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StickyBalls Classic 1.3.4
Split the moving ball with a single tap, Dodge the lines, and Rolltowards the unknown!
Soda Drops 2.1.3
Pop the colorful soda drops to avoid mixing flavors. Collect samecolor soda drops to create ice cubes. Stack matching ice cubes tocreate Mega Combos. Spin the Soda Roulette for that extra edge. Canyou stop the drops fast enough and collect all the Special sodacans?Reviews: • "Tetris meets Fruit Ninja" – Jonah F.• "Fabulous,fun and addictive!" – Mark B.• "Original and refreshing!" – SophieA.• "Color Extravaganza" – Ben E.• "The most engaging game I'veplayed in years" – Alex H. Features:• Easy to learn, fun to master•SUPER ADDICTIVE gameplay• 100% Planet of the Apps' ORIGINAL game•Earn lucky Dice and spin the Soda Roulette• Collect all the SpecialSoda CansQuench your thirst with Soda Drops!
Major Tom - Space Adventure 2.1.5
'Ground control to Major Tom' - do you copy?? We lost theconnection.. Major Tom and some buddies were on their way to acostume party on Mars. A couple of space-beers later, Tom was leftstranded by his astronaut buddies and has to do the ‘fly of shame’back to Earth.Help Tom find his way back to Earth in a mesmerizingyet deadly journey, filled with asteroids, spaceships, lasers,aliens and other obstacles.Collect gold to unlock the entireexclusive suit collection! Tom can be a baller in a P.I.M.P suit,look presidential in 'The Donald' suit (hair included!) or channelhis inner superhero. He might have been abandoned by his friendsbut damn, he looks good!Don't forget to pick up fuel, or else Tommight be stuck floating around space forever and will not partyanymore!In tribute to the one and only! David BowieFeatures:- 100%ORIGINAL Planet of the Apps' gameplay! - SUPER FUN & ADDICTIVESpace-floating controls - Easy to learn, fun to master- Collectgold and unlock Tom's space-suits. Can you get them all?- Cool andsurprising Powerups like shrink juice (wha…?)- Try to master trickslike: back flip, 360, 720 flip, and more... - Compete with yourfriends and others from around the world in a globalleaderboardsOne small step for Tom, one major leap formankind!!!Download now! It's Free!
Spike Bros -- Endless Arcade 1.1.2
The Spike Bros gang is on the run - jump and dash to avoid thedeadly spikes which are poking out of the ground.Spike Bros is anexclusive gang and this is the hard knocks tale of how you getinducted into the gang. Once a year the gang meets in Spike Valleyto see which new recruits will make the cut. If you’re not as toughas nails, don’t bother showing up! The challenge pushes all limitsand requires you to use all of your senses- only the strong willsurvive! Spikes randomly pop out of the ground and the goal is toavoid as many as possible or else heads will roll… You need onefinger and know how to tap in order to play this classic endlessrunner game! You’ll get addicted the minute you start to play.Features:- Original Planet of the Apps gameplay- Unlockablecharacter collection- One finger control- Compete against yourfriends
Ensō - Brilliant Puzzle Game 1.4.3
Ensō is a brand new type of puzzle game! It’s a brilliant,addictive way for anybody to build their logic and decision-makingskills.Ensō is a character in Japanese calligraphy that symbolizesenlightenment, infinity, elegance and strength. This gameincorporates all of those elements into an original gameplayexperience.You may have played connect-3 games before, but you havenever experienced a puzzle quite like this. Inspired by traditionaltabletop games like Mahjong and Mancala, Ensō is designed toentrance the player into a zen-like state. Players of all types canrelax with Ensō thanks to the unique colorblind mode and multiplemethods of intuitive control.Your goal is to match three or morelike-colored marbles in a row. Plan your moves wisely to beat thehighest score. Certain marbles contain numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7.These marbles can only be rotated as many spots as their number, soyou’ll have to plan ahead to match marbles and earn points! Watchout for bonus symbols that add even more depth and fun to thegame.Like any good puzzle game, Ensō requires you to think multiplemoves ahead in order to maximize your score. Every move in Ensōaffects the entire board, and it’s important that you analyze thefull effects of each swipe. As you play, you’ll naturally andintuitively train your brain to make logic connections and solvepuzzles.Ensō serves as both a relaxing zen experience, as well as atest of puzzle skill for competitive gamers. Active leaderboardsmean you will always know where you stand against the world’s bestEnsō players. Do you have what it takes to reach numberone?Features:• Colorblind mode supported• Gyroscopic controls andtraditional touch controls• Multiple relaxing soundtracks for aunique zen experience• Deep, challenging gameplay that will testyour mind and skill• Time Mode for advanced players• Train yourbrain in fun, engrossing puzzles• Overcome unique obstacles andbonus pieces• Secret achievements to unlock• Compete on the globalleaderboardEnsō is easy to learn, and difficult to master. ThisFREE game is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment and brainexercise. Download now and see if you have what it takes to masterthe art of Ensō.
Silly Slide -- Retro 3D Arcade 1.3.4
Tap to Slide the Party !!!Welcome to the endless retro party of 3DSilly Slide world!Speed up and slide down the lane as fast as youcan, just make sure you don’t smash into something. Differentobstacles will cross the road and try to destroy you - keep ontapping to avoid them!It only takes a tap of the finger to slidedown the mountain. Watch out for the trees, animals, sharp anglesor any other obstacle in your way. You never know where you’ll besliding - a snowy mountain, sand dunes in the desert or even jointhe silliest party in the world! Features:· Planet of the Apps’original gameplay· 3D retro game· One finger tap control· Fun andoriginal backgrounds and atmospheres to slide through· Party time!
Pin Heads -- Crazy Circle Game 1.1.2
100 ancient tribal warriors are threatening mankind! You mustbattle them all in voodoo combat. Beware - these warriors are mean!They'll laugh at you and taunt you throughout the battle.Tocomplete your mission, you must master their weaknesses, sharpenyour skills and time your attacks!The goal is to perfectly timeshooting the correct amount of pins at the warrior. Each level getsharder and the warriors get meaner! Features:- 100 smashing levels-Voodoo inspired art style- Humorous voice-overs by top Caribbeanactors - Addictive skill based game-play mechanicsDo you have whatit take to battle the warriors?! BOOM!
Planktons - Endless Survival 2.2.5
Jellyfish chase Planktons through the ocean trying to sting them.Planktons swim through the reef to avoid being hit by theJellyfish.It's a classic tale of Planktons versus Jellyfish. ThePlanktons were used to keeping it real, just floating around thereefs and taking it easy. One day, there was buzz that theJellyfish clan were moving into the 'hood and stinging everythingin their way… Including Planktons!Help Planktons protect their sideof the ocean and escape the jellyfish. The only way the Planktonscan beat the jellyfish is by eating the forbidden fruit of the sea.After they snack on it, they turn into the most feared hunter inthe deep sea and eat Jellyfish!Features:***New characters,achievements, features and music from the community! ***Voice ofthe community:- Thanks to Justin for the idea for a multiple lifecharacter!- Thanks to the whole community for new featuresuggestionsJoin our community and contribute! New gamechanging achievements with original music- New character withmultiple lives- Mystery achievements- can you unlock it?- Funoriginal characters to unlock! - Minor bug fixes and UIenhancementsPlanktons will prevail !Download now! It's Free! O_o
Frenzy Ball - Brick Breaker 1.1.1
The most addictive brick breaking retro game out there. Destroy asmany squares as possible and avoid hitting the walls. Pop the rightcube to cause a Frenzy!Frenzy Ball is the classic story of a rebelsquare breaking out of it’s shell, shedding it’s corners andbecoming a circle.The ball smashes through bricks trying to hit theright one that will cause a Frenzy! In the midst of the frenzy theLemon King appears- don’t blink or you’ll miss him! The rule issimple- control the moving walls to keep the ball in the game.Break bricks in order to reveal the truth about the Lemon King!Thecombination of music, art and game play will remind you of oldschool gaming and keep you playing for hours!Features:-100%original Planet of the Apps gameplay-Different levels andspeeds-One of a kind Frenzy Ball mode-Original power-ups-A dreamfor retro arcade gamers-Snake meets Pong-Lemon King Think you canmake the Lemon King proud?Go for it, just remember, never take theLemon King’s name in vain!
Balls & Holes 2.2.3
Welcome to the celtic hills, the place that combines beauty anddanger.Each year the bravest lads and lasses volunteer to conquerthe 'Ancient One' -the highest peak of the mountains range. Manyhave tried, BUT no one has succeed yet... (or should I sayreturned).The legend reveals an old course, which was brought uponthe villages of the valley by a powerful druid. It's like a natureitself trying to destroy the surrounding population.If you're afine lad or a brave lass, try to remove the evil witchcraft. But bewarned of the giant boulders and falling fireballs. The brave soulhas yet to be found. Will you be the one to bring the salvation tothe poor people? Hint: it's OK to turn backwardsFeatures: - Amazinggraphics- Multiple characters - Great music and sounds effects -Addicting gameplay - Advance game physics- The path looks familiar,but everything else is different
StickyBalls Deluxe 3.3.3
StickyBalls has been majorly upgraded for your enjoyment! Thisversion includes multiple new features, visual and graphicenhancements that takes this classic game to the next level! Enjoythe new generation of StickyBalls! What's New: - Challenging newobstacles- Many surprising game changing elements- Over 40 colorfulball designs for you to collect- Complete new UI and graphicenhancements- Much more of everything – wait and see… : ) Keeprolling them StickyBalls!
Circle Sweep - Logic Puzzle! 3.3.3
Please be patient when first starting the game afterupdating.Loading time may be a bit longer than usual, as the gamewill be downloading additional new content.Circle Sweep is a newkind of puzzle game where logic and strategic thinking rule a worldfilled with cute and colorful characters. Connect multiple orbs ofthe same color, while learning pattern recognition, logic anddeduction with each move.Circle Sweep’s brain teasers andchallenges will have you thinking one step ahead as you scramble tosolve each cute and colorful puzzle with plenty of adorable animalsand characters to play with along the way.Circle SweepFeatures:Connect Orbs of the Same Color- Connect three orbs of thesame color to progress through each creative puzzle!- Connect eachof your orbs wisely, as each move affects the outcome of thepuzzle!Cute and Colorful Gameplay- Cute characters and color-filledenvironments await you on each level with fun and addictinggameplay! Brain Teaser Bonuses- Brain teasers contain bonussymbols with unique effects, adding even more depth to eachpuzzle!- Overcome incredible obstacles and challenges. Surpass yourlimits as your logic grows!Logic Puzzles for Easy Learning- Uselogic to maximize your score by planning multiple moves inadvance!- Analyze each and every swipe that you make to come out ontop!  Circle Sweep is guaranteed to provide hours of funand adorable brain training puzzles. Download now and see if youhave what it takes!Got any questions? Send them on over tosupport@circlesweep.comDon’t forget to visit us online at