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Zombie's Got a Pogo 2.0.0
Spring into bone smashing action with Zombie’s Got a Pogo! Try andkeep your head intact as you hop, bounce, crash and smash throughnerve-racking obstacles, pitfalls and all sorts of trouble!The goalof this game is simple - avoid accidents as you try to reachfarther than other zombie ragdolls on each new round! It’s anendless jumping game with bone crunching ragdoll physics set in afun but dangerous world! Bounce your way to the top of theleaderboards and follow the trail of brains and tune up your zombiemannequin with collectible items and accessories!Zombie's Got aPogo features:Pick up and play gameplay. No brains required!Incredibly easy to learn but hard to master!• Randomly generatedendless obstacle courses filled with pitfalls specially designed tosmash zombie dummies!• Bone breaking crashes, exciting accidentsand nerve-shredding pogo action.• 8 death defying ragdoll zombiemannequins to get into accidents with.• 17 unheard-of insane pogos.Hop around on a frog, an oven, a sword... this game is full ofridiculous surprises!• A pile of accessories to bounce around with.Hop, crash and smash through the world in style!• Physics rulesmake every accident unique and hilarious.• The farther you get, thecrazier the course gets!• Smash your way through zombie opponentstrying to take you down.• Powerups for bone smashing fun!• Earnprizes as you complete goals with your zombie ragdoll. • Create andshare video replays or watch others bouncing, crashing and smashingtheir ragdolled zombies!• Be the best at bouncing around andshow-off your achievements on our leaderboards!Hours of fun endlessphysics-based carnage as you shred through each obstacle course!It’s a chaotic sandbox of destruction!
com.playflame.oilhunt 4.4.0
The world has gone crazy – Everyone is hungering for OIL! Stretchout a pipe in order to strike oil and get ready to drink gallons ofthe tasty stuff! Hit it big as you guide oil-hungry heroes andmonsters in a mystical wasteland! Go for the high score and unlockfunny characters! Explore different lands - from long stretchingsavannas, to green hills, sandy beaches and dark marshes - you’llbe surprised at all the places you’ll find where you can just sticka pipe and watch as tons of fantastic tasty dark stuff spill out!It’s insane! It is the ultimate time waster with a simple game playthat is easy to pick up but difficult to master! How far can youtake your oil-guzzling hero in this crazy land?
Escape With Words 2.0.0
Imagine waking up in a strange and magical land where your wordshold the power in overcoming incredible obstacles and unlocking newareas!ESCAPE WITH WORDS is a brand new word puzzle adventure youwon’t soon forget! Unlock words that form MASTER PASSWORDS - secretanswers to escaping even the most insane situations! Each word youunlock brings you one step closer to revealing the MASTERPASSWORD.STAY SHARPEach tricky problem has an equally brilliantanswer! Pay close attention to what’s happening in the world. Eachsmall detail could be a clue that will help you unlock the hiddenwords!Set in a vibrant world with fantastic and quirky creatures,help your hedgehog companion travel through four wonderfullocations and overcome 83 unique challenges with more than 300handcrafted word puzzles. BE PREPAREDBuild marvellous contraptions,capture dastardly bandits, find treasure, and even fight off ghostsand giant octopuses! Oh boy!THINK FASTFind hidden words within theletter grid! Swipe up, down, across and diagonally to build words!It starts off easy but gets challenging pretty quickly!KEEP CALMAllchallenges are solvable! If things get too difficult, don’t panic,there’s always a way out! To make things more interesting, we madefinding the words in the right order just as important as findingthe words themselves! If you find yourself stuck, you can simplyrestart the level and try again. You may be able to swipe adifferent set of letters to form similar words. Tricky!LOSS FORWORDS?If things get too difficult, remember that your hedgehogcompanion is always ready to provide hints! You’re in this togetherso help each other out!Are you prepared to put your word-gameskills to the test and ESCAPE WITH WORDS!
Cube Rule 2.0.1
TEST YOUR MIND NOW! Let’s see you deliver split second, highvelocity moves. Are your eyes and hands on the same team? Wantextreme challenge? Move smart, move fast! Do it now! ONLY ONE RULE!Tap the correct side of the screen to push the cube to the matchingcolour portal. High speed play gives you a faster, more challenginggame, including multiple mind blowing colors that match theintensity of your game play. Your brain will sizzle under thepressure.Let your fingers be sharp and shrewd alongside thecognizant mind!
Oil Hunt 2 - Birthday Party 2.2.1
It’s Red’s birthday but none of his oil-hungry friends showed up!There’s only one solution — hunt for oil! Are you ready to buildthe biggest, most amazing beach party the world has ever seen? Flyyour oil-guzzling balloon, drink and collect oil, bring it back tothe party and serve your thirsty friends! The more of the tastydark stuff you get, the more guests will come! Everyone loves freedrinks after all! Three beautiful locations with handcrafted levelsand hundreds of tricky oil caves, each one presenting a uniquechallenge. No two oil caves are completely the same! Keep a steadyhand and a keen eye and suck those babies dry! Be prepared to playthe ultimate time waster! With a refreshingly new gameplay, it’ssimple to pick up but difficult to master. Can you build an epicbeach party and keep your oil monsters feeding?
Monster Fishing Legends 1.1.4
​For millions of years, the oceans have been home to giant seamonsters. To this day, they’ve been nothing more than stuff oflegends. Do you have what it takes to sail the open seas in searchof the truth? Go toe to toe with sugar-crazed eels taller thanskyscrapers, marvel at a giant sentient mutant driftwood, catch amermaid moose using cream filled candies and get a terrifying hydrato pose for the local news! Sail mystical seas in search oflegendary creatures in this monster catching game! With a simpleone tap gameplay, sailors of all ages can begin this adventure. Beprepared to skillfully lure and reel in dozens of unique seamonsters. Watch out for wild underwater streams or they'll takeyour bait for a ride! Get your sea legs ready as the further outyou go, the tougher the monsters will be! As the world’s premiermonster hunter, it’s your duty to uncover the truth behind themysteries. All hands on deck! Time to go Monster Fishing!