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FxGuru: Movie FX Director 2.11.1
Add the fun and excitement of big-budget Hollywood horror, sci-fiand action movie special effects to any video. FxGuru's Movie FXDirector offers groundbreaking features for you to scare, impressor even prank your friends.★ UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY with longereffects and cinematic filters for more drama and suspense★ DIRECTLIKE A PRO by using our MotionMatch™ technology and virtual decalsto add realistic movement while filming★ SHOW OFF to your friendswith HD recording, enhanced soundtracks and effect themes likeanimals, weapons, disasters, horror and much more.★ OVER 90 VIDEOSPECIAL EFFECTS AVAILABLE from explosive action to scary,heart-pounding terror and sci-fiWith FxGuru you can: 1. Avoidchores by annihilating up your lawnmower, bathroom or pile ofleaves with a machine gun or rocket launcher2. Scare the world byfilming a ghost bride haunting your hallway 3. Create an elaboratehoax by recording an alien UFO invasion or Bigfoot in your backyard4. Clear space in your driveway by destroying that old car with adrone strike and massive explosion5. Your only limit is yourimagination! A huge variety of free and paid effects are available,including:☆ Horror and Terror: ghosts, zombies, werewolves,skeletons, madmen and more☆ SciFi and Fantasy: mechs, UFOs, aliens,dragons, robots and more☆ Weapons: guns, missiles, rockets, drones,flamethrowers, nukes and more☆ Disasters: tornados, earthquakes,meteors, floods, lightning and more☆ Animals: snakes, dinosaurs,cockroaches, rats, bulldogs, Bigfoot and more☆ Vehicles: trucks,cars, helicopters, F1 cars, police cars and more☆ Holidays: Santa,reindeer, gingerbread men and moreBe sure to try the FREE EFFECT OFTHE DAY. Come back every day to try a randomly selected effect forFREE!Send your best movie FX ideas to an FX guru [email protected]
MoShow - Slideshow Movie Maker
MoShow instantly turns your photos into fun, attention-grabbingvideo edits perfect for social media. From a single selfie to aweek of pics, add your favorite photos and create stunning storiesthat stand out from the crowd. To make your movie, choose anynumber of photos and view an instant preview in dozens of differentstyles. Pick your favorite styles and share the results with theworld!   UNIQUE MOSHOW FEATURES:   - Diverse Styles -Access a wide assortment of free styles, ranging in style fromhyper energetic to relaxed, and turn ordinary photos and selfiesinto attention-grabbing stories. Come back daily for a new freestyle!   - Perfect Loop - Made for GIF fans,instantly sync videos of any length into a perfect loop forseamless movies ready for Instagram and Facebook auto-looping.  - Mixed Transitions - Create unique movies every time,even with the same photos, with the automatic mixing of theindividual elements of any style.   - Blended Text - Morethan a simple text overlay or slideshow filter, integrate yourmessages into movies in unique and surprising ways.   -Cinematic Glitch - Take glitch videos to another level withhyperactive styles that turn static photos into works of glitchart. MOSHOW IS GREAT FOR:   Friends: Post action-packed groupshots or a spellbinding selfie on Instagram andFacebook. Spice up ordinary pictures or #tbt posts with MoShowmovies and watch the comments roll in.   Families: Sharelife's special moments through rousing video stories. Make allthe memories, from birthday parties and graduations to ski tripsand beach vacations, a blast for the whole family to remembertogether.    Pet Owners: The famous dogs and cats ofInstagram and Facebook have nothing on your little one. Craft asizzling slideshow from a single shot or a fun day out and get themthe attention they deserve. Athletes: From extreme sports to teamsports, supercharge your photos with energy and excitement. Turnyour still pictures into vibrant stories and show off your best.  Businesses: Etsy sellers, restaurant owners, personaltrainers and real estate agents can use MoShow to grow theirbusiness. No need to be a professional videocreator, just grab your favorite pictures and instantly createsocial media posts that cut through the noise.   GetUNLIMITED ACCESS to everything with MoShow VIP - ACCESS EXCLUSIVEVIDEO STYLES - USE MORE PHOTOS WITH NO TIME LIMIT - REMOVE MOSHOWLOGO - ADJUST SLIDESHOW TIMING - WIDESCREEN (16:9) AND MORE FORMATSGET MOSHOW FREE TODAY!!!