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PlayKids has the best cartoons and games forkids under 5 years old. We're the #1 app for kids in more than 25countries!- Hundreds of the best educational cartoons, sing alongmusic videos and quality preschool TV shows for kids andtoddlers- Free educational games, minigames and puzzles designed tohelp children and toddlers develop motor coordination, memory, andpre-kindergarten skills- Use the app offline when you don't have internet access orwish to save your data plan! Download and play our preschoolcartoons and games whenever / wherever. Very useful for long trips,doctor's appointments and restaurants!- Popular characters like Daniel Tiger, Caillou, Pocoyo andLalaloopsy bring your kids the best adventures!- Teach new languages to your kids with children's cartoonsin Spanish and Portuguese.- Sing along with our amazing songs and nursery rhymes.Watch them dance!- All cartoons, videos, songs and games are curated by a team ofspecialists. We make sure all videos and games are alwaysage-appropriate, safe and fun- PlayKids is designed to be very easy to use so childrencan use tablets and phones in a safe and fun way to learn whilehaving fun- Subscription required for unlimited access. Subscribe once andhave access on your Android phone, tablet and TVPlayKids is certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program. To learnmore, visit http://www.kidsafeseal.comONLY ON PLAYKIDS- ABCs - Dance, sing and learn about the letters of the Alphabetwith Junior and his friends on this series of upbeat sing alongmusic videos- SuperHands - Learn how to create new toys and objects using itemsavailable in your homePLAYKIDS TV SHOWS & CARTOONS- Caillou- Pocoyo- The Wiggles- The Hive- Peg + Cat- Sesame Street.....and many moreEDUCATIONAL GAMES AND PUZZLES- Junior's room: drag and drop each toy inside the toybox and matchtheir shadows. This game teaches kids about matching and memorizinggeometric shapes- Learn to draw: our drawing tutorials teach fine motorcoordination skills and incentivize children to grab their pencilsand get creative!- Connect the Dots: tap the stars in order to reveal an object!Here, kids learn how to count and have fun while connecting thestars.- Match game: this classic game teaches children about focus andmemory skills.- Coloring book: unleash the kids' artistic skills and colordrawings featuring Junior and his friends- Magic Piano: children learn about music, rhythm and sounds. Ourspecial piano keys will also teach children about colors andnumbers!- Animals: High-quality pictures and samples of animal sounds teachchildren the animal's name and how they sound...and moreSUBSCRIPTION DETAILSYou can cancel your subscription anytime – there is no cancellationfee. You can find instructions on how to manage and cancelsubscriptions here: may vary from one country to another; please downloadeverything you might want to watch before traveling abroad. Youdon’t want to miss your favorite cartoons!CUSTOMER SERVICEWe're here to answer questions and hear how we can improve PlayKidsfor you and your kids. You can mail us within the app or athttp://support.playkidsapp.comWant to receive the latest news from PlayKids?Like us on Facebook
PlayKids - Playroom
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*** PlayKids just surpassed one billion mobile episodes watched (insix languages).Everything both Kids and Parents need in a single award-winningapp:* Top tv shows, educational cartoons, and episodes. Qualitypreschool videos.* Popular characters like Caillou, Pocoyo, and LalaLoopsy* Educational games and puzzles designed to help childrendevelop motor coordination, memory, and pre-kindergarten skills.New language learning content.* kidSAFE**, age-appropriate, easy to use, and always ad-free.Your child can even customize the app!* Can use the app when offline. Play videos whenever / wherever(perfect for long trips, waiting rooms and doctor'sappointments)**PlayKids is certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program. To learnmore, visit TV SHOWS & VIDEOS* Pocoyo* Om Nom* Lottie Dottie Chicken* Bob Zoom* The Wiggles.....and many moreDEVELOPMENTAL GAMES AND PUZZLES* Help Lupi tidy up his room: Use your finger to drag the correcttoy to the toy-box.* Connect the Stars: Connect the dots and find out the hiddendrawing.* Lupi and The Animals: High-quality pictures and samples of animalsounds, including: cats, dogs, cows, chickens, pigs andothers.* Memory Game: Made specially for toddlers to develop their memoryskills. It’s challenging and educational* Magic Piano* Coloring Books.....and moreLULLABIESREVIEWS4.0 stars and 35,000 reviews on Google Play Store.CUSTOMER SERVICEWe're here to answer questions and hear how we can make improve thePlaykids app for you and your kids. You can message us within theapp or at http://support.playkidsapp.comWant to receive the latest news from PlayKids?Like us on Facebook and signup for our newsletter at** Requires internet connection when first opening app. Wi-Fi ishighly recommended when downloading videos! Recommended specs forbest performance: 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM memory and at least600MB of free internal storage space.* PlayKids cannot be moved to SD cards. Content may change from onecountry to another; please download everything you might want towatch before traveling abroad to avoid any problems. It may take awhile to finish loading on its first run. Don't panic!If you have questions or feedback, please contact us at
PlayKids Talk - Safe Chat App 1.2.3
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Talk is a messenger for kids which is both funand safe! Your kids have a lot of nice stories to tell their familyand friends! Let them tell!Parents:- Only you can manage contacts- All traffic and messages are encrypted- Only you can authorize camera and microphone accessKids will have fun!- They can play with photos! Be a pirate, an alien!- Express their feelings, laugh and send you a smile using stickers;P- Are they too young? They can communicate using audio messages andstickers, it’s easy- Can they read and write already? There’s also text messages witha friendly typefaceWe have so much planned! Expect new features soonWe’d love to hear from you, send us a message:http://support.playkidsapp.comCUSTOMER SERVICEWe're here to answer questions and hear how we can make improve thePlaykids Talk app for you and your kids. You can message us withinthe app or at http://support.playkidsapp.comWant to receive the latest news from PlayKids?Like us on Facebook andsign up for our newsletter at
PK XD - Explore and Play with your Friends! 0.18.0
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Welcome to your own virtual world! PK XD is all about fun: a gamein which you can create your avatar, build your own house, meet,talk and have fun with your friends, have a virtual pet, playminigames, and much more! Go on new adventures in this open-worldgame, where you’ll challenge yourself with minigames to getexclusive items and take your house, your looks, your pets, and allthe fun to the next level. Ready to explore this universe and joinmillions of players from all over the world?! Here’s a list of allthe fun you can have: CREATE YOUR AVATAR Your character, yourrules! You can be a zombie, a unicorn, a witch, or even a dragon ifyou wish. Just use your imagination to combine all items available:monster slippers, futuristic boots, incredible wings, ninja swords,a cat mask, shark gloves, lobster gloves, golden hair, funbackpacks, incredible sunglasses, cool clothes, and much more.EVOLVE YOUR VIRTUAL PET You already have a house, friends, work…the fun will be complete with your own virtual pet! From common torare animals, you can find cats, dogs, pigs, cows, buffalos,hedgehogs, raccoons, alligators, hippopotamus… phew! There are manycute creatures to be your partner in the game! Take care of themand let them grow by your side. CHAT WITH FRIENDS AND RELAX This isyour virtual world! You can do whatever you want. So, in additionto exploring the world and taking up challenges, you can trydifferent activities such as relaxing in the floats, having icecream, jumping with the "power-up", dancing different moves andstyles, and having lots of fun with your friends and neighbors!CREATE YOUR DREAM HOUSE Build your house, get new items, anddecorate your home however you want. The only limit is yourimagination! Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find: Puff cloud,dance mat, lava lamp, wallpapers, fluffy rug, gamer chair,pictures, fantastic fireplace, heart-shaped balloons, kitchenitems, bathroom items, and so much more! CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDSWITH SUPER FUN MINIGAMES There’s always something new on PK XD!Play minigames and complete quests in each season. What about somecrazy run or delivering pizzas to earn coins? BE PART OF OURCOMMUNITY Build the game with us! We listen closely to yoursuggestions so that we can offer the best experience ever. Followus to stay on top of the news: @pkxd.universe
Crafty Lands - Craft, Build and Explore Worlds 2.5.8
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Craft and explore endless vast worlds! Create and build new landsfreely and discover new realms filled with epic block-basedconstructions and fun characters to interact with! Travel acrossepic worlds you can mold and build any way you want! Live thrillingadventures as you explore and discover new places in expansivelands, all full to the brim with incredible creative possibilities!Dive into a whole new crafting universe and build your ownadventures and stories, in a game perfect for creative kids! Craftblocks and build anything you can imagine in expansive and fullyexplorable sandbox worlds! Build and craft houses, castles,fortresses,villages and even an entire city or your very owncrafting realm! HIGHLIGHTS ⛏️Explore vast worlds filled with epicconstructions! ⛏️Fly around worlds and lands freely! There's nobuilding you can't get to the top of! ⛏️Build and Craft ANYTHING!⛏️Create your own house, castle, village and city. Let yourcreativity loose! ⛏️Play with a simple interface and craft yourdreams easily! ⛏️Interact with fun block characters, and animalsand pets! ⛏️Create your own stories and adventures while exploringdiverse sandbox worlds! ⛏️Play freely with diverse blocks and placecubes however and wherever you want! ⛏️Explore, create, craft andbuild with different tools! ⛏️Use your construction skills withsimple and fun building mechanics and mine your imagination tocreate your own lands and realms! ⛏️Enjoy endless hours of fun forkids and all creative and crafty minds! ⛏️Explore all the buildingpossibilities and use your blocks and cubes with free and creativegameplay! Explore a whole realm of free crafting and building funand discover every nook and cranny of vast and exotic worlds! Craftyour own way to play and have fun flying around incredible landsmade of crafting cubes and blocks! Make the most out of the simpleand fun building tools! Start with a small house, then use moreblocks and cubes to craft more houses and buildings and soon you'llhave your own village or city with residences, public buildings,parks and even a mine! Privacy Policy: