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Selfie Camera Expert 3.9
Selfie Camera is a camera application with gorgeous live filters.1. This Application facilitates the user to apply effects on liveselfie Camera. 2. User can apply effects on live selfie camera byselecting one or can also apply effects randomly. 3. User can makeuse of timer where the selfie picture will get clicked afterselected time. 4. User can also select the selfie camera preview tobe square or rectangle before clicking a selfie. 5. Along witheffects on live camera, there is an option to pick image fromgallery and apply different effects, stickers, frames, text on it.6. After capturing the image from camera or editing the galleryimage, preview screen will appear, from where user can share theimage to social websites. Key Features: + Live Filters: Previewyour beautiful moment before capturing through selfie camera. +Time - Set timer as per your requirement to capture the selfie pic.+ Share the selfie to Instagram as this facilitates of capturingsquare pic. + Realistic and user friendly app design. + It involvesa photo editor to edit your pics from gallery. + It includes optionof sharing your selfie moments to all type of social websites.Selfie camera expert is a selfie app and selfie photo editor thatlets, you to take selfies and enhance its look by applying someamazing effects. Apply some amazing photo filters, using thisselfie camera app with flash. Enhance the look of your selfie, byapplying effects, using this selfie dslr camera app. Use the timeroption, to get ready for a selfie, with this selfie timer cameraapp. Have fun, taking pics, with the dslr camera, and edit them.Take a selfie at night, using the night mode option, of this nightselfie app and selfie night camera app. Use the flash light in thenight mode, to capture bright pictures with this selfie flash lightapp. Create some amazing selfies and post those on social networks,using this selfies app. Share the selfie, with your loved ones,using this selfie editor . Selfie camera is the app for selfies.Download this selfie camera app, for free, and click some stunningselfies of yourself.
Face Enhancer - Photo Face Blemishes Remover 1.3
Best Selfie Face Enhancer App - Face Blemish Remover andBeautyEnhancer Free Fix facial imperfections andblemisheseasily with face blemish remover app with photoeditretouching features, add/change color to your lips,eyes,remove pimples and wrinkles from the photos and get rid ofdarkspots, acne, stains, on skin/face. Use our blemish remover apptocreate your photo for your online profile.  Blemish Remover-Remove blemishes, Pimples and Scars  Are you afraidofuploading your picture on your profiles? If you are lookingforface blemish Remover, download this photo-editing apps toremoveugly blemish, pimples, and scars on your face and tofixfacial imperfections quickly with a few clicks. BeautyEnhancer – Pimple Remover, Acne Remover Beauty enhancerfeaturesallow you to do photo makeup, tones, whiting teeth andchanging eyecolor, size, brightness, etc. Enhance full face beautyin no timewith our best face editor for Instagram, Snapchat,Twitter andFacebook, etc. Selfie– Add/Change Color – Size –Brightness Whatdoes every girl want? Fashion! Selfie photo EditorApp speciallydesigned for photo makeup and to give instant retouchof yourphotos, it is a really good app for the full range of makeupwhichincludes changing your lip color, change your eye color,sparkle toyour teeth - fast, free and save your photos. How to Use• TakeSelfie or select photo From Gallery • Edit the photo effectandGive retouch by makeup • Remove dark spots, acne, stains,onskin/face • Add Color to Your Lips • Save new image andShareimages with your friends via facebook, twitter, email etcSpecialFeatures • Free Face Enhancer app for face makeup anderaseblemishes • Face Blemish Remover helps to Remove acne,fairness,wrinkles • Skin and Face Care features with pimple remover• BeautyCamera Photo Editor includes Makeup Selfie Cam Want todoprofessional makeup on your own? Find your perfect tools to makeupfor hair color, eye, lip and cheek in photos. Free DownloadfaceEnhancer app to enhance the face beauty and Remove FaceBlemish,Pimples, Acne, clear dark spots, etc. in the photo.
Background Eraser - Background Changer of Photo 1.1
Erase Background | Background Eraser to change background ofphotoBackground Eraser is a smart and effective photo backgrounderaserapp to • Remove background from photos • Allow you tochangebackground of your photos. • Auto face detection anderasebackground • Create collage using Grids, Templates • Editphotoswith filters, text, Funny Face Stickers for Free Easilyeraseunwanted photo background using Background Eraser. If yourealizethe photo background should be changed from the image,thisBackground eraser app helps to easily erase background colororobject from any photos and supports to change background ofyourphoto. Erase as many as photos without any difficulty. Erasetoolhelps to remove desired objects from photos in short time.Nomatter what kind of photo or image, use instant BG eraser toremoveunwanted background selectively. Erase or edit yourphotobackground and add new Background. Erase background from anyimageby using this image background changer app, quickly and easilyedityour pictures for making a picture's background transparent anduseyour photo for collages, social media or online. No designerskillrequired. App also Supports: This photo background changer canturnyour photo into an absolutely different image at once withmultiplephoto editing options like Collage maker with Templates,gridcollages and photo editor options to enhance the beauty ofImage.Erase Background App - Main Features • Smart Cropping Toll –Easyto use custom crop option. • Background eraser option toerasephoto background. • Fill tool: Mistakenly erased someotherlocation? Bring the erased location back to normal by usingfilltool. • Magic Tool to easily select a particular region onyourimage by just one click. • Use the zoom option to work withyourimage carefully. • Add new background image • Edit erasedphotos,add filters or Create collage with template and gridcollages •Save and share option to share it on any socialnetworking siteslike Instagram, Facebook, etc. Download our photoBackground Eraserapp and easily erase or remove background formphotos.
Beauty Makeup Camera - Selfie Beauty Photo Editor 1.1
Beauty Makeup camera is a selfie beauty photo editor thatenablesyou to take a selfie photo and edit it with amazing facemakeupoptions, effects, and cool beauty accessories. Take a goodselfieand give it a flawless look to your selfies with makeupoptions andbeauty effects. Beauty apps include trendy makeup toolsandfeatures like face foundation, removers and whitening features.Italso includes facial features for lips, skin, eyes, etc.Givedazzling effects to teeth by whitening options. Beauty apphelpsyou to create professional photos and you can also sharewithpeople and in social media, online, etc.. Give a stylish lookwithcolourful accessories such as cooling glasses, crowns,necklaces,and a lot more. Explore fashion photo editing tools andadjust yourskin with pigmentation and wrinkles removal for flawlessskin. Appalso has beauty accessories for face tune and charmingglimpseswith few automatic and manual editing options. SelfieCameraFeatures • Selfie camera option to take a pic. • Facefoundation ofdifferent colors to enhance photo face beauty •Blemishes andpimples remover to eliminate the blemishes the pimplesor acne, fora good skin tone • Dark spot and wrinkles remover toenhance yourphoto face beauty by getting rid of the dark spots andwrinkles. •Pigmentation remover tool improve your skin tone byremoving anykind of pigmentation. • Manual and automatic face tuneoption. Fora clear skin, eliminate all the pimples, • Eye makeuptools likeEye color, enlargement and brightening tools. Tone eyelashes andremove dark circle, etc. • Whitening makeover like Teeth,Skinwhitening and other Blur makeup filter