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Life Simulator 3
Work your way up from the beginning, from simple jobs to high-endcorporate jobs! Train your life stats to get better jobs, but keepan eye on your health! Study degrees to get better jobs with betterpay! Life Simulator game, allowing you to work up to the top. Adsare limited to 5 shown every 1 hour. Ads allow us to continue tomake improvements on our apps, and allow you to enjoy our apps,free of charge.
com.appsify.ajrbe.lifesimulator2 2.1
LIFE SIMULATOR 2 Looking for an Life Simulator game that offersmore features than any other? Look no further Life Simulator is themost in-depth, content-filled life simulating game available. Tiredof real-life? In Life Simulator you can be anything you want to be!Go into Education and get a degrees or other qualification and getthe job you've always dreamed of! Anything is possible in LifeSimulator! Become a Surgeon, a Police Officer, Oil Tycoon,Television Presenter, or multi millionaire buiness owner,everything is possible on Life Simulator! Life simulation is a funand addicting way to make your life whatever you want it to be! Ifyou don't wish to play by the rules in Life Simulator, you can goagainst them and take a more criminal path, with loads of CriminalJobs available to you, should you take that route! Be careful,though, just like in real life being a criminal comes with risks!Tired of your relationship? Or struggling to find one? Get on LifeSimulator and you can find one easily! Relationships also offerbonuses, like multipliers, as your partner will be earning money aswell! You can even get married! Waiting for a train? A bus? Got afew hours spare and not know what to do? Maybe you just can't getto sleep? Life Simulator 2 is a game created to pass time. Pick upand play today. Ever wanted to run your own business? LifeSimulator offers you that opportunity! Save up the cash, and open abusiness, then upgrade your business and see the profits just rollin. Get rich quick! Other Life Simulator games just don't make themark for me. Our Life Simulator game offers so many jobs you'll bespoilt for choice! There's also an incredible amount of educationalqualifications and degrees that you can do, to get you to thatdream job! Our aim was to have more jobs and educational pathwaysthan any other Life Simulation game. There's more features than anyother Life Simulator game available! Property Development is here!You can now become a Property Developer in Life Simulator 2!Purchase properties, renovate them and sell them for a nice profit!If you're doing well in your job, and have a lot of experience, youcan even get a pay rise! Meaning you make even more money! Can LifeSimulation get any better?! Don't worry, if you somehow manage tomess up your simulated life, there is a reset button available, soyou can just start all over again! Download Life Simulator 2 nowand see what you've been missing out on in real life, and play anawesome simulator! If you enjoy the game please leave a review!
Life Simulator 3 - Real Life 1.91
THE MOST REALISTIC LIFE SIMULATOR GAME AVAILABLE CAREERS - Thereare over 130 different jobs available in Life Simulator 3 - RealLife - From Dish Washing to Palaeontology, the world is youroyster! - Maybe become a Judge? Or a movie producer? The choice iscompletely up to you - Become a sailboat captain or a martial artsinstructor, Life Simulator 3 offers it all! EDUCATION - Choose yourown study path to help you get the best jobs - Life Simulator 3 -Real Life features around 100 educational pathways - Get a PilotsLicense? Study Marine Biology? Even study Wildlife Conservation!SOCIALISE - Socialise with friends - Meet someone to date - Move intogether! - Once you move in, you get their salary added to yours!GET YOUR OWN PLACE - Move out of your parents house - Get a stylishPenthouse Apartment or reach for the stars and buy a castle! - Yourpartner can move in with you! - Live the life of simulator luxury!CELEBRITY - Become a celebrity! - Easter eggs that allow you tobecome a movie star, singing sensation or internet famous! - Earnthe most money possible! Become a simulator billionaire! GOSHOPPING - Buy cars, planes, boats and more! - Buy gifts for yourpartner - Live the good life RELATIONSHIPS - Get into arelationship and get married! - Move in together - Buy gifts foryour partner - Keep the relationship strength up! - As close toreal life as a simulator gets START A FAMILY - Have children andsupport them until they leave home! - Pay for Childcare - Throwthem birthday parties MANAGE YOUR FINANCES - Keep on top of yourfinances! - Manage bills such as Utilities and Internet! - Thisreally is as close to real life as it gets PETS - Get cute pets,and watch your social life skyrocket! Languages Life Simulator 3 iscurrently available in English, and Portuguese (Brazil). If youwant to see a different language supported, please let me know!Follow us on Facebook to get the latest news and offer codes Don't hesitate to drop us asuggestion or question, just email us!
Vet Tycoon 1.01
VET TYCOON - Create and run your own Veterinary practice!IDLEPROFITS - Idle profits, meaning you make money even while yourawayfrom the game! ADORABLE ANIMALS - Treat all sorts ofadorableanimals, all with even more adorable names. HIRE STAFF -Staff willwork for you even when you're away from the game! UPGRADEYOUR VETSKILLS - Attend Veterinary school and increase the moneyyou earn -Also increase the speed at which you treat patients DON'TFORGET TOKEEP YOUR MEDICINE STOCKED UP DON'T FORGET TO PAY YOURBILLS BECOMEA VET TYCOON!!
Battle of Heroes 1.0
BATTLE OF HEROES - Battle of Heroes is a turn-based strategyroleplaying game - Work your way through the levels, collectitems,enhance your heroes! COLLECT AWESOME HEROES - Do summons tocollectawesome heroes - Enhance your heroes to make them morepowerful! -Can you collect all of them? AMAZING STRATEGY - Planevery movegoing forward. - Buy food items and keep your heroeshealth up! -Make sure to use the right hero - Use the best heroesyou have!DAILY REWARDS - Login to get awesome daily rewards! -Daily rewardsreset at midnight every day! COMPLETE ACHIEVEMENTS -Completeachievements to earn incredible rewards! - Differentachievementlevels ranging from super easy, to super challenging!GOOD LUCK ANDGET YOUR PERFECT HERO TEAM TOGETHERNOW!