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Start Wars: The Final Battle! 1.0
Feel the force! Grab your lightsaber, reload your laser blasterandget to your spaceship to become the greatest hero of thefinalspace battle. The dark force is at the gates!As a pilot of a heavily armed spaceship, commander of theFalconsquadron, you have to stop the empire invasion using laserguns,plasma blaster and artistry of a space warrior. You are thelasthope, you are the saviour. The survival of the galaxy is inyourhands! Hands of a well trained, experienced rebel commander.Fightto death at the battlefront of the star war.Are you fed up with tap to shoot clones where you play asasniper in ww2 or shoot zombies? Do you hate all those “onlyforgirls” farm candy games? If so, try Start Wars, the onlyreallymeaningful battle this season. Gather your troops, leadtherebellion and save the empire. It’s not a regular shootinggamebecause laser guns are not regular guns and you’re not anyregularwarrior!How can you save the galaxy?►►► Start war and fight for victory►►► Command the space ship►►► Shoot laser guns and plasma blasters►►► Fight the evil empire►►► Become a hero of galactic rebellion►►► Win the final space battle►►► Don’t die at the battlefront
Pocket Mine Exploration NO ADS 1.2
This is ADS FREE version of out Pocket Mine:Exploration Lite game.Exploration moved to another level. This lite app gives youopportunity to transform the terrain in 3D environment, and build aperfect cube world! Play in a creative mode with unlimitedresources or mine deep into the cube world. Explore randomlygenerated cube worlds, build and create amazing & perfectthings from the simplest of homes to the grandest of cubefortresses and castles! Become an adventurer! No dragons, nosurvival mode. Just cube world and your infinite creativity! Buildperfect structures step by step, create awesome castles! Very quickand easy. All for free! This lite game contains: block placing,cube world, real time world generation.Buld a cube world! Explorethe cube wolrd! In this incredible and totally free game you candestroy all the blocks, collect resources, survive and buildbeautiful & perfect cube buildings. This game contains a largenumber of different blocks with which you can craft your own cubeworld! High resolution textures, very convenient and thoughtfulgame control, High FPS, without compromise! So plunge into thefantastic world - with new cube worlds and adventures! Place blocks/ cubes move voxels, dig and mine! Go beyond your wildest dreams,make your own cube base, mine castle or kingdom! Transform thesurface in a 3D environment. Build shelter, fight, grow, the onlylimit is your imagination! Start a cube craft!Coming soon:MultiplayerCrafting items and weaponsSurvival modeDay & nightCube craftStory mode (with dragons and bosses!)WeatherStats and inventoryDifferent worlds (hell, heaven, lair)Shop with armors, weapons and unique elite swordsBuild awesome structuresExplore the worldsBe creative!If you are interested in similar games with cube craft world pleasesee our other games. Please note that this game is still developedand some features will be added as soon as it's possible.