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Text Free: Free Text + Call 8.32
Pinger, Inc
Textfree is the free calling and free SMS app that gives you a realUS phone number so you can text anyone, even if they don’t have theapp. Keep in touch with features such as free SMS messaging, groupmessaging, free MMS picture messaging, international texting &calling, voicemail and more—all for free. CUSTOM NUMBER SELECTOR –Choose your area code and search memorable numbers like, “(555)414-SARA,” simple sequences like “(555) 500-2525,” or combinationsthat are, “JUST4U.” UNLIMITED TEXTS & PICTURES - Send unlimitedSMS and MMS picture messages for free. FREE CALLING - App-to-Appcalling and any incoming calls are always free. Outbound callingminutes are easy to earn or super cheap to buy. Say, “Hola!”because calls to Mexico are now supported as well. REAL PHONENUMBER - Having a real US number means you can call your grandma’slandline, order a pizza, and text anyone with a cellphone. It alsomeans free MMS and SMS will work with all your friends. GROUPCHATTING - Textfree is perfect for group messaging. You can creategroups, leave groups, add participants and let everyone be part ofthe conversation with real SMS messages (or free MMS). TURN ANYDEVICE INTO A PHONE - Textfree can turn your desktop, tablet orother Android devices into a phone that can send free SMS. SAY ITWITH STICKERS - With an endless selection of stickers (seriously,there are millions) you can search and share fun stickers with allyour friends. -- © 2018 Pinger, Inc. All rights reserved. TheTextfree name, associated trademarks and logos are trade marks ofPinger, Inc. or related entities.
TextFree: WiFi Calling App 8.32
Pinger, Inc
Textfree is the free calling and free SMS app that gives you a realUS phone number so you can send text anyone, even if they don’thave the app. Keep in touch with features such as free SMSmessaging, group messaging, free MMS picture messaging,international texting & calling, voicemail and more—all forfree. CUSTOM NUMBER SELECTOR – Choose your area code and searchmemorable numbers like, “(555) 414-SARA,” simple sequences like“(555) 500-2525,” or combinations that are, “JUST4U.” UNLIMITEDTEXTS & PICTURES - Send unlimited SMS and MMS picture messagesfor free. FREE CALLING - App-to-App calling and any incoming callsare always free. Outbound calling minutes are easy to earn or supercheap to buy. Say, “Hola!” because calls to Mexico are nowsupported as well. REAL PHONE NUMBER - Having a real US numbermeans you can call your grandma’s landline, order a pizza, and textanyone with a cellphone. It also means free MMS and SMS will workwith all your friends. GROUP CHATTING - Textfree is perfect forgroup messaging. You can create groups, leave groups, addparticipants and let everyone be part of the conversation with realSMS messages (or free MMS). TURN ANY DEVICE INTO A PHONE - Textfreecan turn your desktop, tablet or other Android devices into a phonethat can send free SMS. SAY IT WITH STICKERS - With an endlessselection of stickers (seriously, there are millions) you cansearch and share fun stickers with all your friends. -- © 2018Pinger, Inc. All rights reserved. The Textfree name, associatedtrademarks and logos are trade marks of Pinger, Inc. or relatedentities.
Sideline - Second Phone Number - Work or Personal
Pinger, Inc
Sideline® is more than a second number. It’s a communication appthat helps you work efficiently, connect with customers, andcollaborate as a team. Professionals choose Sideline for itsunmatched reliability and feature-rich interface that separateswork from life. It comes with all the calling, texting, andvoicemail features you need to start, run, or grow your business.Try it risk free for 7 days. Then subscribe to a monthly or yearlyplan and let Sideline pay for itself in happy customers and newbusiness opportunities. There are no contracts so you can cancelanytime. PROFESSIONAL FEATURES: AUTO-REPLY – If you miss a call,Sideline responds automatically with a text or MMS. TEAM NUMBER –Split one number with multiple devices so your team can be moreresponsive. CUSTOM NUMBER – Build your identity with numbers suchas “(555) PET-SHOP,” or “(555) FLOWERS.” LOCAL AREA CODE – Searcharea codes to find a local number for your company. BUSINESSTEXTING – Text-enable your business to easily connect withcustomers. ENTERPRISE DASHBOARD – Manage company numbers onemployee devices. (Enterprise account required. See Sideline.comfor details) ADDITIONAL FEATURES: CARRIER RELIABILITY – All callsare cellular (not VoIP) to make your 2nd number as reliable as your1st. UNLIMITED CALLING – Calls use your existing carrier plan. Noextra calling credits needed. MESSAGING – Texting includes SMS, MMSpicture messaging, group messaging, and more. CUSTOM CALLER ID –It’s clear which number is ringing so you can prioritizeaccordingly. SEPARATE VOICEMAIL – Record a professional greeting orset up multiple for any circumstance. VOICEMAIL TO TEXT – Save timeand conveniently read voicemail transcriptions as a text. DO NOTDISTURB – Send Sideline calls directly to voicemail on nights,weekends, or holidays. NUMBER PORTING – Transfer an existing numberto Sideline from another device or landline.  WEB MESSAGING(beta) – Access your Sideline number online and text from thedesktop. WHY SIDELINE? Sideline is a great addition to your suiteof small business apps. Like Square payments, invoice2go invoicing,GoDaddy URLs, Squarespace websites, or Quickbooks accounting,Sideline is the #1 phone solution for on-the-go professionals,small businesses, and growing companies. It’s an essential toolbecause it works on the communication network your customersalready have—their smartphones. TERMS Sideline subscriptions areautomatically billed monthly to your Google Play Account andauto-renew. You can turn off auto-renew or managesubscriptions in your Google Play Store account settings. Privacypolicy & terms of use: