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CEIVA Photos 1.0.2
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CEIVA Photos for Android allows you to view all the photos thathave been shared on your CEIVA Digital Photo Frame or stored inyour CEIVA albums. Log in with your ceiva.com or Facebook accountinformation and check for photos that have arrived while you'vebeen away, or start an instant slideshow of your photos to show offwhen you're on the go.
Peek 1.3.0
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The Peek app and monitor display your current electricitypricetier, making it easy to shift your electricity usage to whenit’scheaper. Peek is clear, super simple and easy to use. Utilitiesaremoving to “time of use” pricing, meaning the price that you payforelectricity will change during the day and night as demandforenergy changes. Paying attention to rate changes and whentheyhappen can really help you to manage how much you spend onyourelectricity. Simple ‘traffic light’ logic means that with justaquick glance at the Peek monitor or the Peek app, you’llknowexactly what price tier you're in. The Peek App ensures youalwaysknow exactly what rate your home is currently using. Andbecauseit’s connected to your utility it always displays thecurrentactual rate and most recent prices. The Peek app can alsosend youalerts when there are rate changes or peak pricing events.You’llhave the option to receive energy saving tips and eveninformationabout utility programs and money saving offers. Peekputs you incontrol of your energy bill by keeping you informed ofrates, butyou get to decide how it works best for you. You canchoose tosimply keep an eye on the lights on the monitor, or takeadvantageof push alerts and notification to your phone or AppleWatch. Youcan even download the skill for Alexa, and when you wantto knowyour rates, you can just ask! Peek is a simple solution toacomplex problem. Time of Use Energy pricing can be confusing,anduntil Peek there was no real-time way for people to know whatratesthey were being charged for their energy or when. Our missionis tomake changing energy rates simple to understand so you canstay ontop of your energy bills.
Pixo - TV Photo Display 1.5.3
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Display Photos on Any TV. Any Visuals. In Any Scenario. Pixo worksacross many platforms. Platforms include, but not limited to,Samsung, LG, Android, iOS, Roku, Firestick, and most smart TVs.There are only two items you will need. Any smartphone and a TV.Pixo will work for all. Pixo is a new way to put your images on TVdisplays directly from your phone or social media. EASY SET UP 1.Download the free Pixo app on your mobile device 2. Download thefree Pixo TV app on any screen you choose 3. Connect your TV andEnjoy a free 2-week trial That’s it—start displaying the images youlove the most and watch them fill up your entire screen! SHAREPRIVATELY WITH FRIENDS & FAMILY OR CREATE PUBLIC ALBUMS TOSHARE WITH THE WORLD -INSTANTLY SHARE PHOTOS. Instantly share newengagement or wedding photos with close friends and family on theirscreens at home. Broadcast amazing photos of your latest concert totens of thousands of music-lovers around the globe. -PRIVACY ISKEY. The photos you share are completely private and can only beviewed by you and the friend/family member you invited. Feel atease sharing family albums with who you choose. -INVITE PEOPLE TOYOUR ALBUM. Enjoy collaborating over an album with friends. Nomatter the distance, you can create an album where multiple peopleshare photos that can display on any number of TVs simultaneously.Set your own privacy settings. MADE FOR CREATORS Finally, Your Picson TVs worldwide. Drown out the noise and set your feed free byallowing others to enjoy the full breadth of your photography andvisual image collections. -EASILY UPLOAD your photos into a PixoAlbum and set it as Public. You will instantly be featured in theRecently Added section of the community’s discoverable albums.-SHARE PHOTOS WITH THE WORLD. Your perspective is unique andinteresting, so why not share it with the Pixo Community. Yourpoint of view is someone else’s delight. -FAVORITES. Watch yourphoto albums gain notoriety as Pixo members add your work to theirfavorited albums. Your visuals will be displayed on TVs worldwide.-CATEGORIZE YOUR ALBUMS. Make your content discoverable bycategorizing your albums with keywords. Pixo will recommend yourwork to members who are looking for content just like yours todisplay on their TVs. -CREATIVE HUB. People are searching forunique images to set the mood in their home. If your interest is inGaming, Brain Teasers, Sciences, or even Vintage Lunch Boxes, thereis a space for you at Pixo. SET THE MOOD IN YOUR HOME -PINTEREST. Aperk of Pixo is the option to link your Pinterest. Stay inspiredand display your Pins in your home. -INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK.Sourcing your photos directly from Instagram and Facebook are acouple of a convenient ways the app allows you to create albums andsend to your loved ones or the Community. -DISPLAY IMAGES. Pixo isan ideal opportunity to put your spare TV or Tablet to use. Picturewalking into your family room as your sister sends you a new albumwith images of your nieces and nephews to display in your home. Ifyou can’t find what you’re looking for, Pixo will instantly curatean album for you, ready for display. It’s more than a Cast to TVapp. Experience the joys of photo-sharing on Pixo. Start your14-day free trial today. No commitment, cancel at any time. Pleasenote the Pixo mobile app and mobile app experience is completelyfree. Your friends and family members may download the app, send,and receive photos at no additional cost. Displays (refers to TV orTablet) require a subscription. Manage your displays andsubscriptions from the mobile app device. Connecting a displayTV/Tablet to your mobile phone app starts as low as $1.49 per month(or 14.99 per year for 1 TV). Please visit the Subscriptions tabwithin the free mobile app or website for more information.Website: https://www.pixo.life Privacy Policy:https://www.pixo.life/privacy-policy Terms of Use:https://www.pixo.life/terms-conditions
CEIVA Snap 2.1.4
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Share photos and stay connected with CEIVA Snap™. Only CEIVASnaplets you send photos directly to your CEIVA® connected photoframefrom anywhere in the world. CEIVA Snap also allows you toview,save, share and store your photos. It’s a Snap!