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KeyGuard Tool 1.9.1
This app will not work with corporateMicrosoft Exchange servers that use password enforcement.This app will not work if administrative mode is enabled.Pattern and face unlock will not work with Android version 4.0+,Ice Cream Sandwich.Disables the Android keyguard so your phone remains unlocked,allowing direct access to your apps. Bypasses the need to unlockyour phone using the swipe screen.Can also be used by developers, bypassing the emulator swipe screenwhen launching a project.Interesting dialog-like user interface. Windows can be movedsmoothly, using drag and drop in the traditional way. That helps toprevent blocking the view to lower windows. And window position issaved between reboots.
System Diagnostic Event Logs 2.8.1
REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS FOR ALL LOGGINGINFORMATION TO BE CAPTURED.This is not the main "logcat" debugging log (Log)! These diagnosticevents are for system integrators, not application authors.**Can be used as a debugging tool with Android Virtual Devices.Please consider new features to be in a Beta state.Functions:1. Persistent text overlay so logs can be viewed while using otherprograms.2. All System Diagnostic Events available. (110+).3. 45+ Intent Action BroadcastReceivers.4. Print to text file.5. Can set to start on boot.6. Can be used with Android Virtual Devices.User Interface:1. Small to tablet sized screens.2. Overlay text alpha and shadow adjustable.3. Each System Diagnostic Event and Intent Action BroadcastReceivercan have its own color.4. Play/Pause overlay button to control scrolling.**
Keyguard Tool Ex 1.2.9
THIS SOFTWARE WILL NOT WORK IF YOU HAVEENABLED ADMINISTRATION MODE.IT'S RECOMMENDED TO SET AUTO-UPDATE ON FOR THIS APP.Please contact me before giving a bad rating! Thanks!! :)Improved stability.Skip the swipe-screen on your phone (turn keyguard off) and/orkeep your screen on (turn wake lock on). You specify which WiFinetwork/Bluetooth pairing/ USB dock (or any combinations) to unlockyour phone and/or keep your screen on. Your phone will remainunlocked and/or your screen will remain on until the connectionthat you specify terminates. You can remove the swipe screen onyour phone when you get home and enable the swipe screen when youleave home.Ability to set the app to use a custom device AdministrativeProfile. When active the following benefits are available to you:bypass PIN/Password screen; auto-lock device when out of range ofnetwork (after 45 second delay). When using this mode the swipescreen will appear but the PIN/Password screen will not appear. Toactivate the Administrative Profile, go to the Preferences screenand click on "Device Admin Profile".Customizable widget. Put a widget on your desktop then with onetouch you can unlock your phone and/or keep your screen on. You canselect the operations to do when you click on the widget using acustomization screen, and you can have more than one widget on thehome screen. In this way you can have multiple combinations ofoperations to select from with just one touch.Wake-up alarm with the ability to start a user-selected app.Notification icons can be disabled.Status bar icons can show internal state. These notification iconsare disabled by default. You can set any combination of icons tosee when the state related to that icon becomes active.Simple interface. Multiple selections of networks/pairings/docks,each selection having the ability to set the screen lock off(disable keyguard) and/or keep the screen on at full brightness(turn wake lock on).This app should not be installed to an SD card.This app will not work with corporate Microsoft Exchange serversthat use password enforcement.This app will not work if administrative mode is alreadyenabled.Pattern and face unlock will not work with Android version 4.0+,Ice Cream Sandwich.