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Free Bingo Cards 1.0.4
Free Bingo Cards is a fun and free onlineBingo Game with super Bingo payouts!! Play one of the best NewBingo Games. Daub along in one of the best Bingo Games as if in areal Bingo world!!Free Bingo Cards’ Awesome Features:* Free Bingo Tickets are given out every single hour* Real Bingo world gives a feeling of a live Bingo Hall* Bingo Players from all over the world join in for a classic Bingofever* Play Bingo in a Classic Bingo Hall as well as Special BingoRooms* Multiple Special Bingo Rooms such as Christmas Bingo, BingoHalloween, Wild West Bingo and many others* Start with 100 Bingo Chips and 2000 Coins* Daub each Bingo board with the help of a live Bingo Caller* Never run out of Bingo chips* Spend your days in an exciting Bingoland matching Bingopatterns* Get instant Bingo fever by playing our online Bingo game in alive Bingo Hall with a chance to win a Bingo Blackout* 4 Daubs will activate a possible of 5 exciting types of BingoPowerups* Online Bingo Game that puts you in Bingo Fever!!* Super Bingo fun that will send you to Bingo Heaven!!* Play our exciting FREE Bingo games and spin out an instant BigBingo Bonus!* Daubers will enjoy a super Bingo night in a real Bingoland* A family bingo game that all bingo players will love* A bashing new Bingo Game that you can play with lucky Bingochips* Daub upto 4 Cards and crush other Bingo daubers by being thefirst to Blackout Bingo!* Enjoy a family Bingo night and have a blast matching the Bingopatterns* Players will be in Bingo Heaven playing City after BingoCityIncrease your chances of a lucky Bingo blitz by learning how toplay Bingo with the help of our Tutorial. Play in a classic BingoHouse against winning Bingo Players. Drive into Bingo heaven if youa Housie or Tombola fan, you will be in a Bingo machine playingFree Bingo Cards. Crush fellow Bingo Players and rev up your Bingodrive to become a winning Bingo star!Following is how to play Bingo:To match the winning Bingo patterns, Daub each space as the Bingonumbers are called out. Our Bingo players love the awesome HD gamegraphics and exciting sound effects as they bash each Bingo round.As the live Bingo Caller calls out the Bingo Balls, daub thecorrect number on the Card. Use GEMs to make the Bingo Caller callout more Bingo Balls at the end of each big Bingo round. Enjoy oneof the best new family Bingo games with lucky Bingo Tickets. Blitzalong with your bingo friends to an instant Bingo win and bash yourcompetitors to win free Bingos!!Themed Bingo showdown adds fun and excitement to your Bingoblitz:* Enjoy Beach Bingo, Christmas Bingo, Halloween Bingo, Wild WestBingo, and other exciting rooms such as Forest, Haunted, Mystery,Treasure and Underwater* Each of the Special Rooms have 24 unique Collections pieces foryou to enjoy!* Blitz along to crush other Bingo daubers to become an instantBingo winning machine!Enjoying “Free Bingo Cards”? Want to learn how to play Bingo? Welike hearing from our Bingo lovers. Please feel free to reach us
Online Bingo Hall-Card Players 1.2.5
Online Bingo Hall-Card Players** Win Free Bingo tickets ** and play Bingo in a real Bingoworld!! Come join other players from all over the world in a liveBingo Hall and take part in an ultimate Bingo Showdown! Each Bingoroom contains 24 unique collection pieces! ♥♥** Get a chance to play one of the best new Bingo Games. Daubspaces on your bingo boards to experience the real Bingoheaven!! ♥♥** Join in the classic Bingo fever as you play Bingo in classicBingo Halls. We have created these special Bingo Rooms tomaximize your in-game fun! Play in different and colorful roomssuch as Christmas Bingo, Bingo Halloween, Wild West Bingo and lotsmore.** Participate in a live Bingo Blackout! Daub more and more spacesand win lots of Bingo Chips. Daub the spaces on the Bingoboard while the live Bingo Caller calls them out! You have thechoice of multiple Bingo sheets and you can collect lots of Bingochips. Make your way through level after level in Bingolandmatching Bingo patterns. Get into instant Bingo fever as you enjoyusing exciting Bingo Powerups!** Once you start you won’t stop! The Bingo Fever will make youcome back for more and more Super Bingo fun. Play our FREE Bingogames to get a chance to win an Instant Big Bingo Bonus! Beatother Daubers as you compete in a Super Bingo night in ourBingoland playing this bashing new Bingo Game. Win lots of luckyBingo chips and Daub even more spaces as you crush every one of theBingo players to win a Blackout Bingo.** Have a family Bingo night as you win multiple Bingo patterns!Playersof all age groups will enjoy Bingo heaven as they daub Cityafter Bingo City!** Would you like to win a lucky Bingo blitz? We will give you tipson how to monopolize Bingo and become an expert. Play the bestclassic Bingo game in a Bingo house and own one of the winningBingo cards.** Play now and drive into Bingo heaven! Even if you areloyal players of Housie or Tombola, you will surely become awinning Bingo machine! Crush Bingo Players to get your Bingo driveon! Defeat everyone to become a winning Bingo star!** Blitz along the bingo world with all of your bingo friends toinstant Bingo wins and bash the international competition to winfree Bingos!! You will really love and savour the HD game graphics.You will also enjoy great sound effects as you play bingo roundafter bingo round. Download now to play our best and new Bingogames in a collection of themed bingo showdowns such as: BeachBingo, Christmas Bingo, Halloween Bingo, Mystery Bingo, Wild WestBingo. Blitz along to crush every one of the Bingo daubers andbecome an instant Bingo winning machine!Tutorial on how to play Bingo:1. You win if you match any one of the 13 winning Bingopatterns2. You have to Daub each Bingo number as they are being called outby the live bingo caller.3. As more Bingo Balls appear, daub the correct spaces on the BINGOCard.4. The Bingo Caller will call out even more Bingo Balls if you useyour GEMS at the end of each big Bingo round.5. Pop a double in the blingo world by playing and winning multiplebingo sheetsUse your lucky bingo tickets to get a boost in this family Bingogame!Tips and Tricks:** Generate a win by using all of your PowerUps to monopolize themaximum number of cards! Have a blast in the partyland ofslingo and level up to become the generator of the maximumamount of Bingos! You can also win a Double Blingo on a summernight when you have nothing better to do!** Pop all of the Balls and rush 2 become the King of a Bingopartyland!! Rush 2 dethrone the Bingo generator and to bash adouble Bingo pop! The price is right for each of the Bingo Cards.Pop open your PowerUps to Blackout Bingo!Please feel free to reach us