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WorldCraft Premium: 3D Build & Craft 3.6
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🔥🔥 Best Crafting and Building 2020 Game Played by Thousands ofPlayers 🔥🔥 PLAY NOW block craft online multiplayer games orsurvival exploration games. Build a mini world 3D and upload tomultiplayer. Mine and craft, gather different resources, fight mobsto satisfy your hunger, survive. PLAY NOW AND GET ADVANTAGES OVERFREE VERSION: ★ NO Ads ★ 3 opening skins available in every premiumskin packs. Total of 50 skins available for FREE ★ 250 initial freecoins to spend in Survival or Creative Online Multiplayer FEATURES:★ Global online multiplayer games: build and chat with real players★ Infinite survival single player mode server ★ Thousands of miniworlds created by real players online for exploration fun ★ Hugevariety of block craft resources ★ Tons of mobs, weapons, craftingand building ★ Tons of block craft recipes ★ Taming petsfunctionality ★ Fight mobs ★ 300+ themed player skins packed in 13+skin packs ★ Password protected parental control ★ 10+ predefinedmaps to start with ★ 3D HD graphics, 4+ block texture packs, cutesounds Get ready for infinite exciting crafting and building,survival exploration craft adventure with no limits for yourcreative kraft or surviving needs. Customize your character using300+ skins grouped by theme. Choose your favorite game mode: ►Creative Multiplayer : Build a dream mini world 3D alone or withmany other real players worldwide. Upload the map from singleplayer to multiplayer online. Protect your map with a password toplay only with friends or upload it as a read-only, so others willnot edit your mini world. Here you can find thousands of mapscreated by others. Find new cool ideas to build your own fantasticcube creations like city, village etc. ► Survival Single PlayerOffline : Start with huge cube world exploration, find resources,block craft survival items, build a shelter to hide at nights frommonsters. Improve your survival raft skills by using differentrecipes. Interact with friendly mobs and make exciting ecosystem bygrowing plants and making a farm. ► Creative Single Player Offline: Develop your creative skills in single player. Here you will find10+ predefined maps to start building my mini world. Build anythingand everything according your imagination. Game Highlights: ★Amazing 3D creations ★ Fun Exploration ★ Block craft and chat withreal friends ★ Lots of animals ★ Attacking hostile mobs ★ Differentweapon Play now best exploration crafting and building withsurvival games. Join thousands of players to create togetherunforgettable happy games moments in the best creative onlinemultiplayer. Follow us on: Facebook: Site: