Piscarius Carp Fishing Apps

Carpio - Carp Fishing Tracker Diamond 3.4.10
Specially designed for carp anglers and totally free. Keeps trackof your carp fishing history and provides useful tools such as rodcounters and various statistics aimed to improve your fishingexperience. Contains a customizable user interface - from simple(allowing tracking of minimal information) to complex (allowingtracking of the used bait and usage of rod counters), designed tobe usable in fishing situations (powerful sun, night fishing).Features: - counter alarm for each rod (Each alarm has a distinctsound which can be configured) - hookbait management (You candefine & use your own set of hookbaits in order to obtainstatistics regarding their success) - minimal interface that allowsrapid catch addition - post on facebook (All pictures associatedwith catches can be in one click posted on facebook) - catchespicture gallery (Display catches augmented with catch information:hour, bait, catch type) - trip notes (Allows you to add notes aboutthe fishing spot, tackle you noticed were missing, weatherconditions, etc) - powerful statistics - trip management(Add/delete existing trips and open old trips to see their recordeddata) - powerful settings (customize each option that shall be usedin a trip, send trip results by email to your friends) -multi-language support (for now English, German, French, Italian,Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian)