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Blur Photo Editor - Blur Image Background Editor 1.47
Blur image | Blur Image with Blur photo Editor. Blur photo editoris an effective photo background editing app to blur imagebackground for free. Give multiple blurry effect with blurcamera to your image background in just a few click with powerfultools such as blur Camera, Zoom, blur, unblur, brush, templates,etc. Blurring image background is very simple. Select the pictureto be blurred from the gallery or use blur camera, and give it ablurry effect using this photo blur editor. Easily blur imageswithout effective cameras, lenses or any art work with just onetouch. How to Blur an Image background? Blur image editor allow youto create a perfect blur image with blur editing image options,blur the face, any object or unwanted part of your picture. It’svery fast to create a beautiful blurred image. Blur Image Editormainly focus on blur reality and photo quality. Just capture imageusing the camera option and blur it the way you want! Get thequality of blur image without professional cameras by usingthis blur camera. Key features of blur photo editor backgroundCamera or Gallery 
 select the image to be blurred from the galleryand give it a blurry effect. The photo clicked using camera cantake and edit the photo background to make your image morebeautiful. Zoom Blur Effects
 Zoom in and out - give thepicture a blurry effect, give special Zoom blur effects topart of the image. Apply Zoom blur effects in BlurPhoto Background. Use your finger to add blur or erasethe blur. Blur the Rest 
Adjust the image blur intensity inorder to give a bigger blur effect to the picture to be blurred.Flexible Brush 
 Very simple and convenientblur photo editing with advanced brushes. Adjust thebrush size for pic blurring and give it a blur backgroundinstantly, using this blur pic editor or blurry editor.

 Undo andreset
 The blurry effect can also be reverted. The blurred pic canalso be reset using this blur photo image app or blur on photo app.

Attractive UI. 
 This blur photo editor or blur background photoeditor, which gives a blurry background to your pic, has anattractive GUI.

 Save and share to all social networks 
Downloadand Install Blur Photo Editor for free to create beautifulHigh-quality blur images and blur photos. Theblurred pic can be saved to the gallery and shared to social mediaplatforms like the Facebook, Instagram and so much more.
Video to Mp3 Audio Converter App - Audio Extractor 3.7
Video to mp3 Converter is a very effective Mp3 audio extractor fromthe video, It allows you to very easily extract high-quality audiofiles from videos and this can be used as a phone ringtone. Bestvideo to mp3 converter In this video to mp3 high-quality converterapp Choose a video and extract an Mp3 audio from it, save as musicuse this audio as a phone ringtone, also share or save theextracted audio by using this video to audio converter. Want toextract a pleasing audio from a video? Then video to mp3 is VeryFaster and the ideal video song to mp3 converter or mp4 to mp3converter app Convert mp4 to mp3 Extract High quality for musicconversion, Convert mp4 to mp3, video to audio, take any file fromyour data turn it into an audio, create your own free song andringtone with following option • Quality audio cutter • ConvertOriginal Video to Mp3 • video converter to audio • MP3 VideoConverter • Video Song to MP3 Converter • Supports Different typesof videos • Video MP3 Converter • Video to HD Music clarity. • Veryfast mp3 converter. • Key Features Select a video from phonesgallery 1. Simply open the video song you want to convert and justpress convert button for Mp3 2. Extract an audio from a video,using this video to mp3 converter. 3. The extracted audio can beused as, a phone ringtone, using this video to mp3 converter. 4.This video to mp3 converter will be daily life useful and supportsall video formats. 5. Save the extracted audio to the phones SDcard, using this mp4 to mp3 converter. 6. Share the extracted audiothrough different platforms like Whatsapp, Skype and Gmail usingthis video to audio converter or mp4 to mp3 converter. Video to mp3audio extractor is the best video to audio converter or mp4 to mp3converter app. Download this top video to audio converter or mp4 tomp3 converter app and extractor.
Photo Editor 1.49
Want to edit your pics and create some mesmerising photo collages?Then you can do this with the photo editor pro app. The photoeditor includes four options - photo editor, pip collage, gridcollage and collage templates. Edit your photo instantly with thispowerful photo editor app, which is one of the best photo editingtool in android. Get the best photography art in photos withvarious photo effects. Create good color effect photos with thisphoto editor app and beautiful photo frames as well. Use phototemplates of categories like Christmas, Birthday, frames, seasonal,baby, love, business, sports and grids, for photo collages, usingthis photo collage templates app, collage maker with templates,template creator and template maker. Beautify your picture withphoto effects and overlays, using this photo editing tool or picediting tool. Use the red eyes removal option of this pic editortool and share pictures to Facebook and Instagram. Use this gridmaker and pic stitching app, to stitch pics with various gridoptions. This picmix app enables us to stitch pics effectively. Usethe pic stitch option of this picmix app, to stitch pics withvarious collage layout options. The collage layout options of thispicmix app makes it an effective pic collage maker. Use the collagelayout options, to create pic collages. The grid maker featureprovides us with grids of different shapes. This grid makersupports grids for collage making. Use the grid maker option ofthis picmix app to edit pics. This collage maker supports collagelayouts for collage making. This picmix app supports 60 collagelayouts. Create photo collages using this pip collage maker option,lot of pip camera frames or pip collage frames available. Thiscollage maker supports photo frames of different shapes such asbottle shaped, heart shaped etc. for photo collage making. Use thispic editing app or pic editor app, to edit pics, with pic editingoptions. Apply some amazing photo filters and edit pictures, usingthis best free photo editor and foto editor which is one of thebest free photo editing apps. Enhance the look of your pic, withthis potho editor, online image editor, free image editor, picturemaker, photography editor and new photo editor. Edit foto or editimage with effects for pictures, using this free photo collage app,free collage maker online and online picture editor. Blur your pic,by giving it, a blur effect, with this poto editor and photobackground editor. Create some amazing frame collages and pipcollages, using this online pic editor, foto edit app, funny photoeditor and pictures editor. It is time to get this photo editordownload and photo creator, on android for free. Key features 1.This pic editor supports various photo editing effects. 2. Changecolor of photo using this photo editing tool. 3. Use the beautifulphoto frames of this pic editor, for the photo. 4. Pictures can befiltered using this pic editing tool or photo editing tool. 5. Piccollage app, free collage creator and photo grid app. 6. Mixmultiple images, using this grid collage maker and photo collageeditor, with frames and shapes. 7. This collage maker supports, avariety of pic frame options, for creation of pic collages. 8. Usethe gradient option of this collage maker, to add a background forthe pic collage. 9. Best photo editor, free picture editor andphoto maker. 10. Use the pic frames of this picmix app and photocollage editor, to create worth shareable pic collages. 11. Thisphoto collage editor supports pic frames for pic collages. 12. Usethis photo collage editor to flip images within the pic frame orphoto frame. 13. Photo collage maker, picture collage app and freeonline photo editor. 14. Use this photo collage editor to add asticker, text to the pic collage. Photo editor is one of the bestapps for pic editing and collage making. Download this top piceditor app and collage maker, for free, to edit photos.
Selfie Camera Expert 3.6
Selfie Camera is a camera application with gorgeous live filters.1. This Application facilitates the user to apply effects on liveselfie Camera. 2. User can apply effects on live selfie camera byselecting one or can also apply effects randomly. 3. User can makeuse of timer where the selfie picture will get clicked afterselected time. 4. User can also select the selfie camera preview tobe square or rectangle before clicking a selfie. 3. Along witheffects on live camera, there is an option to pick image fromgallery and apply different effects, stickers, frames, text on it.4. After capturing the image from camera or editing the galleryimage, preview screen will appear, from where user can share theimage to social websites. Key Features: + Live Filters: Previewyour beautiful moment before capturing through selfie camera. +Time - Set timer as per your requirement to capture the selfie pic.+ Share the selfie to Instagram as this facilitates of capturingsquare pic. + Realistic and user friendly app design. + It involvesa photo editor to edit your pics from gallery. + It includes optionof sharing your selfie moments to all type of social websites.Selfie camera expert is a selfie app and selfie photo editor thatlets, you to take selfies and enhance its look by applying someamazing effects. Apply some amazing photo filters, using thisselfie camera app with flash and selfie beauty camera app, which isone of the best selfie camera apps for android and selfie photoapps. Enhance the look of your selfie, by applying effects, usingthis selfie dslr camera app and selfie pic camera app, which is oneof the top selfie camera dslr effect apps and selfie camera latestversion apps. Use the timer option, to get ready for a selfie, withthis selfie timer camera app and selfie timer app. Have fun, takingpics, with the dslr camera, and edit them, using this dslr cameramobile app and dslr photo editor, or dslr selfie camera app anddslr pic editor. Take a selfie at night, using the night modeoption, of this night selfie app and selfie night camera app, whichis one of the best night selfie camera apps and night mode selfiecamera apps. Use the flash light in the night mode, to capturebright pictures, with this selfie flash light app and selfie flashapp, which is one of the best selfie flash camera apps and selfiecamera flash light apps. Take a preview of the selfie, using thisselfie photo camera app and selfie photo maker, which is one of thebest popular night selfie camera apps and selfie flash light cameraapps, or dslr camera effect photo editor apps. Create some amazingselfies and post it on instagram, using this best selfies app andselfie image editor, which is one of the top selfie camera editorapps and selfie apps for android. Share the selfie, with your lovedones, using this selfie pic editor and selfies editor, or dslrcamera effect photo editor app and dslr camera app for android. Getthis dslr camera app download or one of the best selfie camera appsdownload and selfie apps download, on android. Selfie camera is oneof the best apps for selfies. Download this top selfie camera app,for free, and click some stunning selfies of yourself.