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Dispatch: Organize Calls & Texts Like Emails 1.13.0
Pinger, Inc
Meet Dispatch, a native calling and texting (SMS & MMS) app. Italso gives you an all-new way to organize work and personalcommunication. Dispatch upgrades your phone app, dialer, messenger,contacts, and caller ID so it’s easy to identify work calls,categorize conversations, filter contacts, and get more done. Asyour default SMS and phone handler, you can use Dispatch to:Calling & Texting Talk & text, see call history, groupchat, conference calls, and more—all in one app. Separate Work fromLife Keep work and personal calls and texts organized in separateinboxes. Know Who’s Calling Custom caller ID labels calls work orpersonal so you always know how to answer. Organize Your ContactsUntangle the friends, family, clients, customers, and colleagues inyour phonebook. Filter Conversations Toggle work or personal viewsto quickly find what—or who—you’re looking for. Easily ManageCustomers When new customers contact you, add them as a workcontact in a tap. Combine Phone & Messaging Apps Navigatebetween calls and texts without switching apps. Avoid Spam CallsSuspected spam calls are conveniently labeled so they’re easy toavoid.