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Polar Rush 1.4.1
Polar Rush is available now at PlayStore!Venture into this incredible adventure on South Pole exceeding yourlimits.Polar Rush is a casual old-school arcade game with its uniquestyle. You can jump and glide from one platform to another andadvance your way through different scenes of this unexploredcontinent. But be careful not to slip away into frozenwaters!On this game your skills won´t be tested on your reflexes, but onyour focus, intuition and accuracy. Dominating these skills willmake you a true master on consistent and complex gameplay.The game supports scores and achievements from Play Games. Proveyou skills on two different scoring competitions. Jump on countlessplatforms and have a blast!Polar Rush is completely free and does not offer any type ofpurchase power-ups or attempts. Last but not least, we appreciatefor the support and downloads and we wish you all a greatexperience.How far can you get!?