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Build a Town: Dream strategy 0.2.75
"Build a town" is a new innovative approach tocity building and management in casual game genre! Take a role of anew Mayor and build your own town from an urban area to a huge cityof dream! You will face cunning challenges of Mayor's life: budgetmanagement, territory planning, expansions and solving yourcitizens' troubles! The unique combo of game features and thrillingatmosphere will give you game experience you never had before! Thistycoon allows you to build a city of your dream with festivals,superheroes and various town holidays at city center. Managementincludes ruling your citizens, sending them to their jobs, fightingcrime and different incidents which would become a work of aMayor! Main Features:- Play FREE!- Manage your Town special events: from farmers' markets to theParade of Zombies!- Lead the fight with corruption, crime, fires and illnesses!- Plan your buildings' placement to increase theireffectiveness!- Hire lawyers to gain new territories and expand your power!- Take a place of a Mayor and build a town of your dream! 
Build an Empire 0.9.9
Build your own empire and lead your peoplethrough centuries and epochs to its true greatness!The game combines a deep strategic gameplay and simple controls.With just a couple of gestures you can build, fight and innovate.Which way you'll choose to become the first on the continent?Will you build armies or construct schools? Will you live in war orwill you seek peace with your neighbors? Seizure of lands or rapidscientific development?Whatever you'll choose, your path will not be easy. But it'syour time to decide.★ ★ ★ Game features ★ ★ ★★ Colorful graphics and smooth animation★ Intuitive controls★ Great possibilities for diplomatic or war solutions★ All building, citizens and armies need permanents attention andsupport★ Use special cards to move through epochs★ Build your own wonders of the world and use any game strategy youwant
Feudal Lords 1.3.0
Feudal Lords – Battle for power!Dangerous and cruel world of middle-ages is shattered by warsfor power between hundreds different countries. Build ultimatefortress and train your own, fines army to protect your bordersfrom enemy assaults. But don't forget that offense if the bestdefense, attack your enemies and take what is yours by right.Feudal Lords offer you unlimited adventure, battles with yourfriends, nice graphics and many-many more.Join forces with other players and destroy you enemies, prove thatyou are the ultimate and supreme ruler of these lands.Game features:- Building, developing and defending your own city;- Battles for resources and glory against other players,story-driven battles;- Customizable units with unique abilities;- Different enemies: three races, more than 50 unique types oftroops;
World of Secrets 1.3
"World of Secrets" is an exciting hiddenobject game.Together with a team of researchers you will visit the UK, Arctic,Egypt, South America and many other beautiful places of the world.Finding artifacts in each thematic area players can create theirown collections of objects and gets the opportunity to discoverunique finds from various time periods and cultures when combiningthem. The game was created in collaboration with the NationalGeographic Society, and this means that the discoveries that youmake in the "World of Secrets" will introduce you to the realhistorical figures and events.Features:- Unique location, requiring high concentration from you;- An exciting atmosphere of the late 19th-early 20th centuries.;- Travel around the world in search of the secrets and clues,- The opportunity to visit Stonehenge, see eruption of a volcanoand visit the pyramids of Egypt, etc;- 4 types of competitions between players, the results of which areissued weekly gifts;- Lots of real historical figures, including the creator ofNational Geographic magazine Alexander Bell
Bunch of Zombies 1.2.67
Help people free themselves of their frail bodies and worthlessminds! Play "Bunch of Zombies"!This exciting, humorous game is foryou, arcade and puzzle lovers. Hit the road with the Zombie Family,help find cute little Emily who has gone missing, and unearth thesecret of the zombie virus.Straightforward gaming and multiplevibrant levels will help you have the time of your life. The rulesare simple: throw your zombie relatives over obstacles and make useof their unique abilities. Use logical thinking and wits tocomplete all levels and get the top rating.Get completion bonusesand use an impressive arsenal of gadgets to convert unsuspectingcivilians into an exciting new green format. The game's lovablecharacters will become your friends, and wonderful cartoon-likegraphics will help you find yourself smack in the middle of trulyfantastic adventures. Are your up to the challenge? Hurry up then,join the happy family and help the residents of a small town changeforever... It's zombie time!Game highlights:★ Every character hassome unique abilities;★ All kinds of tricks to help you improveyour abilities;★ Countless traps and levels to avoid and complete;★Different level completion options;★ Mixing and matching differentgenres in one game: arcade, puzzle, adventure;★ Lovablecharacters;★ Picturesque locations;★ Simple controls.Let ZombieApocalypse come! Turn all humans into zombies!