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ABSTRACTICA ••• The Space Game 1.0
★★★★★ "ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE GAMES OF 2016"-APPLOLIPOPCan you reach the top?Welcome to a new era in mobile gaming wheretraditionalcharacters and worlds are a thing of the past. One ofthe mustunique and creative games on the play store! Our characteris acolorful prism surrounded by an abstract world. Keep climbinganddon't touch the spheres!This unique space game will have you on the edge ofyourseat.• Easy One Touch Play• Beautiful Unique Graphics• Challenging Gameplay• Cool Ambient Music• It's FREE!!!CHOOSE YOUR CHARECTOR!The more you play, the more coins (prisms) you collect and themorecolorful beautiful characters you can choose from.CAN YOU REACH LEVEL 20?If you can reach level 20 your world will change tosomethingtotally new and exciting. It is our most colorful world intheAbstractica Space Game.GET YOUR NAME ON THE LEADERBOARDSend us your name and a screenshot of your top score and wewillpublish you on our website and Facebook leaderboard! Sendto:shane@piranhacreative.com-----------------------------Discover:http://abstracticagame.com/Follow:https://www.facebook.com/Abstractica-309910469370119/Twitter:https://twitter.com/abstracticagameInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/abstracticagame/-----------------------------Abstractica the Space Game is completely free to play. Werequireno special permissions. There may be ads that are displayedduringgame play. This is so we can support our game and you canenjoyit!© 2016-2017 Piranha Creative