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Guild of Heroes 1.51.2
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Join the Guild of Heroes and fight theforces of evil in a new fantasy world full of adventures anddanger. Here, you'll find a way to glory and recognition. Equipyour character and sharpen your skills, practicing sword play andmagic.It's a real, free, fantasy-style action - RPG game for tablets andsmart phones. The Guild of Heroes game differs from other games byits simple and handy gameplay. Check it out for yourself!◆ Jump right into the heat of battle. An intuitive UI willhelp find your way around the game in no time. But if you want tobecome a real hero, you’ll have to work hard.◆ Explore a vast and colorful world. Venture on an epicjourney across unique locations hiding countless secrets. You willtravel through vast expanses of plains, thick forests andimmeasurably deep caves and dungeons.◆ Crush your enemies. Each of them will have uniquebehaviors and skills. Find their weak spots and leave them with nochance of defeating you.◆ Defeat mighty bosses. These children of the dark haveevolved to become almost invincible. They only fear their own DarkLords. Kill them to obtain unique ancient artifacts.◆ Equip your character. Collect your own armor and weaponsets from hundreds of available pieces.◆ Learn new spells, upgrade them and use them in battle. Inthis world, all elements can be controlled with magic. Harnessthem, and even the darkest forces will yield to your power.◆ Fight shoulder-to-shoulder with your friends. They willalways help you defeat the strongest and most vicious enemies.Bring together your own team of warriors and get ready for excitingchallenges.◆ Change your character class as you progress through thegame. Choose one of the three available classes: warrior,archer or mage. Change it at any moment without having to replaythe game.======================Join game's community on Facebook: