer, when trimmergets On the button turns into red- when trimmer is On the phonestarts vibrating with amazing real shaver sound- Now have fun whileHair clipper trimmer prank.If you are looking for a fun way to lankyour friends then our Hair Clipper will be a hit. With realisticsounds and great graphics this will provide endless fun. It's Freeand Fun so Disclaimer: Hair Clipper Prank is forentertainment purposes only. It does not clip your hair.Download ittoday and share it with your friends. It's really easy to like asoundboard. Press on it and the sound effects will start playing.Have Fun!Thank you…
prankscan.eyescannerlock 1.13
Play with the latest eye scanner lock screen game on your Androidphone. This eye scanner lock Prank screen can be used as phone lockscreen. Have fun with the eye retina iris scanner and trick yourfriends. As the eye scanning technology is not yet available formobile phones we use a little trick to unlock the device: EyeScanner App Lock Prank is an Eye Scanner Lock Screen nice one trickbolt screen which examine your eye retina scanning and open yourtelephone in one moment. This eye scanner bolt screen can beutilized as telephone bolt screen. Mess around with the eye retinascanning and trick your companions.  As Technology incrementand new bolt screen lock eye scanner produced and taste propelledinnovation for your life. Secure access to your portable and secureyour own information.  Features: -> Train your eyes forlock/unlock your phone. -> Enable screen lock for Eye Scanning.-> Set here Lock Screen Option in that setting number of scan.-> The most technologically advanced retina recognition . ->Have a great fun with Eye Scanner Lock Screen Prank application.Have fun with the eye retina iris scanner and trick your friendswith this prank of scanner apps games. As the eye scanningtechnology is not yet available for mobile phones we use a littletrick to unlock the device: Thank You…..!!!
Lighting Text Photo Frame : Letter Wallpaper 1.4
Lighting Text Photo Frame makes a Lighting Photo usingmany different style and color.Stylish lighting name maker Createsmore attractive and beautiful photo.Name and Nicknames can bewritten in beautiful Lighting styles and unique photo backgroundsSepia Effects.Set your photos on fire with this beautifulapplication. All you have to do is to select the effect and yourphoto from the camera roll or gallery. Choose Fire frames that suityour photos perfectly and wrap them up. Get fiery effects to yourpictures using Lighting Photo Frames.Lighting Text Photo Frames isnice app that lets you customize your photos. Choose a photo fromyour gallery or take it with the camera of your device, select aframe and generate your photo. You can prepare your photo easily infew clicks.Features:+ select existing photo from gallery.+ Rotate,scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the frame as youlike with your multiple finger touch.+ Choose from 25 frames indifferent shapes and colors and try them all out.+ Place Text asyou wants in any style and color.+ Swap photo directionhorizontally.+ Add color effects to photo.+ This app supports allscreen resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.Download thisLighting Text Photo Frames app for FREE now and create beautifulLighting Text Name and share with friends and family for bestoccasions in life.Thank you & Enjoy…
Age Calculator 1.4
Age calculatorThis is a simple yet powerful app for performingeveryday date arithmetic including age calculation and more.Now itis possible to calculate your current age on date with agecalculator.Age Calculator provides you best and easy calculation ofyou age and remaining days of your next coming birthday.AgeCalculator is giving your age with all the detail of years, months,days.Calculate your perfect age in years, months and days.This is avery simple age calculator to calculate your actual age and finddays between two dates.Extra Calculation used to give details thattoday you are total of days, total months, total years, totalweeks.Features:- Calculate your perfect age in years, months anddays.- You can find out how many Month and days to go for your nextbirthday.- Share your age with your friends, family etc.- Multipledate format.Thank you
Peacock Photo Editor : Photo Frame 1.10
Peacock Photo Editor: Photo Frames are best to beautify someromantic moments. This photo frames is for special moments, event,anniversary or maybe wedding ceremony, Have this photo frames appand give to your photos awesome look with Peacock Photo Editor :Photo Frame .Your pictures will be perfect with these fantasticromantic Peacock Photo Editor : Photo Frame HD.  Decorate yourmemorable pics in your own style & Beautify your romanticmoments with peacock photo frames 2017. Features: - Easy to use. -Select a photo from the gallery or take a picture using camera. -20 beautiful and high quality HD frames. - Choose your favouriteframe in peacock photo frames. -Decorate your photos with effects,stickers and text etc. - Save your photo to SD card. - Share yourcreations via Email, Facebook, Twitter and other Social networks.If you like our app then don’t forget to rate it, review it andshare with your love ones. Thank you and Enjoy…
Slideshow Maker : Photo to Video Maker 2018 1.11
Slideshow Maker : Photo to Video Maker 2018Create Your FavoriteVideo From your selected Photos and Music by Slideshow Maker.Select photos and videos to instantly get an awesome videoslideshow. Love Video Maker With Music : Love SlideshowMaker is the easiest way to create, edit and share amazinglove music videos, slideshows and love stories with your photos,videos and free music.You can create videos using photos, add musicto video, edit photos used for the video, add Love frames to video,and set speed of frame rate to your photo video. Never miss specialmoments and clicks of celebration and create video easily with fewsteps with help of Romantic Love video maker.Slideshow Makerapp is really nice app. By using this app you cancreate slideshow clips from your the pretty images. Justprepare very nice video from your sweet memorized images. Addmusic in slideshow film as per your wish. Share new beautiful videowith your friends, family and follower.Create Your Favorite VideoFrom your selected Photos and Music by Photo Slideshow WithMusic.Slideshow Maker has a many functionalities to createslideshow Video.It is a simple and Easy To use Image SlideshowMovie Maker & Slideshow Video Creator application. Movie Makerwith Music app helps you to make videos with you and your loved onephotos with adding a song and convert them into a beautiful video.Create your own greetings with beautiful and lovely themes that areavailable in this app to integrate it with multiple photos andshare it with your loved ones.How to Use:- Select Photos FromGallery- Adjust the Position with drag and drop- Apply Theme,Animation Effect, Music and Preview then Save-Share it to yourSocial Media accounts ex. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Etc.Photoslideshow with music app have lots of stunning 2D & 3Danimations for creating professional videos.To create movie photoslideshow with music supports various animations, like- DiamondOut- Open Door- Close Door- Eclipse- Circle Right Bottom- Skew LeftClose- Circle Left UpFeature:- Add up to 100+ photos to create aPhoto slideshow!.-Stylish & Fashion mode Real-time Filtereffects.-Adjust the Position with drag and drop.-Many pro visualeffects and awesome filters-Different frame are applied.-Decorateyour video with awesome stickers and frames.-Set Time(2s ,4s, 6s,8s ,....etc) in Frame between photos in video.-Apply beautifuloverlay to your all of your photos.-Easy process to create amazingvideo from photos.-You can see all your video in my workscreen.-Share video to your favorite apps with you friends andfamilies instantly.Thanks for Support…
New Year Count Down Live Wallpaper 2019 1.3
Welcomes New Years with this live wallpaper!  Wish yourfriends or families for New Year to use different new-year wisheswith totally new Christmas New Year countdown wallpaper. New yearCount Down application through you wishes a Christmas and New Yearyour friend, your family member or other relative with show thetime date for Christmas, Diwali also day by day this applicationtime date is changed. Set a countdown to New Year with a 2019 fullof sparks on a scene with lot of colorful lights andfireworks.  New Year Countdown is an app that helps youwelcome the New Year in style and sync your preparations. For theNew Year's Eve a countdown is always a must have and this one'selegant look will make the night even more special. At midnightenjoy the fireworks and the luck they bring to you for a Happy NewYear! Reliable and fun New Year 2019 countdown app. Counts down thetime until 2018 in months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.FEATURES: - Share the countdown with your friends (via WhatsApp,Facebook, email etc) - Choose what you want to see: Show remainingtime in days, hours or minutes! - Set your favorite countdown style(classic or modern) and text color - 10 beautiful background themes- Set background picture as wallpaper We wish you a wonderful NewYear's Eve 2018 and all the best for New Year 2019. Hope you likethis app and please give us a best rate to take it top. Thank You& Enjoy..
Messages for Whatsapp : SMS & Shayari Collections 1.1
New Year Wishes Messages Collection you will get here withEffective form and Easy Sharing option.New Year SMS Messages app isfor New Year messaging app.By New Year message app you can sendwishes to any one with single touch.By using New Year message appyou can send many wishes via social media like whatsapp, facebooketc. This App contains not only New Year Messages but also ContainNew year Wishes Messages 2017. There are so many messages in thisapp.Thank You & Enjoy..
Diwali Greetings Card Maker : Diwali Card Maker 1.2
Happy Diwali Greeting Cards 2018. Celebrate this Diwali withDeepavali greeting cards. Make your loved ones, friends &family feel special by sharing beautiful greeting cards &images from 'Warmly Greetings: Greeting Cards All Occasions'.Exotic every day images & greeting cards to show your truelove, friendship & care. Diwali Greetings Card application isspecially design to create customize Diwali Greetings Card that youcan send to your friends and family members. You can add your ownwishes and name into the greeting card. Diwali (or Deepavali, the"festival of lights") is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated inautumn (northern hemisphere) every year. Diwali is the biggest andthe brightest festival in India. The festival spiritually signifiesthe victory of light over darkness. Diwali, or Deepavali, is anofficial public holiday in many parts of India and is part of afive-day Hindu observance known as the ‘Festival of Lights’. Diwaliis celebrated between mid-October and mid-November in the westerncalendar, depending upon the lunar cycle for that year. TheFestival of Lights, Diwali, is a colourful and happy celebration.Families prepare their homes and themselves for the specialfestivities that symbolise the victory of spiritual goodness andthe lifting of spiritual darkness. Firecrackers are set off todrive away evil, oil lamps are lit, flower garlands are made,candles float in bowls of water outside homes and sweets are sharedas part of the festivities. Happy Diwali wishes is a Collection ofDiwali greeting cards with wonderful Quotes and photo. Use ourtemplates to create Diwali greeting cards as well as Deepavaligreeting cards. You can share Greetings, stickers or messages withfriends and family on social apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, G+,Facebook, hike, Line, Wechat and others. Unique features: - Allwork in single screen. - Full view canvas. -You can also set yourprofile picture on Diwali Greetings Card - Diwali Stickers availble- Diwali SMS Available. - Set Greeting as wallpaper. - Diwali AndNew year Quotes in English And Hindi to choose from. - Send &Share Diwali Greetings Card to your family & friends.  -This application supports all screen resolutions of mobile andtablet devices. This app can be used as  - Diwali GreetingsMaker 2018 - Diwali Greetings - Diwali Quotes - Diwali Messages -Share Diwali Greetings on social apps - Diwali Wallpaper - New yearGreetings Card Maker - New Year Greetings - New Year Greetings Cardwith Photo - Diwali Cards 2018 Thank you & Enjoy Diwali And NewYear 2018.
Love DP Maker 2018 : Love Profile Pic Maker 1.4
Love DP Maker 2018 : Love Profile Pic Maker Make your photo Magicaland Love photos with love DP frames. Instantly decorate your photoswith these enchanting love frames on your mobile phone to make yourmemories unforgettable. These are amazing and stunning beach photoframes. Love DP Maker is a collection of attractive DP frameswith love stickers for you to enjoy valentine dayfestival. App Features:- Pick up photo from gallery or camera-Apply photo effects on Love DP- 40+ Love Stickers to Express yourlove- Add text and style on profile picture to express yourfeelings- Save And Share Your creation to your friends- Set YourCreations DP to any Social media appIf you Like then Review andRatting it With 5 Star...Thank You.....
Love Photo Frame : Love Photo Editor 1.2
Love Photo Frame : Love Photo EditorApply beautiful and Romanticlove photo frames to your photos, create memorable photo albums andshare in online platforms. Make your love more romantic andcreative with this Photo frames. Romantic Love Photo frame is acollection of over 25 Love Photo frames, Stickers and Boarders. Wecan add the text also with customized fonts and colors. Aftercreates the photo album with love photo frames, we can save theimage and send through online.Decorate your photos with theseincredible frames, choose a photo from the gallery or take a photowith the camera, then apply the frame that you like and you cansave the photo, share with friends or upload to social networksFacebook, Twitter , email etc…Love Photo Frames is a collection ofover 50 beautiful photo frames for decorating your love photos,wedding photos,... It has the same function as: Love Camera,Wedding Photo Frames, and some other apps.Love Photo Frames is freeprofessional love photo frames application for android. Varioustypes of love photo frames in this app and create love photos withframesTurn your photos into an Art with Amazing photo Love frames& effects. Love Locket Photo Frames is a beautiful photoapplication for lovers and couples in love.Use this Love andromantic Photo frames to create photo collages and add flower, lovesymbol stickers to decorate it. Text option also included with thisapplication to create text and love sentences on frames. Varioustypes of love photo frames in this app and create love photos withframes. Beautiful stars animate with touch interaction when u setthe frames as live wallpaper.Love Photo Frames is best freeapplication for the lovers, with a simple interface and easy touse, it will create wonderful love photo with high definition andcan gift to your love ones. Easy to use and quickly save and share,you can manager saved photo with many functions as editor, delete,add message bubbles, sticker, set wallpaper, view detail, etc.provides effects and design professional will give you the bestlove photo for lovers.Love Photo Frames is suitable for everyone,especially for lovers want to create wonderful love photo framesfrom their photoFeatures:- Pick photos from gallery- Add text andcolors- Decorate with beautiful love and flower stickers- Addphotos on love backgrounds with shapes- Love quotes- Collection oflove photo frames for lovers and update daily- Many beautifuloverlay and effects- The powerful photo editor tools for bestphoto- Add message bubbles, and over 50 stickers- Photo storage andmanagement easy photo editing functions, delete, share, set aswallpaper, view details- Easy save and share with your friend viasocial network, message, email, etc.Thank you…
New Year Live Wallpaper : 3D Cube Live Wallpaper 1.3
New Year 3D Live Wallpaper 2019 New Year 3D Cube Live Wallpaperallowed you to set different pictures on each side of cube fromgallery. You can also change size, position and rotation of photocube. You set Photo cube as live wallpaper like rotate, move, standor more. You can set multiple cubes.  Features of thisapps:-  - 3D effect to select from. - Different types of HDNew Year background or you can set your photo as a backgroundimage.  - You can select single photo for each side of cube. -Easy crop Activity to set particular part of your photo on 3dcube  - Enjoy touching the screen animated decorating yourscreen. - HD high-quality Beautiful New Year Live wallpaper. -Completely free. - Perfect for your background. - Set livewallpaper as your phone background wallpaper. - Share with yourfriends on social media. How to Use:- 1. Click on start button 2.Select your photos for each side of 3D cubes individually. 3.Select New Year background for 3D live wallpaper. 4. You can alsouse your photo as background photo. 5. Select set as wallpaperbutton to set 3D cube live wallpaper as your phone backgroundwallpaper. 6. You can share with your friend and also save thiswallpaper in your storage device Rate us and give your valuablecomment for this awesome 3D Cube Live Wallpaper to create more coolapps like this. If you like this 3D Cube Live Wallpaper then shareswith your friends and family member. Thank You...
Diwali Wishes 2018 : Diwali Wish Messages 1.1
Diwali Wishes 2018 : Diwali Wish Messages With your Name Try ourlatest collections of Happy New Year 2018 special wishes withgreetings app. Here we present you a large collection of Diwalimessages with greetings you would love to share with your friends,relative and family members. Enjoy Beautiful Diwali (दीपावली 2017)wishes with your Name to share with your family & friends onwhatsapp, instagram and facebook on this Happy Deepawali 2018. Somefeatures of Happy Diwali Wishes Hindi android app.  - All 80+wishes and cards are in Hindi Language. - Simple Interface. - Nointernet connection needed! - Professionally designed,user-friendly and intuitive interface. - Better Hindi font forbetter reading.  - Share wish with your name on social siteslike whatsapp, facebook, twitter. Keywords: Deepawali messages,Deepawali wishes, Deepawali cards, Deepawali frames, diwali cards,diwali wishes, diwali sms, diwali greetings, diwali wallpaper,diwali image, diwali quotes, diwali shayri, Make a Happy Diwali andNew Year Wishes/Greeting Cards with write your name at the end ofQuote and Share with Your Friends and Family Members on this Diwali& New Year 2018. Thank You & Enjoy…
newyearphoto.diwalimoviemaker 1.11
Movie Maker With Music : Photo to Video Maker Movie Maker isapplication for creating video from Images and Music. It’s totallyfree and be forever. Video Slideshow Editor is the easiest way tocreate, edit and share amazing photo music videos and stories.Video Maker is easy to used and make best video maker story fromyour celebrate photos from choosing gallery or album. You have toarrange birthday photo according to your slideshow maker at time ofchoosing and to add music related to your video story maker. MovieMaker With Music can help you create video. Create your own PhotoVideo - slideshow video from images and music with latest addedfeatures and theme. Movie Maker With Music app helps you to makevideos with you and your loved one photos with adding a song andconvert them into a beautiful video. Create your own greetings withbeautiful and lovely themes that are available in this app tointegrate it with multiple photos and share it with your lovedones. Photo slideshow with music app have lots of stunning 2D &3D animations for creating professional videos. To create moviephoto slideshow with music supports various animations, like -Diamond Out - Open Door - Close Door - Eclipse - Circle RightBottom - Skew Left Close - Circle Left Up Feature: - Add up to 100+photos to create a Photo slideshow!. -Stylish & Fashion modeReal-time Filter effects. -Adjust the Position with drag and drop.-Many pro visual effects and awesome filters -Different frame areapplied. -Decorate your video with awesome stickers and frames.-Set Time(2s ,4s, 6s ,8s ,....etc) in Frame between photos invideo. -Apply beautiful overlay to your all of your photos. -Easyprocess to create amazing video from photos. -You can see all yourvideo in my work screen. -Share video to your favorite apps withyou friends and families instantly. If you like this app than don’tforget to give rate it, review it and share with your friends andfamily. If you like this app than don’t forget to give rate &review also… Thank You & Enjoy...
Video Status For Whatsapp : DP & Status 1.2
Video Status for WhatsappUpdate your DP & Video Status inWhatsapp by using this app.If you like this app then don’t forgetto rate it, review it and share with your love ones.Thank You &Enjoy..
GIF Collections 2018 : GIF Collections 1.1
It's time for celebrate and enjoy, spread the joy of New Year withfabulous New Year Gif 2018 application. Happy New Year GIF isspecially created with nice, realistic and Beautiful animated NewYear backgrounds, it has a huge collection of New Year Greetingsgif, so wish your friends & family a Happy New Year using thisNew Year Gif 2018 application.App Features::- Easy To Use- Nicecollection of Christmas & New Year Gif- Share Christmas &New Year Gif to your friends, family, loved one.- 100% freeapplication- Attractive user interface- Fast speed- Save this gifin your externel storage.- Share this GIF to all Social Media Likesuch as Facebook , whatsapp, Instagram , Twitter , email, gmail andetc.अब भेजिए बस एक क्लिक में व्हाट्सएप्प, फेसबुक, ट्विटर,इंस्टाग्राम पर अपने परिवार और दोस्तो को प्यार भरा ग्रीटिंग| 1000 सेभी ज्यादा सूंदर New Year के शुभकामना संदेश भेजे अपने परिवार औरदोस्तो को। इस ऍप को बहुत ही सरल बनाया गया है आशा करते है की यह आपकोअवश्य पसंद आएगी|This App is also Used as:GIF for ChristmasMerryChristmas Photo Frame Maker 2017Happy Christmas GifChristmasGIFHappy Christmas 2017happy new year GIF 2017Happy ChristmasWallpaperChristmas 2017Christmas Gif GreetingsGIF of Christmas i2017GIF of Christmas 2017Happy Christmas GIF 2017GIF ChristmasGIFNew yearnew year GIFhappy Christmas 2017 GIFChristmas GIF2017Christmas 2017 GIFhappy new year 20182017 ChristmasGIFDeepavali GIF 2017New Year GIFHappy New Year GIFNew Year 2018GIFGIF New YearNew Year WishesNew Year GIF WishNew Year GIFGreetingsHappy new year gif, Gif happy new year.Happy New Year GIF2018happy new year 2018 GIFnew year GIF 2018new year 2018 GIFNewYear GIFHappy New Year GIFNew Year 2018 GIF2018 GIF2018 new yearGIFNew Year WishesNew Year GIF WishesHope you enjoy with this MerryChristmas & New Year 2018 Gif app and give good rating if youlike this app.Thank You & Enjoy…
Rangoli Designs 2018 1.0
New Year Rangoli Design application has latest collection ofrangoli images, rangoli border designs, new rangoli ideas, rangolifor diwali, flowers rangoli and many more. People decorate therehome with ganpati rangoli designs and peacock rangoli design on thefestival. New year rangoli wallpaper & rangoli designs withdots also available in this New Year Rangoli Design app.Rangolipatterns is one of the richest Indian arts. Every Indian,especially women should know and how to present creatively theRangoli decorations ideas. It is usually made during Holi, Diwaliand New Year. This app can help rangoli lovers to get an idea tohow to create best Rangoli for Diwali.The purpose of rangoli isdecoration, and it is thought to bring good luck. Design depictionsmay also vary as they reflect traditions, folklore and practicesthat are unique to each area. It is traditionally done by women.Generally, this practice is showcased during occasions such asfestivals, auspicious observances, marriage celebrations and othersimilar milestones and gatherings. In Nepal, Colorful rangoli aremade from dyes and are lit up at night outside people’s homes andbusinesses.FeaturesAwesome Rangoli Designs photosNew Rangoli designcollectionsHD Quality Rangoli Design.Download Rangoli design andSave to GalleryPinch zoom support for clear viewShare with socialmedia like facebook, twitter, whatsApp and many more.Download andmake your New Year more special. We gland to read your review andsuggestion, So please write us for improvement and performanceenhancement.Thank You…
Wildlife Photo Editor 2018 : Wildlife Photo Frame 1.5
Wild life Photo Editor 2018Wildlife Photo Editor is an free Androidapp that brings lots of fun to your life. You can use wild animalin your photos and share with your friends. This app is speciallydesigned for Animal lovers. If you like nature and animals, smartwildlife photo frame this is the right app for you! You will bethrilled when you see your images surrounded with wildlife animalphoto frames lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, bears and manyothers. With this application you can take selfies or picturesof your friends and place tigers, monkey, lions, chimpanzee,hippopotamus, deer, bald eagles, lizards, crocodiles and manydangerous and exciting wildlife animals in your pictures!Have asafari trip, watching almost every kind of animals on your phone.You can see Eagle, tigers, lions, pandas, zebras, kangaroos, andwhat is even better you can put your images in cool “Wild animalbackgrounds photo editor” from Wild Animal Photo Frames collection.Add extraordinary photo effects and photo filters to your pictures.You can find everything in this amazing photo manipulation animalbody photo editor software and animal 3d wallpaper.How to Use:-Select a photo from the gallery or capture with a camera;- Cropphoto according to android device;- Add wild Animal photo inpersonal image;- Adjust the Animal image in suitable positions;-Add multiple Animals in a single image;- Set Animal image opacity,according to requirement;- Save your designs on storage device.-Share your creations with your family & friends via socialnetworks.Hope you like this superb wildlife photo editing app. Ifyou like it then please rate us with 5 star.Thanks for support.
Diwali Live Wallpaper : 3D Cube Live Wallpaper 1.2
Diwali Live Wallpaper : 3D Cube Live Wallpaper Beautiful New Year3D Cube live wallpaper which includes live cubes. It displays onthe screen of your mobile. Use this New Year live wallpapers togive a beautiful look to your screen. Very colourful andattractable new year live wallpapers were provided. Select yourfavourite New Year wallpaper to set home screen on your phones.This app is so easy to use, just open an app & select livewallpaper cube with New Year live wallpaper cube and set as awallpaper. Thank you & Enjoy..
New Year Photo Frame With Quote 1.2
Happy New Year 2019. New Year is coming out with a bang, anexplosion of happiness and joy and a lot of surprises andexpectations. There are many people who are looking for a happy newyear quotes on the Internet. Here in this application you can findsplendid good quotes for new year, happy new year sayings, happynew year wishes, new year wishes quotes, happy new year 2019 quoteswishes so you can share and send to your loved ones and you canbroaden the love and appreciation to them. New year celebrationspurpose special wishes developed greeting app "Happy New YearWishes quotes Maker " FREE Download. Happy New Year Quotes withPics is an application where you can enjoy great pics with quotesand share them in any social network or message. Through this NewYear Quotes Maker & Cards you can share and send via socialnetwork like Twitter, Facebook, and most of the apps that availablein your smart phone. You just need choose the card or quote thatyou like and share/send it out. You Can Also Set your Photo as aBackground and Take a Quote and paste it on your Photo And wish itto your friends & family a Happy New Year 2019. Thank you &Enjoy..
newyearphoto.christmasmoviemaker 1.10
Photo to Video Maker with Music : Slideshow Maker Photo Slideshowwith Music app helps you to create fast and awesome slideshow withselected photos and music. For creating videos or slideshow fromthis application you can just select photos form gallery orcaptured photos from camera, add music track and select stunninganimations. Movie Maker is application for creating video fromImages and Music. It’s totally free and be forever. Video SlideshowEditor is the easiest way to create, edit and share amazing photomusic videos and stories. Video Maker is easy to used and make bestvideo maker story from your celebrate photos from choosing galleryor album. You have to arrange birthday photo according to yourslideshow maker at time of choosing and to add music related toyour video story maker. Photo Video Maker can help you createvideo. Create your own Photo Video - slideshow video from imagesand music with latest added features and theme. Photo Video Makerapp helps you to make videos with you and your loved one photoswith adding a song and convert them into a beautiful video. Createyour own greetings with beautiful and lovely themes that areavailable in this app to integrate it with multiple photos andshare it with your loved ones. Photo slideshow with music app havelots of stunning 2D & 3D animations for creating professionalvideos. Just Select Photos form gallery + Add music = your video isready. To create movie photo slideshow with music supports variousanimations, like - Diamond Out - Open Door - Close Door - Eclipse -Circle Right Bottom - Skew Left Close - Circle Left Up Feature: -Add up to 100+ photos to create a Photo slideshow!. -Stylish &Fashion mode Real-time Filter effects. -Adjust the Position withdrag and drop. -Many pro visual effects and awesome filters-Different frame are applied. -Decorate your video with awesomestickers and frames. -Set Time(2s ,4s, 6s ,8s ,....etc) in Framebetween photos in video. -Apply beautiful overlay to your all ofyour photos. -Easy process to create amazing video from photos.-You can see all your video in my work screen. -Share video to yourfavorite apps with your friends and families instantly. You cancreate video story in any occasion like birthday celebration video,Picnic video, Marriage video, Love video, Anniversary video, Partyvideo, Funny video, Festival video, New year video, etc with theuse of photo slideshow with music. If you like this app than don’tforget to give rate it, review it and share with your friends andfamily.  Thank You & Enjoy...
Latest Love Shayari Collection 2018 1.5
Latest Love Shayari Collection 2018Latest Love Shayari Collection2018 brings you the best collection of love shayari on thisvalentine's week 2018. Wish your loved ones on this valentine daywith our best and beautiful shayari and we sure that your loved onewill fall in love with you. These new love shayari can be directlyshare by SMS and also on social media app.Now you dont have tosearch on web for valentine day shayari. Valentine Day Shayari isbest application to share your feelings with your love. Valentineday is most popular day for making relationship with your lovedones with beautiful and charming Shayati. It also making happinesswith your ex-parter to sending one short love Shayari on valentineday.Features:- Very easy to use this 2018 Valentine Day Greetings -Hindi Wish app.- Wide range of message and whatsapp status toshare.- More than 100+ message and valentine day shayari.-Instantly share message and awesome quotes with whatsapp, Facebook,social network and other platform.- No internet connection isrequired.- 2018 Valentine Day Greetings - English Wish app iscompletely free to download.- 100% free for uses.- Easily copypaste any message and quotes.- Send shayari as valentine gift onany social media.- Memorable wishes wish you will got.- There's nolimit to the number of greetings you can send.- High Qualitycollection.- Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.- No internetconnection is required.If you like this app then don’t forget torate it with 5 star…Thank You & Enjoy...