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Awarded by Google Play as Top Developer withover 2 million installs, Player FM is a free android podcast appthat has over 300,000 shows all right at your fingertips. Best ofall, it has ZERO ADS for that distraction-free listening. You canfinally stop closing those ads, and start listening to yourfavorite shows.Each day, hundreds of episodes are being made, and new shows arebeing born. From daily news, politics, science, education, fitness,entertainment, music and tons of other shows, Player FM hassomething for you. Don't be left out.And for the entire development team, good user-experience is alwaysa top priority. That is why we continue adding features that webelieve should improve the overall experience of our users.Also, here's what the experts have to say about the app:Android Central: "Just looks amazing ... packed with usefulfeatures ... tell it what you're interested in and watch it workits magic"LifeHacker: "Guides you to smart, interestingpodcasts"Tested: "Right from the start, I found the experience ofusing Player FM enjoyable"All About Android: Winner, app arena "Makes podcasts look cool again"★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★😍 Do you have several devices linked to Player FM, and you'reworried of losing info when you switch devices? Player FM is in thecloud and allows you to sync your data across all devices.😎 Are you on your way back home, with no WiFi? Would you like tolisten to podcasts offline while you commute? Player FM allows youto download episodes and listen while you have no connection.😵 Do you want to find the podcasts that you listened to last week?You can access the play history of all your played podcasts.😌 You don't have enough internal storage for your downloadedpodcasts? You can store them in the SD card.😅 Have you tried searching for something, and wished you only seeepisodes instead of mixed results? The enhanced search results arenow grouped into Episodes, Series, Subscribed and Topic for a moreefficient search.😒 Do you have too many subscriptions and having a hard timeorganizing them? You can create your own categories to organizeshows. You can have a category for daily shows, fave talk shows,fave tech shows, etc.😆 Learning a new language? Player FM's playback is designed withspeed control, intelligent silence skip and volume boost.😪 Are you worried of falling asleep during your nightly podcastsessions? Use the sleep timer to turn off the app automatically.You can also set it to turn off at the end of the episode.😋 Want to play your local audio files on Player FM? Yes, it can dothat.😫 Do you want to watch shows with videos? Player FM will playvideos.😲 Do you prefer using Android Auto while in your vehicle? Player FMsupports Android Auto.😁 Do you want to auto-download episodes only when you have WiFi?Player FM lets you adjust all your settings in the easiestway.😷 Curious about how Player FM integrates with other apps? Player FMworks great with Android Wear, Android Auto, Chromecast,TeslaUnread, TalkBack, Samsung Gear S notifications, LG QuickCircle™, Music Boss, Podlove Subscribe, Drivemode, RockScout andmore!There you go! We hope that you enjoy!Player FM is actively developed and supported. Feel free to writeto us and share your feedback and we will get back to every mail asquickly as possible. Get in touch with us at forany questions or suggestions.You may also reach us via our social media accounts:Twitter: